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Diane Kruger: French Open with Joshua Jackson!

Diane Kruger: French Open with Joshua Jackson!

Diane Kruger and boyfriend Joshua Jackson attend the 2012 French Open at Roland Garros on Thursday (May 31) in Paris, France.

The 35-year-old actress wore a Marios Schwab lavender halter dress with pink Converse sneakers.

Joshua, 33, recently won a $45,000 necklace for Diane at a charity auction – prompting some to speculate it might’ve been an engagement gift. But he says the two are in no rush to get married.

“Neither of us is religious, and the picket fence isn’t what we’re aiming at. We’re together for six years now, so for all intents and purposes, we are [married]. I have no need for a priest to tell me that!” Josh told Life & Style.

10+ pictures inside of Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson at the French Open…

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52 Responses to “Diane Kruger: French Open with Joshua Jackson!”

  1. 1
    may Says:

    new video come check it out thanks :D

  2. 2
    Lola Says:

    She’s become too skinny!

  3. 3
    cloco Says:

    I like Diane. But she is too thin now !

  4. 4
    Cynthia Says:

    Joshua ! <3

  5. 5
    Blair Says:

    Great couple, great style.

  6. 6
    Anon Says:

    Wow, another opportunity to get in front of a camera. This woman knows no shame. What happened to Josh’s career, is it his aspiration to follow her around on a daily basis? He’s such a great actor, it’s a shame he’s not out there trying to find a film, his show doesn’t have much longer on the air.

  7. 7
    Cynthia Says:

    @Anon :

  8. 8
    Nika Says:

    she’s so thin! I wish to see Joshua in some movies…

  9. 9
    mirand Says:

    her jaw is wide with a tiny body, bulimia jaw perhaps?

  10. 10
    Restless Says:

    What’s happened to Diane? She used to be so beautiful, now she just looks old and way too thin. Maybe she’s hoping the shoes will make her look younger!

  11. 11
    tom Says:

    She looks great. Joshua is one lucky guy.

  12. 12
    Deanna Says:

    I think Josh does want to be married and have a family. It’s her that’s holding the cards in that relationship. Which I don’t understand why he continues to put up with that. Why be with someone who can’t give you what you really want? I know that love is blind, but do you really think that Diane would want to take time out of her career to have a child? She’s more into fashion and her physical appearance than she is into Josh or spending a life with him.

  13. 13
    Anon Says:


    I totally agree with you, Diane is all about Diane. Josh used to be such a lovely man, now it appears as if she has brainwashed him. He says they don’t need paper to declare them as husband and wife? Wasn’t he the one flashing around his commitment ring? If there’s to be a family, she doesn’t have much time left, although I can’t see her giving up the limelight for that.

  14. 14
    Nika Says:

    you know I also noticed that her teeth are kinda bad so I guess bulimia which would be very sad since she used to be so beautiful…

  15. 15
    Even Says:

    She’s so bland and boring. enough stories on her already.

  16. 16
    CrazyPatty Says:

    I’m glad she finally got to wear some comfortable shoes! Now maybe she can eat a sandwich.

  17. 17
    WTH Says:

    Holy sh**, what happened to her. She’s so thin she looks like she’s got this enormous head being supported by a flat board. Josh could do so much better, he’s a total hottie!

  18. 18
    dougray Says:

    Aw…don’t hate them ’cause their beautiful….LMAO…

    It cracks me up that people actually hang around waiting for the chance to comment on “poor” Josh Jackson’s life! hahaha…

    When Josh was on DC he used every single summer hiatus to travel to Europe and around the world…a lot of the time by himself. And he was never interested in marriage. Ever. It’s a joke to try to claim he was/is.

    So he finds a gorgeous, sexy woman who shares his exact outlook on life, his love of travel, he now gets to actually live in Europe instead of just visit for the summer, and by all accounts has never been happier or more in love… Josh is basically living his own dream, and I’m sure he is doing quite well for himself both financially and in his career. Every news story coming out of Cannes last week filled with glowing compliments for them both.

    A lot of you really need to get a life–STAT! It’s not healthy to be so bitter… LMAO…

  19. 19
    kingkasyski Says:

    Shes holding on to whats boney left of what once her youth by wearing these pink chucks,what she should be holding on would be a big ass sandwich !Shes like a waking dead actress shes all skin and bones.

  20. 20
    Heather Says:

    Who is anyone here to judge if they should be married and/or have children or not? No one here knows what conversations they have had through the years about marriage, commitment, children, career etc. No one. So, how can you say that Josh wants this or that (as if anyone here knows him personally), when he has just now been quoted as saying he feels married already, regardless of a piece of paper.

    As for kids, they have both said in the past they wanted to have them — eventually. Maybe they have been waiting until Fringe is done so they can settle more solidly in Paris (Diane has said she envisioned raising her kids there). Maybe they are not quite ready yet, but still see it down the track in a couple of years (and let’s not forget the number of people now having kids in their late 30s and early 40s). Or maybe they have changed their mind and decided having kids isn’t for them.

    Whatever the case, it’s OK! Josh is OK – no need to worry him as if he’s some child who cannot make an informed decision about who he wants to spend his time with.

    Anyway, my main point, again, is that no one here knows the real facts. And whether Josh or Diane are happy (or not), or married (or not) or have kids (or not), …. their relationship doesn’t affect or concern *you*. So why sit in judgement of two strangers on the life they have chosen to lead?

  21. 21
    flora Says:


    In the last year, Josh filmed two movies in between doing Fringe. His career is just fine.

    I do wish Diane would gain a little bit of weight because she’s so pretty with a fuller face, but they look really happy and relaxed, so whatever.

  22. 22
    Eonyk Says:

    Beautiful couple.

  23. 23
    Mara Says:

    Woah she’s always been skinny but… she is super skinny now.

  24. 24
    Sped Says:


    Get a grip Mama bear, they’re not your baby cubs. Their lives aren’t important enough to blow a gasket. It’s not like either one of them are humanitarians or individuals who care about our planet or the unfortunate people living on it. They are people who care about looking thin and beautiful, furthering their careers and where the next red carpet event is going to take place. No need to go overboard, get a grip!

  25. 25
    Peapo Says:


    I think you are absolutely right. We know NOTHING about these people no matter how much we think we do or want to. There is no sense in arguing about their life plans when we don’t have a clue what hey talk about their private tiime. You put it so well I really have nothing to add
    @SPED that is what Heather is saying not to take all this will they won’t they nonsense seriously because we are just shown and told what THEY want us to hear. We don’t how their private lives will transpire. We are just voyeurs in their very private lives.

  26. 26
    Sheila Says:

    Actually, your information is way off. Why post about two people you know absolutely zero about? LOL. Talk about a waste of time and misuse of hate.

    Diane is very involved with amFar and has hosted numerous charity events. She is also a global representative of Unicef and has done lots for that children’s charity.

    Josh has been involved in environmental intiatives for years and years–long before it became the cool thing for celebrities to do. He has volunteered his efforts to different green projects and documentary pieces on the environment.

    And it’s sooo laughable to read comments about Josh’s lack of movie career on the same week his latest movie trailer is released!

    I guess ignorance is always a part of contempt, though it’s so tedious to have to read the same stupid comments by the same misinformed posters over and over again.

  27. 27
    Charlotta Says:

    If Anon and Sped gave up their ignorant postings they wouldn’t have anything left to say. lol…

  28. 28
    huh? Says:

    All of a sudden Diane likes tennis? That´s new. Since when is she interested in sports? Do you think she knows who was playing? Or was French Open just another opportunity for an photo-op? ; )

    You can tell she´s becoming a big star given the picture-overload lately.
    Good job, Diane´s PR team!

  29. 29
    Sushi Says:

    I love Diane! But she’s way too skinny!! :/ I’m really worried :(

  30. 30
    Anett Says:

    My God just look at her knee. :O

  31. 31
    huh? Says:

    “My God just look at her knee. :O”
    Oh my! look at the pics of them in the restaurant: no food, just water.

  32. 32
    dumbham Says:

    i can see joshua with everybody, but as long as i dont see that f***** face of that horrible actress on fringe , anna tov.

    man , everytime she appears on screen on fringe, i just want to smack her silly.

    i never ever hated an actress like that: I.CANT.STAND.HER.

  33. 33
    dumBham Says:

    well, well, well, are there anna tov fans here??

    now, i now where those negative comments come from.

    this fangirls are jealous of diane..

    but you know , at least diane first marriage lasted 6 years and then with josh 7 years.
    diane can keep a man.

    that b*tch on fringe cant keep a man or a marriage, she can even make people watch that show?

    that blan actress on fringe has no charisma or personality ans she paid the price for it= no viewers

  34. 34
    WHO Says:



  35. 35
    DUMbHAM Says:

    yes, the truth hurts.
    i knew it , those desperate anna tov fans are lurking around ,giving negative Comments.
    i always wonderEd where those negative comments cAme from. NOW WE KNOW.

    in fringe , anna is “if you WOULD BELIEVE” those delusional fans of her , that she is the best ever actress that walked in this earth.
    but in hollywood, she means sh*t.
    if she was all that, than somebody would have noticed her by know. even john noble gets more attention from the press than this anna b*tch.
    it most hurt her, knowing that she plays the lead, but yet the attention goes to her castmember john noble. and on top of that, she cant seem to have people wanting to watch her show.

  36. 36
    DUMbHAM Says:

    so go cry in the corner, and get used to it that DIANE KRUGER is the queen.

  37. 37
    DUMbHAM Says:

    there was a rumour going around that anna was angry at josh, because she was jealous of diane.
    anna fell in love with josh this season , but josh wasnt having it.
    then she became angry at him and now there are rumours that josh and anna dont get along. she didnt want to go to WONDERCON 2012 with him, can you believe it?
    alll that, just because josh doesnt want to sleep with her.
    talk about being desperate.
    anna , girl, go finf yourself another man, you are embarrasing yourself

  38. 38
    LOL Says:


    anna tov has to know that joshua d*ck belongs to diane.

    i know she want a taste of it, but who doesnt?
    i just hope for anna that there are more love scenes between her and josh in season 5, so she can al teast look at it or if she is lucky touch it.
    the first change that anna got to be in bed with josh during that fringe episode, she got immediately naked. it’s like she waited so long for it.
    but who can blame her

  39. 39
    *** Says:

    @DUMbHAM: you are obviously big Fringe fan, you know all the details. ha-ha.
    @LOL: take a cold shower.

  40. 40
    dumbham Says:


    i know everything about fringe because i am a fan of joshua and i hate how anna keeps harassing him.
    JOSHUA IS NOT INTO ANNA TORV, okay? deal with it

  41. 41
    LOL Says:


    you are right, ANNA TORV needs to take a cold shower.

  42. 42
    dumham Says:

    i’m actually doing anna b*tchy tov a favor.

    i’m metioning her name here, so at the end she didnt get the d*ck ,but at least i’m made her a bit recognizable here.

    otherwise, nobody would give a f*ck about her.
    she should be thanking me.

  43. 43
    *** Says:

    i am a fan of joshua
    @dumbham: There’s no doubt about that! lol

  44. 44
    dumham Says:


    like there is no doubt you are a fan of that anna tov??

  45. 45
    *** Says:

    @dumham: you got me! ha-ha.

  46. 46
    dumBham Says:

    i know , now go to , so you can j*rk off.

    they are IN love with her there.

    i suggest all the anna b*tchy fans to go there and praise her worthless *ss and leave this site.
    from now one if joshua appears in justjared, dont start with your jealous negative comments here, but go straight to fringebloggers and knock yourself out there.

  47. 47
    Jill Says:

    A lot of ugly trolls post here.

    No wonder you hate on the beautiful people. lol…

    But voting against all positive comments and upping the votes on your own negative comments only makes you seem ugly AND crazy! lol…

  48. 48
    beautiful? Says:

    Anorexia is beautiful?

  49. 49
    dumBham Says:


    everything is beautiful than that that travestite/butch looking and man voice of anna c*nt tov.

    diane kruger looks stunning and feminine.

  50. 50
    beautiful? Says:

    stunning and feminine? More like “hungry”. She said she cooks, but she looks like she wasn´t in her kitchen for a year or two.

    OK, Diane´s breast implants do look good indeed.

  51. 51
    dumBham Says:


    at least , she can keep a man for years interested in her.
    she must be a good woman, because joshua is a very, very smart person and he adores her.

  52. 52
    Adrienne Says:


    Unless you have audio and/or video conversations between Josh & Anna, where the hell would you get this ridiculous information? I’m not sure why you hate Anna so much. She’s always been very kind and gracious to people & fans at all of the Fringe events. I’ve never heard a negative comment about her being anything otherwise. Or acting jealous about Diane.

    A few weeks before Fringe finished filming Season 4, Josh & Anna actually went to lunch together. If there was a problem between them, I highly doubt they would be doing that, And, FYI, Anna is an extremely personal person and doesn’t like her private life being public knowledge. But for your information, it’s been known for quite some time that Anna is dating one of the crew members. There was a picture of them holding hands inbetween filming. There’s a photographer in Vancouver, Susan Gittins, who covers all of the shows filmed there & she gets candids of both the cast & crew. There have been many pic’s of Josh & Anna goofing around & laughing together. I have watched Fringe since the series began & everyone in the cast gets along just fine.

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