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Kristen Stewart: Our 'Snow White' Is A Lot Scarier!

Kristen Stewart: Our 'Snow White' Is A Lot Scarier!

Kristen Stewart hits Rockefeller Center in style on Thursday (May 31) in New York City.

The 22-year-old actress, in a Narciso Rodriguez dress and Christian Louboutin shoes, went on the Today show to promote her upcoming film Snow White and the Huntsman!

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During the interview, Kristen talked about how she accidentally broke co-star Chris Hemsworth‘s nose!

“I swear I didn’t mean to…He got too close,” Kristen said.

“Ours is a lot scarier,” she also remarked about this version of Snow White.

15+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart on the Today show…

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  • emily

    Aww she looks cute. I would totally wear that dress.

  • Mikaela

    She’s so annoying!!! Look how she stands with both hands, she seems very unconfortable and it sounds like she doesn’t want to be interviewed. Choose a different careeer Kristen, cuz this is what you do as an actor. You don’t have to be everywhere, but once your promoting your own movie, this is what you do!

  • emily

    Poor hater just ready to pounce! She should choose a different career because she’s shy during interviews? Puh-leese.

  • mary

    i’m really sorry for Kristen, because everthing she does never is good enough for the haters.
    She’s just a shy girl.

  • jay

    There are pros and cons to every job. She may look very uncomfortable and sounding like she doesn’t want to be interviewed to you, but you know, she likes other aspects of the job and is willing to tough out the other bits. It sounds like you want her to love every single aspect of her job 100%, which never ever happens in real life. It’s good that she focuses on the acting. People who are too caught up in the promoting side tend to not get gritty when it comes to the acting bits. No nude scenes, no stunt work, no extreme weight gain. They only want the glamorous roles where they won’t break a nose (like what happened to Hemsworth) but still get critical acclaim and take home a big pay check.

  • Lam

    @mary: I know. There’s nothing wrong with the way she’s standing. She has her hands folded in front of her. Where else are you supposed to put them?

  • CLu

    If she gets paid millions of dollars for basically doing nothing but batting her eyes and looking pretty… she better effing LOOOOVE IT!!!

  • pan

    Kristen is great! Always so down to earth and honest. I love how she is her own self. And I don’t see anything wrong with how she is standing. Is she supposed to POSE every time she has an interview? With her one hand on her hip? Give it a break people. She’s shy…there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s who she is.

  • saw

    She’s still beautiful even though she’s been jet setting promoting this movie. She must be tired, but that’s part of the job. She’s a champ!!!!! :)

  • @CLu

    And deal with you jerks who trash her acting. I expect a big pay check too for tirelessly catering to you bunch.
    You still only see the pros side of her job. Your immaturity and jealousy is showing.

  • link

    @mary: it’s so true mary. I feel bad for her too. she’s only being herself and it sucks that people have to judge her because she’s not their typical hollywood girl. she’s amazing for still being her in the midst of all this crazyness around her.

  • CLu

    You just prove that KStew lovers are the craziest fans. She is just a normal person. I get that COMPLETELY. But she also has NOTHING to whine about.

  • @CLu

    Maybe she is much more intelligent than wanting to batt her eyes and look pretty?? She is not a model, and even models work hard for their casting calls. You are so entitled it is sickening.

  • link

    @Mikaela: if she’s so annoying then why do you go to her posts and comment about it? just ignore it. she has always been shy and there’s nothing wrong with that. choose a different career? what are you talking about? she’s been doing everything from filming to promoting. you must be insane. she’s doing exactly what she does!

  • Vikious

    So elegant and beautiful here

  • @CLu

    Who said she was whining? She only had good things to say to Matt and the Today crew. You were the one who said she wasn’t enthusiastic sounding enough. And that she stands like she is uncomfortable.
    And you said she should get out of the profession. When she is already at the top of her game….mindgames. You should tell that to the thousands of struggling actors, not to someone who has finally made it big and is in huge demand. Sneaky commenter.

  • mace

    @CLu: she definitely appreciates what she does and have, she’s stated that in interviews. she’s also shy, so it doesn’t come out the way it’s supposed to. she’s a lovely person, i met her at the SWATH screening in LA. i’m not worried about her because she knows who she is.

  • margaret

    she’s one of the most HIGH in demand actresses right now and one of the best! she’s doing fine ;)

  • kev

    one of the prettiest girls i’ve seen in hollywood

  • fat

    I love Kristen ,she is so beautiful and talented.I love her body.

  • lucy


    you obviously have not been around many actors, have you. for example, there is a two time Oscar winner who only promotes the film in question because it’s part of the the contract. BUT heaven help anyone who tries to interview this person. i’ve seen paps physically step back at least three feet from this Oscar winner’s glare. and this is just one. i can name at least three other Oscar winners, four Emmy winners and a Tony award winner who all react the same way. and no, these people are not going to find other careers.

  • luna

    have you seen videos of the paps when they’re around this girl? it’s the worst ever! i feel soo bad! and for her to be so appreciative of what she does dispite all of that…gosh, she’s more mature than actresses who are older than her. she’s the real deal. i can’t wait to see more movies and projects from her!

  • Louanne

    @Mikaela: It’s sad that some people have to write depreciative or even nasty comments about actresses on gossip sites as a scape goat to their frustrations. I have not seen a movie with this girl, but I have read good critics about her performance in On The Road. She is 22 years old. It’s normal to be insecure. BTW, I love that dress.

  • I

    I love how she is, she doesn’t pretend to be anything more than she already is. Btw, she looks stunning, love the hair! ♥

  • arta

    its really hard i think, stand front of lot of cameras, they’re waiting waiting waiting until something happens wrong andthen take pictures.she is cool.

  • Kurt Cobain

    I don’t like her acting or gormless face..

  • OZ

    she’s the best! i love her. she’s gorgeous!

  • JJ

    @Kurt Cobain: thanks for your opinion, but no one here cares :) Kristen is awesome!!!

  • Coco

    I will they this: both Kristen’s psycho fans and haters are horrible, Whatever Kristen does haters never satisfy( when it comes to her smile, her interaction with fans and her movies) and they enjoy insulting her. Or if someone say something critical about Kristen without insulting her then those psycho fans jump on you and begin to annoy you to death.
    Nobody is perfect, especially when it comes to a public figure. Because not everybody is going to like or accept you. But the case with Kristen is really different in comparison with other actresses. When she is being herself during the interviews ( yeah right, most time it is uncomfortable to watch her inteviews) or on the red carpet, people attack her or god forbids if she doesn’t give an autograph to one fan or doesn’t smile. Do you really think that the actresses who always smile and give weird poses on the red carpets and always try to look happy are being honest all the time? I have a lot of actors not smiling while posing for cameras and even doing some weird stuffs, but nobody attacks them the way they do to Kristen. Both psycho fans and haters get a life!

  • FrG

    For once her dress is great and for once she is beautiful in it.
    She should be more feminine, less vulgar or less masculine i don’t know. She really has to work that and she will be even more admire.
    She is so beautiful but tend to destroy that beauty…

  • nice posture


  • summit

    Kristen needs to stop touching her hair. She needs a hair stylist (or friend) to come with her between takes and give her hair volume with a COMB instead of her fingers. The end result will be what Kristen wanted, volume, but without the messy look.

  • cici

    amatuerish actress at best

  • carm

    she’s gorgeous as always! great actress!

  • LaCroix

    I love how all her fans say “haters gonna hate” on your beloved K-Stew. Which I will never understand how her “fanatics” come to her defense as if she really gives a shit. You have your opinions others have their own. You think she can act I think she isn’t worth spit. More “Serious” roles & the critics will continue to slam her & she will be forced to do more of the Sci-Fi genre she gained her popularity with. Put her against her peers like MIA Waskiowska & she looks ridiculous!

  • wtf

    Did she just say “Hey Man” to Matt Lauer ? WOW something to look up to! unbelievable.

  • kingkasyski

    Always the professional that she is,keep it up Kstew!She looks so glamorous today,both in Today and Kelly!

  • @35, 36

    Mia Waskiowska is an excellent character actress but not Hollywood star material. Sorry to say she had a chance with Alice but receive poor reviews. A Hollywood leading lady career isn’t in her future.
    Nothing wrong with saying “Hey Man” ( you expect Charlize to give Matt Lauer a hug and act sugary sweet as you expect Kristen to? Double standard much?).

  • ill

    @wtf: she’s interviewed with him a few times and is friends with him. i’d say the same thing to someone i know. she’s just a chill person like that. she doesnt cheese it up

  • YB

    @LaCroix: that’s why the fans say ‘haters gonna hate’, because whatever the haters say, it doesn’t matter. she really doesnt give a f*ck about what you say. and mia wasikowska (which you should learn how to spell right because she’s soooo well known) is selling movies here and there. they’re both different and both good actors.

  • fin

    @LaCroix: kristen got a lot of great reviews and critical acclaim in a lot of her movies. so i don’t know what you’re talking about with her being slammd to stick with si-fi movies. she’s done so many indie movies with all the directors, producers and other actors praise her.

  • MaY

    Kristen Stewart is a great actress.Twilight completely undervalues Kristen Stewart’s acting capabilities.

  • kimbo

    i love kristen!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stewart = No Talent

    Kristen Stewart is a great example of marketing. This no talent is constantly shoved down the faces on media sites and decorated up in hundreds of designer outfits..Never mind that the reviews of the movies she’s in are lame but Twihard fans scream and she’s in demand. Even her bf is a bad actor but he’s cast because of of Twihard will automatically see any crap they are in.

  • Ron

    I saw SWATH and she’s so bad in it. Deal with it. She may be beautiful, but she’s so ungraceful. She’s such a BAD actress.

  • Cyn

    Love the dress she is wearing she looks amazing

  • tina

    luv kristen. her passion for acting is admirable. she may be uncomfortable with fame that goes along with it. but i luv how grounded she is and so real and definitely not a famewhore like most of her contemporaries

  • NYC

    This chick is such a freak! Shy? Just unsophisticated, uneducated and boring as H*E*L*L!!!!!
    She is always awkward and her legs and shoes are so bad.
    She needs a new stylist asap.
    Not sure why she keeps using the wrong people.
    Maybe she’s cheap?
    Did this movie flop?

  • leiz

    She’s a SHY (?!) ceLESBO who keeps on saying as much as she can the word ^^^F*uck / F*ucking^^^ – yah right she is so shy and so decent too huh LMAOOO!!!

  • K-Ew

    Sorry guys- I have tried to like K-Stew, but I just can’t jump on board. I think it’s because I don’t “buy” into her… I think it’s because she’s still in a place where she’s uncomfortable with herself (re: body posture, facial expressions, slightly awkward interviews). But I mean everyone matures at a different pace. Just sayin’, it’s something I noticed. Maybe I’ll love her when she’s older.

    I will see the Huntsman though and hope she can prove me wrong!