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Rihanna Covers 'Esquire UK' June 2012

Rihanna Covers 'Esquire UK' June 2012

Rihanna wears nothing but dog tags on the cover of Esquire UK‘s June issue, on newsstands June 4!

The 24-year-old Battleship actress also filmed a behind-the-scenes video that chronicles her photoshoot for the magazine – check it out below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rihanna

Rihanna recently tweeted some of her own lyrics – “There’s so much power in my name if you pop off and ya say it, stadium gon’ do da wave!”

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Behind the Scenes of Rihanna’s Esquire Shoot
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rihanna esquire uk shoot 01
rihanna esquire uk shoot 02
rihanna esquire uk shoot 03
rihanna esquire uk shoot 04
rihanna esquire uk shoot 05

Credit: Melissa Forde; Photos: Esquire UK
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  • Louisa

    Time to put the clothes back on Riri. Seriously. It’s getting old.

  • Whore Haus

    She’s white now?

  • kiki

    is she ever not naked?
    she needs to disappear and not sound like a total idiot in every interview

  • Lona

    The Naked Star. Time for Playboy cover to end this circus.

  • Nessa

    She is so desperate for attention. She can’t help herself.

  • Louisy

    She looks so tacky here but I love her!

  • Laura

    We get it. You’re hot. Moving on…

  • P0rn star

    She is basically a p)rn star now. She sure can’t sing or act so she meant as well go into p)rn full time. She is so bleaching her skin. Fake hair, fake nails fake girl. She must really hate herself since all she does is make her self look bad and cheap.

  • Smart

    Funny thing is of all that people talk about her no one ever says she is smart. She is hot and slutty looking but never smart. Did she finish school does she have any higher education than Faking life. The way she is burning money I hope she has something to fall back on because if not.

  • A

    No, she’s not “White now”. Watch the video, she’s naturally lighter skinned.

  • somali girl

    Rihanna was never this light, she was light but not this light. She did blonde weave to distract from her skin bleaching.

  • Oh yes she is

    Yes she totally is. Look at her old school pictures and video. She was way darker than this and her eyes are contacts too that is not her real eye colour stop buying the BS. The music industry totally make her over to sell to the massives, but unlike Beyonce they or her went over board. She was never this White. She is not a black girl anymore that’s why she is thudding through life. Why does every photo shoot have her with her clothes off. They also make her look sluttty and cheap. I hope she got a lot of money for selling her soul and culture.

  • A

    @somali girl: You can’t bleach your skin to look like this. Bleach makes your skin look ashy and uneven. She did not lighten her skin, like everyone she gets darker during the summers and when she was young she was living in Barbados so of course she was darker. She doesn’t live there full time anymore.
    I’m not even a fan of hers but I hate how people actually believe you can bleach your skin to look like this, it’s not possible sorry.

  • Yum

    Her face is very pretty on the cover. She is hot, indeed. But damn, a top wouldn’t have hurt.

  • JRO

    Thianna’s constantly being naked is so boring now. She is like a singing pornstar basically. I can’t wait until she gets older and the overly naked and sexy poses are not as easy as she ages, what will she do then? And I also can’t can’t wait for another, younger black female pop star takes her place above her on the charts and the mags, she will FREAK from lack of attention when that happens. Because a new younger flavor (hopefully one who can actually sing) will come along, inevitable. Will be so fun to watch her ego fall because she’s over the top full of herself.

  • New Yorker

    @Smart: Its very rare that you’ll hear a celeb thats ‘smart’ Even Angeline Jolie didnt finish high school and she talks about politics! What a joke

  • cic

    why is she white.. i thought she was proud to be a black women, guess notttt…

  • fke

    @A: look at the difference. she definetly was never that white. But I think it’s more because of her blonde hair, lighting and photoshop making her whiter.

  • wywh

    I can’t at some of yall blaming her like it’s her fault she looked white. That was because of flash (and a little airbrush, and yall need to take a seat because airbrush is really used for most if not all photoshoots)

  • mina

    @somali girl: Stop nobody does skin bleaching…I think it’s the magazine’s fault that they make her look lighter. They do the same thing to all the black celebrities. It’s still about the lighter the better. They want the black women to look as light as possible so they can sell magazines. Everyone knows that black women are not put in those magazines because they don’t sell as much.

  • Oh yes she is

    Thank you and there are many more evidence too. @A are you serious? I am fair brown skin and I lived in the NY for 25 years I am from the Caribbean. I will give you Rihanna was not Black she was brown but now she is white so stop BS, You can’t even there are too much evidence that she is white now. You know bleaching is huge in the caribbean and plus she has money. You know celebs do all kinds of things to their skins, face that us poor people can’t paid for. So when you say ashy and uneven you’re talking the poor man bleach she has money so she can look like this white which is what she is. WHITE, WHITE making the situation of black women self hating their colors even worst. She hates who she is. Everything about her is add ons. So don’t think she wouldn’t with her skin.

  • Oh yes she is

    Even her twitter pics are this white are you saying that she photoshop them before posting them online come on. I know they mess with the shoot and they do exactly what you say but please Rihanna is whitening her skin.

  • A

    @fke: That photo strangely looks darkened or like they bronzed her skin up. Just look at her ear in that pic. Her ear is much lighter than the rest. Maybe they forgot to darken it.
    Anyway, I know people who get much lighter during the colder months and much darker during the summers, It’s a strange thing some people believe that black people can’t tan. Black people can get darker, the melanin doesn’t stop you from getting a tan during the summers, strange belief some people have about black skin.
    I know a guy from Chile who is white as white can be, but give him two weeks in Chile and he comes back looking like a different person because he gets so tanned.

  • A

    @Oh yes she is: I don’t know what this chick does to her skin, and neither do you. All we can do is speculate.
    I think it’s the blond wig that is throwing people off.
    I’m just saying if it was possible to lighten your skin to look that natural, every rich celebrity would do it because they’d book more jobs! We all know lighter skin is more valued, especially in show business.

  • oh god

    Please stop, you know she is bleaching. Deal with it there is more prove that she is than isn’t. You old wives tales about cooler climate is offing joke just like Rihanna can sing.

  • A

    @oh god: I’ve seen her childhood pics, she looks slightly more tanned but I guess that’s because she was living in a hot climate growing up in barbados.
    I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    Rihanna, *Watch and Learn*: on Keira Knightley, HOW to dress yoursel properly!

  • smarter

    lol it’s the bright studio lighting. makes everybody look like that. else you could say: less sun. less color. celebs hiding in their houses from the papz and go party at night.


  • hot

    Absolutely gorgeous! Nice to see her smiling again :)

  • harren

    UHmmmm……that bitch is playing, she doesn’t know me….but she can pose naked on the cover of Esquire magazine UK, lol

  • jentheho

    I do understand if you got it flaunt it. But this woman is flauting way too much. It seems like she’s having trouble keeping her clothes on. I hardly seen her fully clothes.

  • Class_Act

    Why have so many clothing options when ultimately you’re gonna pose naked?

  • zizi

    Have you fu*kin heard for PHOTOSHOOOOOOOOOPPPPP?!!!!!!!!!
    they can light her skin tone,duuuuuuh?!
    Man u r…ugh.
    I love her .
    She is beautiful. Dislike my comment bitchez :) #HatersGonnaHate

  • SIVR

    Yall WTF is ur problem if she’s bleachin or not!’s her fkn skin anyways! im from the caribbean too, when im under the sun i get darker and when im in cold places where there’s not much sun i get lighter… dat’s fkn obvi! EVERYBODY kno dat!… this argue about her skin it’s ridiculous ppl! get over it… and there a lot things why she could look like this..flashes from the camera, photoshop..why the hell u think skin bleachin in first place?…

  • Lovely

    Ri Ri is the Best, She’s Beautiful, She’s is Banging Super Hot. SHe is not pretensive like so many out there , what you see is what you get.

  • hey

    That is some massive white-washing!
    Let a dark girl be her dark self, there is nothing wrong with whatever your color is, stop white-washing people for magazines!