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Tom Hardy: 'Prometheus' Afterparty with Charlotte Riley!

Tom Hardy: 'Prometheus' Afterparty with Charlotte Riley!

A heavily bearded Tom Hardy keeps it cozy with fiancee Charlotte Riley at the afterparty for Prometheus held at Aqua on Thursday (May 31) in London.

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The 34-year-old British actor came out to support his friends associated with the film. Tom and Michael Fassbender worked on Band of Brothers together. Ridley Scott directed Tom in Black Hawk Down.

Tom and Guy Pearce star in Lawless, out August 29.

Tom will also work with Charlize in Mad Max: Fury Road, which kicks off production in just a few weeks.

15+ pictures inside of Tom Hardy at the Prometheus afterparty…

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tom hardy prometheus afterparty 01
tom hardy prometheus afterparty 02
tom hardy prometheus afterparty 03
tom hardy prometheus afterparty 04
tom hardy prometheus afterparty 05
tom hardy prometheus afterparty 06
tom hardy prometheus afterparty 07
tom hardy prometheus afterparty 08
tom hardy prometheus afterparty 09
tom hardy prometheus afterparty 10
tom hardy prometheus afterparty 11
tom hardy prometheus afterparty 12
tom hardy prometheus afterparty 13
tom hardy prometheus afterparty 14
tom hardy prometheus afterparty 15

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  • ha ha

    he’s still with her? where is jessica? oh, well, I guess charlize is next on the list…………..

  • bary

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  • lold

    He looks like a hobo. He needs to shave or at least trim.

  • Peapo

    Agree with @LOLD
    Not loving the beard. I like him much more clean shaven. Otherwise, he’s looking good.

  • xx

    His gf is beautiful

  • illwill

    His beard looks like pubes

  • katie

    He is so thin now, compared the way he was when doing Batman.

  • Kate

    This annoying (fake) couple again? =/

    Hardy don’t need to go for all this blockbusters premieres, looks like he’s only doing this for appear in some photos.

    I like him as an actor, but he don’t need to do those kinds of things, he have talent and soon will be a star with the The Dark Knight Rises release.

  • Patti

    This woman don’t get tired of using Tom to show up? and because of it she have to go with him to every place he goes? (where have photographers, of course) she thinks this will make her famous too? seems that she thinks she’s already famous, but she’s ONLY a date of a famous guy, nothing else.
    Get a real job woman!

  • S.

    This woman is an attention-wh*** and this guy too.

  • SophiaB

    He looks like homeless guy. LMAO

  • thighmegatampon

    They were costars in PBS’s Wuthering heights

  • Sarah

    I know the guy, but who are she? and why she have a tag on JJ?
    Come on! she’s just an anonymous person, nobody wants to see her in a celebrity site, she’s only here because she’s alongside of a famous guy, she is nothing!

  • lol

    Another celebrity-wannabe couple.
    Who are those people? and why they’re here?
    I think this site was for famous people.

  • Mari


    lol, says a person spouting hatred on a celebrity gossip board. Now who is the REAL attention seeking nobody?

  • Bel

    She’s with him only for have fame and money, it’s obvious she’s just an attention seeker. He don’t see it?
    He will get tired of her soon, just like he did with his others girlfriends.

  • Claire

    That beard is awful and this woman is too skinny and cross-eyed. Fugly.

  • Sand

    Who are they? O.o
    They looks like an attention seeker couple.

  • xx

    They both are fame-who***.

  • ck_always

    The beard is for Mad Max you goofs.

  • lou

    This fugly idiot is the most overhyped these days like the next big thing. His only good movie will be the Batman one coming out then you’ll never hear about him again. We can all hope!

  • cendres

    Both of them are absolutely gorgeous and talented. Seeing them casual is so great after months of silence. About the look, I think after Mad Max, I’ll miss the beard. It suits him pretty well. And btw, Charlotte is an amazing actress. I really can’t wait for A world without end’s broadcast.

  • Vikious

    I don’t know why, but I find him attractive even with beard

  • WhatATool

    Two gorgeous people attending a party really brought out the Crazies on this thread.
    I don’t like the Tom’s beard but I’m sure it’s for a movie, CR is beautiful

  • glinda

    The loser girl that seems to be commenting under various names criticizing Charlotte Riley needs serious psychiatric therapy. He doesn’t know you exist and he never will.

  • poppy

    Tom, Charlotte, you´re both very talented people who happens to be very much in love with eachother. Deal with that you stupid bitches! I love you both and will follow your career. The first time a saw you both was in Wuthering heights and i was blown away by the way you ‘gave life’ to Heathcliff and Cathy; beautiful!

  • Claire

    Heathcliff and Cathy forever. Such incredible chemistry.

  • xx

    Now the 2 fans of those nobodies shows up and defending them. hahahahahaha

  • Stella

    Who cares if the beard is for Mad Max? IS AWFUL ANYWAY YOU MORONS!

  • Jane

    Probably Charlotte FameWho**** writing.
    Everybody knows she’s just a nobody that will take off all the money from Tom, just look at her and you will notice, and he is a fuc***g stupid.
    He deserves it for what he did with his son’s mother!

  • ???

    Jane – how would you know, really? Naked jealousy sure is an ugly thing. I’m sure Tom doesn’t have any difficulty finding women who are interested in him for more than his fame or money, he’s gorgeous! Charlotte is lovely too, and who wouldn’t want to be her right now? Just because you never will be doesn’t mean you can’t be nice and just be happy for them.

  • Chris

    What? Now no one can’t say that someone is crazy to have some fame using her famous boyfriend cause this is jealous? don’t be ridiculous!

    I know Tom is a handsome guy and many girls would like to be with him, but here go something new for you: he is getting rich and famous, it’s OBVIOUS that will have many people coming close to him just to take advantage of his fame and get some money from him.
    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who noticed that Charlotte is using Tom to climb in her career because no one knows who she is. Look at the pictures of them together at some event and you will see how she poses for the photographers like she was the bigger star of the place, she’s not famous, HE is.
    By the way, I’m lesbian and I’m very happy with my girlfriend, I have no interest in Tom besides his movies, but for me (and for many people too) is pretty obvious that Charlotte is a fame w ***, but seems like Tom already know this.
    Would be nice if the fans were not so blind about this.

  • ???

    @Chris: @chris – Oh well, he’s a big boy, I’m sure he can look afer himself and will recover if that really is the case.

  • Bob

    Tom Hardy said he goes to web sites that are talking about him and replies anonymously defending himself.
    I hope he see this one and understand what the public thinks about attention seeking people like him and this girl who walks around him in every place where have cameras, maybe he grow up and stop doing those things.

  • ???

    sorry bob, chris, jane – whatever your name is, maybe you should use google translate on any further attempts to expose CR’s evil plans, either that or a good book on english grammar and usage.

  • @???: Agreed ???. Loved them in Wuthering Heights, obsessed with them in The Take. He’s gorgeous, she’s gorgeous, I hope they give little Louis a gorgeous sibling and live a nice happy life. Haters.

  • !

    These people have stupid fans and they aren’t famous.
    Maybe the idiots posting here are related to them, family or friends.

  • Sunshine Daydream

    Tom Hardy is one of the most promising actors making films today. Love him – a wonderful surprise recently. His performance in Warrior was top notch. One of the most incredible films I’ve seen in a while. And he nailed the accent perfectly. More like those, HW, please.

  • Sunshine Daydream

    Let’s get this party started! TOM HARDY. TOM HARDY. Tom Hardy. Name to be remembered, actor to recognize….we’ll never be disappointed. He has the potential to snag the best of the best roles now. Hope it all goes well for you, Tom. You are an amazing actor.

  • coco

    did Charlotte have a boob job? What she needs is an eyes job! I’m sorry to say this but I think Charlotte is Tom’s sex toy
    She’s the type of girl that can be bought, I have no respect for this kind
    of woman.

  • katrina

    @coco: I don’t think she had boob job, they don’t look big to me, they’re sagging. lol

    Tom’s holding her, keeping her close to him cus she might stumble or fall, we all know she can’t focus, she’s cross eyed.

  • Iri

    Don’t know why some of you think he is the one to blame.
    Although with heavy beard,he looks cute anyway.

  • katrina

    @xx: To think she’s beautiful you must be Tom Hardy.

  • ss

    Some very sad people about making nasty comments.Tom Hardy is incredible in all his films,the raw emotion he displays makes him addictive, I just want to see him perform more.Dont believe his emotion is just for the camera,thats himself coming through,would love to know him.Think its great he has someone lovely, CR, to come home to. Keep doing everything you do Tom, on camera and off, your work with young people is you, never change.x

  • http://none Kylie

    He looks like a handsome homeless guy.

    Besides the beard is for Mad Max. Calm down.

  • adnaloy


    Dear Coco,

    Tell me please….what is your problem. Get some help; mayby you can be cured?! ;)

  • Dani

    This woman looks like a tranny, an ugly and cross-eyed tranny.

  • Sarah

    She is using one of those push-up bras, she have no boobs, she is anorexic.

  • Elena C

    @adnaloy: Coco has no problem, its you who has a problem. You can’t expect people to be blind like you, you have no brains…… Tom is using his head down there not up there!………… Watch, when they get married and start a family her true color will come out. And I think Charlotte rules him, she must be good in bed, her wandering eyes turns him on.LOL

    How can Tom possibly spend a lot of time with his son who he claims he loves so much when he’s too busy making Miss Cross- eyed happy?

  • Julie

    @Elena C: “Miss Cross-eyed” HAHAHAHAHAHA
    I love that!

    It’s funny how Tom says he rarely sees his son, but he always has time to take Miss Cross-eyed to everywhere, especially in front of cameras. It’s a shame! His son must be in first place, not this w.h.o.r.e! Poor Louis!
    But I don’t think that Charlotte rules him, he don’t give a shit about her, you should see what he did in Cannes in front of everyone, Tom has zero respect for his cross-eyed. He’s with her because he needs to make people forget the comments about gay sex. This is very important in Hollywood.