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Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: New Couple Alert!

Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: New Couple Alert!

Adam Levine grabs lunch with his new girlfriend, Namibian model Behati Prinsloo, at Mustard Seed Cafe on Thursday (May 31) in Los Angeles.

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Over Memorial Day weekend, the Maroon 5 frontman performed at the Tahiti Nui Bar in Hanalei, Hawaii. On his downtime, Adam was spotted holding hands with Behati and playing wiffle ball with his roommate, writer/actor/producer Gene Hong (also pictured at the Mustard Seed Cafe lunch).

Just two months ago, Adam split from Russian model Anne V after two years together.

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  • ren

    oh my God.. another VS lol.. is that will be awkward

  • A

    WHAT??!!! Behato and adam??!!! I wasn’t expecting this.

  • Adrienne

    Rebound lol

  • ugh

    I have no respect for disgusting and gross women who will date gay men just because their rich or furthers their careers.

  • cindy

    typical for him another VS model. Oh and she smokes just like him this isn’t entertainment news worthy when he always dates

  • guniess

    another big va*ina for him

  • living in a box

    F@#$ You Adam Levine!!!! F@#$ You!!!! wait what happen to Behati’s boyfrirend Jamie?

  • YOU

    she looked like the mix between rosie huntington-whiteley and miranda kerr. and really adam? dating another VS model just after 2 months broke up with one of them?


    You’re disgusting,adam.

  • aa

    lmao, he wants to be the new Leo. I thought Behati was too good for this though.

  • @4

    I have no respect for people who don’t understand the difference between ‘their’ and ‘they’re’.

  • aa

    @@4 u need to grow up. This isn’t your english class

  • a

    i believe this is not the truth!! i think Behati and Anne V are friend, i mean they walk VS show together!! that’s really awkward!! if this is true that Adam and behati are dating, then he is lame!!

  • lola

    This guy is such a d-bag. I’m going to guess his options before becoming famous weren’t as great as they are now, and he has a need to bed hop and collect notches on his belt, to feel like a stud. Loser.

  • Nothing like kissing an ash tray *gag*

  • Tara

    she totally looks like that rosie h-whiteley chick in that pic

  • Shannon

    Aww Behati…I thought you had better taste than that. Adam is such a egotistical male slut

  • nikky

    I dont like Anne V and I love Behati but considering they both work for VS this is really surprising, weird and also disappointing. Although Behati and Anne arent probably even friends because Behati is an angel and Anne V is not, so they arent seeing each other that much. Ok you cant help who you fall for but Adam, really? I liked Behati and Jamie together. And if this lasts, it gets a little weird at this years VS show.

  • Sloane

    What happened to Jamie? They were together forever. Love Behati. She can do better.

  • XYZ


  • L.

    Upgraded!!! She is a real VS angel and sooo cute! The rebound is a billion time better than famewh@re Anne V.
    There won’t be any VS show catfight. Anne was there but just for dating Adam. She was never an angel of VS to begin with. Behati is a legit Angel with a proper VS contract instead.
    Adam has a preference for models. His family sells clothes. Of course his type is the modeling girl and as far as great goes, Behati is a fantastic choice.

  • Butters

    Enjoy the bearding biz much?

  • blah

    Both girls are both to good looking for him. He’s fug!!!!

  • Julian

    Behati is a biatch! And Adam Levine’s music is also very bad pop music! The first songs “She Will Be Loved” and “This Love” are nice, but the rest is bullshit!

  • LOL OK.

    Actions speak louder than words, but in Adam’s case, his slew of modelizing and interviews about women make him seem like one: BIG DOUCHE. At least she’s much prettier than the last one. This won’t be the last.

  • ellen

    She isnt even pretty. Not a fan of Anne V but she is much prettier.

  • Cali

    He has a roommate? Can’t he afford his own place?

  • nora

    Behati NOO !! I like her so much, she’s the best and swetest model and she’s with hiiim ??:O Nooo

  • InnA in love

    Another VS model so LAME i’m sick of those girls .They always are with celebrities to be on th firist page.These girl are like prostit*tes only they are only celebrities pro**itu*s.Public wc with some big vagi***s.And adam is so st*pid poor man

  • nora

    @InnA in love: If you were a model and he asked you to be with him, what would you do ? dump him ? I don’t think so.
    If you had a chance u and every other girl would go out with the hole HOLLYWOOD GUYS, SO pleas, stop that prostit*ted kind of SH*t

  • karolinne

    Adam is crazy about models without brain.She wants only fame and money.

  • Sandy

    @a: Yes! Anne V was Angela Bellotte’s friend too……

  • oh not this again


  • whoo!

    Go Berhati!!!!!

  • vfgd

    omg she has one big huge bloated face. the uglisest vs model and mosy unse*y of all time! what happened to models like Stephanie Seymour? OMG yuck.

  • Heidi


    If this is UPGRADED, then you need to have your eyes examined. She’s pretty, yes, but the man is overcompensating. He pretty much rebounded with a 23 year old. And who cares if she’s a model; let’s be honest and real; the man only dates one type of woman and that’s models that are way too young for him.

    A true UPGRADE would be him acting as a man should; treating women with respect, rather than treating them as if all they are good for is getting between the legs. Now THAT would be an UPGRADE

  • Sigh

    Now what? Other one vs with same age as Anne v?? Grow up!! This is getting ridiculous and he will never find the right one through these models if he is going after that ages. I think he has a certain mental issue with number and young models. Something is wrong with him. This new model talks trash on tweets and said she loves mermaid what a douchebag she is. She is not other piseces. Please! Roommate with gene is one of his anxiety issue to not live alone. Read the details. He can’t live without being alone.

  • Heidi

    @Sigh: His roommate is probably is wing man; someone that hasn’t grown up either. Someone that can egg him on to ‘score’ with his latest conquest. After the media hoopla about his interview in Details, it was to be expected that many see him as a dirt bag. I think he’s very insecure with himself, and that’s pretty sad; but insecurity comes at any age. It’s clear he dates younger women because he wants to feel like a big stud, even if his maturity level is equal to someone that has not yet fully matured in life.

  • Nessa

    Is it just me, or are the new VS models so budget???

  • Cutie

    I saw pictures of them on another site…she has horrid looking teeth and he is just your typical LA Hollywood douchebag. A complete cliche like Leo. Dates 20-year old, brainless VS models. At least he is no longer dating Russian Eurotrashy who always resembled a Russian call girl and dressed and acted desperate like one too. Those girls are just f*cking crazy behind the scenes!

  • Ximena

    Dont forget to make a fanclub , a tumblr page and a facebook all the AnneV’s tumblr pages..

  • s

    she ugly

  • Cutie

    @Nessa: They are budget and all look alike. Remember when supermodels were really supermodels? Cindy Crawford, Stephanie Seymour, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington…..even Giselle.

  • OMG

    He thinks he’s all that but in actuality he’s an unattractive, whiny voiced, insecure, hideously tattooed douche. If he weren’t famous, I doubt he’d get laid. His interview in Details proved just how atrocious he really is.

  • Maria


  • sweetness

    Can someone explain the fascination for men dating models. Most models are always starving themselves and have low sex drive because they are malnourished in order to stay the runway thin underweight. Also why are these rockers trading in one model for another. wouldn’t these women feel replaceable?

  • awwwwddd

    omg this girl has huge chipmunk cheeks! yuck Adam!

  • pls

    @sweetness: ask David Bowie,Billy Joel,Richard Gere,Axl Rose,Harry Connick Jr.,Rod Stewart,and many more. Its been happening for decades now. Models and celebs are in the same social circles. They have their hair and makeup done by the same people. I dont know why people act like its something new, lol.

  • John

    She is one of the plainest average looking VS models I’ve ever seen with ZERO se x appeal. I am stunned (not in a good way) when I look through a VS catalog and see her. She looks like an average farm girl! A far cry from past VS angels such as Stephanie Seymour,Karen Mulder,Daniela Pestova,Helena Christensen et al. that brand has gone so down hill.

  • Sonja

    This is just his little vengeance for Anne V statement. “Separated in an amicable way”, so amicable that right now I’m gonna sleep with your model friend and, by the way, she is younger than you are.
    It won’t be last.
    I see a lot of friendships broken here. I wonder if Anne V expected something like that…