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Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: New Couple Alert!

Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: New Couple Alert!

Adam Levine grabs lunch with his new girlfriend, Namibian model Behati Prinsloo, at Mustard Seed Cafe on Thursday (May 31) in Los Angeles.

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Over Memorial Day weekend, the Maroon 5 frontman performed at the Tahiti Nui Bar in Hanalei, Hawaii. On his downtime, Adam was spotted holding hands with Behati and playing wiffle ball with his roommate, writer/actor/producer Gene Hong (also pictured at the Mustard Seed Cafe lunch).

Just two months ago, Adam split from Russian model Anne V after two years together.

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  • Lauren

    Umm… i doubt it. She’s dating Jamie Strachan, and they live together too…

  • Shannon

    First of all, we all know that the person that goes by the name of Serena has many alias. This individual has been on the Anne and Adam bandwagon from the time they started dating up until the very end; even tweeting about them and her love for their relationship. Now that they aren’t together, she’s on Behati’s ass; and none of us even know if they are going to be a full-fledge relationship yet. What happens when Adam and Behati suddenly fizzles; are you going to talk negatively about her on here when Adam moves on (and we all know how he moves on so easily, it seems) to another model?

    Many people on here justly pointed out that Adam is merely rebounding; plus too, it seems like he didn’t want to be one upped by Anne when the rumors were going around that she was now with Jared Leto.

  • Scarlett
  • LLl

    Noooooo Behati!!! What happened with Jamie? He’s a gentleman, so beautiful… you were great together!!! Nooooo this one is horrible, a douche

  • Leo

    He looks like gf, not this behaty girl.

  • a
  • Kailey

    I think his roomate is his real date/girlfriend. Come on!!! He is 33 and he lives with a man!!!

  • Sandra

    @Shannon: I agree with you. That’s exactly what I thought: It’s a revenge on Anne (rumors she was with Jared Leto). Since I read the Details interview I thought maybe the old Adam is back…

  • Mel

    @Roger: Sorry, but Anne V was not worried about Adam dating model Angela Bellotte when she (Anne) wanted to hook up him. And Angela Bellotte and Anne were CLOSE friends wow! Adam Levine is single, he was dumped by Anne allegedly because he didn’t want to marry her ?!, by phone and People mag (for her fame) and yes she’s the victim now.

  • Reese

    It’s hard to believe. Behati and Jamie forever!!! They’re so cute together, I mean these two are meant to be together!!! Levine is such a jerk.

  • gigi

    @nikky: Behati and Anne V are best friends. I guess they’re not anymore.

  • Snookie

    UGH, He picked that over Jennifer Love Hewitt??

  • to sweetnes

    @ to vicky

    I’m a female. just not a jealous one like most are.

  • to sweetness

    “plus too, it seems like he didn’t want to be one upped by Anne when the rumors were going around that she was now with Jared Leto.”

    i agree shannon, but i also think behati seems rude and more his type. anne is better than him in my opinion. she deserves a good man and adam and guys like him aren’t really that great to be with.

  • Elizabeth

    I wonder what happened between her and Jamie. I think they were still together this April, I didn’t even know they broke up. So maybe Levine happened (I can’t understand it, Jamie is gorgeus, Levine is disgusting). You guys think he’s taking revenge on Anne V, but maybe she was dumped by Adam because he was already trying to hook up Behati, maybe since VS Fashion Show in November.

    I pray she doesn’t show up in Maroon 5 videos or does the same things he did with all his girlfriends (the same nasty radio programmes, gossip magazines…).

  • ahhhvfds

    wow he got the worse looking one….yuck. rotten teeth farm girl with a huge face.

  • who’s jamie?

    just wondering who jamie is

  • Wtf?!?

    WTF?!?!? What does it take to be a model these days??? Clearly not beauty.

    As for Levine, I used to love him. Come to find out he’s just a douche who needs loads and loads of attention. So pathetic.

  • Shannon


    I recall after he met Anne, he took his roommate with him on their dates. There are plenty of pictures that the paparazzi took of them where Adam’s roommate is sticking out like a sore thumb. Why on earth would another man, who lives with them want to tag along on a date with someone else? I am beginning to see a pattern; date a hot chick for two years, keep in the public eye and then after they’ve served the real purpose (all the media attention to keep that name out there and keep people talking), move on to the next one for another two years. He did it with Rebecca, he did it with Anne, and now he’s possibly going to do it with this young lady. I’m waiting to see how soon he drags the poor thing on the Stern Show to boast and brag, while also dancing coyly around the topic of what happened in his past relationship.

  • Pam

    Why so much hate? Dang!

  • Noni

    Of course Anne V and Behati are close friends. Plus Behati retweeted Anne a lot of times, and she also followed Adam long time ago. I just saw Adam is following Behati (since today or yesterday).

  • Sorry

    This show is for the fame and God knows he needs it (maybe so does she, I don’t know who she is). Let’s be clear, Maroon 5 wasn’t, isn’t and never will be a great band (just a poor band). They only perform in rock festivals with other bands, but don’t have great tours like Coldplay, U2, etc. Right now they’re in Europe and don’t have any great performance on their own. If Levine wasn’t The Voice coach and wasn’t all the time talking about his penis and sex with his model girlfriends, who knows where Maroon 5 would be.

  • Kailey


    Agree. Maybe he has a pattern to keep himself in the public eye, and of course, surrounding himself with models is just a popular smokescreen. He can’t see those models more than 3 months a year. However, he lives with his roommate almost everyday and even takes him on their dates, sooooo?

  • unknown

    Ok guys I am the same one so many slammed after the Anne thing and then so many opened their eyes. now as for this one…Raise your hands if you think it will be over in about six months? or less…
    all i can say is he dated Angela, and met Anne while dating her. and iof course according to sources say that Anne and Bee are actually friends. the truth is, she was amoung the friends hanging in NYC when Anne and Adam first started dating. here is the kicker, google back when Adam went to NYC and there was a lil rumor of him flirting w/ a brunnette who smokes, but was shot down,. Ironically Bee exbf dumped her, rumored has it he had a thing w Anne. any questions?

    On another note I want front row seats at this years VSFS esp if adam and his band performs again!! dont forget the popcorn!!

    if any of you dont beleive what a liar was in the past, how about the Howard Stern show, when she never dated Leo. google their names. anywho I am not sayinga nything negative just pointing out some lil hints. What i think, I think Mr. Levine wanted to be with her in the first [lace. howeverm the feeling isnt mutual. just my opinion.

  • Shannon


    You have been on it from day one on here. Whoever keeps saying that Behati and Anne are not friends are full of themselves. Someone on another site pointed out that Behati and Anne both were following each other on Twitter; however, Anne no longer does.

    This will fizzle before it takes off; or better yet, all he has to do is go on the Stern show, spill his guts on how she most likely gave it up to him the first time he saw her and it will be over sooner.

    As for the next Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show; now THAT will be the most interesting to see; that’s if he’s still with the young girl (she looks more like 16 than 23) by then.

  • omd

    she and anne are friends too :x

  • Lucy

    So impressed!!! People you’re CIA.
    I’m a little lost and I do have a question about
    “google back when Adam went to NYC and there was a lil rumor of him flirting w/ a brunnette who smokes, but was shot down,. Ironically Bee exbf dumped her, rumored has it he had a thing w Anne”
    That was when Anne and Adam started dating or was when Anne dumped Adam? I got that was in May (NBC Upfront in NYC) because Behati and Jamie were together before that.
    So, you meant Adam and Behati are together because Anne and Jamie cheated on them, or maybe just had an affaire after dumping them? Double revenge?

  • k

    Hmm, Hooking up a month after claiming to be “blindsided by the split” ??? Obviously not so blindsided i guess ! Either that or he knew he was going to be dumped much before he claimed he had no idea!

    Adam levine, I do like you, but you are such a Douchebag! Grow older, though your girlfriends seem to be getting younger!

  • unknown

    Behati was in fact in NYC and was in fact hanging with them the night the rumor was subjected about him flirting. this is when Adam first met Anne. but here is the thing. Anne dumped Adam out of the blue. if you recall her tweet about his BDay made a cake even. he didnt respond. but he wished her a Happy Bday but it was like nothing yet none of his friends said it to her either. here is another thing all the sudden Jamie dumps Bahati when in fact the word is that he was gonna propose.

    As far as me being CIA. LOL No i just have sources better than any gossip site you could imagine. my spources actually know facts. I also know that Bahati and Anne were actually roommates in the beginning first moving to NYC. so yeah they are really good friends.

    So this could be going both ways here, either Adam and Bahati messed around and finally hooked up, or this is a slap in the face for the exs.

    butg i will say this, both are totally wrong for being together. the fact that behati is with him so closely after the split when she is friends with Anne and Adam is wrong for the same reason. its up to you to decide.
    if you also play the Howard Stern interview, Anne didnt hesitate when asked if she cheated on him, tells me she is telling the truth. However, adams body language ansd hesitation tells me different. if this is revenge, then this is totally the wrong way to go about it. only thing is emotionally and respectfully this will come back on them.

    Karma is a bitch!!@Lucy:

  • unknown

    @Shannon: Hey Shannon, there is no taste when it comes to attention!!

  • unknown

    @Shannon: People will hate on whoever is with a person of their desires. however, i will say this much. its a lil obvious this ismore of a rebound of revenge or maybe they had a thing before the break ups. ironically both relations ended out of the blue. something aint kosher. look at it like this. music videos usually take a month before hand to shoot, so who was the girl again in the video? the phoneone?
    however, the person you are refering too is Venus. she has issues. dont hate on her, she just obssessed with Adam Levine to the max!!

  • Lucy


    OMG, they are (were) really close friends, Anne and Behati. Now I feel sorry for Anne. And Shannon saw Anne doesn’t follow Behati anymore, but are Behati and Adam still following Anne? And is Anne still following Adam? Maybe here is the key.

    So maybe Adam cheated on Anne with Behati and she knew about that after her birthday, because otherwise her tweet no makes sense. But neither makes sense that him wished her Happy Birthday so cold and didn’t respond her tweet if he felt guilty, so why?… Anyway, I don’t think he cheated on her because in my opinion he was in love with Anne… but who knows.

    I think Adam and Behati are totally wrong for being together, as you do, even if it was true love, they should have waited a bit long.

    And what about Anne and Jared Leto? I don’t believe it, but maybe Adam did…

  • tammi

    ok, i have never been a smoker, but from people i know, those that quit are the worse nonsmokers, they say kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray. yeck

  • Shannon


    Never heard of this person you are talking about; but I do know that Serena is someone of another name that for some time has or had a blog that talked about Adam and Anne’s relationship, however now is singing a whole new story now that he’s with another model.

    I too believe that this is a revenge tactic; came right after all of the rumors were out there about Jared Leto

  • unknown

    @Lucy: Jared and Anne are friends. from what I know is that Jared likes Anne, but he is really private while Anne is so much out there. However, I think its interesting how Bahati jumped on the band wagon to follow every band member in his band, including his friends right away.
    which i cannot believe i am going to say this, but as far as Anne is concerned, no matter what she did she didnt deserve her friend who actually was one of the main people who told her to persue Adam in the first place.

    And what Anne tweeted for his BDay, even for attention, it was a little to much for me that all the sudden she goes public to breakup with him. he was blind sided my tail end. someone told Anne something and i bet it was another VS model which i will keep nameless.

    No woman, gold digger, or so in love like Anne says she was with Adam, would out of the blue go public after posting the things she did. she would try to hold on to him. thats a given. as ssonas she went public i knew what was being said was true.
    I dont follow any of them on twitter, the posts were brought to my attention. thats how i know. and of course my sources. i think its also interesting how so many of Adams friends that have met Bee doesnt follow her on twitter but yet she follows the whole band and his friends. and some of the friends she hasnt even met in person. which tells me she went through his list or it has been goiung on for a while.

  • unknown

    Sorry Shannon this is so long but this will tell ya ev erything!!

    I dont know who Serena is but my guess its the same person. I will tell you why, she kisses their asses on twitter, uses her medical condition, and then bad mouths them on blogs under assumed names. i udse to adore her til i found out what a nut job she is. I blasted her on twitter tio leave me alone after severasl times she has even told her friends to go on my sites.
    i use to feel sorry for her, but certain commentsshe made. like one night i couldnt sleep, no shocker there, i hardly sleep LOL any who i was watching a movie and was on IM w her. cant remember what movie, when i told her she was like OMG Adam just posted he was watching the same movie. then she googles things on the computer to respond and some of us who actually got to know her realized she is obssessed with Adam, in the worst way. She actually got upset and admitted to me that her own cousin who moved out to Cali for school. wouldnt let her visit. the reason, she actually told me that here cousindidnt want her to come because of the reason is Adam. she admitted she took power naps so she couold wait for Adams tweets. I at first adored her, then was like OMG ur nuts, now I pray for her!!
    she actually has ity on her twitter page that she resides in NYC. she has never lived there. anything she would post was from what i have told her from my experiences, and what she googled online.
    then I found out from a friend that she in fact she is telling people she knew Anne and gets emails from her personally.

    Now i had no clue who Shawn was until my sister told me. she actually sent me photos from his FB page and tried to tell me he emailed them personally to her. I got royally pissed tho when i found out she stole photos from my page and was telling she toojk them herself. Photos meaning i got phot0os from friend that were photographers and salot i took myself. as far as treavelling. lIke i had photos from Puerto Rico. she stole them off my page and told people she took them and she was a photographer and she travelled all the time. anythiung Adam gets envolved in she gets envolved in. its sad now, and i feel ashamed i attacked her verbally now, but I just got tired of the fact she followed me. got so bad i stopped my twitter pages.

    BTW about the FB incident, I was new to it and so I didnt know that you could tag them.

    About the photos that she said Shawn sent her, I dont follow him so I didnt know these phots excisted on his site till a couple of my friends who are on his FB page as friends said that the photos she sent me were from his page.

    description of the photos, Shawn his wife dressed up like at a formal and he ius holding his lil baby girl.

    another photo she said he sent her was a couple of Adam himself, holding a baby, not wearing a shirt wearing like whit pajama pants.
    there was a dark haired girl sitting on a couch holding a baby in her arsm. now i dont follow these people on FB I d know even this Shawns last name however thought it was amussing that she would lie and say he sent them personally to her.
    Not bad mouthing this girl, sadly she has issues, She acts like she can speak different languages too. she would use the language app on her IPhone in russian to post things to Anne,
    I feel sorry for her now and just pray one day she will find help one day!!!

  • Lucy


    Woowwww. Now I think Behati was/is maybe a little bit obsessed with Adam if she was following not just him, but the whole band and his friends, even when they didn’t/don’t follow her.
    I just read Maroon 5 was performing in a German show (Germany’s Next Top Model) yesterday, woowww, not VS models yet but Adam surrounded of models means danger… hahahaha, just kidding.
    By the way, you’re not CIA, you’re better than CIA!!!

  • Melissa

    Oh God! People you are too much!
    Adam was good to Anne during the past 2 years. Her career was up cuz him…For me it’s clear Adam and Anne relationship wasn’t good since January 2012 at least.. He didn’t want to put a ring on it, but who would? Anne is such a clingy and immature girl. Anne and Behati are friends but not close, they work for the same label. The idea of Adam cheating on Anne with Behati is nonsense. I follow the 3 on twitter and believe me….no. The fact is: Anne lost Adam.Her tricks didn’t work it. And Adam praised this woman for 2 years! And the worst, if you read Anne on twitter you’ll see she still in love with Adam.

  • unknown

    @Melissa: I agree that annes tricks didnt work, but to follow all three on twitter is nothing compared to actually knowing people who actually know them and ben around all three. all i have to say about Adam and Bahati, it wpont last. she is so more possesive and tempermental than Anne ever is. Hope Adam has a cup on when Bahati kicks him in the balls.

  • Sofia

    OMG. I follow Adam and I was gossiping Behati twitter. I realised she does follow his friends (plus NBA, maybe she expects Adam is going to take her to see Lakers games). He talked about a Cameron Crowe’s movie yesterday (he follows Cameron Crowe long time ago) and now she’s following Crowe too, I mean, such a poor personality, poor girl.
    By the way, the Anne V ‘unfollow’ is in the news too.

  • Shannon


    What a mouthful that had to be for you to write.. The name you mentioned previously isn’t one I have seen on Twitter but rather someone by the name Zara, who says she lives in Paris. This person has a blog out there and for some time now she has been blogging everything about Adam and Anne’s relationship, however when they broke up, she started bad-mouthing the relationship and was all for the new model he is with. It is why I thought Serena and Zara were one in the same.



  • JulesW

    She’s just too young (probably too dumb) to know better. Not very cute in my opinion… rockin’ bod but all models have a good bod. Maybe if she quit chain smoking she’d have a better smile too. Seems a little skankish to me, whereas Anne seemed much more classy. My guess? He hooked up with her long ago, Anne just found out and dumped him, and now he’s wondering what to do. I give it three months. I think he’s prob the biggest “fame whore” of them all. His work will always come before his girls. GO ADAM!

  • Melissa

    @JulesW: @JulesW: Sorry, but Anne V classier? She’s a great famewh@re with an angel? face.

  • Jane

    I’m shocked after reading some comments here! You should show some respect for human beings involved in this case: Adam, Anne, Bee and Jamie. Life isn’t easy. Anne dumped Adam (?) and it was her choice. I think yes it was kinda of a trick and did not work. He left. And about Bee being possessive ? She has dated Jamie Strachan for a long time…What happened? Was she so possessive? Behati used to be one of the most loved VS models and now I see all this hating. Sad. It’s bullying! Adam, Anne , Behati and Jamie are single and thy can date anyone. In time, Anne V did NEVER follow Behati on twitter! They are NOT close friends and I have my sources too and they are so reliable. About Bee following Adam and his friends? Natural! everyone here do and would do the same! Leave the people alone! Get a life!

  • Julie Walker

    @Melissa… I don’t know these people personally (as some on here claim to) so I’m going by appearance only. I am put off by Bee’s trucker hats, ripped jeans and chain smoking. Not classy.
    @Jane… come on – these forums are created for people to offer their opinions on celebrities. To call it bullying/hating is crazy. Think they are actually going to read this and/or lose sleep over what we’re typing? NOT. Don’t read six pages deep on something like this and tell US to get a life. Wow.

  • Amber

    Behati on Twitter

    Behati Prinsloo ‏@BeePrinsloo

    You don’t want to be a 14 year old prostitute, when you can be a mermaid! ‪#justsaying

    Really? I mean, I just can’t imagine what kind of conversation they have, if they are able of having any (I don’t think so).