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Jennifer Aniston: Best On-Screen Dirtbag Nominee!

Jennifer Aniston: Best On-Screen Dirtbag Nominee!

Jennifer Aniston carries a bottle of smartwater while heading inside a gym on Friday (June 1) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 43-year-old actress has been recognized by MTV as one of this year’s “deliciously despicable characters” for her role in Horrible Bosses.

Jennifer is nominated in the Best On-Screen Dirtbag category at this year’s MTV Movie Awards taking place on Sunday (June 3).

She’s up against her Horrible Bosses co-star Colin Farrell, Bryce Dallas Howard (The Help), Jon Hamm (Bridesmaids), and Oliver Cooper (Project X).

Head on over to to vote for your favorites in this category and others, including Best Kiss, Best Cast, Best Hero, and Breakthrough Performance. can exclusively reveal that Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, and Jodie Foster will be presenting at Sunday’s award show. Johnny Depp will also hit the stage to receive the Generation Award!

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  • more like…

    Jennifer Aniston: Best Off-Screen Dirtbag !

  • So Gorgeous

    still youthful looking

  • So Boring

    @more like…:


  • Miss lover lover

    let me wish her before those jobless haters hit here like low lives their all are…lol

    congratz JA and I hope u win cos u Rock and ur Haters Sucks.

    look at her looking so beautiful unlike some skeleton…..ROFL

  • So Boring

    @So Gorgeous:

    *shakes head* Never go full retard man.

  • lol

    @Miss lover lover:
    Low lives pay to see her boring sh^t she should be grateful.
    Hope she loses cause she sucks and so do you.

  • SoBoring

    I have no job.

  • Hamed

    i wants “friends” reunion…

  • SoBoring

    I’m 360lbs. and constantly wet for Ang

  • Miss lover lover

    I’m still a virgin.

  • SoBoring

    Shi is hot!

  • Missloverlover

    I’m a dirty used up hosebag

  • Guest

    mtv awards is the biggest award for acting she will ever get..her fans kept raving about Horrible Bosses yet she couldnt even get a Golden Globe Nom for best comedy, even Melissa Mccarthy was nominated for an Oscar for Bridesmaids wats Jens excuse

  • SoBoring

    Brad is a filthy pig.

  • Guest

    also I thought her fans claimed she was pregnant,

  • perfect

    love her hair and the color she always has!

  • lurking 2

    Well I guess this is her way of letting her fans know there is not baby in that stomach.

    the Idiots at IUC and the FFreaks have been speculating for weeks that she was expecting. NOPE..

    now move on.

  • Guest

    @lurking 2:
    you would think after being fooled for over a decade and counting that they would get the hint Jenny is not having babies no matter how much her fans want it to be true..she lied about wanting kids and her friends lied in the VF interview about her wanting kids and Brad not wanting kids..7 years after the divorce and no kids..she could adopt a la charlize or Sandra

  • Not far from the Truth

    Didn’t another actor call her a Sport -Fcuk? LOL

  • http://none blondie

    I did not go see “Wanderllust,”
    and the blatant lies
    about the plot and the presence
    of an interesting storyline in the movie
    did not fool me one single bit.

    Will I see her next move?
    Not a chance in hades!

    If her mother is in a movie,
    I would sooner see IT!!!

    Now, THAT is an idea.
    Have Oprah offer Nancy Dow a position
    on her NETWORK!!!

    Then you will see some very high ratings.

    “Nancy Dow is not a sow, and she speaks up, at long last!!!”

    There will not be a dry eye in the joint.

    Will she show nips?

  • sarah

    Gorgeous. Would love her life. To all the Jolie freaks, move on. Let Angie have Jens sloppy seconds. Jen had Brad at his prime. Who wouldn’t want Jen’s life. She’s filthy rich, can buy and do what she wants when she wants. Anyone who is married and has kids know that Jen is the smart one. Don’t give me the BS people, you know you’d LOVE HER LIFE.

  • http://yahoo guest

    Jennifer should expand her acting. Meg Ryan was the best in the light romantic roles, but when she hit her late 30′s realized it was time to move on. In fact, Aniston has yet to make a movie that could stand up as well as “Sleepless in Seattle” or “You’ve Got Mail”. Time for grown-up roles, Jen.

  • Not far from the Truth

    She doesn’t look happy either..Why the long face Jen? Justin not giving you any attention at home? Someone got a HUGE diamond ring from Brad? Angie doing big things in the world, and you’re still pitching bottled water?

  • Not far from the Truth

    @sarah: I disagree. I love MY life…I have a loving BF, a shih tzu we recused together, a great job, i live by the beach. I’m 13 years younger then Jen. I would not want to trade my life for Jen’s..I dont know about you…

  • tamara

    @Not far from the Truth: Doesn’t matter what Angie does. She’ll always be remembered as the broad who necked with her brother, had a lesbian fling with a chick, married and did freaky things with Billy Bob, not to mention walk around with his blood, had an affair with a married man and purposely got preggers by him, calls the pap’s when she does anything, adopts from other countries. There are poor kids in the USA that need a home. Yeah she has a beautiful face, but her tattooed drugged up skinny body looks like it has been ridden hard, really hard.

  • JL

    @Guest: She is not a liar. Children need a constant attention. She is not like Jolie with 25 nannies and never cooking for her kids. She doesn’t want to demonstrate something for public.
    The life with children becomes DIFFERENT.
    Charlze has a caring mother near her all the time – it’s a big help.
    Don’t hurry to judge.

  • dawne

    Bish is obsessed with her bloody booooooody. Get a life, Aniston.

  • Piper

    JL @ 06/01/2012 at 4:51 pm
    Charlze has a caring mother near her all the time – it’s a big help.
    Don’t hurry to judge.

    so it’s AJ’s fault that her mother died…? you’re an idiot.

  • JL

    @tamara: tamara, Jolie doesn’t adopt American child because her dream is to publish the Benetton catalog for the US market. That’s why children must be multiracial. Two in one: a good PR and good for business.

  • shithead

    @<a href="/2012/06/01/jennifer-aniston-best-on-screen-dirtbag-nominee/comment-page-1/#comment-22815446ol: go Fu*k urself motherFu*ker cos non else is gonna fu*k cos u fu*king Sucks

  • Guest

    i love my life, graduated from a top 10 university last year and am currently applying to med school, wouldn’t trade it for nada..and I think its funny how hens say Jen has such a great life without kids yet you all orgasm at the thought of her being pregnant..anytime Jen is gone the hens immediately think shes preggers, when will you realize that she is not having a baby and thats one of he many reasons why Brad DUMPED her, she lied and STILL has you all fooled

  • Guest

    dont be mad because Jolie adopted, was preggers twice, AND still was able to put on Oscar-nominated performances, have box office hits with HER name not tagging along a more popular comedic actor, and win recognition for her FIRST directorial debut…meanwhile Jen is 43 has YET to be nominated for any major award for her FILM career and cant open a movie without the help of a more famous co-star not to mention her perfume is tanking

  • Ssshhii_baby

    @guest..these stupid fools all know deep down inside they wish it was their idol who is living the life right now! sorry your not is not preggers just old and bloated! hahahahhaa

  • JL

    @Piper: Piper,
    Jolie DOESN’T CARE about children at all:
    they eat fast food,
    live without friends,
    without constant school,
    constant home,
    and Jolie has her PARTNER to spend the time with her kindergarten. And father can come and help.
    And her own child Shiloh doesn’t look happy anyway…
    Jolie DEMONSTRATES how caring she is.
    Don’t mix JA and AJ outlook – people are able to see the truth…

  • Peapo

    Funny when I think of the word dirtbag I think of Aniston.
    They go together like Aniston and desperation.or
    Aniston and lousy actor or
    Lonely and Aniston or
    Pathetic and Aniston.
    This is a fun game what word comes to mind when you hear Aniston?
    OH CHIN! Is another one.

  • JL

    Jennifer ‘s fans will support her with children and without.
    Don’t be so primitive.
    Helen Mirren has a husband but doesn’t want to have the children. Good for her. It’s her life.
    May be Jennifer will adopt, may be not – this is not your f@cking business. You better go care about Jolie’s health.
    We will love Jennifer with children, without children, with Oscar, without Oscar – no matter what some idiots will talk about.
    Jennifer has a great life for now, and builds the better future – don’t worry.

  • Guest

    no one said she HAD to have children but her friends cried to Vanity Fair saying Brad didnt want kids and that she did and she keeps leading you all on saying she will have kids not to mention you hens always think she is preggers and then when you find out shes not you say she doesnt need kids

  • Billie

    @sarah: you’re delusional!!!!! missy dirt-bag

  • Bentley

    @tamara: @tamara:

    you’re one SICK PUPPY & EVIL at that…..look at yourself… more negative comments coming from a person who is disgusted with oneself. .
    F___cking jealous, hey. You & Maniston put together can’t even measure up to the good things Angie has done to mankind.

  • Bentley


    wow …you got that RIGHT….for once idiot.

  • JL

    who care what you think – it’s your own problem.
    Aniston is a symbol of successful lady,
    symbol of class and good taste,
    her style is an example for women of all the world.
    She is a Star sincerely loved in all the world!
    Just a moron can’t see that.
    BTW when I see Jolie’s name I remember:
    her KISS o TV with the own brother,
    sex with mothers boyfriend,
    lesbian stories
    and heroin.
    And Benetton catalog.
    And home wrecking.
    Jolie is a symbol of American sin.

  • Louise


    Wow…you sure know more about Angelina Jolie…shy to say you’re a BIG FAN….hehehe……..are you an angel or a she DEVIL…oh a dirt-scumbag

  • JL

    “Bentley”, you sound like a used Ugo:
    just look at your comment!
    Bentley is a noble car for noble people.
    Not for brutal person believing Jolie DOES something to mankind.
    All she does is just for her pervert EGO.

  • catinca

    I thought she had every type of gym equipment known to humankind….how come she’s going to a gym? And why is that turkey man clucking about as if she is being mobbed when there is no-one around but one photog that she called?

  • TC

    So hoping Jon Hamm takes it for Bridesmaids. He was freakin’ hilarious…plus he can act!

  • JL

    don’t you see the car is right near the entrance – she doesn’t find any publicity.

  • lurking 2


    I was thinking the same thing. All of a sudden she is being protected by Bodyguards. Usually it is her PR guy. And no there are not that many people around.wonder why she is not wearing the Jennifer ring. And where is Justin. I only ask because her fans are usually so concerned when other celeb couples are not seen together. They run on crazy rumors of break ups or problems. So I’m just wondering if there is something wrong with Jen and her guy. Would be a shame if things ended.

    @ her fans screaming how great her life is. Well maybe it is. but why the need to knock the life others chose for themselves. Some people love being parents and don’t consider that as having a life less then someone that is single and childless. Such a shame her fans have to do that to elevate her. If she is happy as her life is good. But do you really think that people with children regret the choice the made. Especially if they always wanted a big family.

    some of you are really pathetic.

  • jenny!


    Where you been sweets? Gossip world so boring with you so quiet…

  • naturegirl


  • JL

    2 lurking,
    every star needs a bodyguard.
    Pr guy works during the pr events.
    The ring is behind the phone. Or in the pocket. Or in another place.
    Justin is busy with a surgery to stretch the legs.
    Life is good.
    People with children understand how is it – to grow a child without the help and support.
    People with children and mind are able to get: having children doesn’t make person better automatically.
    People with children and wisdom understand: if she must have children, she will. If not – she will not.
    Good for her in both cases.