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Kristen Stewart Quits Smoking, Learns French

Kristen Stewart Quits Smoking, Learns French

Kristen Stewart walks through JFK International Airport to catch a departing flight on Friday (June 1) in NYC.

The 22-year-old actress (wearing Frye Kira High Tops) recently revealed she quit smoking but didn’t want to elaborate on kicking the habit.

“You can’t acknowledge it or else suddenly … you can’t think about it,” Kristen told MTV News.

The Snow White and the Huntsman actress also shared that she started learning French while filming On the Road, which was shot primarily in Montreal.

“Not only is it a very dope language, it’s more like I really want to be able to talk to a few people so badly,” she explained. “When I’m in Paris, I feel like I could be so much [cooler]. I’m like, ‘Wow, I could be so cool.’ So that’s the main inspiration.”

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  • Riche
  • Creed

    I like her, I really do. I mean she comes off as such a cool person and her style is badass. But her acting is.. questionable.

  • Effy

    As much as I like her, I feeling like saying “Not only is it a very dope language,” a terrible way to describe learning French.

  • Alia san

    oh how beautiful
    very simple girl and that why million of pple looooooooove her.ok haters??so shut up
    i know there will be aloooot of them here

  • Liz

    A “dope” language? WTH ford that mean?

  • Gossipgirl

    Damn, this girl is one of the hardest working actresses in the business! She is at the airport practically everyday!

  • Liz

    Oops! Meant “does that mean” of course!

  • Dieter

    wtf. her being in the airport has nothing to do with work as an actor. She is PROMOTING which is something EVERYONE does.

  • B

    She can’t even speak her own language correctly let alone French.She needs to learn to speak proper English before studying another language.

  • CLu

    “When I’m in Paris, I feel like I could be so much cooler. I’m like, ‘Wow, I could be so cool.’


    Other than her usual verbal diarrhea… It’s good she’s quitting smoking!!!

  • mary

    i love her style. Calm down people, why so much hate?

  • Aliana

    Learning French is not easy. I speak French but English is my first language. If she’s learning it just so she can feel “cool” then I have a big feeling she’s underestimating the amount of effort it takes to learn another language. If she’s not taking formal classes or living in France then she’ll never learn it. Besides, I’ve been to Montreal and Paris and Canadian French is different than French from France.

  • love her

    كلو زق والله انها احلى منكم

  • loop

    She should learn how to speak properly in her native language first.

  • George

    1Peter 5:7- casting all your care upon Jesus, for He cares for you. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He loves us all.

  • Gossipgirl

    @Dieter: That’s what I meant, idiot. She is always traveling promoting her work/films. Some do you people really need to calm down.

  • kami

    glad she quit smoking. it destroys your lungs.

    and this from a critic on swth:

    Vastly superior to Mirror, Mirror in every way.

  • Dizzy

    Not a fan of hers, but good for her for quitting smoking.

  • Susan

    One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and my health is quit smoking. It’s been 2 and a half years for me. It’s not easy but it can be done. Good on you, Kristen. You can do it!

  • solecito

    “Not only is it a very dope language…I’m like, ‘Wow, I could be so cool.” How old is she? 13? She needs to think and speak like an adult.

  • Emma

    She’s trying so hard to keep in the media, so she’s starting to change herself.

  • True Blood

    @Gossipgirl: I agree with you that Dieter is an IDIOT. Because “Dieter” Is none other than Alex Skarsgard. That actor posts under “Dieter” all the time.

  • alice

    Please learn how to speak ENGLISH properly first then learn French. Uneducated loser.

  • WtF

    what is she wearing??? how does rob wanna bone that

  • Penny

    You guys are taking what she said way too seriously! I’ve watched the interview and her main reason was actually because everyone on the On The Road set was speaking French and she very much wants to be able to have full on conversations with those people because she really likes them and can’t! Why didn’t Jared post everything that she said? And saying it’s a ‘dope’ language was a joke! In the interview she turns to the crowd and makes a funny face! Jeez can we all take a chill pill lets not freak out about it!

  • KStewpid

    far out man, wanna hear something totally cool? bête

  • AJ

    I like her a lot. I don’t think she comes off saying that French is a ‘dope’ language. I just think she is actually very socially awkward but occasionally says the wrong thing.

    Funny how so many people over-exaggerate her words. I study French and I’m a bit like her when it comes to ‘inspiration’. I wanted to learn French because it seemed like such an awesome language and I wanted to feel cool and cultured while also gaining some knowledge. I do, however feel people on this site can come off as bitter.

  • LaCroix

    Her vocabulary is sparse for an “accomplished actress”. I’m French & Fluent. People want to learn my language or any other language to better them selves & to be cultural. Not to look cool.. But I do not expect anything from a nimrod like her. Every time she opens her mouth she says something moronic that only morons agree with. The more you fans come to her aid the more dumb you all look. Try looking up to a real actress that actually gives back to the world. This is just not inspiring.

  • @28

    The only dumb person is the person who is unaccepting of differences, LaCroix. You sound dumber everyday.

  • leni

    her quotes often have to be read several times in order to understand what in the hell she is trying to say. It seems that she is speaking directly from her thoughts without self judgement or filtering what she is about to say. most people that speak in this manner tend to be oddball introverts. her beauty, I suspect, helps this to be overlooked for the most part.

  • Rose

    Good for her if she’s actually managed to quit, but she was definitely photographed several times throughout May smoking. Also, girl needs to educate herself in her first language before trying to pick up another.

  • nooo

    Kristen’s English is fine…she seems anxious every time she gets ask a question by the interviewer. She’s a lot richer and more accomplish than them, not to mention more attractive and a lot younger. She needs to get more self confidence. I actually find her very endearing for that reason. She’s not going to act like a Miley Cyrus or Chloe Moretz.
    Being bad at one thing shouldn’t limit you from trying other things. You only live life once. Learning another language may improve her first language like the sentence structure and learning new ways to phrase things. Learn new vocabulary, etc.

  • Rose

    @nooo: I love that someone who’s butchering English with his or her comment is defending Kristen’s abuse of the language…

  • nooo

    LOL. Three dots at the end? Pick up an English dictionary honey. Just jared isn’t an English writing class last time I checked….

  • Dude

    Rose is close minded and I can’t help but say racist.

  • V

    People read the entire interview. Jared just posted a tiny bit of it to get something started on here. He’s a dope. Kristen is amazing and I’m proud of her for quitting smoking.

  • Rose

    @nooo: Actually, I was talking about your lack of proper capitilization and leaving off -ed from both asked and accomplished. Furthermore, who are we to assume that Kristen is more attractive, accomplished and younger than, since you didn’t say? Everyone? This seems to be the common argument with die-hard fans. If you disagree or don’t like something that KS says or does, you must be an ugly, fat loser with no accomplishments of your own. I never said she wasn’t accomplished, because certainly she is. While her acting isn’t always great (I did enjoy Adventureland, though), she gets cast in the projects she wants and is known worldwide. As to your comment about her needing self confidence–She is a beautiful, successful, financially sound young woman with an admittedly wonderful family and boyfriend. If she can’t pull confidence from that, I don’t know what would help her.

    I take issue with your argument that learning another language would improve her vocabulary and ability to interview in English. I speak three languages, and sentence structure varies from each one. Also, I’ve never had a conversation in English where randomly tossing in my Swedish vocabulary has been helpful in anyway. Your argument is asinine.

    And the English dictionary thing? Let’s not be childish.

  • JeffH

    She’s an idiot.

  • Cyn

    She is amazing, some people take what she says a little to seriously.

  • Jasmine

    “Kristen Stewart Quits Smoking, Learns French”
    I think this is the funniest headline I’ve ever read on here, I actually laughed out loud.

  • noooo

    Wow. You sound pressed, Rosie. I don’t see any capitalization errors. Are you sure the comma I used was not a period to you?
    Research supports what I have to say. Learning another language makes you more worldly, intelligent, stimulates your cognitive ability, wards off dementia, and lastly improves your first language. The second paragraph under the conclusion heading on page 3 says it all. I found this report first but it’s common sense, really: (


    Why is this girl popular? Worst actress ever and not great looking.

  • V

    Kristen was number 5 out of 13 stand out actors at Cannes. And was nominated twice for best actress at Cannes.

    And SWATH has been doing well. I can’t wait to watch it,

  • aussiefan4

    @Liz:It means you can become addicted to learning the language.

  • Erica

    You are all saying that she should learn English… If you ever took the time to actually listen to her she is actually an incredibly intelligent young woman! Much more advanced than someone else who is 22 years old and probably more so than most of the people complaining in the comments! She often has trouble expressing what she really mean but when she does she gives some of the most insightful, intelligent and well thought out responses! Goodness you people like to complain!

  • Natalia

    come on! is a 22 years old grown woman, and talks like a dumbass.

  • Pete

    Wow. Kristen is so level headed. I think that she still smokes….WEED. She seems like a major pothead. Using words like “cool” and “dope”. At first, I didn’t like her because of Twilight. But after seeing Snow White over the weekend I am starting to like her a little bit more.

  • LaCroix

    @@28: STFU & don’t type to me if you haven’t the guts to even type in the same username. I’m not afraid of anyone’s perception of me. unlike you.

  • @nooo

    Rose is the actor Alex Skarsgard. He is a loser.

  • @48

    You give every french a bad name. Poohoo. So selfish of you, only thinking about yourself.