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Rachel Bilson: Breakfast with Hayden Christensen

Rachel Bilson: Breakfast with Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson walk to their car after having breakfast at a restaurant on Friday (June 1) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old Hart of Dixie actress is back in the States after doing some promo work in Hayden‘s home country, Canada.

Earlier in the week, Rachel stopped by The Marilyn Denis Show in Toronto and also launched Magnum’s new Mini ice cream bars.

The yummy, indulgent flavors include the Magnum Mini classic (vanilla bean ice cream covered in a thick layer of Belgian chocolate), almond, double caramel, and dark.

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson leaving a restaurant…

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rachel bilson hayden christensen breakfast los angeles 01
rachel bilson hayden christensen breakfast los angeles 02
rachel bilson hayden christensen breakfast los angeles 03
rachel bilson hayden christensen breakfast los angeles 04
rachel bilson hayden christensen breakfast los angeles 05
rachel bilson hayden christensen breakfast los angeles 06
rachel bilson hayden christensen breakfast los angeles 07
rachel bilson hayden christensen breakfast los angeles 08
rachel bilson hayden christensen breakfast los angeles 09
rachel bilson hayden christensen breakfast los angeles 10

Photos: WENN
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  • Javi

    Why do they always look so miserable???

  • sara
  • Ophelia

    They don’t always. When they were on vacation in Barbados they were having fun with each other. It was good to see pics of them having fun together coz usually what we get is the sullen, walk apart, heads down, ignoring each other type of pics. I just happen to think that they have the strangest relationship I’ve ever seen between two people…

  • tweet

    Hayden doesn’t like having the paps around, that is why……

  • johnk

    i rarely comment, but those jeans are so ugly!

  • maggie

    It is getting kinda ridiculous !!! They’ve been together for years and everyone know it so why keep on acting kike they are not ???

  • solecito

    Are they a couple? They always look so sad and distant. Their body language speaks volumes!

  • tc

    Are they engaged? They look like maybe they have an arrangement. I heard according to GB site that he really used Hunter Parrish and left him crying like a baby.

  • ??

    @tc: I found no such story on GossipBoy that you are mentioning, so why dont you back it up with a link?

  • rain

    Ophelia and tweet posters are right about there being cute photos of Hayden and Rachel, as well as Hayden not liking the paps. Click on the link Sara has in her post at the rest of these photos of Hayden and Rachel leaving the restaurant in LA. There are 62 of them, I couldn’t believe it. They start out leaving the restaurant together, and the further they walk, the farther apart they drift when the paps show up. Hayden is staring at one pap in one of the photos when he walks by. The photos shown in most of the gossip sites are the ones where they are walking far apart. It is strange that they do that, but they have done the same thing before, leaving places separately so they are not photographed together.

    The photos in Barbados are cute, so are the ones of Hayden picking Rachel up at the airport in Toronto last December 2011. Hayden and Rachel do not seem to care what people think of their relationship. They live together most of the time in LA and in Toronto when Rachel is not filming HOD. They fly in and out of LA, NY, Toronto, and Barbados without being photographed at the airports most of the time. They have been together 5 years now, whatever they are doing seems to be working. Hayden is not gay, anymore than all the rest of the good looking actors are in Hollywood, lol. They are all rumored to be gay if they are good looking. Don’t hear of actors that are not good looking rumored to be gay, I wonder why that is?

  • Um

    Aren’t they in the area where that huge Scientology building is???

    I’m just sayin’…

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! They are such idiots!! They bring on more attention by acting like they don’t know each other!! Why isn’t she at home cooking?? I thought she loved to cook that’s why she came up with that stupid “home” line!!

  • observer

    @ Um And what does a scientology building have to do with anything? Who knows what yer talking about if they don’t live in Los Angeles? Explain yer comment if ya want people to know what yer sayin.

  • whatever

    Lexy you are always good for a laugh—-and for posting stupid comments perhaps they flew in from Toronto the night before and the fridge was empty so they went to breakfast. Maybe they got out of bed and thought it’s a nice morning let’s go out for breakfast.

    What the heck does someone being able to cook have to do with going out for a meal? Sometimes you are just as nuts as that idiot that posts chapters here that leave people scratching their heads.

  • crapshack

    Whoa look… joblessness and /or nonsenseness since forever in HW really takes its toll on the insignificant faces – “soo well deserved”.
    Ever doubt on why their still not married – “soo not”!


    here we go again,
    nothing changes with these two do they think the paps seek them out?
    no they dont they tell them where they are
    and stop acting like you dont enjoy it, because you do, why else you let them know where you are,
    next thing we will have engagement and pregnancy rumors because there is nothing else to say, they are not setting the world alight with there acting talent,
    both of them need to go and get a life.

  • Dramamama

    They seem like a fine couple. What is with the haterade????


    i dont know where you get your idea’s from,

    this is the first photo in that group,
    if this is close maybe i need glasses

    feel free to say what you think.

  • look closer honey

    Chick, when i looked at the photos i had the brains to find the ones where they walked out of the restaurant first next to each other and then follow the ones of them down the sidewalk as they walked along getting farther apart. The photos are all mixed up not in the order they were taken in theres over a hundred there now at that website. Thats what the other poster meant the rain dude LOL look again and it makes sense.

  • shadowy

    Low-key… private… hate the paps?!?! PlZZZZZ!
    It looks like that there’s some *gullible newbies* here. Just simply checked out all their ^pap^ photoshoots since 2007 till onwards. One could rightfully discern that JJ is the official sponsor of their hypemance from/since the beginning. Always have stories, sources and most esp. those exclusive & gazillion of 1st-hand photos. Unfortunately but so merited, that they didn’t turn out to be like what they obviously hope for – their ‘romance radar’ just starts & ends only gossip blogs that were even feed by themselves thru their PRs while their acting radar… well is it even worth mentioning till then & now?!

  • KC

    @ shadowy, crapshack and all your other names

    You just looked at all Hayden and Rachel’s photos from 2007 until now and you don’t even like them? HA HA HA You are the one that needs to get a life!!! You post on Hayden and Rachel threads all the time using different names and hardly make any sense when you do. If you don’t like them why post on them so much? You post about them more than people that do like them do, which is why you look like you have no life.

  • jeezzum

    The almost 31 yr. old inbred-ho looks so sad coz she recently learned that she’s (still) insignificant / unworthy even on the TV world (duh); that even the TEENS Choice Awards snubbed her & her cheapy-cheezy show LOL – Go TCA!!!

  • shadowy

    Real names or fake names?! Does it matter when its just on a gossip blogs?! Its not required to use (real names) even on fansites isnt it?! Tsk when some gullible newbie/s cant think of some firing lines or more like truthful facts anymore, mentioning of fake names/multiple users (sic) would definitely & predictably save her/their day.

  • phat-ruley
    No matter how his fanatics would defy… HE’s just the worst thing that ever happen to Star Wars (and too name a very few of his other movies), and ultimately, the only thing he’ll be well-remembered for… he should or must follow where George Lucas is heading soon…

  • Katie

    Awww come on, how would YOU like a camera and flash bulbs in your face every time you tried to go out! It’s obvious they do NOT like the paparazzi. If I were them I’d be down right afraid of the jerks, they are so doggone annoying!!! If you look lovey-dovey, they just take MORE pictures and get closer in your face!

  • Katie

    I lOVE this couple, Hayden Christensen is my all time favorite actor and Rachel is just so naturally beautiful no matter what!

  • maya

    @Javi: yeah i really like them so much but they didn’t look happy together why?

  • Jamie


    Really? Some fanboy/girl blogger writes a sarcastic piece and you think it’s serious journalism or news? LOL

  • heartscarvedintrees

    They always look this way when they get their picture taken because there are photographers flashing lights in their faces and yelling things at them while they’re just trying to live their lives. I’d act the same way.

  • heartsburiedinmudhole

    Actually they feel the need to get papped when they missed their paparazzi friends besides its the only thing that give them vibrating on the HW radar.

  • just me

    Hayden does value his privacy . Rachel does not she use him once a month. To make people think they are a couple when they are not. You will not see her again until he pops up somewhere. She does this for publicity. I am sure hayden wanted to be alone when he came there. He does not live with Rachel when he comes to la . This staged when he come there. He look very miserable here like he was in new york. Rachel wanted to show people that they are still friends. And nothing bad is going on with them. Hayden has a girlfriend in Canada and rachel do not want people to know he does. And is engaged to her too.But rachel is still using him anyway when he comes to la. He probably came to visited his bother and here she come.She can’t stand to be alone by herself. Why don’t she just say that they are not a couple anymore.Hayden do not stay with rachel in la or she do stay with him in Canada anymore either.She can’t find no other guy to be with her in la. So when he come there she go media whoring with him. She still doing the same thing. Hayden has dumped her and find him another girl to be with Canada. All this hiding has caught up with her making people think that he be with her and he don’t Its on twitter that Hayden is engaged to another girl. Rachel should be shame to be hanging with a guy who is engaged to another girl and not her. What if he marry her. Rachel should make a statement soon that her and hayden or no longer a couple at all. That he has a girlfriend in canada and they are in engaged. That’s why she’s looking so sad these days.

  • @just me

    Have you seen Rachel’s pics on May 31? They are on Rachel’s Fansite, there you can see Hayden’s car parked in her garage.

  • tweet

    @just me,
    Where have you been? You are late to the party!

  • @ just me

    You are here too, I left you a post in the other Hayden Pressed Juice thread. In a nutshell, Hayden and Rachel have said they do not have twitter accounts. All the Hayden and Rachel twitter accounts, and there are several of each, are fake. They could not all be Hayden and Rachel. Hayden and Rachel are together whether you believe it or like it. That is Hayden’s car in Rachel’s garage if you look at the photos of her from 5/31

  • just me

    Look on twitter and you will find their names there. Its not made up like just Jared site is. All Jar’ed do is make up things for Rachel. Why can’t believe people. Rachel is not telling the truth her. You can’t believe Rachel lied to you all. They are not happy here or when she was in new york. No one ever ask Hayden anything anyway. They believe every thing she says. Something made Rachel and Hayden distant. Every one tried to cover for Rachel all the time. And its wrong for Jared and you people to. Rachel tried to get with adam while he was with hayden. She don’t care who she use. She is greedy for attention which She does not need Hayden for attention anymore she can go out herself without him. She just.going he to leave him alone. No one wait and visited someone once a month and show no affection toward each other at all. Rachel shows toward other guys not him ever. Not even in Barbados twice. So he has to have somebody he shows it to. Rachel won’t say nothing if he has . Cause she don’t really have no boyfriend. It a made up one. She won’t say nothing about anything at all anymore. I guess we have guess at it. Like said Rachel lied about why he come to la anyway. And it don’t be about her. He could be seeing someone and she wouldn’t say nothing about it. But look on twitter. Hayden. C. And. Rachel bilson