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Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling: Going Green at the Airport!

Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling: Going Green at the Airport!

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling pack up and get ready to fly out of LAX Airport on Saturday (June 2) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old actress rocked a pair of green pants, while her 31-year-old beau went with a more causal look.

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Both Ryan and Eva were spotted out on Friday – Ryan helped a buddy move his classic bicycle; Eva enjoyed a solo stroll.

10+ pictures inside of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling getting ready to fly out of LAX…

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eva ryan leaving lax 01
eva ryan leaving lax 02
eva ryan leaving lax 03
eva ryan leaving lax 04
eva ryan leaving lax 05
eva ryan leaving lax 06
eva ryan leaving lax 07
eva ryan leaving lax 08
eva ryan leaving lax 09
eva ryan leaving lax 10
eva ryan leaving lax 11
eva ryan leaving lax 12
eva ryan leaving lax 13
eva ryan leaving lax 14

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • 3, 2, 1……

    Cue to the JJ meltdown…….

  • yep

    Love that shade of green! gorgeous couple!

  • Amanda

    Those boots that Eva is wearing are the ugliest boots I’ve seen in a while.

  • meagan

    Is it just me, or has he been avoiding public appearances like the plague?
    He flew to thailand early, missing the Golden Globes, where he was nominated for 2 awards! He was supposed to be attending at the mtv awards tomorrow, and instead he’s flying out of town?

  • pepper

    I’m tired of this PR/showmance crap. And the stupid tabloid articles.
    Ryan stop! You are better than this stupid nonsense!

  • LD

    Ryan should be very careful not to knock her up. If he does, then we could have another Halle Berry/Gabriel Aubry situation. Once you mate with crazy, you are stuck with it for life.

  • rose

    Both look miserable. Never a smile from either of them, ever.

  • anne

    @rose: I agree. They are such a serious looking couple. They never look like they are having any fun, or enjoying each other’s company.

  • jay

    I still think he could do much MUCH better, but that’s just me.

  • violet

    I liked him better when he was with Rachel or when he was a single ladies man about town. He seemed much happier during those parts of his life. I don’t care for this glum-looking Ryan we’ve seen ever since this relationship started.

  • abee

    what I would give to be that black dude touching heads with ryan in that one picture. That would have made my life!!

  • Jessica

    Dang. I was hoping to see him at the MTV Movie Awards tomorrow.

  • uh

    @LD: clearly no one here knows either of them. The only perception we get is from pictures which are nice and staged!!
    (and stop calling women crazy. Its degrading.)

  • andy

    PR couple or real couple? I still can’t decide. I’ll have a better idea if they stay together after their movie comes out.

  • martine

    They flew to Montreal, Canada. What are they doing there?!

  • LD

    @uh: It’s not about women. It’s just about Eva Mendes. She’s known to be rude and batsh*t crazy. Many many stories. Too many to write off.

  • patricia

    @Jessica: Me too! I was excited I might get to see him tomorrow :( Disappointing. Oh well.

  • Danielle


    He has family in Montreal. It’s also allegedly where he proposed to Rachel McAdams back in 2005 or 2006 ( a rumor I heard a long time ago through a friend who catered a party for them) Maybe going for a repeat performance? Proposing to Eva?

  • paula

    @Danielle: I hope he’s more original than that! Same as his ex? And I hope he is NOT proposing!!!

  • janessa

    @Danielle: Please nooooooo!!!!

  • Huh

    To this day, I don’t get it. But if he’s taking her home to meet family I mean what else can you say? I guess the only thing TO say is that Gos is not who he appears to be…someone who chooses the good girl, the sweet, down-to-earth girl. He likes a bitchy diva to come home to. Ugly on the inside, pretty on the outside. That’s his type.

  • Kikicohen

    She should put a smile on her face. If it wasn’t for him, no one would want her photo! She’s irrelevant except for coffee runs! He doesn’t look unhappy, just neutral. She, however, appears uncomfortable, insecure, and pissed to be followed. Again- it only increases her value, so she should be happy. Guess she’s not too bright….

  • Morsey

    WOW, these two are really keen to be seen – almost every day a Starbucks coffee run or pappd around town.

  • http://donnaj donna ennis

    He looks like the most miserable and stuck up guy around, why do people even care about him.

  • mimi

    He’s a grown man and Eva is the woman he wants to be with. Like it or not, nobody is forcing him to be with her. As long as he makes great movies, does it really matter? I think they might last a lot longer than anyone thought.
    Having said that; her style is very hit and miss, this outfit is a definite miss.

  • And

    He’s a Peter Pan man child, not a grown man. Reference any of his behavior (i.e. Disneyland, Knottsberry Farms, talking about candy and monsters in Esquire, singing in a band with his Peter Pan friend about ghosts and monsters). He’s the antithesis of a grown man. By following him to Bangkok and never leaving and gushing about him to the media, she lowered her worth and value per The Rules. What guy in the prime of his life wouldn’t want a hot chick at his beck and call. She’s made it so easy for him, fawning all over him, picking up his coffee, waiting in his hotel room. She could do with developing a little more self respect. As for Gos… Being at the top is lonely. She’s babysitting…for now…on call night and day..

  • lucy

    Please stop saying the 38-year-old actress, she has lied about her age, she’s at least 41. And she really wants to be seen at LAX , these pants are not discreet at all !

  • Just for fun
  • Missy

    @lucy: Thank you for finally mentioning the pants! Someone mentioned the ugly boots but what about the pants? THEY ARE NEON LIME GREEN!!!! I love how the Daily Mail called them on trend, um Maybe for the mentally insane!!
    And can someone please tell her that blue sunglasses don’t go with anything you own let alone EVERYTHING, especially green pants and brown suede boots. Ryan’s a good dresser, you would think when the were leaving he would have said ” seriously? The green pants, that’s what your gonna wear? Don’t you think you could wear something more discreet?” but fame whores like Eva don’t do discreet

  • Pretty sure

    Pretty sure The Daily Mail also said they were “jeans” haha…makes me wonder who’s covering that section…it seems like a totally out of touch older woman is writing the copy. Any time she’s papped, which is way too much for the level she actually is, The Daily Mail give her outfits these bizarre, out of touch props, like a mom thinking her daughter is well dressed…because she chose the outfits for her. Her workout gear is The Worst. Tragic.

  • Missy

    @Pretty sure: Lol yeah and they have zips at the bottom, haha.
    Your right about Daily Mail saying really positive things about her clothes and appearance, people even comment how sus it is saying, if anyone else dressed like her you’d be ripping them to shreds. I recon she must have a deal with them.

  • Cutie

    They’ve been together for about 9 or 10 months? She must be doing something right behind closed doors. She is such a beautiful woman but she could really benefit from working with a stylist.

  • tom

    I’m disappointed he’s made the decision to “go Hollywood.” To sell out and play the game. Displaying his private life, which isn’t so private anymore, on tabloid covers and staging many a photo op with his irrelevant C list bimbo girlfriend. All the acclaim and respect he’s worked so hard for, and he’s flushing it down the can. Ryan, why?

  • may

    @And: I hope that’s all it is. If he’s actually decided to marry her, he’s not who I thought he was.

  • fact




  • tom

    @fact: I would love some details, please share.

  • Scarlett

    Photo op at Starbucks one day then playing coy at the airport the next. Oh please, she’s so transparent. Regardless of Ryan she comes across as desperate for attention, clinging on to a ‘career’ by a thread, Calvin Klein aren’t even interested in her anymore. All that was going on long before she dated Ryan, my opinion of her was formed a long time ago. All I can think is that she renders men catatonic when she undresses or something because I’m not getting any intellectual vibes from her, she doesn’t exactly seem like fantastic company.

  • Cutie

    He’s not gay…one of the few in HW.

  • Halli

    @3, 2, 1……:

    I was just about to say. I am a Ryan Gosling fan but his fangirls are SCARY!!! He’s a good actor, please let him go live his own life ladies!

  • lolly

    I don’t care about him anymore. If he wants to marry a b*tch, it’s his choice.

  • nomi

    Haven’t there been lesbian rumours surrounding Eva Mendes for years?

  • dana

    @And: You are spot on! I agree with everything you said. She has dropped everything to be at his beck and call. Not that she had much going on anyway. But where’s her self respect?

  • Cassie

    Wow, you white girls are SO jealous, of women of color. Damn.

    If Ryan was with some pale type like Nicole Kidman you would be happy.

    More power and happiness to Ryan and Eva.

  • case

    I love those pants. Bright colors are in now. Eva is beautiful.

  • jill

    I love the color of Eva’s pants.

  • Ummm

    @Cassie maybe your comment would make sense if anyone was bashing her for being Latin haha. No one is. Its her attitude her sexually objectified image, her bad acting, etc. Nicole Kidman she is not, think more like Megan Fox. He would be getting exactly the same reaction with her. Saying it’s because of her color is a cop out. Aaaaaand….I’m not white.

  • Laurel

    @meagan: He’s DEFINITELY avoiding public appearances.This is why I don’t understand how people keep staying he’s gone “Hollywood” now. It’s obvious he’s trying not to be seen. Especially after last year’s exposure.

  • Halli


    They’re just bitter dumb girls who feel like they have a claim on him and are mad he’s going out with an undesirable in their eyes.

  • Jo

    She’s wearing those BRIGHT green pants – and then covering her face with her hand and hair – as if she doesn’t want to be recognized. Yeah – those pants are definitely the way to go UNNOTICED! LMAO!!

  • carrie

    @Ummm: I couldn’t have said it better myself. Race has absolutely nothing to do with it, AT ALL!