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Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling: Going Green at the Airport!

Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling: Going Green at the Airport!

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling pack up and get ready to fly out of LAX Airport on Saturday (June 2) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old actress rocked a pair of green pants, while her 31-year-old beau went with a more causal look.

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Both Ryan and Eva were spotted out on Friday – Ryan helped a buddy move his classic bicycle; Eva enjoyed a solo stroll.

10+ pictures inside of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling getting ready to fly out of LAX…

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  • natalie

    It’s comical how she acts all annoyed to be bothered and have pictures taken. Several years ago he was practically begging for it. This is a true blind item about her from CDAN:
    So this gorgeous A list actress walks into Starbucks and says three words, and three words only. “Non fat latte.” No size, no other instructions. Just those three words. When the barista asks a followup question, the actress puts her finger to her lips in a shhh motion, but says nothing. He tried again, and got the finger again. It was kind of like watching Austin Powers in front of your eyes except she wasn’t actually saying anything. I guess he recognized her because he didn’t ask for her name, not that she would have responded anyway.

    She doesn’t utter a sound or make any other noise as she pays for her latte and just ignores any and all questions or comments from the barista.

    While she is waiting she positions her body in what well could be described as peacock or flamingo mode. She walked around the entire Starbucks thrusting her chest out and her head back like she owns the place. The three customers in the store started looking for hidden cameras because this was crazy as the actress just kept walking around in circles. It was like she wanted to put her very real beauty on display, but there was no one to display for. The place was practically empty and it’s a very small Starbucks.

    When her latte was ready, the server just raised the cup and our actress noticed it on her next pass through the store. She walked up, took the cup and then walked out of the store like she was on a runway.

    As she left, one of the customers said “If I was going to do that I would at least make sure my hair didn’t look like a rat’s nest when I did it.”"

  • Anne

    @Laurel: I agree with you. I don’t believe he wants to be photographed at airports or on the street, but paparazzi know he’s a good opportunity. Besides, I think that an adult actor who’s aiming a very serious career should not attend the MTV awards for a silly “best kiss” prize. He did it with Rachel and they were absolutely adorable, but they were at the beginning of their careers.

  • janessa

    Shame he’s on his way to becoming more famous for his personal life than his work.

  • AlyssaK

    I want Eva’s hair and her boyfriend.
    Oh! And I wouldn’t mind having her ass either.

  • Cassie


    White girls/women are just jealous of girls/women of color, period. I hear mostly disparaging remarks when a women of color is on JJ.

    I guarantee you, if Ryan was with Nicole Kidman, Heidi Klum, or some other white woman, all these nasty remarks would not be on this blog.

  • rachel

    @Cassie: I don’t care what race a person is. I only care about how they are as a person, and Eva’s fails miserably. She doesn’t even know how to say “thank you” when she’s given a gift. Race is irrelevant, and it’s ridiculous to keep bringing it up. For the record, I’m not a white girl either.

  • Anne

    @Cassie: I’m an european latin woman (still a latin). I have friends from many countries and races in my group of close female friends and I have never in my life heard such an absurd comment as “White girls/women are just jealous of girls/women of color.”

  • Seriously

    He seems to avoid the awards shows where he’s been “expected” to walk the red carpet with her. Just an observation.

  • Laurel

    No one’s expecting them to turn up at any red carpet events together. Except for when the movie that they’re in comes out.

  • rebecca

    @Laurel: If it ever comes out.

  • A

    @Anne: Why is that absurd? They can be jealous too you know…if it was the other way around you would be eating it up but now it’s SO unbelievable? Because they couldn’t possibly be jealous of a “woman of color”, right? Ridiculous. They’re just more passive aggressive and sneaky about it.

  • scar

    Unfortunately many of his female fans are jealous, screeching nags. He can date whomever he wants.

  • irene

    @A: STFU about race already! It has nothing to do with it!

  • Anne

    @A: Girl, some whiter women might be jealous of darker women and some darker women might be jealous of whiter women. There are ugly and gorgeous women from all races (physically). Generalizing racial jealousy is almost as ridiculous as racism.

  • Ummm

    Cassie seems to be missing the point entirely. The point isn’t race/color. If he was dating Zoe Kravitz, for instance, he wouldn’t be getting this reaction. Zoe is not flashing her goods in every photo shoot and selling products instead of acting. She’s not cashing in on her sexuality and perpetuating an objectified image, something that a lot of women have been fighting against their whole lives. Megan Fox, Kate Upton (both white as hell) are the equivalent of Eva and what she represents. GUARANTEED we’d have the same reaction as with Eva. You putting Nicole Kidman in the same sentence as Eva is laughable at best. Nicole Kidman is an Oscar winning, highly respected who hasn’t cashed in on her sexuality and isn’t constantly shoving her tits and open mouthed poses out into the world. You seem like the person who needs to get over the race keep bringing it up.

  • @seriously

    I wouldn’t want to walk a red carpet with her either if I had any brains. He skipped the Globes for a reason. Any guy in love, which he never looks, would be proud of his woman. Something’s rotten in Denmark.

  • Halli

    What is it about Eva Mendes that has you girls going crazy?

    You don’t like her for some reason so you fault him for dating her? Are you people that crazy? Guilt by association is ridiculous. You think Eva Mendes is a meanie and a fame loving girl…. she is. But who in Hollywood isn’t? They are all the same its just that Eva is not kidding herself and says the truth.

  • Yeah!

    @Seriously: A few days ago, I saw that video of him and Rachel McAdams at the MTV awards, where they basically declared they were in love on TV. There is a moment where he glances at her and then says (about the kiss), “it was my pleasure” and then kisses her head. So cute! It’s true he was a bit younger, but even so… he showed his emotions so openly. He has changed a lot.

  • Morsey

    @tom: Strange that he thinks he has to do this. There are lots of other actors out there who have great success, not only critically, and are not playing the PR game in such a blatant way (Jeremy Renner, Michael Fassbender, was only pappd once with his GF, Tom Hardy, all three of them have interesting movies coming out that get a lot of buzz and look like will be successful financially as well) Gosling’s Gangster Squad, at least the trailer looks pretty ordinary and lame to me. He seems to want to be the new Brad Pitt. But Pitt unless Gosling is not really talented as an actor, so he may have to rely on those PR games. I wish Gosling would go away for at least a year and reflect upon what got him respect and admiration in the first place.

  • Missy

    If he was going out with someone like Natalie Portman or Carrie Mulligan (yes I know they’re both taken) but someone like them who have talent and substance and are around his age, I really don’t think people would be hating on them like they are with Eva, theyre such cool girls that they wouldn’t have any reason to. I think the only fans Eva has are the type of men who buy Maxim and FHM magazine, so it’s not really surprising to me that she’s not getting any sisterhood love, she has always marketed herself as a man’s woman.

  • diane

    I hate when people keep making excuses for her. Her behavior towards common folk is disgusting. I speak from personal experience. There’s never an excuse for that. I can’t believe Ryan probably knows this about her and still keeps seeing her anyway. I know he has a decent “nice guy” image, but this has me questioning it for sure.

  • jennifer

    @Morsey: Exactly! Why does he feel the need to do this?! You are right, there are plenty of successful talented actors who don’t play the game or appear on tabloids, and they are doing just fine. Ryan used to be one of these. Why did he change? It’s confusing to me.

  • betsey

    I really don’t care about this couple anymore. All I can say is birds of a feather flock together.

  • lame

    Does he owe anyone an explanation concerning who he dates? Nope. He is free do do whatever he wants….so I really doubt that it matters one way or another if you hate on his girlfriend. He the one dating her not any of you. So…why the hostility? I don’t know Eva’s personality but I will say that she is hot and physical attraction will take you a long way. I also think that Gosling is way more complicated a person than that what people perceive. He’s like a puzzle piece…hard to figure out. But that’s okay…it actually makes him interesting even if that is not his intention.

  • Really?

    @Morsey: I do not get why some people think he is playing a PR game. Does his representative calls the paparazzi? Is there a chance that are, in fact, the paparazzi who find the means to know where he is? He always looks irritated or way too serious in the pictures. I have seen pictures on this site of an actor who dislikes the movie star harassment, Christian Bale. Is he playing the game too now? I dislike Eva because she is a mediocre actress and poses ridiculously. But, I can understand why men find her hot, and the fact that I love his acting and roles is much more important than his girlfriend choice. And, BTW, age difference should never be an issue. Older women are more challenging to a young man.

  • Xp 10

    Mendes hot? Really … I find her sex vibe a bit too much try-hard and ordinary. Not something that would get me going.

  • Agree.

    @lame: “she is hot and physical attraction will take you a long way. I also think that Gosling is way more complicated a person than that what people perceive. He’s like a puzzle piece…hard to figure out. But that’s okay…it actually makes him interesting even if that is not his intention.”

    I subscribe!

  • heather

    If he’s introducing her to his family now, does that mean he’s on board for the baby ultimatum? Big mistake, huge.

  • chalene

    @lame: What a superficial comment! Hotness and physical attraction are not the most important things in a person. No, it will not take you a long way. What an extremely ridiculous thing to say. People are more than just looks you know. Good physical looks are only temporary. The personality is forever. being with someone for their looks only is incredibly vapid and shallow.

  • Well…

    @chalene: Yes. True. But, strong sexual chemistry is tricky, hard to find and thus hard to get rid of, and can make people not think clearly. Besides, the public does not know anything about this woman besides the shallow and arrogant image she projects. Maybe she is, indeed, deeply in love, and she’s trying to deserve a man who has a good public image. She didn’t do anything that nasty as far as his fans know, and people do deserve a new chance… especially the “in love” ones.

  • lame

    @chalene: I hate to break it to you but physical attraction is often the catalyst for what becomes a relationship. Because when you first meet don’t know them or their personality. You do know immediately if you are attracted to someone physically…it is the lure. Sounds shallow? Well, sorry but it is basic and fundamental. They’ve been dating for several months and seem to spend a lot of time together so obviously it has gone beyond the physical. I doubt he would be spending holidays with her and taking her to meet his family if their relationship was purely based on physical attraction. And as for PR, does anyone really buy that this is based on publicity? He doesn’t need PR. His work has propelled him into another stratosphere than many of his peers. He doesn’t need PR. He has already made it.

  • chalene

    @lame: I know physical appearance plays a part in attracting someone, but it’s someone’s personality that makes the partner want to stick around.
    I don’t know anything about the nature of Ryan and Eva’s relationship, but I do know she has a not so friendly reputation. I don’t know anything about Ryan.

  • Well…

    @chalene: But she may be extremely friendly to him. Does a man (or woman) show more determination and character by trusting his (her) own intimate perception of a person or by trusting a blurred public perception? I would go for the first.

  • lame

    @chalene: I think you just…perhaps unwittingly made my point. He is sticking around. Personally, I don’t care who he dates. I am a fan of his work and will continue to support him. He is entitled to have a life that is private and free from judgmental people like many of the people who make snide comments on here.

  • kara

    Why do I get the feeling “Well” and “lame” are the same person?

  • Tere

    @lame: Exactly! Great actor, great roles and movies. Nobody really knows anything about their relationship and, so, I will continue to support him and follow his work too.

  • arlo

    Ryan’s life is hardly private. He’s a tabloid cover boy now.

  • nada

    I still say they are bearding.

  • Well…

    @kara: They are not. Why is it strange that different people happen to agree on an aspect which is not criticizing someone and a relationship nobody really knows anything about?

  • grey_cat

    You people are way too invested in his personal life. Who cares. Things are never as they seem anyway. Hollywood and it’s celebrities are an illusion. Unless you are a close family member or friend, you never really know who they are.

  • amy

    @Well…: Do you happen to know what their relationship is about? Do you know them personally to know what people on here say is wrong? Only curious.

  • Well…

    No. I just know that being nasty towards someone you don’t actually know is stupid and that I love his work. It’s enough.

  • Elle

    Actually, Eva is hardly called a fashion icon, but I love her hair.

  • lame

    @kara: No FWIW, we are not the same person….but I obviously agree with her/him.

  • Morsey

    Oh please, you have to be really naive to think that PR isn’t a huge part of their relationship. They were a lot more discreet if PR was not involved. As for the deserving love part – well if all the many reports of Eva Mendes are true, how she just likes to be rude to people who she thinks are beneath her, she does not seem to want to fulfil the the latter part of the equation – receiving AND giving love. You can easily judge the character of a person by how that person treats those who can do nothing for him/her. She may have low self-esteem, I give her that, but that does not give her the right to be nasty. I think she is not an idealistic but very opportunistic
    driven person.

  • Celine

    @3, 2, 1……: It’s a complete meltdown, yes, to know that this talented and gorgeous male is wandering in my city, but not knowing where :P. He He can bring whoever woman he wants.

  • so fauxmantic

    The charade romance will be over as soon as the movie is released and flops.

  • remember da truth

    what on earth makes anyone think Eva Mendes is a bitchy diva? People who wish he were with someone more like themselves, apparently — boring, ordinary looking.

    Eva is walking sex, that’s for sure, but “reports” of her being a bitch are not from people who have worked with her, known her, or encountered her. If you read some tabloid mag with “inside sources” you are an idiot if you believe them.

    No wonder Ryan looks glum — his fans harass him and act like besotted 16-year-olds who don’t want him with a woman who makes him happy.

  • remember da truth

    LAME #81 —- THANK YOU for a voice of reason!!
    The fools who yell PR about everything are so caught up in reality TV and tabloids that they think THAT is what you want.The only people who seek PR like paps following them on walks and in the airport and holidays are those who might be forgotten if they don’t have a picture in LIfe & Style for a few weeks. If you are a major star, you don’t WANT paps around you.
    And no one has “showmances” at this level unless you are John Travolta and have something to hide or Jen Aniston and have already screwed everyone in Hollywood and no one will be your date to your movie except your costar..

  • lucy

    @chalene: Chalene, I think well and lame are right on the physical attraction and I think it may be the base of their relationship, don’t forget that she looks like his fantasy when he was a kid , Raquel Welch. The truth is nobody knows them. It’s only through interviews, choices they do in their work and people experiences who have meet them. Fact is that Ryan was a respected actor by his movie’s choices, Eva has also worked very hard to become the Bomba Latina, but she doesn’t seem to get that a women who constantly sells her sexappeal, sells her dignity and it’s not glorious. But that doesn’t seem to bother Ryan, so … they may be more alike than we think.