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Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling: Going Green at the Airport!

Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling: Going Green at the Airport!

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling pack up and get ready to fly out of LAX Airport on Saturday (June 2) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old actress rocked a pair of green pants, while her 31-year-old beau went with a more causal look.

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Both Ryan and Eva were spotted out on Friday – Ryan helped a buddy move his classic bicycle; Eva enjoyed a solo stroll.

10+ pictures inside of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling getting ready to fly out of LAX…

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  • lucy

    @remember da truth: Thanks, you just describe why Eva Mendes is soooo hung on him, she was in nothingness before dating him . And SHE needed all this PR, not HIM. He’s an A- list actor and she wants to move from her bimbo image and have a career like Julianne Moore. She has already said in interviews she’s very calculated concerning her career. I suggest you to reed and watch her interviews and not tabloids. And stop blaming people, try to say something positive about her to balance all these bad comments, not only that she’s so gorgeous !!

  • veraz

    Who does this couple think they are? Brangelina?
    Look at now they are parading around, with their entourage and big sunglasses on. Anyone who thinks they are just a private couple who wants to be left alone are way off. This couple wants attention, and you cannot tell me those photos in Paris were not staged. Open your eyes people.

  • omg!

    Oh dear God, are we still bitching about this? Move it along people. I doubt he gives two f*cks what you think. Worry about your own relationships and let him worry about his!

  • sarah

    I don’t care who he dates, I’ve never really thought about it before. I do think he’s different than he was before with Rachel. But that’s another relationship and he has more fame and accolades under his belt. It’s very likely that he’s changed since then. It’s also very likely that he’s very different than the public perception of him.

    You can’t tell from interviews what a celebrity is like. They can be whatever they want to be in interviews. I’ve lived in LA and worked at charity events and had met some celebrities. Some are really nice people and others are total jerks. You can’t tell from an interview and even a brief interaction doesn’t mean much either. Ryan could be the nicest guy, but he could also be a total jerk too. We’ll never know.

    It’s naive to think that some PR isn’t at play at this. Paps don’t normally hang out at disneyland, the hollywood canyon, a random starbucks or a paris graveyard. Someone contacted them to be there. Usually the star themselves. Who knows why they play the game and or what extent it is played. maybe he wants to seem more manly by being with a woman like that, maybe they do like each other and are attracted, maybe they have some image to sell and maybe they only see each other when they know they are going to be spotted. Who really knows. All I know is that this kind of thing happens with every celebrity couple, that’s why all conversations about any of those couples always sound the same from the fans. Some fans believe it and support it, others hate on him or her, other fans think it’s all fake. Take away Ryan and Eva and you could be talking about any celebrity couple.

    To his fans that are crushed by this, don’t worry, in a year or two they will be onto someone else and you’ll be having these same discussions about another girl.

  • celeste

    @sarah: I agree with you. What you said makes the most sense out of all these comments.

  • uranus


  • HG

    @lucy: One of my best female friends is Cuban and I’ve been in Cuba many times, where I always stayed with local families (I’m not from the States, so I can do it). Cuban women tend to have a more open approach to seduction. I know Eva was born in the States but, still, she has a Cuban family. Most Cuban women enjoy and find it natural to display their bodies in order to attract men. In Cuba, even the fattest one will wear extremely tight and revealing clothes (and men too). My Cuban friend, who lives in Canada, loves having men staring at her legs and ass when she walks on the streets. She loves displaying her sex appeal. She does it for herself not for the men. I grew up in a different culture but I respect this. Their approach to sex is less related to guilt than for north american or some european women. Maybe, that is one of the reasons why Eva does not think that by selling her sex appeal, she is selling her dignity, and maybe Ryan gets that mentality. Anyhow, even Keira Knightley has done some nudes, and I think there’s nothing wrong about that. That’s just a possible explanation.

  • lucy

    @HG: Well, HG I have also been in Cuba, (yeh I’m also lucky !! ) La Habana and Varadero a few years ago and had great time there, it’s a wonderfull place and people are very nice and hospitable, they enjoy life in spite of the difficult lives they have. And yes displaying sex appeal is not a problem, but not all the time , I mean Eva didn’t do anything else. I remember having seen pics of her in lingerie in a very vulgar position with yoghurt in her arm !! I hope her mother hasn’ got the net. And I think it’s really cliché to speak about latin women like that. But Yes Ryan seems to love it .

  • HG

    @lucy: Yeah! The underwear one was bad. Well, I agree with you, generalizations are wrong, but, on the other hand, each culture tend to behave in a certain way, even with the exceptions. And, BTW, I am a latin woman.

  • HG

    @lucy: Anyway, I said that mostly because I feel that nowadays women and men seem messed up about sex and seduction and less because of Eva. In North America, for example, people seem very judgmental about nudes. Breasts seem to be a big issue (I grew up doing topless on the beach and that was just normal). This is what North Americans have told me while I have been living here (another cliché though).
    I don’t see what’s the problem if actresses and actors (female of male) do nude or sex scenes (like Fassbender did for the amazing “Shame”), it’s part of pretending being someone else, or if they take sexy or nude pictures for magazines… if the pictures are artistic and tasteful. The human body is a wonderful piece of art and it have been painted and sculptured for centuries. But, on the other hand, there are teenage bands in the States like the Pussycat Dolls, which, in my opinion, make Eva Mendes look like a nun.

  • lucy

    @HG: Well HG it seems we really have a lot in common. I’m also a latin women ! About North America , yeh I agree with you they can show bloody murders and a lot of violence in movies but not a breast !’( It’s cliché !!) And nude art is beautifull when it’s not done in a vulgar way. I have absolutly no problem about actors who make nude scenes, when it’s useful for the story. Problem with Eva and it’s probably not her fault, she has a natural vulgar vibe and she hasn’t done anything else than selling her sexappeal in blockbusters and pics, I’m sorry but she reduces women to a vulgar sexual object.

  • Kate

    I really don’t pay much attention to Eva, unless she’s pictured with Ryan..but the stuff she’s wearing in pictures lately is just TERRIBLE.

    Good grief, woman, hire a stylist or something.