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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Pressed Juicery Stop!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Pressed Juicery Stop!

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen spend some time together between running their separate errands on Saturday (June 2) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 31-year-old actor and his 30-year-old girlfriend stopped by Pressed Juicey for a healthy snack.

Rachel wasalso spotted out solo on Friday (June 1) on her way to pick up her little sister.

One of Rachel‘s movie projects recently finished filming. The To Do List, which is out next year, is a comedy about a high school graduate who wants to check a few things off her list before she heads to college.

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson out and about…

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  • mel

    when are they going to break up? they’ve been going out forever! and I don’t think they make a very good/strong couple

  • N

    Maybe they will be one of those couples that never get married?
    Which is a bit sad since they were engaged before….even that was weird though. She’d go to appearances on her own wearing the ring, then other times she wouldnt wear the ring. Its all very strange from the outside looking in.

  • whatever

    @ mel how old are you? with the exception of 2-3 months just after the engagment was called off they have been together in total for 5 years.

    They pretty much have lived together for the last 18 months-he has done work in her house, she has re-decorated his. They take family holidays together. Are you annoyed that no PDA takes place?–both are over 30 years old, not 16/20 year old lovestruck teenagers/young adults.

    Perhaps they are more comfortable in THEIR relationship that you may think.

    @ N— I like your last sentence especially the point that all we do is look in a very limited way from the outside-we don’t know what they do when gossip blogs don’t post pictures. Most here base thoughts on the pictures on JJ all 10, other areas have over 60 of the same timeline.

    Not implying that you are a hater–but serious what I find funny is that people will post hate/jealous comments here but yet go out of the way to look at everything Rachel and Hayden related–that to me seems stupid. If people like “Lexy hates Bilson” objects so much why waste time———-people like that just do it for attention.

  • ozzie

    marriage is such an outdated concept .. if they are happy the way they are why mess with it?

  • OK

    Rachel is the one that has said in interviews in the past she is not ready to get married yet, she is the one who called off their engagement almost 2 years ago. Hayden has said in past interviews he can’t wait to marry Rachel, a Brazil interview I think it was. They are probably smart enough now not to get engaged until they are ready to set a date. The way they are now, there is no pressure on Rachel to make wedding plans, which she never did when they were engaged anyway. It looks like they are doing just fine, they have been traveling all over together from country to country since Rachel quit filming HOD. Hayden spends alot more time in LA when she is filming after they got back together. Rachel spent Christmas in Canada with Hayden, you don’t do that with someone unless you are in love.

  • kaleigh

    Oh look its the well-connected-in-HW ice cream drop girl and the dude who destroyed the SW prequels – Hurray!!!

  • tennille

    Quit it on now Jared, you couldnt get any much hits & hype anymore from these forever bff compared to way back before when you treated (as paid blogger) them as they were like the Robsten but W/O the career but just all hype & tabloids.


    thought these to did not like being paped?
    funny they seem to know where they are.

  • blairite

    Actually Rashchel had been hinting a lot (of hype) about her relationship since time immemorial & whenever as needed & possible.
    back then,,,
    And as of the latest…
    Yet the farthest thing that she can get is to get engaged or get married in the press. So yeah they would eventually get hitch… “”"when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east in the Northern Hemisphere”"”

  • tweet

    It doesn’t matter how long it would take for them to get married, we will still be all here at JJ’s LOL.

  • sara
  • verity

    Well George Lucas is reportedly going to retire already and most likely that Natalie Portman is prepping up to grab her 3rd Oscar already &/or popping her second child… while these 2 would just probably get a new “dog”.

  • unreechy

    @ 10
    All?! As in plural or that plenty – really?!
    If thats the case, these 2 dweebs would all be busy side side w/ their bankable careers & would not end up getting jobless for a long time & if could get some random job its mainly becoz of connections.
    And have you or all of you (lol) even checked it out Ms. BilHO’s latest gig right before its been thrown out on the 50% off discount bin of Walmart?! Dont miss it out, it’s a role that she specializes the most either onscreen or offscreen – two thumbs up for that!

  • tweet

    For sure, YOU will still be here posting links, obsessing, ranting, hating, etc.

  • rita

    Hayden is looking really good lately, his clothes match and everything! It looks like Rachel has been teaching him a little about fashion, or maybe she helps him decide what to wear sometimes.

  • maya

    i’m aobssesed with rachel, she is so cute and adorable hayden is so hot they are such a great couple @OK: hayden said that plz if you have the interview give it to me thx :)

  • maya

    but there is no picture of them together he use his car and she uses hers

  • jen

    I think they’re happy together, they just try to kepe their relationship as private as possible

  • unreechy

    Yah right bashing, hating, ranting etc. etc. etc. yet YOU cant still dismissed that stated comment & link were all simply *facts*
    Obviously you also have nothing better to do, than otherwise you would not be here and even bother to checked back my posts here, right? I’d say ithat their thread’s been always like a nega post – majority of it & would continue to do so, so be prepare till your last breath.

  • @ unreechy, etc

    dude nobody posts as much as you do on these two for any reason LOL! you truly have no life!

  • unreechy

    Whoa you forget now your latest alias?! How about your other multiple names or its just that name again that she get from the Looney Tunes LOL

  • MJ

    How exactly do those images show them “together”? Man, this “couple” has worse body language than Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe.

  • sterling

    Unless someone would hand MIdge(t) a real script – she would just be extra in a movie. And lmao w/ that ditzy role; it was like when some script needs to have a ditzy hacktress, Midge(t) d’ name is exclusively on the roll.

  • a fan

    Rachel was waiting in his car, check Rachel’s fansite.

  • Ophelia

    I watched my first episode of Hart Of Dixie the other day and have to say that it was no great shakes. I wasn’t sure what to make of it to be totally honest. For a comedy, it had very few laughs and for a drama, the characters seemed too stereotyped to be interesting. Rachel Bilson was pretty much doing exactly what I’ve seen her doing in other roles she’s played. Not something I’ll watch again, any time soon. I can’t see it having as long a run as the OC did.

  • leimore

    And does her lifetime boyfriend even fared better?!
    His very last movie easily got ‘vanished’ up in the air and it looks like that he had follow suit. Well why not as its not like he’ll be missed coz as an actor, he’s very much replaceable for any role.

  • OK

    @ maya

    I do not have the interview of Hayden saying he couldn’t wait to marry Rachel. You can find it on in the media section where interviews are. It is from 2 years ago when Hayden went to Brazil, there are a few that he did, I think it was one of the last ones he made right before he left Brazil. Just look for it there.

  • just me

    why my comment not here. if its true its true jared! Rachel has lied before about their relationship why keep quiet about it. Rachel ran herself up there to Canada so Hayden could down to la. She knows what she’s doing. Rachel know that if hayden don’t show up in month’s time she has to come out with something.She broke up with adam when his career was bad. They look really bad to each other that day and you know this. You can’t keep printing lies about their relationship like that nor can she.Rachel knows things are bad with her and him.And he has a new girlfriend and is engaged to her. This is the only time she comes out anyway. You won’t post her by herself when he leave and go home. You don’t want no one to see that. Yes when is Rachel is going announce that they has broken up again. Cause hayden tweeted that he was engaged to another girl on twitter. She need to stop talking pics with him if he’s engaged to someone else than her. Things are over with rachel and Hayden. She didn’t want to marry him someone else did..Stop printing lies about them in a relationship cause she has stop talking about it. Like she should stop being seem with him and mentioning him too. Hope hayden came there for a job instead. That’s what he come there for anyway not her. Rachel should tell the truth about that. And stop hiding when he don’t come there to visited la.Broke up rumor next?

  • screwed

    @ justme
    I often wonder what planet do came from or where & how do you came up w/ all your FANfictions. Just quit now on your fandomlooney about that SW character, that sleazytoolhead is not even worth a penny of attention.

  • @ just me

    Boy, are you ever delusional! There are 7 twitter accounts that claim to be Hayden, they are all fake! Hayden and Rachel have both said they do not have twitter accounts. The fake Hayden on twitter you are talking about retweeted something a teenage girl tweeted about her girlfriends teasing each other about being “fiancees” to good looking guy celebrities. That same fake Hayden claimed to be in another country when Hayden and Rachel were still in Barbados, there are photos of them on their fansites in Barbados on 4/18 and 4/30. There are a few fake Rachel Bilson twitter accounts, there were more but some were recently suspended. You just picked a fake Hayden twitter account to believe because you liked what he said, lol. It only took a couple of minutes to check these facts on twitter, you should check facts before you believe unverified celebrity twiitter accounts.

    Why on earth do you care if Rachel and Hayden are dating? You don’t know either one of them, why don’t you find your own boyfriend instead of worrying about these two?

  • just me

    First again Hayden do not live with rachel when he comes there. And she do not tell him what to do. If she would do this for her career. Yes Rachel did break up with him for no reason at all. Are she happy that he don’t have a career? And she does? You all make this right what rachel is doing and it its. When you break up with someone it over and done with. And keep hanging on with them like this. This is all rachel does now. She sit home thinking are ways to make people like are care about her again. If she didn’t this wouldn’t be going on,No one said nothing about his career and how it is messed up now. All the attention is about her. Hayden still leaves and go home and she sit home not doing nothing for hrerself. But wait for hayden to show up. That’s what rachel does now, You never see her go out to shop or hang with her friends since she got that show hart of dixie. You only see her when Hayden comes there. Her relationship with him should have never rekindle at all. She did this cause no other guy would hang with her are she let them go everytime Hayden comes around,Hayden knows better to. He needs to be working not hanging around rachel anytime. This is not how he acted longtime ago. He use to work no matter what. And we didn’t see him all the time like this. Rachel start talking to him again and we see him all the time. Hayden has not done anything alone in years. Rachel always with him in front of a camera doing lunch or break or doing lunch with him Ny. She stalked him there cause the sun was out and later it rain. That’s Rachel fulltime job is running behind him. suppose he has a girlfriend somewhere? Then what? Stop talking marrying him. Its a close book. She just want to be his pasttime whore when he come there. Rachel do not know how to let go still. This all for attention anyway cause nobody else don’t have to do this they are secure with themselves and what they got. Rachel is not at all. She really don’t need hayden to be with her at all. All this is for publicity for her There is no such thing as a on and off relationship just a booty call or use someone. She does have any morals about herself. She sending wrong message to people. hayden also too. He is saying its alright and i know his mom didn’t raise him that way to let someone use him like that. Hayden does not belong in la he have not proven that he can make it there like his peers. He don’t even audition for a movie anymore. Everyone has left hayden in the movie world. Rachel she still telling lies that she don’t talk about him at all. But internets sites post what she say. Knowing that she is never marrying hayden. Rachel just hayden little whore for the time being.Broken up with and still his whore. Jared next time don’t change what you about relationship status girlfriend. Cause she is not that at all.You don’t know who she is to him. She say boyfriend cause she don’t know what to call it. Just say my ex -girlfriend she hangs around with until he find a job!

  • just me

    @mel: They already have.

  • Jamie

    @just me:

    Maybe Hayden doesn’t go anywhere alone. Someone has to protect him from YOU!

  • @ Jamie

    I’m guessing the “just me” crazy girl gave u the thumbs down. As she’s def my idea of crazy stalker fan girl I’m giving a thumbs up 4 ur comment.

  • whatever

    And I’ll give comments 34 and 35 thumbs up–cause “just me” is one crazy and annoying poster.

  • obviously

    … that the last 3 comments were all ^relatives^.

  • whatever

    @ obviously–you don’t know jack SH*T.

    “Just me” is the worst poster on this board–she makes no sense and types dribble on every thread she visits–that why people gave her a thumbs down.

  • Katie

    One thing I have to say about Hayden, when he’s “out and about” he doesn’t look like a skuzz ball like so many other Hollywood men do! He always looks fantastic! He’s a wonderful actor and I love his films. Can’t wait for THE DIPLOMAT, they have cast Connie Nielson from Gladiator, Jim Broadbent from Harry Potter and Joseph Fiennes from Shakespeare in Love and The Great Raid. It’s in pre-production and I am looking forward to it!

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