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Jennifer Aniston - MTV Movie Awards 2012

Jennifer Aniston - MTV Movie Awards 2012

Jennifer Aniston is leather chic at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday (June 3) in Universal City, Calif.

The 43-year-old actress held her award up high after winning Best On-Screen Dirtbag for her role in Horrible Bosses.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

During her acceptance speech, Jen said, ”I would like to say thank you to the television show Friends for letting me unleash my inner sweetheart and [Horrible Bosses director] Seth Gordon for letting me channel my inner dirtbag.”

FYI: Jen is wearing a Valentino dress, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, and Fred Leighton jewelry!

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162 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston - MTV Movie Awards 2012”

  1. 1
    yep Says:

    Congrats! You were awesome in Horrible Bosses! So bad… good! Happiness!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    yep Says:

    Jen looks gorgeous! Love the dress! Wish I could get her hair color!

  3. 3
    poor Jennifer Says:

    She was drunk!

  4. 4
    anon Says:

    I know she will win. Congrats even though not a fan of yours.

  5. 5
    princess Says:

    That’s the only award she’ll be getting. But seriously Friends is one of my favorite shows ,she was good on that show, but her choice in movies have been horrible.She should stop saying yes to every script she gets and maybe she should go out and work hard for a good role,and yes, that means auditioning and having to prove herself, but i’m sure she thinks she’s way too big for that.

  6. 6
    JL Says:

    Congrats! Great look!

  7. 7
    Kiki Says:

    @princess: Agree with you.

  8. 8
    jmho Says:

    She was excellent on Friends. The end.

  9. 9
    Val Says:

    love her!!!

  10. 10
    Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig Says:

    Pic’s #4-5 are HILARIOUS!! She looks like Iggy pop Stoned
    congrats jen you payed for it-I mean earned it,

  11. 11
    Dave From Canada Says:

    Best On-Screen Dirtbag??!! Is this really the type of award that she or anyone would want?! It sounds like an Awards Show that was put together by a bunch of kids. I think I’ll stick with the Oscars……..

  12. 12
    About that wig... Says:

    @Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig:

  13. 13
    makeeta Says:

    my bonita jen, a stunning classy woman with no words to describe her, our america’s sweetheart. babygirl you are to die for. we love you so much. CONGRAT

  14. 14
    KOKO Says:


  15. 15
    Lori Says:

    Welp, I guess we know what pictures John Mayer is beating off to tonite!

  16. 16
    Lori Says:

    @KOKO: ok, that frightening the s@#t outta me! LOL

  17. 17
    yep Says:

    @anon: thanks!

  18. 18
    Natalia Says:

    @Dave From Canada: sure you are very very old, not only of age but of mind because otherwise you would understand that this awards are about fun and they have nothing to do with the Oscars, even the comparison is ridiculous.

  19. 19
    43 trying to be 17 Says:

    She is not classy like Charlize. That is all, LOL.

  20. 20
    annie Says:

    The award was given to her because she is the only one who is desperate and proud to receive the award in person. Lol!

    Maniston is so dumb!!!! I bet she already got dumped by theroux, thats why he was not there with her. Thats why she was also drunk!

  21. 21
    Kilem Says:

    Man, nobody can wear a tight dress like Jennifer. *jealous*

  22. 22
    ellie' Says:

    Congrats Jen..we love the dress..

  23. 23
    ellie' Says:

    I will agree no one can wear that dress but only Jen…

  24. 24
    ellie' Says:

    @Dave From Canada:
    You really don’t get it…Jen is awesome…

  25. 25
    yep Says:

    @43 trying to be 17: i beg to differ! I love both ladies! and both are classy ladies! Jen looked amazing tonight – she dress for her body type and Charlize dressed for hers. Charlize also looked amazing! Congrats, to JEN! Continue to move forward!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 26
    High Jen Says:

    Poor Ellie hurrying to post 50 posts lol

  27. 27
    Shelly Says:

    Gorgeous as always. Her hair is getting so long love her hair

  28. 28
    yep Says:

    @princess: You know there was a time I might would have agreed with you however whether we like it or not people pigeon hole us and rarely are there opportunities that allow us to get out so therefore you have to take the opportunities that are offered to you and make the best! I am not saying give up going or stop going after the other opportunities but I totally understand not sitting around to wait for them to happen. I am looking forward to the movie she will be doing in England. I have and do enjoy Jen’s romantic comedies and wish her the best! Congrats, JEN!

  29. 29
    JL Says:

    @annie: Annie you may forget poor Justin already. He is too boring…

  30. 30
    gut belly Says:

    Aniston always so proud that she exercises a lot and does yoga, but her gut belly has been there forever. She must be a drunkard and a bulimic.

  31. 31
    JL Says:

    A beautiful belly.

  32. 32
    yep Says:

    @gut belly: actually if you are healthy you will have a stomach unless you really work out. remember the greek statues of women – all have a small stomach and her age too! time stands still for no one! congrats, jen!

  33. 33
    Rucker Says:

    Jen is hot!

  34. 34
    Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig Says:

    Too bad this 47yoa hasbeen threw away her golden ticket BP, now she is a dirt bag with low life friends and Wonderbust

    Stop taking the low road jenny and EARN SOME RESPECT!

  35. 35
    JL Says:

    @Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig: She much more respectable than Jolie.
    So take a piece of paper and write: “Aniston is 43. I respect her”.

  36. 36
    Kikicohen Says:

    This sitcom has-been “actress” needs to hang it up. Her shelf life has expired. She got into the industry via her daddy and stayed in it via her hubby. Now she’s exposed for what she is – talentless- which is why she exercises 6x a week, 3 hours a day, tans, facials,etc. , at age 43!! Her only claim to fame now is her looks, which, by Hollywood standards, ain’t that great. My prediction, is within 5 years, unless by some twist of fate, she has a blockbuster movie (she won’t), her career will be over.

  37. 37
    Effy Says:

    It makes me wonder who votes for the MTV Movie Awards with winners like Aniston, Twilight and Shailene Woodley.

  38. 38
    Kikicohen Says:

    @Effy: It’s either 18 year olds or a combination of Hollywood agents,publicists, and studios,etc- trying to jumpstart someone’s or some director or producer or writer, etc, career. JMO

  39. 39
    JL Says:

    @Kikicohen: Kiki,
    GO F@CK YOUR Cohen with your hate!
    Her movies are profitable – without the money no industry will work.
    What a F moron!

  40. 40
    anime Says:

    well its not really her own movies that are profitable, she is a support only to those movies. but when her movies flopped when she is the main star.

  41. 41
    LMFAO Says:

    She looks ridiculous in that get up..Jen, take that dress off and give it to Megan Fox or Kristen Stewart, and stop making a fool of yourself – Grow up! – The World

  42. 42
    LMFAO Says:

    I agree with the award title. She is a DIRTBAG! And so is her equally drunk BFF C.Handler

  43. 43
    Yikes Says:

    My gosh, what an unfortunate looking smile:

  44. 44
    dek Says:

    She can thank that Skeletaljunkie ***** for keeping her in the limelight and the Media that is sooooo far up her asssss.

  45. 45
    JL Says:

    may be to give her dress to Jolie :) :) :)
    Jolie is YOUNGER :) :) :)
    oh poor-poor bone-collector…
    You are furious because Jennifer is great at her great age and looks happy, and smiles!
    L O V E L Y ! ! !

  46. 46
    pumpkin Says:

    I don’t like what I see. The fourth picture is hilarious, she looks like a joker. I hope she is happy with this award and that she realizes this is the only award that the actress like her can ever get.

  47. 47
    JL Says:

    you demonstrate your usual intellect level.
    You don’t look like a joker.
    Just like pumpkin :)

  48. 48
    pumpkin Says:

    if @JL:

    If you say so. You know best, right? I don’t give much attention to comments like yours. I told you already I am very happy with my life and that is all that matters. But if your comments make you happy and give you the feeling that you are so smart, go ahead. Anything to make you feel better and fulfill your empty day.

  49. 49
    Joker face indeed Says:

    Ohhh my Lord almighty… Is that a masculine looking man or what!!!!!
    I bet she will run to the ocean and scream her lung out when she see that hideous masculine joker smile!

  50. 50
    AGA Says:

    JL—-Well, you must have been creaming in your panties when your idol won this “Award
    MTV V’s Oscars & Oscar Noms
    Feel the difference LOL

    LMAO at “Jens movies are profitable” You really are a dreamer!
    AGA/carator Still laughing at your every post.

  51. 51
    Bree Says:

    How very astute of the organiser – dirtbag award for the dirtbag! LOL

  52. 52
    ;) Says:

    at least she doesn’t take herself so seriously like an unnamed poser anorexic Ho bag user that I ‘ve heard of

  53. 53
    Olivia and popeye Says:

    Love Jen! So down to Earth and normal.

  54. 54
    liverwurst Says:

    If Jen’s so pathetic loons, then why does she own you the way she does? hmmmm???? LMAO!

  55. 55
    Joker face indeed Says:

    Its been forever Angelina Jolie Rocking in sexy leather… While Maniston is still dressed matronly goody goody two shoes… What happened? Who’s she is trying to compete with… Angelina Jolie no doubt … But will forever fails…. poor…. poor copy cat Jen the Joker!!!!

  56. 56
    some say tomato.. Says:

    I think Jennifer has a timeless quality about her. Like someone you would be friends with and even though she isn’t the prettiest woman in the room, she is the prettiest fun girl in the room and most men would be more likely to be attracted to her.

  57. 57
    Liverwurst Says:

    @Joker face indeed: Seriously? Jen wore black leather while she was married to Brad (you know he has only had one wife right?) His broad mare, whom he never will actually marry, doesn’t own exclusive rights to black leather sweetie.

  58. 58
    Joker face indeed Says:

    Kettle meet Pot… The same just like how AJ and BP … OWN YOU!!!!!

  59. 59
    Sam and elliot Says:

    Most people would agree that this woman is a very attractive and built like a hot 21 yr old. What must be getting bragiloons panties in a bunch is although Angie has a prettier face , she also partakes in plastic surgery, Angie’s body leaves one cold as the skeleton she resembles.

  60. 60
    liverwurst Says:

    Sorry poor loon, but they don’t own ME…I’m not over there posting on their threads.

  61. 61
    liverwurst Says:

    @Joker face indeed: Sorry poor loon, but they don’t own ME…I’m not over there posting on their threads. You know what I mean? ;)

  62. 62

    @Yikes: I almost had a heart attack seeing that pic bwahahahhahahaha her face is covered almost by her chin bwahahahahahahahahaha and her skin yikes….not to mention her toes..damn, i wil look for that pic lol

  63. 63
    liverwurst Says:

    @JEN THE FLOP QUEEN: Ummm…Aj’s last 3 movies were flops. The fact is most people just don’t like her and she’s a bad actress. Johnny Depp hates her and was forced to be in the Tourist with Angie. Reportedly he never saw that FLOP due to the embarrassment of her performance.

  64. 64
    shi Says:

    why is my daddy and mommy satin worshipers?

  65. 65
    Fake Win FlopQueen Maniston Says:

    Everyone in the industry knows the awards were RIGGED this year at the behest of power PR flacks, PR agencies and studios. So of course, Rachel Green who has the most cutthroat agent in the biz was gonna score her a little cheesehead award to rehabilitate her after that unmitigated flop she had wanderbust. You failed to mention that for the FIRST time, this year, in order to avoid the usual Twilight sweep, they did not have movie fans vote. It was RIGGED by PR agents and studios, requesting that certain clients get mentions and awards.

  66. 66
    Chin Chin Says:

    She looks bad, that dress is awful! Her Hair is just meh..
    Boring worthless Woman!

  67. 67
    JL Says:

    AGA dear,
    since what the time my pants are the subject of your interest?
    poor girl :)
    We saw Jennifer – she looks GREAT, with the luxury hair and sexy dress but where is Jolie?
    I’d like to see her dress, her famous right LEG, but NO!
    No Jolie among the people.
    She hides her bones and enjoying the smell of pampers or enjoying her lovely heroin.
    Jolie at home, and Jennifer with Award – feel the difference.

  68. 68
    ATTENTION!! Says:

    It’s The Lovely & Talented Princess JenJen….Bow wideload JP swine

  69. 69
    km Says:

    The most beautiful lady of the night was Charlize Theron hands down, the lady in red was beyond beautiful and class!

  70. 70
    JL Says:

    @km: Charlize Testosteron copies Jennifer’s dress style.

  71. 71

    There is noting great about having a pot belly and flabby arms and being too stupid to realize you shouldn’t wear a dress that emphasizes those bad features. Not to mention a too short dress when your thighs are lumpy with cellulite.
    She’s like the middle aged mom trying so hard to look young enough to flirt with her son’s friends. LOL!
    She’s not drunk. She’s high. That’s more like a drug induced slow down. Since Theroux is a recovering drug addict I can’t imagine he’d be thrilled to be around that.
    Is Hollywood Squares still on? Cause that’s her next gig – she can be the new Brett Summers and all her answers can be “Brad Pitt!”

  72. 72

    Didn’t we see that shoulder flower on Angelina Jolie recently? Didn’t all the Jennifer fans diss it? LOL! I guess Jennifer really, really liked it.

  73. 73
    Joker face indeed Says:

    So who are all those trolls over at the JPs threats 24/7 posting?;) day in day out, by the hundreds lol…. How can you beat all those Loon at FF? The JPs OWN their brains.. Body and souls…. Lol….

  74. 74
    knox Says:

    why duz dadE take part of his hair off then wash it in the sink?
    i dunno

  75. 75
    Tota Says:

    Love her

  76. 76
    km Says:

    @JL: Charlize testosteron??? plz b!tch the one who looks like a man with her giant chin and ugly face is MANiston, maniston can’t even get close to the feminine statuesque goddess of Theron there is not even comparison, she is not even in her league, and copies her style lool are u high??? Charlize Theron the Dior face the fahsionista with her model body and amazing class fashion style is completly different from this 12 years old desperate fashion sense of style.

  77. 77
    Tota Says:

    Good looking

  78. 78
    Tota Says:

    Amazing dress

  79. 79
    Deanna Says:


    She was great in The Good Girl. She needs to do more films like that!

  80. 80
    JP diarrhea Says:

    Brett Somers was on MatchGame

  81. 81
    yep Says:

    @Joker face indeed: a bunch of brangelina fans changing their names over and over according to the top 25 on JJ last year! you asked! hating on your own star for attention – talking about people hating on the children – when you do it to other children – which is wrong no matter what – but you don’t REALLY care or you wouldn’t be hating on JLo’s children! Heidi’s children! and other children! less than 1% of the hate on your star thread is Jen’s thread – can’t same the same for no one else thread! even other stars. CONGRATS, JEN!!!!!!!!!

  82. 82
    yep Says:

    @km: you need to watch it and remember for every unkind remark you make your star has TWO coming back at her…….remember award season! congrats! Jen!

  83. 83
    yep Says:

    Jen looked awesome! Love the look from head to toe! Congrats!

  84. 84
    dawne Says:

    Leave the leather to the sexy Jolie………..puleeeze. And that face………..omg, poor thang. 200M and endless nose and chin surgeries and laser resurfacing non stop and she can still barely pass for attractive………..

    Even tho her PR queen had to buy this award he wasn’t doing her any favours………….but it is a step up from her other Razzi nominations.,,,,,,,,,,,LMAO

    Stoned as usual………….where’s her Gigiolo……..were his jeggings not out of the dryer on time? Or did he run out of black shoe polish for his hairline…………

    While Angie is being lauded by the British Foreign Office last week and reshown on 60 minutes last night because it was a ratings bonanza………this talentless fameho is accepting ‘best dirtbag.’ You couldn’t make this shite up. But it’s all where it should be. Brad genuflects twenty times a day that he got away from this neurotic mess.

  85. 85
    may be her last Says:

    Skeletina b-day today
    eat a salty cracker or something

  86. 86
    Craigypants Says:

    Yuk, she is awful. They really will give an award to anyone these days.
    She needs to quit the business, she hasn’t been relevant in 15 years.

  87. 87
    yep Says:

    @dawne: you don’t know that however we saw a mom of 6 with a vodka bottle under the table that couldn’t seat up in her chair! Your star says thanks for bringing all this back up! Jen was awesome!

  88. 88
    Acadia Says:

    Now that the requisite time has past since Wanderbust I’m sure Squiggy has done a runner back to NY, bank account well padded for his efforts (and an effort it must have been).

    Time for RinTinJen to start throwing her money around again to buy a new boyfriend to go with the new award.

    Joker-faced dirtbag indeed.

  89. 89
    anon Says:

    LOVE her, looking gorgeous as always!!!

  90. 90
    Amy Says:

    LOL, did all of you Angelina freaks take time to drop into Jen’s thread and thumb every comment down?

    Go on and continue celebrating Skeletor’s birthday. I mean she really cares if a bunch of strangers worship her and everything.


  91. 91
    JL Says:

    Jolie’s birthday?
    Happy birthday, BONE CILLECTOR
    (how old is she – 70 ?)

  92. 92
    JL Says:

    sorry: COLLECTOR
    I meant BONE MECCANO

  93. 93
    yep Says:

    Happy Day, Jen won! Jolie’s birthday! Congrats to Jen and Happy Birthday to Jolie!

  94. 94

    @liverwurst: oh yeah, keep dreaming and please dont wake up hahahahahaha

  95. 95
    Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig Says:

    the 47yoa castingcouchqueen still trying to ATTACH herself to a movie, can’t be easy with that Stench of flops on her

    Yea! Jen Won, the hottest woman of allllllllllllll tiiiiiime is now a Dirtbag!!

  96. 96
    Jenny Shimizu Says:

    Angie does not believe in birthday cakes, so we will both celebrate with a slice of yummy pie.

  97. 97
    Observer Says:

    Pathetic, and certainly troubling.
    Something is definitely wrong with this woman.

    Oh, and by the way poser JA, Angie called and she does NOT want her black leather dress back.

    Angie looked like a goddess when she rocked that leather dress at the M&Mrs Smith premier.

    I hope this poor woman can find some peace in her life.

    Brad was right on with his instincts to run away as soon as he laid eyes on his soul mate, le Angie fantastique.

    I actually feel sorry for JA, not because of her failed marriage but because of who she is. All that wealth, contacts and opportunities to live a life with purpose and she makes choices like this.

  98. 98
    2x4jenny Says:

    REHAB Jen and cut more 2x4s.

  99. 99
    Observer Says:

    Post Script:

    I actually took time to look at those photos of her with her “award”.
    She looks constipated.

  100. 100
    2x4jenny Says:


    60′s slang for a used condom.

    Yup, she is that.

  101. 101
    JL Says:

    M & Mrs Smith – that was another life, without 6 children, without so called “home” smelling by Brad’s ****
    M & Mrs Smyth – it’s a vintage HISTORY,
    but we are talking about THIS time, and Jolie looks on 70.
    OK, on 68 – we are polite people.

  102. 102
    JL Says:

    @JL: Observer,
    your brain is constipated.
    Take your meds.

  103. 103
    NoEnvyNoFear Says:

    She is the most beautiful women in the world! And she looks so young and refreshed for 43. God has blessed this woman big time!!!

  104. 104
    claret Says:

    Vampiress Angelina would never hold food in her hand,let alone an award that looks like food.

  105. 105
    JL Says:

    @2x4jenny: 2 X 4,
    your jokes are genius,
    looks like used broken condom is your FATHER

  106. 106
    Eve Says:

    Can’t stand this woman. So boring and what is up with that ridiculous looking fake tan? She would look a lot fresher and younger without the orange shade.

  107. 107
    ann h Says:
    Type this in and you might be able to see her speech. She seems to be able to speak properly without stuttering when she’s drunk.

  108. 108
    JL Says:

    Eve she looks fresh because she is light sincere person, not because of shade.

  109. 109
    TwoStepsTowardsTheDoor Says:

    Admittedly, Jen’s movie choices haven’t always been the greatest, but I don’t think they’re the worst ever.

    Horrible Bosses was painful to watch – but she did a pretty good job at being a distasteful character. And it was just that – a character. Some people here need to learn how to separate movie fiction from reality.

    All of this over-the-top hatred for her and gushing love for Angelina is really strange to me & doesn’t make sense.

    P.S. The Tourist was a crap movie, too.

  110. 110
    Ex-nifer Says:

    My eyes… My eyes… Puling her face is not helping that thon lips… Same old.. Same old hair style for 20 years.. Lucky… at least its covers her big Clawn face…. What’s up with that muscular looking neck … Her humongous chin is taking over her entire face .. That bloated belly and that stockish muscular short thunder tigh … To much yoga makes her looks like a Transvistine !!!!

  111. 111
    Nani Says:

    OMG! She is fat and so ugly nowadays! Her chin seems manly…
    In spite of her fans, it’s undeniable that she is really seeming her age.

  112. 112
    Sugar Says:

    Yep, she sure does look like a guy and that is a bought award. It’s pathetic like grasping at straws to have to buy an award that cheesy. I feel a little sorry for her. Maybe that why she got drunk before her speech. She knows this is the best she will ever do.

  113. 113
    wow Says:

    She is so hot!

  114. 114
    Yikes Says:

    I saw the video of the acceptance. My god, this woman has trouble speaking clearly. Always choppy and searching for words. She shouldnt have this sort of problem at this age, and especially with the millions she makes, you’d think she’d take some speech therapy classes…On a side note: Did you see when she came into Mila Kunis’s frame?? WOW. Note to Jen – NEVER stand next to an exotic stunning beauty like Mila Kunis. It will make you look uglier than you already are.

  115. 115
    anonymous Says:

    Jennifer Aniston appeared drunk ( video on Celebitchy) and her face looked jacked up way too much botox. Desperate lady, all others in her category did not show up, after seeing Horrible Bosses on video the only thing I could think of doing is taking a bath, it’s so nasty, why mention Friends and Horrible Bosses in the same sentence. Next award the RAZZIE! I think that award was arranged to give her some badly needed publicity since Brad Pitt announced his engagement to Angie she has been lost in translation.

  116. 116
    JL Says:

    your hate is sincere compliment.
    She doesn’t use prepared standard phrases,
    she is speaking from heart.
    But her look makes you blind.
    And a liittle stupid: there are THOUSANDS chiks like Mila Kunis,
    but Jennifer Aniston is the one.

  117. 117
    goopiness Says:

    Where was Eddie Munster?

  118. 118
    goopiness Says:

    What directorial debut of Jen’s made any money at all?

  119. 119
    goopiness Says:

    I doubt Jen earned any money at all for her breast cancer collaboration for LIFETIME and she sure didn’t win the Stanley Kramer award or have her film shown at the Berlin FF or get a GG nomination.

    ITLOBAH earned less than $400k at the box office …. in no more than 18 theaters …. EVER. Pretty decent per theater average I’d say. Always better than “Wanderlust” or any of her production company efforts …. oh wait …. there are none.

  120. 120
    goopiness Says:

    @Just the truth…:

    Does Jen have 6 children with Justin? Is Justin prepping or filming something? Are Jenny and Justin engaged? Ring?

  121. 121
    JL Says:

    @goopiness: Let’s change the question a little:
    does Jolie have any kids WITH Brad?
    She has 3 kids FROM Brad.
    And adopted 3 being NEAR Brad.
    The ring you are talking about Jolie HATES.

  122. 122
    JL Says:

    @Just the truth…: Jolie wasn’t in Cannes because children can pee on the Red Carpet and so on, right?

  123. 123
    JL Says:

    @JL: Yes, she has her own preferences in jewelery. Brad spent a YEAR for the EVERY ASPECT of that ring design, but this potential HUSBAND doesn’t knows she doesn’t love yellow diamonds.

  124. 124
    JL Says:

    @goopiness: You musst know Justin was a technological detail in the Wanderlust promotion. Promo is over. Justin has his $$, two new motorbikes and his biggest dream is go back to NYC to put his mug between the legs of Heidi Bivens. You may don’t think about Justin any more. It’s just about work…

  125. 125
    brad girl Says:

    Love her chicken lips. She’s a fat chic.

  126. 126
    JL Says:

    @JL: It’s a Joli’s birthday BTW
    no pics,
    no information about celebration,
    about the presents and surprises,
    and the romantic atmosphere of true love between two soulmates.
    What does it mean?

  127. 127

    I think you’re confusing this movie superstar couple Brangelina with the tv hacktress and her rent a dates – everyone in the industry knows that plastic MAN-iston and her pr hack like to leak her dinner dates with the old soap opera daddy and the dinner menu to People mag. The only time Brad and Angelina comment on what they do in a vague general way, is when they’re doing promotional junkets and get ASKED. That’s the diff between real movie stars and Rachel tv lady, no one cares about ‘tan non-mom.’ lol

  128. 128
    The Real Emma Says:

    For those of you just tuning in. You see, Jennifer Aniston fans got mad at Angelina and attacked her when she and Brad got together. Angelina’s fans went on the defense! And it’s been yada yada yada ever since LMAO.

  129. 129
    JL Says:

    @MANISTONSecretPLASTICSURGERY: Do you want to say Jolie is a MOM?
    Just in the biological sense. Like a surrogate.
    She never cooked for children, she doesn’t know what they need right this concrete moment.THIS IS NOT HONEST.
    But for self PR it’s enough.

  130. 130
    JL Says:

    @The Real Emma: Excuse me Emma The Real,
    but if you steal something in the supermarket you will go to the jail.
    The GOODS like somebodies husbands are in free access: they work on the location and so on…
    But NO DIFFERENCE anyway.
    That was Jolie’s choice: to be blamed the rest of her life. Sham forever. We will care about that.

  131. 131
    JL Says:

    @JL: sorry: SHAME FOREVER.
    People love to talk about so called XXI age. Would be good to remember the happy times with real Gentleman and Ladies, with honesty, dignity and other useful things.

  132. 132
    Yvette Says:


    (Blinks) Here are Angelina Jolie’s last three films (not including the animated “Kung Fu Panda 2″). “Salt,” “The Tourist,” and “Wanted.”

    “Salt” – production budget: $110 million; Domestic gross: $118 million; Overseas gross: $175 million; Total gross: $294 million.

    “The Tourist” – production budget: $100 million; Domestic gross: $68 million; Overseas gross: $211 million; Total gross: $278 million.

    “Wanted” – production budget: $75 million; Domestic gross: $135 million; Overseas gross: $207 million; Total gross: $341 million.

    Please please tell me how any of the three films above could be considered a ‘flop.’ If you can’t do that, then please stop making statements you can’t back up. Lying to make yourself–and your pathetic idol Jennifer Aniston–look good is as pathetic as drunk Jen slurring her way through her MTV acceptance speech.

  133. 133
    JL Says:

    @Yvette: Oh Yvette,
    all the “total gross” can’t change the fact Jolie looks OLDER
    comparing to Jennifer Aniston.
    And she is a b1tch forever.
    And a husband stealer.
    And I’ll go to her thread to CONGRATULATE her poor fans.

  134. 134
    Homewrecker Aniston Says:

    Haha its realy entertaining and poor on the other hand that jen fans cant write or think about her idole without mention angelina hahaha it must realy still hurt. i dont think that jenny likes that. posting ununfavorable pics of her ex doesnt makes it better. its just childish.
    shes a very rich grown woman. but you are just riduculous uneducated trash!
    Read a book, educate yourself!

    Cry a river for HEIDI BIVENS!!!! your doublestandard is sick.

  135. 135
    Homewrecker Aniston Says:


    Hahaha HEj @JL is that your only response to Yvette? Who looks younger ??? you are hilarious!!!!! please go on with your comments you are sooooo entertaining.
    you must be well educated?! hahaha ever saw a university from the inside?
    Yvettes post must realy hurt you. Angie is def one of the most beautyful woman on this planet, shes a classy lady. You think your jen looks young because she wears miniskirts like a 22 year old. HONEY, jenjen looks her age! i know i know in the us the most people are fat so jen and her look is special to you LOL
    Angelina looks her Age and so Jennifer does, get over it.

  136. 136
    Homewrecker Aniston Says:

    And, its a matter of taste when it comes to looks honey.
    Jennifer is called Maniston for a reason.
    Yes, Angie is too skinny but she can change that, Jen cant. Well Jen tried with her plastic surgerys, her 5 NoseOps but its not doing her any favor, she was prettier with her old face.

  137. 137
    Homewrecker Aniston Says:


    Dont try to judge a stranger if hes a good parent or not. Shes always with her kids and she seems to really adore her kids. she changed completely because of them, this is the best evidence that shes a great mother. Brad fell in love with a single mom, that means something even if you dont want to hear that. he left a selfish life with every freedom for a family.
    you dont have to like angelina but this is realy ridiculous to judge a mother you dont know and never will. Yes they are celebritys but at the end of the day, they are also ordinary human like you and me.
    The yellowpress is not a good education for you! and its bad for your karma and character believe me.

  138. 138
    JL Says:

    @Homewrecker Aniston: Jolie can’t show her body on the ocean side – that is how “great” she looks. But Jennifer doesn’t hide her body, because she can wear EVERYTHING SHE WANTS.
    And don’t forget about her taste dear…
    Do you care about my education? Relaxe…
    Tell us better about Jolie’s educational achievements. Her French is “perfect”. But she compensate one by FRENCH KISSES of her own brother in front the TV cameras. A CLASSY LADY as you said…

  139. 139
    rascal Says:

    Congratulations to Jennifer!

  140. 140
    jilly Says:

    The award was given to her because she earned it! She looks beautiful and her body is to die for. Stop being jeaulous of her, you Hollie lovers. I wonder how Angeloonie would look in a dress like that, like a toothpick, maybe!

  141. 141
    JL Says:

    @jilly: You may check the CELEBRATION – 1816 comments – about this pervert freak…

  142. 142
    naturegirl Says:


  143. 143
    Laurenjen Says:

    Oh leave her alone you have to throw an old dog a bone

  144. 144
    PIP Says:

    Poor DRUNK ANISTON, another bought award, that no one heard of before yesterday.
    Midget was too embarass to attend or he did a runner.
    The difference is that Angie can get pregnant and deliver healthy Babies, unlike someone that took male hormones to keep the huge Greek hips from spreading along with eating chicken salad for lunch for ten years.
    Why is her neck so thick for a woman along with her adam’s apple.
    Sad Sack that she is trying to horn in on teenagers, no movie to promote, she looks like an old stripper with her bat wings flying.

  145. 145
    Lina Says:

    I cannot believe you fans are applauding her with this…The award is for best Dirtbag – How embarrassing! And that she even showed up to accept it. LOL

  146. 146

    jen is the woman with class, i want her to write a book and bring down the brangelina’s down like a falling angel. they have deterioted in looks and in career and nobody gives a hoot about them anymore especially their promise of the future ring. the public now know that they played them us fools

  147. 147

    why wouldnt she showed up for it, everybody are happy for her, it shows how popular she still is. she appreciate the fact that the public voted and she won, she is a dirtbag in a movie unlike brangelina who are dirtbags in real lifes. loons are had heart attacks lastnight and today they got depression on top.

    jen is a happy woman now and she is just glowing. america love her, our sweetheart forever

  148. 148
    Guest 8 Says:


    That’s hilarious. Jenny is known as a absolute ***** who revels in personal attack “humor”. Her bestie is Chelsea Handler and she has been with 9 guys since 2005. She wears clothing barely appropriate for a 20 year old usually with an absence of critical underclothing and her face is full of fillers and botox. She has zero class and she would never write a book because while it is evident to all that Angie can’t be bothered Jenny’s ex-husband would sue her ass and she knows it because if she told the truth in her “book” it would be 14 pages and not leave her looking good at all.

  149. 149
    Lina Says:

    @BRANGELINA WHORES: If America loves her so much, than why did her ‘fans’ allow her movie Wanderlust to finish at #8 opening weekend? Yup. Thats what I thought.

  150. 150
    Ex-nifer Says:

    Loonifer fans loonifer get …
    In 30 years from now, Manless Maniston will hang out on the beach with her wringly CHICKEN LIPS fake tan and Old “Yoga” body and her 2 fans screams how glorious her body is… and how AJ will never can do that… then her 2 fan will scream some more .. How She is BP EX don’t you people know???

  151. 151
    Kikicohen Says:

    Bahahahaha…. Thanks for the laughs- I couldn’t agree more!!!

  152. 152
    Kikicohen Says:

    @JL: You really need to take your medication- it is hazardous to skip doses- (anecdotal information, of course).

  153. 153
    JL Says:

    @Kikicohen: Something concrete?
    Or just the general blah-blah-blah?

  154. 154
    anime Says:

    the only comedic actress in HW who is not funny on stage or during interviews is Aniston. Im sure she is funny in real life but I don’t understand why she sounds stupid in her interviews.

  155. 155
    Sunflower Says:

    I like her in Horrible Bosses but she bores me to tears!

  156. 156
    **** Says:

    She’s 40 something and she’s still not wearing a BRA . . . go figure.

  157. 157
    crazygamesland Says:

    congrate she looks amazing jeniffer aniston

  158. 158
    Hekku Says:

    Wasting hate on Jen
    Instead of Brad’s REAL side piece
    Misdirected Loons

  159. 159
    Kikicohen Says:

    @Homewrecker Aniston: Amen- best message ever

  160. 160
    jilly Says:

    LOVE YOU JEN! Enjoy your beautiful life and let the Evils fall on their own faces!

  161. 161
    tahoegeminii Says:

    so MTV now sells awards to the highest bidder like Spike and men’s health? She was nothing special in that movie-not believable or funny and seemed to be trying to copy cat Angie’s look as some kind of passive aggressive insult-and she was no sweetheart on friends-she was rather devious bee-yotch that played at waitress and cried to rich daddy when she needed something and the whole I don’t love Ross but I will keep him on a string and screw over any relationship he might start because she would not openly date him-skkkankky and selfish-quit watching Friends for tht very reason-besides her nonsense babble and voice are very irritating

  162. 162
    JL Says:

    her “nonsense babble” in the “Friends” was been written in the screen play. By brilliant writers.
    But they are not irritating, right?

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