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Jennifer Aniston - MTV Movie Awards 2012

Jennifer Aniston - MTV Movie Awards 2012

Jennifer Aniston is leather chic at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday (June 3) in Universal City, Calif.

The 43-year-old actress held her award up high after winning Best On-Screen Dirtbag for her role in Horrible Bosses.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

During her acceptance speech, Jen said, “I would like to say thank you to the television show Friends for letting me unleash my inner sweetheart and [Horrible Bosses director] Seth Gordon for letting me channel my inner dirtbag.”

FYI: Jen is wearing a Valentino dress, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, and Fred Leighton jewelry!

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Bree

    How very astute of the organiser – dirtbag award for the dirtbag! LOL

  • ;)

    at least she doesn’t take herself so seriously like an unnamed poser anorexic Ho bag user that I ‘ve heard of

  • Olivia and popeye

    Love Jen! So down to Earth and normal.

  • liverwurst

    If Jen’s so pathetic loons, then why does she own you the way she does? hmmmm???? LMAO!

  • Joker face indeed

    Its been forever Angelina Jolie Rocking in sexy leather… While Maniston is still dressed matronly goody goody two shoes… What happened? Who’s she is trying to compete with… Angelina Jolie no doubt … But will forever fails…. poor…. poor copy cat Jen the Joker!!!!

  • some say tomato..

    I think Jennifer has a timeless quality about her. Like someone you would be friends with and even though she isn’t the prettiest woman in the room, she is the prettiest fun girl in the room and most men would be more likely to be attracted to her.

  • Liverwurst

    @Joker face indeed: Seriously? Jen wore black leather while she was married to Brad (you know he has only had one wife right?) His broad mare, whom he never will actually marry, doesn’t own exclusive rights to black leather sweetie.

  • Joker face indeed

    Kettle meet Pot… The same just like how AJ and BP … OWN YOU!!!!!

  • Sam and elliot

    Most people would agree that this woman is a very attractive and built like a hot 21 yr old. What must be getting bragiloons panties in a bunch is although Angie has a prettier face , she also partakes in plastic surgery, Angie’s body leaves one cold as the skeleton she resembles.

  • liverwurst

    Sorry poor loon, but they don’t own ME…I’m not over there posting on their threads.

  • liverwurst

    @Joker face indeed: Sorry poor loon, but they don’t own ME…I’m not over there posting on their threads. You know what I mean? ;)


    @Yikes: I almost had a heart attack seeing that pic bwahahahhahahaha her face is covered almost by her chin bwahahahahahahahahaha and her skin yikes….not to mention her toes..damn, i wil look for that pic lol

  • liverwurst

    @JEN THE FLOP QUEEN: Ummm…Aj’s last 3 movies were flops. The fact is most people just don’t like her and she’s a bad actress. Johnny Depp hates her and was forced to be in the Tourist with Angie. Reportedly he never saw that FLOP due to the embarrassment of her performance.

  • shi

    why is my daddy and mommy satin worshipers?

  • Fake Win FlopQueen Maniston

    Everyone in the industry knows the awards were RIGGED this year at the behest of power PR flacks, PR agencies and studios. So of course, Rachel Green who has the most cutthroat agent in the biz was gonna score her a little cheesehead award to rehabilitate her after that unmitigated flop she had wanderbust. You failed to mention that for the FIRST time, this year, in order to avoid the usual Twilight sweep, they did not have movie fans vote. It was RIGGED by PR agents and studios, requesting that certain clients get mentions and awards.

  • Chin Chin

    She looks bad, that dress is awful! Her Hair is just meh..
    Boring worthless Woman!

  • JL

    AGA dear,
    since what the time my pants are the subject of your interest?
    poor girl :)
    We saw Jennifer – she looks GREAT, with the luxury hair and sexy dress but where is Jolie?
    I’d like to see her dress, her famous right LEG, but NO!
    No Jolie among the people.
    She hides her bones and enjoying the smell of pampers or enjoying her lovely heroin.
    Jolie at home, and Jennifer with Award – feel the difference.


    It’s The Lovely & Talented Princess JenJen….Bow wideload JP swine

  • km

    The most beautiful lady of the night was Charlize Theron hands down, the lady in red was beyond beautiful and class!

  • JL

    @km: Charlize Testosteron copies Jennifer’s dress style.


    There is noting great about having a pot belly and flabby arms and being too stupid to realize you shouldn’t wear a dress that emphasizes those bad features. Not to mention a too short dress when your thighs are lumpy with cellulite.
    She’s like the middle aged mom trying so hard to look young enough to flirt with her son’s friends. LOL!
    She’s not drunk. She’s high. That’s more like a drug induced slow down. Since Theroux is a recovering drug addict I can’t imagine he’d be thrilled to be around that.
    Is Hollywood Squares still on? Cause that’s her next gig – she can be the new Brett Summers and all her answers can be “Brad Pitt!”


    Didn’t we see that shoulder flower on Angelina Jolie recently? Didn’t all the Jennifer fans diss it? LOL! I guess Jennifer really, really liked it.

  • Joker face indeed

    So who are all those trolls over at the JPs threats 24/7 posting?;) day in day out, by the hundreds lol…. How can you beat all those Loon at FF? The JPs OWN their brains.. Body and souls…. Lol….

  • knox

    why duz dadE take part of his hair off then wash it in the sink?
    i dunno

  • http://Justjarde Tota

    Love her

  • km

    @JL: Charlize testosteron??? plz b!tch the one who looks like a man with her giant chin and ugly face is MANiston, maniston can’t even get close to the feminine statuesque goddess of Theron there is not even comparison, she is not even in her league, and copies her style lool are u high??? Charlize Theron the Dior face the fahsionista with her model body and amazing class fashion style is completly different from this 12 years old desperate fashion sense of style.

  • http://Justjarde Tota

    Good looking

  • http://Justjarde Tota

    Amazing dress

  • Deanna


    She was great in The Good Girl. She needs to do more films like that!

  • JP diarrhea

    Brett Somers was on MatchGame

  • yep

    @Joker face indeed: a bunch of brangelina fans changing their names over and over according to the top 25 on JJ last year! you asked! hating on your own star for attention – talking about people hating on the children – when you do it to other children – which is wrong no matter what – but you don’t REALLY care or you wouldn’t be hating on JLo’s children! Heidi’s children! and other children! less than 1% of the hate on your star thread is Jen’s thread – can’t same the same for no one else thread! even other stars. CONGRATS, JEN!!!!!!!!!

  • yep

    @km: you need to watch it and remember for every unkind remark you make your star has TWO coming back at her…….remember award season! congrats! Jen!

  • yep

    Jen looked awesome! Love the look from head to toe! Congrats!

  • dawne

    Leave the leather to the sexy Jolie………..puleeeze. And that face………..omg, poor thang. 200M and endless nose and chin surgeries and laser resurfacing non stop and she can still barely pass for attractive………..

    Even tho her PR queen had to buy this award he wasn’t doing her any favours………….but it is a step up from her other Razzi nominations.,,,,,,,,,,,LMAO

    Stoned as usual………….where’s her Gigiolo……..were his jeggings not out of the dryer on time? Or did he run out of black shoe polish for his hairline…………

    While Angie is being lauded by the British Foreign Office last week and reshown on 60 minutes last night because it was a ratings bonanza………this talentless fameho is accepting ‘best dirtbag.’ You couldn’t make this shite up. But it’s all where it should be. Brad genuflects twenty times a day that he got away from this neurotic mess.

  • may be her last

    Skeletina b-day today
    eat a salty cracker or something

  • Craigypants

    Yuk, she is awful. They really will give an award to anyone these days.
    She needs to quit the business, she hasn’t been relevant in 15 years.

  • yep

    @dawne: you don’t know that however we saw a mom of 6 with a vodka bottle under the table that couldn’t seat up in her chair! Your star says thanks for bringing all this back up! Jen was awesome!

  • Acadia

    Now that the requisite time has past since Wanderbust I’m sure Squiggy has done a runner back to NY, bank account well padded for his efforts (and an effort it must have been).

    Time for RinTinJen to start throwing her money around again to buy a new boyfriend to go with the new award.

    Joker-faced dirtbag indeed.

  • anon

    LOVE her, looking gorgeous as always!!!

  • Amy

    LOL, did all of you Angelina freaks take time to drop into Jen’s thread and thumb every comment down?

    Go on and continue celebrating Skeletor’s birthday. I mean she really cares if a bunch of strangers worship her and everything.


  • JL

    Jolie’s birthday?
    Happy birthday, BONE CILLECTOR
    (how old is she – 70 ?)

  • JL

    sorry: COLLECTOR
    I meant BONE MECCANO

  • yep

    Happy Day, Jen won! Jolie’s birthday! Congrats to Jen and Happy Birthday to Jolie!


    @liverwurst: oh yeah, keep dreaming and please dont wake up hahahahahaha

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    the 47yoa castingcouchqueen still trying to ATTACH herself to a movie, can’t be easy with that Stench of flops on her

    Yea! Jen Won, the hottest woman of allllllllllllll tiiiiiime is now a Dirtbag!!

  • Jenny Shimizu

    Angie does not believe in birthday cakes, so we will both celebrate with a slice of yummy pie.

  • Observer

    Pathetic, and certainly troubling.
    Something is definitely wrong with this woman.

    Oh, and by the way poser JA, Angie called and she does NOT want her black leather dress back.

    Angie looked like a goddess when she rocked that leather dress at the M&Mrs Smith premier.

    I hope this poor woman can find some peace in her life.

    Brad was right on with his instincts to run away as soon as he laid eyes on his soul mate, le Angie fantastique.

    I actually feel sorry for JA, not because of her failed marriage but because of who she is. All that wealth, contacts and opportunities to live a life with purpose and she makes choices like this.

  • 2x4jenny

    REHAB Jen and cut more 2x4s.

  • Observer

    Post Script:

    I actually took time to look at those photos of her with her “award”.
    She looks constipated.

  • 2x4jenny


    60′s slang for a used condom.

    Yup, she is that.