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Prince William & Duchess Kate: Diamond Jubilee River Pageant!

Prince William & Duchess Kate: Diamond Jubilee River Pageant!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is stunning in red at Queen Elizabeth‘s Diamond Jubilee River Pageant Flotilla at Chelsea Pier on Sunday (June 3) in London, England.

The 30-year-old royal (in Alexander McQueen) was joined by her husband Prince William to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, which honors the 60th anniversary of her ascension to the throne.

Also in attendance at the celebration were Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

At the river pageant, over one thousand boats set sail on the River Thames to celebrate the Queen.

10+ pictures inside of Prince William and Duchess Kate at the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant event…

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prince william duchess kate diamond jubilee river pageant 01
prince william duchess kate diamond jubilee river pageant 02
prince william duchess kate diamond jubilee river pageant 03
prince william duchess kate diamond jubilee river pageant 04
prince william duchess kate diamond jubilee river pageant 05
prince william duchess kate diamond jubilee river pageant 06
prince william duchess kate diamond jubilee river pageant 07
prince william duchess kate diamond jubilee river pageant 08
prince william duchess kate diamond jubilee river pageant 09
prince william duchess kate diamond jubilee river pageant 10
prince william duchess kate diamond jubilee river pageant 11

Credit: Bethany Clark; Photos: Wenn, Getty
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  • NYC

    Kate looks great, as usual.
    Love everything about her.
    I hope she remains down-to-earth as the years progress….
    William, as always, so handsome but his pants are always TOO SHORT!

  • Gossipgirl

    Ugh…..too much red! And this dress looks a lot like the expensive pleated pink monstrosity she wore a few days ago. Her style is so boring….and always with the nude platform shoes. I am sure that everyone else that posts will write how great she looks. This is my opinion.

  • KC


  • just me

    Make no mistake- this is HM’s day & not this limpet!

  • Anon

    What is with those silly hats?

  • just me

    @ Gossipgirl
    The dress is Alexander McQueen’s fall collection.
    Guess who wore this before only sleeveless & shorter……..
    The British clone wore this after her cousin Kim Kartrashian!

  • Lisa

    Kate the Duchess of Cambridge looks so STUNNING. RULE BRITANNIA, BRITANNIA RULED THE WAVES. LOVE from the U.S.

  • Lola

    Kate is really beautiful as always but it’s Queen’s day so maybe she should have the headline! God save the Queen

  • Manny

    I just adore this royal. Breath of fresh air, elegant, beautiful and so approachable… Best thing to happen to the stuffy inbred house of Windsor…

  • Bernie wall

    Glad to see these boys growing up with the image of their mother. Watching Tudors and correlating the scandals of Charles, it still doesn’t justify England accepting Camille as the consort of their future king. Like henry VIII, charles can change the decree to make camille a queen. I find it an insult to Diana and her family, in a sense, to her sons. But this is the royal family, they can do what they want and expect the citizens to accept it. To the Queen, congratulations on a long reign.

  • Manny

    @just me:
    Kim Kardassssssian… LMAO she must have looked like a sack of flour tied in the middle… Did the skirt even cover her massive ass???

  • Manny

    @just me:
    Good God I just insulted a sack of flour… Kim Kardassssssian looks incredibly worse… Short and stumpy looks ridiculous in McQueen’s dress.
    Kudos to Kate showing how McQueen should be worn…

  • Taylor

    Kate looks amazing. I love her hat!

  • Halli

    What a joke.

    UK is at its worst recession in over 30 years with the highest youth unemployment ever and the press cares about some $50 million party and focusing on the fabulous clothes and lifestyles none of us peasants will ever lead.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    What are those Hats called?

  • Manny

    @Oh Yeah!!!:
    If they cover the whole head they are hats, if they cover only part of the head they are facinators.

  • yep


  • HRH

    Kate the Great!

  • Heloe

    Hallie,. Bernie, and Manny and others, so right you are. Everybody really.
    Kate is William are a good furutre face on the BRFF.
    Diana lwft two wonderful sons in William and Hen ry.
    Monarchy is something you don’t vote on or in or out so high unemployment, recssion there, whatever.

    THANK GOD we here had the American Revoution.
    Thank God.
    One of the few things and yet many things our country did right.

  • Libby

    @Bernie wall: I think you need to stop watching tv shows, and read some history before you talk about stuff you obviously know little about. Diana was no saint as she seems to have been painted since her death, both her and Charles had extra marital affairs and no doubt if Diana had lived she would be happily married herself now. As for the Princes don’t you see, Camilla is only in the place she is because both boys have accepted her and moved on from the past.

  • Annie

    @Heloe: I’m pretty sure the Royal family are glad of that too!

  • Maureen

    Kate looked beautiful, she did not try to upstage the queen she is just so pretty and classy that is how she looks all the time, im sure the queen was very happy today not to be worried about being upstaged!

  • BritBrat

    @Heloe: The monarchy seems worthy of mockery to many Americans who once rebelled against it only to now have put your own political party leaders, celebrities and CEOs on the same thrones. In my opinion I’d much rather pay the 67p a year out of my tax to her and her family for all the good work they do for Britain and the Commonwealth and find it less offensive than letting billionaires not pay taxes because you admire them. We’ll keep our Windsors and you lot can keep your Kartrashians!!!

  • Manny

    That is the stupidest thing I have read on here in a long time. Seems you posted with your pompous nature not your intellect.
    BTW when did a $50 million party become “good works” for the common man? How are those unemployed admiring the gold guided prow of her royal barge when they can’t feed their families???
    All you did today was honor an old lady who doesn’t even run your country. Now please tell me who is a celebrity worshipping fool???

  • Loganna

    yay, let’s celebrate 60 years of someone’s “divine right” to own everyone else. god, people are so f**** stupid! these people’s ancestors used to use your ancestors to wipe their asses but it’s all okay because they’re so “classy” looking.

  • Bernie wall

    Libby – You think william and Harry had a choice regarding Camilla? NONE! It doesn’t matter what Diana had done in the past. She was put in that place because Charles had no respect for her and the ex husband of Camilla. If he did, he would have respected the sanctity of his marriage and other people’s marriage. But no, he acted like his ancestor Henry viii, he wanted someone’s wife, he got it, thus destroying all the surrounding families. What’s royal about that?

  • Libby

    @Bernie wall:Ok please at least use google before u sprout such rubbish you obviously know nothing about… First it has been well documented in British press and TV interviews with the princes that they gave their consent to their father, William even acted as a witness and for them to even marry he had to obtain the consent of the church of England, Parliament and his mother queen Elizabeth, the Queen would have never given it if she thought it would damage the boys or the future of the monarchy,… Why on earth do you think that Camilla isn’t so widely hated over here anymore, its all to do with her relationship with William and Harry.

    As for the two marriages that broke down neither Charles or Diana were faithful that is a fact , Diana also stated Camilla was only one of the reasons her marriage ended, its also a fact that Camilla’s husband knew about the affair and had a long term mistress of his own . From your post I see you want to paint Charles as some medieval royal who rules everything with an iron fist but guess what in the UK we don’t live in those times anymore, we are a fully developed democratic country …

  • BritBrat

    @Manny: As you don’t actually live in England or even the UK how on earth could you have any idea of what the Jubilee weekend has done for us “commoners” … Do you know what it brings, it brings a community spirit, its brings a feeling of togetherness, it brings a feeling of pride, all things that money cant buy. It also gives you four days where for a little while you can forget your everyday problems and celebrate someone that has brought consistency to our country in times that consistently change, for a lot of Britain’s she is the focus of national unity. I know exactly what the Queen has done for our country, shes worked non stop for sixty years serving it , and maybe if you did some research you wouldnt come across sounding like an uneducated yank… Also you cant really talk about throwing money away when your president costs more than the royal family so maybe if you sized down there then there could be some money so everyone could enjoy the benefit of free healthcare!

  • Ashstar

    I would luv to be “Unemployed” with lavish lifestyle like these folks.

  • Halli


    LOL. You and people like you are sad sheeps. Your monarchy is a joke. A big circus with a new PR face in Kate Middleton. This girl has never worked a day in her life and neither has any of these people and would rather wipe their ass with money if they could but you feel a sense of ‘togetherness’ with them. LMAO!

  • Diana and Dodi died together

    Ashtar who is unemployed both sons are in the military and so do the rest of the Royal family ! Have Careers! No they do nit use the tapayers money for the events! Just like Obama who spends the tax payees $$$
    For foreign events at the White House. His Jubilee is a big event thiis the last one… Who says that the taxpayers pays for any of it? The are rich they vook their own events and pay for it… As for Diana , the boys
    Were brought up by their dad. Diana was too busy bopping Dodi on the
    yacht Ritz Carlton their own apartment to think of her kids! She died
    Alone in Paris with Dodi.. If ahe thought once about her children she
    Would be at home with them! Diamond Jubilee is the last one so it is great that the family is their with her EXCEPT PRINCE EDWARD and
    His Daughters,

  • just me

    @ 31-
    Are you trying to rewrite history? Learn the facts 1st before you post!
    For the most part the brothers were in private boarding school more than they spent time with either parent. When they were out of school their time was split between their parents. When Diana died the brothers were finishing their time with their father in Scotland since Diana had the boys during the first part of the summer holiday. Diana was spending time with Dodi. Diana was just beginning a relationship or having a fling with Dodi.
    You make it sound as if Diana should have remained locked away hovering in a corner until the boys returned to her for a few days then they would go back to school.
    You want to talk about bopping start w/ Charlie 1st- he was always doing it with Cam along with several other concubines/harem. Why should Diana spent her life without love when her husband started a marriage by spending the eve of his wedding with a married woman.
    Humans are flawed- that includes both Charlie & Diana. So why debate the marriage- although I do believe C & C took initiative to use a 19 year old girl to cover their affair.
    The fact is when Harry needed to be disciplined by his father Charlie would send PW to do it for him- early after his mother died young Harry was all too aware that his dad was “too busy with Camilla” to attend to his son.

  • Jessica

    If you didn’t get any great pictures from the Thames Pageant because of the rain there is a fantastic illustrated souvenir poster from that can be downloaded today for free