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Rihanna & Coldplay's 'Princess of China' Video - Watch Now!

Rihanna & Coldplay's 'Princess of China' Video - Watch Now!

Check out the premiere of Rihanna and Coldplay‘s new video for “Princess of China” as directed by Adria Petty and Alan Bibby.

Rihanna has described her look in the video as “gangsta goth geisha” and we couldn’t agree more. What great visual the video has!

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The song is the fourth single from Coldplay‘s fifth studio album Mylo Xyloto, in stores now.

Watch Rihanna and Coldplay‘s “Princess of China” below!

Rihanna & Coldplay’s ‘Princess of China’ Video – Watch Now!
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  • vanessa

    i feel really bad and the for rihanna she work so hard and the result awful and all what she achieves is haters

  • John

    Could not agree more Vanessa!

  • sdf

    Cool video! Nice song too!

    I’m not hating, but I never noticed how big Rihanna’s forehead was until I saw this video. Not that it’s a bad thing, she could surely use it for self defense.

  • jimmy

    i thought rhianna was from cuba <_<…..

  • sdf

    @jimmy: Uh, no…She’s from Barbados, both her parents are black, but her grandmother (father’s side) is white.

  • Annie

    “Princess of LETS MAKE MONEY”

  • Mari

    I am a bit confused why they would use a chick from Barbados as a Chinese princess. Wouldn’t it be better to use a girl who is actually Chinese?

  • jmho

    I’m thinking he is a bit too old to be playing her love interest, but the song is okay I guess

  • Kilem

    Ouch, do they even know what they are doing with this video? Music is okay, but the cultural references are all over the place and well, inaccurate. How ignorant.

  • ctwg

    Since when is geisha Chinese?? prove she’s ignorant and stupid.

  • Ronuy

    sorry, but this video looks very stupid. Rihanna & Chris looks so stupid I can’t watch this again.

  • ..

    wow! She did put some clothes on!

  • lolo

    geishas are from japan. how is this not sterotypical?

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi


  • BarneyLegendary

    oh nooo…coldplay, whyyyy??? it’s not the best coldplay song and rihannas voice destroy so much in my opinion. it doesn’t fit. thumb down!

    btw: i’m not a hater, i know rihanna and coldplay could do it so much better…but that is not a song i like…

  • liz

    whoooo cares ? If geishas are from japan or the bottom of the ocean ?
    They did A REALLLY GREAT JOB ! Both of them ! I’m not a fan of rihanna at all , but she did great , and chris looked AMZING as usual !

    I don’t understand why you all americans cause I’m sure that plenty of those stupid persons are , always complaining about everything ! Can’t you just enjoy and if you don’t like it fine . But please , give SMART reasons . Not that she has a big forehead .

    PS : How many person really know where geishas are from ? I really don’t give a shit

  • jess

    Love the video & song! :)

  • C


  • marty

    the origin is the chinese courtesan. merely a prostitute that dances and sings. you know why she referes to the geisha? cause she’s not selling for sex but just the music and art.

    welcome to the net of knowledge. ;)

  • Hekku

    Whites can’t use black face
    But Bajans can be Asian
    What am I missing?

  • Lulani

    What a pathetic mess!!!!! Face palm

  • JosettePurr

    @Kilem: I’m am so glad someone else noticed the same thing-It actually disturbs me a little too, being a huge fan of Japanese culture-Like her comment “gothic gangsta GEISHA”…? Really! I also see alot of references from house of flying daggers and crouching tiger.

  • bajan


  • Moh123

    Totally loved it

  • Sayer

    Terrible song, but good video.

  • Callie

    This video is narcissistic.

  • Annie

    A white chick would never have gotten away with this.

  • Julia

    Wasn’t this published already? :|

  • 123

    I just don’t understand the lyric, what’s the point?! They were lovers and now they are enemies? Is that has anything to do with China? And the video is really soso. They knew nothing, they just mix all the Asian elements together. China, India, Japan…

  • Seek

    I agree. There were several Asian references in this video. While I don’t think the video had to necessarily be a literal interpretation of the song, I do feel that at least if you’re going to reference an Asian culture….stick to the one culture you’re referencing. I mean they even had Ninjas (born of the Japanese culture) in the video for goodness sake. Yes, people do notice these things. Otherwise a pretty good song.

  • essie

    lol of course a white guy and a black girl would generalize different asian cultures as chinese



  • brit

    She’s definitely BETTER THAN LADY GAGA xD

  • dreamange

    Princess of illuminati

  • Sam

    The video is very beautiful, but if the theme is China they should stay in China. She’s dressed as a Geisha and they are doing traditional Thai dance. There’s enough in Chinese culture to fill the void. Traditional Chinese dance is quite lovely. It’s a bit offensive to Asian culture to group them in such a way. No English person would want their traditions grouped with Italy, France, or Germany. That said, I think they did great with the treatment they were given.

  • essie

    well if that video is just a fuc*kn music video then my comment was just a fuc*kn comment not meant for accuracies or any type of accuracy yet got u so worked up GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR A$$!

  • Junh

    Yes, thanks for pointing out the cultural inconsistencies. This video is a weird mix of Chinese, Japanese and Asian Indian references. I know there’s artistic license, but come on now, the 2 Leads are non Asians with the majority of taiko drummers, ninjas etc of Asian descent. Lovely choreography and cinematic shots though!

  • Dame

    This is just them trying to break into the massive Chinese market. It’s a little asian-fetishy…

  • Lia

    really you guys are so annoying ! It’s not a history movie alright ? Just a simple and REALLY COOL video of coldplay and rihanna .
    Get over it , jeez , nobody knows anything about china or asia , or makes any differences about that .

  • sklr


  • yuuuup

    Is Fakeyonce’s man still doing her?


    As much as I love both of them, this vid is so so weird!!!!!!

  • comomela

    waw it is magnificent!

  • hm…

    rihanna is beautiful!

  • zijab

    R u crazy or what?! She is not a director of the video,she is just singing there and she is doing what they say to her! she didnt make the video ,DUUUUUUUUUUUUUH?

  • namers

    He has no voice.

  • Matthew Richardson

    @ctwg: Hater much?

  • Bai

    This movie is so damn stupid, suppose to be just chinese but use all kinds of asian culture reference in there. I see references from china, japan, india and thailand. The director need to be banned from making anything asian music video. Bunch of bullshit

  • boots76

    f.y.i. Rihanna, geisha are Japanese, not Chinese. Get it right! It would probably piss you off if people interchanged Bajan for Jamaican, right?