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'Snow White' Tops Weekend Box Office!

'Snow White' Tops Weekend Box Office!

Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron‘s Snow White and the Huntsman has taken the top slot at the box office this weekend, raking in $56.3 million domestically and $95.6 million total worldwide, according to THR!

Will Smith‘s Men in Black 3 came in second place with $29.3 million, however, won the overseas box office with $78.6 million for a worldwide total of $386.9 million.

Coming in third was The Avengers, which took in $20.3 million, followed by Rihanna‘s Battleship in fourth with $4.8 million. Fifth place went to The Dictator with $4.7 million.

WHAT DID YOU SEE at the movies this weekend??

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# 1

i liked snow white and the huntsman! i think charlize’s performance was overdone, i don’t understand why all the reviews say she is the best part of the movie…i thought kristen did a better job

# 2

Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron‘s Snow White and the Huntsman? They didn’t make the movie!

# 3
WATCH THE PASSAGE @ 06/03/2012 at 1:37 pm



# 4

All that hard work Kristen Stewart’s PR team did paid off. Congrats to them

# 5
missdevil @ 06/03/2012 at 2:04 pm

Congrats!!! I absolutely enjoyed the movie. It was very good. And Charlize really did a great job.

# 6


I think most people went to see Charlize, not Kristen.

# 7

They make a cute couple!!!!!

# 8

@Amy: I personally went to see the movie because of its plot

# 9

Actually I won’t see this movie because of its stars, but because of the plot of movie. I never go to see movies because they star some actors I like. No way! I would never pay money to see rubbish just because it has my favorite actor. The movie itself must be interesting for me, first of all.

I wanna have sex with Charlize and Kristen

I love SWATH! I will have to go again! Both Kristen and Charlize were awesome! Kristen eyes were amazing….. you can see the pain, terror, longing, innocences, when she was looking for the huntsman! Congrats to them all! Chris was looking so fine even being dirty! lol!

aquarius64 @ 06/03/2012 at 2:35 pm

CT’s evil queen was heavily promoted for SWATH, so the lion’s share of the movie’s success should go to her. Stewart should send a big thank you basket to her PR team and agents for getting her into a movie that has been proven to be a commercial success.

Aquarius64: Not true at all, but spoken like a true kristen stewart hater. Universal knew the Twilight fan base was going to go see SWATH because of Kristen stewart. She’s a hot actress right now and first billed (meaning she will draw in the fans). Charlize hasn’t been in a mainstream movie since Hancock, in which the main draw WASN’T her. Advertisement is to persuade viewers that are on the fence about seeing a movie, and those viewers are not Twilight fans, and repeated time and time again they would only go because Charlize made a deliciously badass evil queen (and Kristen stewart a huge reason not to go). That’s why the promotion heavily featured Theron and minimized Kristen, apart for her name in the title (which promises her fans she will feature a lot in the movie). The demographic most anticipating SWATH as polled by fandango was female 17-25 (same as those for Twilight).

Charlize has a gorgeous ass !!!

I was so looking forward to it, but was disappointed :O( Did not think it was all what it was HYPED to be.

People didn’t go to watch Snow White because of Kristen Stewart or Charlize Theron. They went to see it because the trailers looked exciting the visuals were beautiful. Thor made $65 million opening weekend. Does that mean that Chris Hemsworth was a box office pull? He was a new comer back then. Snow White is a well known fairytale and people were interested in watching the movie becasue it was a big mainsteam film based on a well known fairytale. If you put Kristen or Charlize in an original movie like Salt, I bet you the movie wouldn’t even make $20 million. No disrespect to the ladies but they really aren’t exactly Angelina Jolie/Tom Hanks box office pull.

aquarius64 @ 06/03/2012 at 3:38 pm

@Grump: You’ve just proven the reason why Stewart was hired: she was Twi-hard bait, to get fans of that franchise to see the movie and help run up the box office receipts. Acting ability was not a consideration. As the titular character Stewart, Twilight fans or not, should have received more exposure for promotions and marketing, more than Theron. Universal was indirectly announcing to the world it had no confidence in Stewart’s acting, that she is such a polarizing figure that she is box office poison. Therefore, Theron led off in the promotions. Universal wasn’t taking any chances, especially seeing how Battleship performed. Judging from comments from other sites, people thought CT owned the movie and KS was so-so or just plain bad. Her fans of course thought she was brilliant; some others thought she was good, but most of the comments I’ve seen on KS’s performance was negative.

kristen was terrible.seriously i don’t hate her i couldn’t care less

Interesting that Unviersal made sure not to put too much Stewart in the trailers or tv spots or teasers. She was barely in the tv spots. All they said were, evil queen-hunstman-battle-fairytale etc. But yeah, Stewart does have another franchise to bank on after Twilight. Very smart decision on her part since Twilight is ending and she also signed on to endorse a fashion brand. She’s not backing down. She’s here to become a major movie star and probalby will sign onto to do another franchise again.

Alice in Wonderland proved that people were interested in dark edgy fairytales and that is where the idea of a dark edgy Snow White came from. Charlize’s evil queen was marketed heavily and dare I say she rivaled the Joker in The Dark Knight. Her evil queen was scary, dark, and bold. She gave me chills. A lot of people I know said that they were interested in seeing the movie beause of how fierce the evil queen looked. Also Snow White should have made something close to Alice in Wonderland. At least $75 million since it has a $175 million budget.

Universal did believed in Kristen or they wouldn’t pay her 20 million dollars to star in Snow White (first billed). Chris was billed second so he made more than Charlize but much less than Kristen. Just remember that Thor was a success when Chris was cast. He was the second name in the title.
Kristen was featured less than Charlize in the trailers and posters, but those are to pull in the Kristen haters and evil queen fans (who are mutually the same). Kristen was everywhere for the premieres, talk shows, photo calls. Her fans are more invested in her as a person than in her as Snow White.
Universal’s marketing was clever. They got both teams showing up for SW without alienating the Charlize/evil queen fans who are more on the edge about whether to show up or not.

The ability to bring in an audience is an essential one for an actor who wishes to do mainstream movies. Taylor Lautner failed where Kristen succeeded.
The ability to choose successful projects is also important for a long, successful career. Kristen doesn’t need to thank her PR team, they wouldn’t have anything to work with if Kristen didn’t have it in her to negotiate those roles, hired the right people, surround herself with the right team.
She never made a mis-step in her career, and that differentiates her from the poor actress who are going no where in Hollywood.

kingkasyski @ 06/03/2012 at 4:33 pm

I’m so proud of Kristen!Her being BO queen just started,i think she did wonderfully in SWATH,her acting is just perfect,not overly done like Charlize,sometimes i find Charlize likable in the movie when shes not speaking.Overall its an awesome movie,can’t wait for the next one,i hope they make another one!!

@Grump: Kristen Stewart is a 20 million dollar actress?

“Snow White and the Huntsman” did like I thought it would meaning it was going to take the # 1 spot but not close to being on the level of ” Marvel’s The Avengers” or ” The Hunger Games”. Or even ” Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax” which made $70,217,070 in its opening weekend.

@??: Snow White started out as a 90million movie. When Kristen and chris came on board, the budget almost doubled. Getting stars on board cost a lot of money- getting the right talents cost a lot. That’s because they promise a higher box office with star power, name recognition, and life long fans who will watch them in almost anything.
Another thing, Kristen doesn’t need to prove herself in blockbusters. She will get it because of who she is. The studios are in it to make money, so why not her? She can phone it in and people will still show up. She’s a star now, not an unknown anymore. She’s not Rooney Mara who needs to act like crazy in the Girl with dragon tattoo. In indies where reviews are important, she always brings it. If she doesn’t get any good offers, she will do indies. She’s not desperate for fame like some actresses in Hollywood.

@Grump: You do know that Johnny Depp and Hugh Jackman refused to do this movie because Universal was being cheap about the pay checks right? Viggo demanded an $8 million check and was refused.

that's how films work @ 06/03/2012 at 5:19 pm

@blair: Viggo isn’t box office gold. He hasn’t had a hit film since lotr. His casting wouldn’t guarantee a successful film box office wise to justify the paycheck. Johnny likely was asking more than what he was paid in Alice after Alice became a big hit. A gross percentage and everything.
How do you justify a 85 million dollar increase? Hiring talents like Collen Atwood, Kristen and Chris. This is the type of movie that Twilight fans like. Kristen can command this type of money because it appeals to the same fan base Twilight came from.

They didn’t have especially difficult movie roles but Charlize was the best.

Christian @ 06/03/2012 at 6:51 pm

Charlize owned that movie, she was bad ass!!

I haven’t seen the movie yet but can’t wait. when i first heard they were casting the role of snow white, Kristen was the first actress that came to mind. I thought her coloring, with her gorgeous green eyes, dark hair and very fair complexion prtfectly fit the role. when she was cast, I was thrilled. I know she did awesome and was the draw for the movie. I like Charlise but she did not draw the people in. The story and the special effects had something to do with its weekend box office success.


What are you talking about? What you are saying has NOTHING to do with my comment. Not once did I mentchen Kristen in my post so why are you bring her up in your reply to me. I get it your a big fan of hers but if your going to reply to someone’s post try to stay on topic.

Charlize falls behind
in the adopt-a-kid race
Get cracking, mama

[~Fug Face Man!ston~] @ 06/03/2012 at 7:42 pm

…I saw it yesterday, It was an entertaining movie. Stewart wasn’t aweful. LOL `Theron did very well.

[~Fug Face Man!ston~] @ 06/03/2012 at 7:45 pm

@Sal: …don’t you mean the studios? universal… LOL

I started to worry when I noticed how little they were using Kristen in the trailers, and well, I was right to be. She wasn’t great in this role, and the movie lagged at parts. Even with Charlize in it, I wish I had waited until this came out to rent.

Loved this movie!!! Charlize are Kristen were both awesome in their roles!!!

Saw the movie last night. It was terrible.

Congrats to everyone involved on such a surprise hit!!!!!!! I love that it exceeded expectations! Very good movie!

Kristen and Charlize are so beautiful!

I’m not sure it was a “surprise” hit. I think with all the money invested and publicity, the studios were counting on it to make money.

Kristen, Chalrize, Chris and Sam were awesome in this movie! I dont care what anyone says they were perfect in their roles and together they created this wonderfully successful movie along with Rupert Sanders of course!

Wowzers!!! SWATH did brilliantly at the box office! Good for them!! Congrats!!!!

So happy for Kristen and everyone involved!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great movie. Great cast. Great success!

A lot of positive word of mouth contributed to its success I think!! I loved it!!! Glad that people were buzzing about it! A lot of people were surprised at how well Kristen especially did!!! She really was great in this movie! So much more than Bella!!

I agree! A lot of people have been saying they were wrong about Kristen Stewart and that they like her now!!!!

Congrats to these lovely ladies!!! They did very well!!

I’m not surprised it did so well at all!! Very beautifully shot and beautifully acted.

So happy for them!! They worked hard on this movie they deserve this success!

Enjoyed the movie especially the twist in the romance between SW and the huntsman. Wish it was less understated.

Sitting on the fence @ 06/04/2012 at 3:02 am

At last, a kick*a*s*s film featuring 2 bad*a*s*s (and extremely beautiful) actresses and celebrating female empowering theme, is doing well at the BO! Stop the hate, you guys, both Charlize and Kristen deserve all the success. CONGRATS TO ALL!

FARTinyourFACE @ 06/04/2012 at 3:20 am

@: She WAS the best part you tween c-u-n-t!

Oh Yeah!!! @ 06/04/2012 at 3:30 am

Kristen is a very Ugly Snow White!

How exciting!

Kristen Stewart vs Charlize Theron… Oh, please. Stewart even isn’t a fairy snow white… Too bad. Her accent is just awful, too.

I found CT over done and contrite. IT was painful to watch. I swore I saw more Bella in this movie from KS than anything else. Overall it was okay nothing exciting. It was boring man way too long.

Surprised @ 06/04/2012 at 6:29 am

That’s it I thought she were such a huge pull that they would have made more money. That’s why she got hired right. What the Twilight fans are fed up with her one expression. CT fans where were you? This is ridiculous you talk about them so much but yet still don’t spend your money what it only shows you really think your actress suck haha which they did. The movie was a snooze. Even the action scenes were yawn. 56 million is not huge Battleship made that too and it didn’t have Twilight in it plus the successful talent CT (roll eyes) haha prove is in the pudding movie sucks.

Kristen_Miley @ 06/04/2012 at 7:49 am

well i don’t know what people say about Charlize and Kristen, i watched it for Chris Hemsworth and i really enjoyed him <3

Ugonna Wosu @ 06/04/2012 at 8:39 am

ALOT of people went to see Charlize, but Kristen did also have ALOT of fans going to support her too. Lets not make that a fight.

Both ladies did well, the movie did well. CHARLIZE’S performance was SUPPOSED to be over the top. She added nuances, pathos and genuine emotion to it and it was NOT too much. She stole the show.

Chris Hemsworth was amazing. CONGRATS TO ALL 3 on their PERFORMANCES and the BOX OFFICE NUMBERS. Well DESERVED!

Ugonna Wosu @ 06/04/2012 at 8:44 am


Most people said they would not have watched the movie cause they did NOT like KStew,. It was CHARLIZE who drew those people in. Neither woman has a history of BO success. KSTew doesn’t outside of Twilight and her fans forget that and say it is only Charlize who doesn’t. KStew brought in her Twilight fans, and Charlize brought in those who weren’t. And since stats say most of the viewers were over 30 YEARS OLD, guess who brought in MOST of the viewers??? CHARLIZE DID, not KStew.

I tried to be diplomatic, but some of you smug KStew fans need some facts brought in.

shielariza @ 06/04/2012 at 10:54 am

i really enjoyed the movie, i hope the universal will make another movie with the same cast :D kirsten, Chris

shielariza @ 06/04/2012 at 10:55 am

i really love the snow white and the Huntsman :d

@Ugonna Wosu:
haha most of twilight fans are over 30 so what are you saying. LOL

Purple Poet @ 06/05/2012 at 12:04 am

There’s all this pointless debating about who brought in the viewers Charlize or Kristen. I say all the elements worked together to draw in a crowd. You got Thor. They wanted Kristen to get the Twilight crowd. Charlize isn’t a proven box office success, but this will help her track record since her evil queen was well received by critics and audiences and was heavily promoted. All of this helped it not flop.

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