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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Date Night in NYC!

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Date Night in NYC!

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez share a sweet smile as they head out for date night on Sunday (June 3) in New York City.

The 45-year-old actress and her French fiance saw My Children, My Africa, a play about racial tensions in South Africa before the abolition of apartheid.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Halle Berry

Recently, Halle reportedly signed on for a new comedy – the movie is called Shoe Addicts Anonymous and follows the lives of four people who are addicted to shoes. The movie is set to hit theaters next year.

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  • Hekku

    Where is your daughter?
    With her abusive Daddy?
    Or locked in a room?

  • Hekku

    Shave your head, Frenchie
    You are no longer hot now
    Look like a seagull









  • Anna

    I use to like her, but now I know that she is fake and a mean person. I know that she paid for the trip and everything else, because he doesn’t have any money. He has no career. She will be bad mouthing him soon too. Watch, just watch as soon as they break up.

  • Julie
  • Sped

    I think they are a very cute couple.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Please – no more photos and stories about these two for at least a week. I’ve had enough……….


    I don’t agree with Halle nonsense but she is Beautiful and needs a hit,
    gold diggers=GA should not get paid

  • huggy bear

    hey he charge his shoes

  • JLO

    Age appropriate man I should try that for a chnage.

  • My Opinions

    Put those pants back in the trash can where you found them Halle.

  • Pete

    She is looking so old now, and who is that old man with her? Hollywood is so boring. Where are the young hot people?

  • cha

    please if anyone can tell me what’s the brand she wears for the pants?
    thank you so much

  • older lady

    @Hekku: Her child is the same place she was when that so called great father was chasing a woman into the toilet!

  • older lady

    I like these two together. They are attending to their own business and doing what all of the rest of us are trying to do–find somebody to love you. Too many people are trying to hold Halle Berry to a standard that they can’t attain themselves. She isn’t a crook, a child molester, or a deviant, so why so much hate is being spewed against this woman, I hazard to guess. Some of it is clearly envy and a misguided belief that she has hurt Gabriel Aubry and is keeping him from hils child. But that is a personal matter between the affected parties, not the general public. I wish Halle and Olivier the very best just I would for any other couple starting out their lives together.

  • Not true

    @older lady: LMAO not true…never happened. Model boy is gay/bisexual and Halle admitted on Tavis Smilley in 2007-2008 that she had her eggs harvested/IVF. There are dozens of photos of Halle going to the LA Fertility Clinic in Glendale. There were also photos of she and Gabe there too a few days after one of her famous f-bomb attacks.

  • wishful thinking

    @older lady: This is a gossip entertainment blog not a fan site. Halle Berry has nothing I want including her fake wig, fake fiance’, her gay/bi baby daddy, her need to be seen etc. If it works out between she and Ollie Boy great. If the Judge says nada/non. Let’s see how long these love birds stay together. I hope everything works out for Nahla’s sake.

  • LOL

    @huggy bear: And his clothes too!

  • Don’t be so gulliable

    @older lady: We don’t what’s up with them or she and her ex bf etal. So don’t assume that these two are madly in love and don’t know the pappis are helping Halle conveying that. Yes he did join her for a few days while she was there on biz with her manager (see other photos). At least, they flew separately. Gabe very well could be a golddigger being a pseudo celeb. Halle’s making more drama justified or not than there needs to be regardless of who may or may not be the “better” parent or how much they both love their child. Looks like the BH rumor was all that there was–not many sources covered it. Also, what’s on JJ, ROL, TMZ etc is not gospel,nothing more than tabloid entertainment. Wish them well. Hope everything works out for the best…Halle’s going to be in for a rude awakening with the French laws, customs, etc. and not being an attention whore trying to stay relevant. Halle newsflash–there is racism and violence over there too. She’s only moving to be with her paid bf of two years–doubt they will be together much longer here in the US or in France.

  • older lady

    @Don’t be so gulliable: I have no dislike for any of the parties involved, but it seems that some of yoru devotees to Mr. Aubry will say about anything. When the day comes that the law makes these sites liable for slander, etc. some of your folks are going to be in serious trouble. But until then, lets hope that all of you enjoy And by the way, you can’t file personal bankruptcy to keep from paying. I only hope that the laws change soon, then some of this kind of nonsense will be over with. Because this woman has been portrayed as the evilist person in the world.

    Also, I don’t know about French laws, but I do kknow that people make mistakes in their lives and I leave punishment for those errors to a being higher than myself!

  • older lady

    @Not true: I think you must have gotten several of your friends to answer my earlier entry, because I never mentioned anything about anyboby’s sexual preferences, but it seems to matter to you. So if Gabriel is gay/bisexual he is still a human being, and his dignity should be respected. As I mentioned the decisions regarding the child he shares with Ms. Berry is a personal matter. And how a person is conceived makes them no less human or entitled to the same things as you or I. Good luck to you. Hope you live long enough to see that some of the things you espouse are bullshit!

  • Halle is that you???Confused?

    @older lady: Halle is that you? What are you talking about? New to the boards? Looks like the posts that you are referring to are most likely from the same person posting under different names not uncommon on JJ and probably not multiple posters.

    Does there need to be more regulation on limits to free speech on the internet limiting against liable etc? Touchy subject and hard to prove on every site whether it’s a gossip tabloid site or not.

    If you object to the others postings why do you come on this site and comment? Just asking.

    Not pro Halle or pro Aubry…who knows what’s really going on??? None of us nor do any of us know what’s up with Halle and Martinez.

  • My take

    @older lady: My take on the posts, don’t think that poster or others are jealous of Halle Berry or the other involved parties. They don’t have anything I want especially the crap they have to put up with.

    Plus the readers are going to believe whatever they want to believe. Bet you anything Team Halle planted that one about Aubry at Beverly Hilton Hotel–actually it’s quite fun. Seriously doubt, he’s that stupid do something so bonehead or tacky while his and Berry’s private life is being played out in the tabloids and other gossip media.

    Who knows and who cares about Aubry’s orientation! There have been comments speculating since day one. I know you didn’t make any comments of this nature.

    Poster is correct about Halle talking about egg harvesting etc on Tavis’s show right after her pregnancy was announced –saw the episode.

    It may be on his site, You Tube or that fan of hers, Andrew who used to have a site showing her interviews and appearances (don’t know if he till does).

    Re: Halle and Gabriel at some Fertility Clinic working on baby #2 –vaguely remember something being on some site–of them walking out of the clinic with him walking in front of her. The whole thing was downplayed.

  • 4 old lady

    @older lady: Agree with the other poster. Same person posting under several aliases. Most people don’t care and have been posting less.

  • 4 old lady #2

    @My take: Don’t know Gabe or Halle’s sexual orientation or conception methods regardless of what she said in a 2007 interview and photos w/speculation that are floating around the internet for the last 2-5 years. That’s there business not ours. Subjects from you and your anti-poster don’t require long posts.

  • jj2009

    He actually looks like he cleaned up—can’t tell if he’s got his funky jeans on that he always wears. Halle’s outfit is okay. They know the papps are following them. Anyway, best of luck no matter what the outcome will be later this month.

  • Hey Older Lady… Yes!

    Many of the folks here ARE INDEED jealous of Ms. Berry. My opinion is that most of the haters are not white, but BLACK males and females who hate her with a passion. The females hate her because she’s biracial, pretty, always had black men in Hollywood praising her, admiring her, etc. She got more breaks than better black actresses. THEN, she married and dated several popular black men who many black women drool over. The relationships fizzled, and Berry talked about the men (which most people do) and somehow Halle Berry did the worst thing possible. ON TOP OF THAT, she finally had enough of black men dissing her and tried a white guy. BLACK MALES and FEMALES, afrocentric, in black communites, pro-black attitutes went absolutely BALLISTIC!!!! Make no mistake about it. At the end of the day there are plenty of resentful people who are jealous of Halle Berry. Yes, it’s true!

  • really?

    @Hey Older Lady… Yes!: Are you serious! You must have taken the same stupid pill Halle took when she told Essence that she “tried black men” – ironically it is a white man who is taking her to the cleaners…like the white man she dated before she came to Hollywood who tried to sue her when she was married to David Justice. Halle has problems with men period – black, white, or whatever. Black people made Halle’s career ie movies like Jungle Fever, Boomerang, her many NAACP awards – so shut the hell up . She should be grateful. She will likely be saved by black people once she gets her official “n word wake up call” as Paul Mooney speaks on. She’s kind of getting it now. It is white people who are taking the side of her white ex – I predicted this. He is saying the same things about her that David and Eric have said about her – that she is controlling and has a horrible temper – but people did not listen to them – but they will take the word of the white boyfriend. Please.

  • really?

    @Hey Older Lady… Yes!: Halle has been dating white men for years even before she became a star – she also dated Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block. Halle is full ish acting like she never dated white men before and white men who were problematic – again one white guy sued her for 80,000 when she was married to David Justice and he stood by her just like Eric stood by her during her hit and run – she called both her “rock” at some point- and you are full of ish too – how do you talk about others being racist by making a racist statement yourself! AGAIN, Halle has problems with men – period.

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