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Jennifer Aniston: Bear Suit in 'Bachelor' Spoof

Jennifer Aniston: Bear Suit in 'Bachelor' Spoof

Jennifer Aniston wears a pair of hipster glasses as she leaves a gym after a workout session on Monday (June 4) in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old actress recently made a surprise appearance in the Ben Stiller-produced web-series Burning Love, a spoof of reality dating show The Bachelor.

At the end of the series’ second episode, it was revealed that the mysterious contestant in a bear suit was played by Jen! Also featured on the series are Kristen Bell and Malin Akerman.

Over the weekend, Jen picked up the Dirtbag Award at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards for her role in Horrible Bosses.

Jennifer Aniston: Bear Suit on ‘Bachelor’ Spoof

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jennifer aniston bear suit in bachelor spoof 01
jennifer aniston bear suit in bachelor spoof 02
jennifer aniston bear suit in bachelor spoof 03
jennifer aniston bear suit in bachelor spoof 04
jennifer aniston bear suit in bachelor spoof 05
jennifer aniston bear suit in bachelor spoof 06
jennifer aniston bear suit in bachelor spoof 07
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Credit: Brooks/Campos; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Marina

    She looks old and tired.

  • an opinion

    She is built just like Kelly Clarkson. They both look like body builders. Aniston is so average without makeup like these pics.

  • noplace

    Very unattractive!

  • just stop by

    She is cool for her age.

  • amy

    So talented and GORGEOUS. Pathetic jealous idiots with the negative comments. All of you would LOVE her life and deep down you ALL know it.

  • dork

    Such a DORK.

  • she is old

    What would you expect from a 43 year old?

  • Sorry JEN your time is up

    Over and done with so put a fork in it. People are laughing at you and not with you.

  • This HAG is nasty.


  • This HAG is nasty.

    I guess the drinking and smoking pot has caught up with her.

  • This HAG is nasty.

    She’s sad, must have found out her eggs are dried up.

  • Dirtbag award

    She wears that title well.

  • anime

    I think she has gained so much weight thats why she has been hiding the past months. She needed to really go to a proper gym to lose the weight instead of just relying on yoga. Now that she has lose some of the weight, she started showing up but you can see she still needs to lose a bit more. Her arms are getting flabby.

  • Barb

    She’s wearing lots f makeup to exercise…eyeliner, mascara etc… And that picture in the car is an unfortunate angle… She’s pretty ordinary without all the stuff…

  • Iggy POP


  • Iggy POP

    Iggy Pop long lost sister.

  • Thelma

    She looks good from chest down but the face, shoulders and arms all look wrinkled, manly and show sun damage.


    She is nothing and Justin will leave her. He’ll go crawling back to Heidi.

  • Man up Jennay


  • Jen is NOT wife material

    Jen is too materialistic and fake.

  • Changing voice

    Is it me or is her voice getting lower? She looks decent for her age, but her voice is sounding old.


    It’s all funny till it comes back round and hits you in that manly face.

  • Dog

    *sniff sniff*

    Yep. Smells like BernardProfitendieu’s nocturnal emissions.


  • Iggy Pop

    Twin sister.

  • Please pity me

    Actually so many of your fans jumped ship.

  • Hekku

    Where is Jenny’s man?
    Oh right, he’s not on a leash
    Sit, Brad. Stay. Good dog!

  • Ewwww

    Such a fake.

  • Hekku

    Where are Jenny’s kids?
    Oh right, she’s a barren hen.
    But free as a bird.

  • MJ

    Holy Sh*t! her chest, neck and face with not so much make up it shows a lot of aging spots, specially her chest plus it’s so wrinkly. Poor desperate woman. Probably, she found out from last night that she was a laughing stock because she was drunk or high in cocaine. And for her being so desperate to be thin, it won’t happen. Most Greek women are big, specially the hip part just ask Kelly Clarkson. They are born like bodybuilders. Anuston better continue working out because if she will stop, she will turn into balloon plus her chin will grow longer. Poor woman. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Hekku

    Dumb Jen doesn’t know
    That heroin works faster
    Skinny junkies rule!

  • jamie

    @Hekku: Actually, she’s not looking for attention. She doesn’t use children. Unlike other actors who try and look like there so great by adopting from outside the US. Wow some of you are either chubby broads getting cookie crumbs all over your computers or really really hate your lives so much you cut a woman up who has it all, and has worked hard for it. Come on tubby, walk outside and get some fresh air. Or pretend your lives are so great, lol

  • Kai

    I like Jen Aniston. She seems nice. She looks great and very healthy.

  • MJ

    @jamie: Anuston doesn’t use children because she doesn’t have one and never have a plan to have one. Don’t worry dear, we don’t need to work out that hard because we are slim enough. We use our time for our family instead of working out and besides we have partners and having time in the GROTTO can lose your weight, it’s a better workout than in the gym or yoga. Gym and yoga all the time is good for those who have no life. And that include Anuston. Poor woman.

  • Buster

    Ooh i’s just eating the brangeloonies alive that aniston looks so great and jolie looks like somebody beat her senseless with a hash brick and a sack of heroin needles. jolie looks twice aniston’s age, has NO body to speak of and if she doesn’t eat something soon, her skinny ass legs that she burst out of that god-awful sack she wore to the awards show will sue her for non-support lol.

  • Hekku


    Should have put the words
    “barren hen” in quotes, as I
    Was mocking the loons

    She has no kids to
    Tie her down and she is not
    Leaving them for months

    Or uprooting them
    To suit her crazy lifestyle
    Which is bad for them.

  • crazyinjapan

    Poll 100 men and ask them who is more attractive, Angie or Jen? Overwhelmingly, the votes would go to Jen. I promise you this. Angie is a meanie stringbeanie.

  • Guest

    is that why Jennifer aniston has NEVER made top 10 on esquire, askmen, FHM, MAXIM, the only list she managed was a made up one from mens health which got 99% NEGATIVE coments, is that also the reason why every man she has been with has DUMPED her a##

  • Guest

    free as a bird yet her FANS keep thinking shes pregnant every time she hasnt been spotted in a all truly thought she was preggers this time around and when you found out she wasnt you now say she doesnt need a child,

  • Wot

    Love her!

  • JL

    @MJ: MJ
    why it looks like your GROTTO is a trailer?
    Why don’t you celebrate Jolie’s B day?
    Because no holiday?
    Your hate to JA is a VERY PERSONAL thing.
    Whats happened, poor hater?
    What’s wrong with your life?

  • Marta

    She can wear sunglasses and flip her hair all she wants, but the truth is her face is sagging. Droopy like botox in the hot sun.

  • Mkhay

    Wait where was Kristen Bell?

  • some can’t move on

    I see some here can’t help themselves and won’t STOP dragging in people who have no connection to her every comment they post. Don’t you know how totally pathetic that makes you and by association her also seem?

    8.5 years and this nonexistant never was competition is still all some of you can talk about. 8.5 years and you refuse to move on as she keeps saying she did long ago. 8.5 years and you are still living in some delusional world rather than face what is reality.

    She is 43 years old and counting, middle aged by any definition, she has bat wingish arms like all develop over time, she is going to be chunky as she used to be if she does not spend major time in the gym and stay 100% on the zone diet.

    What is truly said is there is no conversation as to her next project or discussion as to her acting ability. Nothing about her career prospects which are dimming like most 40+ actresses in youth obsessed celeb land. No questions as to why someone with her reported wealth is not financing indies she could produce and maybe act in.

    NO just the same old crap which 99.9% of the population has passed on. Most people could care less who she was once married to almost a decade ago. Most young people are not even sure who she is. Huvane is out buying her MTV awards which she would not even walk the RC for last night.

    And the same group is here ranting about nothing, just nothing. While her career fades. While her “hotness” which is all some of you constantly praise is fading and she knows it even if she and you pretend and refuse to accept it.

    She is no CatherineD or SophiaL whose beauty is eternal.

    Wonder what the beauty focused ones here will do as the signs of her aging become more pronounced as they do with all of us in time. Guess you will want her to go the Joan Rivers way. How very sad.

  • to some can’t move on

    to some can’t move on:

    angie looks older than jen and unhealthy if i i do say so myself. you say jen’s career is fading because she is over 40….according to this logic angie’s will fade too in 3 years maybe sooner….because let’s face it…jen looks better and healthier and has a better life than angie does. the older angie gets the worse for wear she looks. jen on the other hand takes good care of herself.

  • i want to see burning love

    I want to see the show the bachelor spoof.

    i was also wondering today why jared doesn’t post bachelor updates for the show. right now the bachelorette is on with emily. love her. i think she is the best bachelorette ever.

  • #44

    So childish all you guys got is Jen looks this Jen is healthy that…yet none of you speak of her acting because you know she sucks at it….she got her big break with hair and her marriage….without these two especially milking the later, she would have been long gone or back on tv…..Aniston is a tabloid star created by her pr to get her more quality movies but it failed terribly…she never has been a in demand actor because a real true actor/actress don’t accept anything and film 3+ quickie movies in a year just to have her name still relevant the following year…..only starving actors or those who can’t act do this. True A+ list actors are selective and quality and depth over quantity and sometimes blockbusters because they love and respect their craft and see it as an art form….so therefore Aniston is not about anything with substance just popularity and a check to keep her hired pr flack busy and her high maintenance regiment to rid any similarity of her inherited features.

  • to 44

    acting is what helped jen nab brad pitt. she was in a show call friends for many years and it was a hit tv show. everyone loved rachel. the only reason the show ended is because she married pitt who wanted her to quit.

  • to 44

    also you sound very shallow making everything about acting.

  • some can’t move on

    @to some can’t move on:

    You can’t help yourself can you, LOL? What does Angelina have to do with Jennifer? NOTHING AT ALL. Why insist on comparing them? They are 2 extremely different women, wtih different priorities and life goals.

    So why do you persist in this silliness. I will just list a few facts.

    Angelina is younger, acclaimed as a talented actress, who has already won an Oscar, who now says she will make few films and that is what she is doing, has not made a film in like 3 years and is now making a Disney film because her daughter Shiloh wants her to play Maleficent. She lists her priorities as her family first, then her humanitarian interests second, and her film career last. She makes Brad and their kids the main focus of her life, and lives the life she has chosen.

    Jennifer is focused on her career in films and has been successful up to a point in film rom coms and has rejected a return to tv, has no kids at this time by her own choice because if she wanted them she would have had them either by birth or adoption, has a partner she cares for that some will not accept, has plenty of money, and she lives the life she has chosen.

    These are 2 very different women with very different priorities, both who appear to be quite happy with the choices they have made. Of course both will face aging stigma in celeb land, but in very different ways.

    Angelina has already forged a new path as maybe a director and screenwrite in addition to being an actress and is now a semi diplomat, Jennifer has not forged new paths to date and is so far only mainly seen as a rom com actress. Angelina is also adjudged more naturally uniquely beautiful and talented than Jennifer by most. Jennfier is seen as an attractive woman with great hair and body who has made the most of herself.

    Why can’t you concentrate on Jennifer’s qualities rather than trying to pull in Angelina? Does Jennifer have so many shortcomings to you that you feel the need to try to boost her in some way by comparing her? Can’t you let Jennifer stand on her own?

    What are you so afraid of?

  • JL

    @some can’t move on: YEAH,
    and you came here to talk about “nothing” :)