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LeAnn Rimes: 'LA Fitness Grand Opening' with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes: 'LA Fitness Grand Opening' with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes stands by her hubby Eddie Cibrian at the grand opening of the LA Fitness Club on Sunday (June 3) in Woodland Hills, Calif.

The cute couple was all smiles as they posed for cameras on the red carpet.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

“Had the best time at the opening of the new @LAFitness in our neighborhood,” LeAnn tweeted. “Fabulous!!!!”

The day before, the blonde beauty was spotted showing off a lot of leg while shopping at John Varvatos boutique.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes on the red carpet and shopping…

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Credit: PWM, London Ent, Raak; Photos: AKM-GSI, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Hekku

    Open your eyes, bish
    Your nostrils flare when you’re glad?
    Take off Brad’s hat!

  • kizbit

    I wouldn’t go to that gym just because they invited her to the grand opening! GO AWAY!!!!!!

  • Kiley

    Attention whores. These two cheating bastards need ANY excuse to flaunt their fornication to the camera. Shameful and pathetic

  • Hekku

    Pull his leash tighter, girl!
    His squinty eyes look hungry
    Brandi could tell you

  • dobbi

    This is her “career”, opening a gym. Pathetic. And he looks nasty.

  • Julie

    new video is live check it out thanks :D

  • no more money

    money must be getting tight.

    she wore that white blouse 2 times.

  • hah

    Is it just me or is she looking less skinny than she used to?

  • Cam S

    Leann just isn’t very attractive is she? Poor Eddie, he used to be good looking. Now he looks like my drunk uncle

  • lizzie

    jo-jo-jo-joker face

  • IGottaSay

    I gotta say, those shorts make her thighs pretty thick. Her legs look a bit slimmer in the pants.

  • lizzie

    to hell with her… I watch a game of thrones <3

  • Marisa

    No more comments people or we’ll never get rid of her. For the record, she is a butt ugly, delusional, has-been yodeler. He is a disgusting , talentless , never was or will be excrement. Now let’s all say bye to them & go Brandi!

  • Geordie

    “Blond beauty”? That is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. LeAnn is a lot of things. Proud adulterer, obnoxious and deluded step-parent who ignores her boundaries, fame wh&re, insecure 2nd wife, ATM for her “hubby”, former child star who is now relegated to casino basements and local gym openings etc. Heck, I’ll even give her a pass on the the {bottle} blond, but a beauty she is not. Jared must really be raking in the bucks to post these ridiculous fluff pieces for her. BTW, Eddie’s sure not aging well. He’s looking rough and bloated. I guess he has given up on reviving his non-existent career and has decided to stay drunk on a full time basis. She sure got the booby prize when she “won” that loser.

  • Deanne

    God, their careers really are in the toilet aren’t they? A gym opening? How humiliating. He actually looks dirty, disheveled and drunk. Since he’s living on Le’s dime, he can relax and pursue alcoholism as his new full time gig. It’s not like he has anything else to do. She’d better hustle her shriveled little butt at this summers BBQ contests and chile cook-offs so that she can keep him in the freeloading lifestyle he’s grown accustomed to since he met her.

  • Mimi

    Glad to see she’s gained some weight and looks much healthier.

  • Matt

    WTF has this donkey kong w/hore done to her face? I mean come on, she was never pretty but JC she is so fked up looking now. EC is so not in love with her, how obvious is this.

  • Jazz

    I’d stay drunk to if I woke up to that everyday. LR is awful looking. Belinda and Wilbur are butt ugly so I guess she stood zero chance. She looks inbred. She is such a joke at life. They both are.

  • gwen

    So Leann went for the 2 for 1: Malibu shopping and Leann and Eddie at the LA Fitness Club all wrapped it in one fluffpiece. What’s going on, Leann can’t afford to pay for back to back fluffpieces anymore? Or did Leann pull the 2 for 1 because she is planning on releasing yet another staged photo-op to this site later on today?

    Cute couple? What a joke. Eddie and Leann are equivalent to Courtney S and Doug. The photo says it all. Eddie is miserable and he doesn’t care that it shows and Leann is willing to put on the united front no matter how bad things are between her and Eddie. Did you get a chance to see the video of Leann and Eddie? For a couple who claims that they are so in love with one another, Leann and Eddie are very akward with one another. Eddie is drunk. Leann kept trying to get Eddie to finish her sentences, but Eddie just looked at her and kept his mouth closed. At one point it looks like Eddie is zoning out as Leann is speaking. Eddie has this look on his face like, “Shut up, Leann” or “Is she ever going to stop talking”. From the looks of it, Leann made sure that Eddie made plenty of contact with her and rubbed all over her back all because people pointed out how he doesn’t do that. Why does Eddie make all of those weird faces? And the sad thing is that he thinks that it makes him look sexy. Eddie is starting to look like the joker.

    Of course Leann was showing off a lot of leg. And I sure hope she didn’t attend the childs birthday party like this. Leann is trying way too hard to look like Brandi in those photos of her shopping. Why is she getting in the car like that? So she also set up this staged photo-op to show off her legs? Why? Don’t tell me that Eddie was at his own son’s birthday party lusting over Brandi’s legs.


    She looks great and she looks happy. Good for her.

  • gwen


    Leann looks like she is trying to morph into Brandi. Just because Leann looks happy, it doesn’t mean that she is. If Leann was happy, she wouldn’t constantly seek validation from outside of the marriage.
    Why was it necessary for her to once again invite GSI with her shopping, the same GSI that was at the grocery store with her on the holiday?

    That video of Leann and Eddie tells it all. Their marriage is over, it’s just a matter of how long the media is going to keep up the farce. I hate to say it, I almost felt sorry for Leann because she was trying so hard to put on a united front. Just like Leann has her fake donkey laugh, Eddie has a fake joker face laugh. Eddie wasn’t even invited to the Guy’s Choice Awards. That just goes to show just how bad things are for him. Well at least he got to take home some free stuff.

  • T

    Her career was trash before she even hooked up with him, but there’s some things she could do to at least get off the hated celebrity list. #1 She needs a stylist. Gawd, she looks horrible. She is not a sexpot and should stop trying to be one. Her body is not built for haute couture, so she needs to give that up pronto. #2 She really needs to stop messing with her face. She’s had an obvious nose job, her veneers are Gary Busey-inspired, and the botox is making her face look puffy, her eyes squintier, and giving her a joker look. She was never a beauty, but she was ok-cute, now she’s just looking like a freak. I shudder to think what she’ll look like in 5 years. She will be giving children nightmares. #3 Get a PR rep and LISTEN to them and stop thinking she knows it all. She clearly is deluded and does not understand how much she’s disliked. Any publicity is good publicity is not a motto she should live by. #4 See a therapist, get the diagnosis we all know she would get and try to become a decent person. #5 Get off twitter, or at least stop using it for constant validation and self-congratulatory, narcissistic pats-on-the-back and stop using it for passive-aggressive digs at her stepsons’ mother.

  • Lise

    @T: Her whole passive aggressive twitter stuff is nauseating. She compliments herself all the time for taking the high road and posts insipid, stupid quotes about it when in reality she’s behaving like an insecure child, As for her stylist, they must hate her to send her out looking the way she does. She has the money, why not get a good stylist and quit dressing like a clown. She does need to distract people from looking at her jacked up face so maybe these garish, unflattering outfits are her attempt at doing that. Getting her sociopathiic self under the care of a good psychiatrist would probably not hurt either. If she doesn’t stop what she’s doing and get her act together, she’ll torpedo her career for good. Once the money starts running out Eddie the drunk won’t have any reason to hang around anymore and the s h ! t will really hit the fan. What a circus that is going to be.

  • Ivana

    Good Lord! I used to think he was good looking even a couple of years ago but he looks like a sack of crap now. What the heck happened to him? That does not look like a happy man.I guess marrying someone for their money isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Somehow I just can’t bring myself to feel sorry for him though. He’s such a lying SOB.

  • Racy

    Still the same ridiculous bunch using different ids. Can’t you think of something new to say? Still saying the same old same old. If they are unhappy, they already know it; if they are happy, they know that too. Give it a rest. Gwen is still grunting about what is to come – after all this time, Gwen, you haven’t changed a bit. Give us something new to laugh about. You provide more publicty for this couple than anybody I have seen.

  • Toni

    @Racy: Shut up Leann

  • gwen


    Neither have you. If you are going to make a post about how someone hasn’t changed or asking someone to think of something new to say, then shouldn’t you at least practice what you preach? How many times have we seen you make a post obsessing over me? How many times have we seen you make a post telling other posters to leave Eddie and Leann alone because they are happy? How many times have we seen you write the give it a rest or move on post? How many times have we seen you make the statement that any publicity is good publicity?How many times have we seen you try to take the heat off of yourself by arguing it’s others who are using the different ids? So come on RACY/CBME, give us something new to laugh about.

    I provide more publicity for Leann and Eddie than anyone you have ever seen? So that is why Leann and Eddie are ranked as the top celes on this site right up there with AJ and BP? And that is why Leann’s album made over 1 million dollars? And why Eddie’s show was nominated for a Emmy?And why Leann as nominated for a Grammy and several awards this year? Oh wait, there is something wrong with your theory. And what is even funnier is that I distinctly remember you trying to get people to stop posting in these threads by telling them that they were only helping Leann and Eddie. But then when JJ made it’s most popular lists as the end of the year, Leann and Eddie nor any of their threads made it on the list. I thought for sure that the thread about Eddie’s Charisma campaign was going to make it because it had over 200 posts. Come on Racy, if you are going to lecture on posting something different, shouldn’t you at least practive what you preach?

    So Leann really is planning on releasing another staged photo-op to JJ today?

  • nomorerimes

    Even dailynews/uk has this irrelevant article on their website. And SleazeAnn is disliked over there too!! Way to go Sleaze!! International dislike!!

  • nomorerimes

    Gosh–doesn’t “ho” husband look just so excited about being seen with SleazeAnn???!!! He’s probably rather be with —-whoever else was available! Or he’s rather be home taking out the garbage!

  • betty

    @Racy Remember when you use to Bash

  • betty

    @Racy Remember when you use to bash Brandi for being a stay at home mom and didn’t work,well what about Eddie he’s a stay at home dad and he only has the kids part time. Leann is the WIFE and breadwinner and the one with all the insecurities now about Eddie cheating on her. Look at Brandi the only one with a steady job and doing other things. Just goes to show you all that fame whoring and flaunting their affair helped boost Brandi to have a career and sunk Eddie and Leann careers to hyping gym openings. Some superstars!!! LOL

  • Rach K.

    When every relevant country music artist is in or headed to Nashville, LeAnn is paid to help launch one fitness center. LMAO at that Karma.

  • Rach K.

    @Toni: LMAO too true.

  • Marie

    Normally I try to steer clear of commenting on the LR/EC drama because it is only a step up from the nauseating overkill of the incessant reporting on the Kardashian clan. However, I couldn’t pass up the chance to make a comment when I read the synopsis here citing LR as a beauty. Really? In the very first picture (and I kid you not) her identical likeness to that of Michael Jackson (her face) is uncanny and just plain weird. It’s obvious that LR is a favorite of JJ’s or we wouldn’t continue to receive the never ending meaningless drivel that is written about her and her “fairytale” life with Eddie on here. Personally, there are so many other celebrities worth writing about to the degree of attention that is lavished on this couple that I just don’t get JJ’s “fascination” with them. Anyhoo…that beauty remark threw me off and I commented. Back to NGAD. LOL

  • Jane

    I’m waiting for the crash and burn, people. Health club openings? I thought rock bottom was casino gigs with less than 1,000 people show up. Perhaps this opening just paid for food and booze for the week. I find it hard to believe this woman has any money left. She can only put up this front for so long.

  • gwen

    You are not going to believe this. Guess who was also at the Grand Opening with Eddie and Leann? Liz. Someone noticed Lizzy in the background of the photos. So Leann got Eddie to attend this red carpet event with her by dragging Lizzy along to the event with them.

  • betty

    Hollywood reporter stated Eddie finally landed a job is this also in addition to the appearances on Rizzoli &Isles.I knew he could find work if explored. Leann is going to rearrange her schedule so she can babysit Eddie. It’s obvious she could not have Miranda or Carrie busy schedule Oh! I forgot they have real careers and so do their husbands.

  • gwen


    So Leann and Eddie’s marriage is a business deal. Eddie walks the red carpet with Leann and in return, Leann allows Lizzy to attend the event with them and calls in some favors so that Eddie has another working gig lined up.

    The movie is a Hallmark movie, so once again Leann called in a favor.

  • betty

    Leann is such a phony trying to give impression she was running in stilettos now admitting machine was not turned on.I figure that or the fitness center would have her sign a waiver stating to run in shoes at her own risk. If she spent as much time on her career as she does on BS attention she would be on top like Carrie and Miranda. Notice she and Eddie are so far down on the Z list they don’ t get invited to any award shows.

  • katherine

    did you hear?? leann is taking the entire month of august off for her birthday. cause she works sooo hard and hasn’t had time off like this since she was 13–her words in the radio interview.

  • nomorerimes

    @betty: Good planning by her agent to have a concert scheduled the same night as the country music awards ceremony! She has an excuse not to be there. As if they would want her there–NOT!!

  • Reba

    I still can’t stand her and she’s still think she’s quite unattractive but I’m glad that she doesn’t look like a bobblehead any more.

  • Katherine

    check out the Extra video of leann at this gym opening…she passive aggressively slams britney and demi as judges on Xfactor. calls them ‘interesting.’ she also says she was super drugged up for their vow renewals and promised things in her vows she’ll never live up to. yikes.
    why admit EVERYTHING to the public? she never saves even the tiniest of details for her and eddie to share, just them. why complain the public is always in your business, yet she actively seeks opportunities to get photographed and tweets every thought that passes though her brain along with her whereabouts, what she ate for lunch etc.
    and is lizzy attached to her hip? why would she accompy leann and eddie to a gym opening?
    more importantly, that michael jackson jacket needs to go. yesterday.

  • gwen


    Leann is doing damage control. Who uses the grand opening of a gym to fix their image and rep? Only Leann and Eddie would stoop this low.

    People were talking about how Leann must have had some cosmetic producers. Leann thinks that if she puts out stories about how she had a tooth absess and was taking drugs because the pain was so unbearable, despite the fact that she managed to tweet 24/7, pap herself out each and everyday, and laugh like a donkey, then that will hush up the talk that she is messing with her face.

    I can’t decide who is upset more over the XFactor thing, Eddie(because he wanted to keep Leann busy while he is on the set) or Leann(because she put in so much time and money into the campaign only to have it all backfire). So she is telling everyone that even though she didn’t get the judging spot, that she still won and came out on top because she has Eddie. Why does she keep insisting that Eddie is a prize? He doesn’t even help her take care of his kids. The part about not being aware of what she said because she was “drugged” makes Leann look even worse. So those photos of her and Eddie walking down the aisle and on the beach wasn’t depicting “wedded bliss”. Leann was laughing like a donkey because she was drugged up and Eddie was thinking, “man, I need to have what she is having”.

    Leann doesn’t think these things through because all Leann was concerned about was convincing people that there isn’t anything going on between Lizzy and Eddie, since people noticed that Lizzy was at the event with her and Eddie. Lizzy was at the gym opening because it was the ONLY way Eddie would walk the red carpet with Leann. Just like how he only went to Hawaii, Aspen, Mammoth, and on their honeymoon with Leann because Lizzy was there. I’m starting to wonder if Lizzy was also in Cabo with Leann and Eddie during their recent vacation. Eddie wouldn’t even attend this event with Leann without Lizzy, so she had to have been there. Which explains why Leann was drugged and can’t remember what she said.

    Well it’s obvious what promises Leann made to Eddie during her vows: Lizzy, complete and total financial support, she gets him a job for every 6 months that he stays with her, expensive vacations, Don Julio, and more Don Julio.

  • Quebecauntie

    I love how she turned on some of her favorite TweLes. They were fiercely dedicated & did her dirty work and where are they now? She tossed them away like yesterday’s rubbish. She gave up the few decent ones for the strange Dobby person. So amusing to observe.

  • Jane

    @Katherine: I watched it and the chick dug herself into a deeper hole. She couldn’t make enough sense to save her soul. The reporter was ridiculous telling them they are the fittest couple in Hollywood. What the???

  • Marci

    @Jane: I think the reporter actually meant the s h i t t i e s t couple in Hollywood. The fact that Extra is such a pathetic show that they would attend and report on a gym opening is a pretty good indication of the kind of garbage they “report”. Basically they are on the lowest tier of entertainment shows, interviewing a non-stop string of d-listers such as Leann and Eduardo the drunken slob. I am sure they have an interview booked for one of the chile cook-offs on Leann’s stellar summer tour as well.

  • Jane

    @Marci: I agree. Also, letting loose on the “being drugged up and not knowing what I said in my wedding vows” was just too painful to watch. Then of course Leann and Eddie INSISTED they were alone for the vow renewal–yeah, alone with a paid pap catching her “He Haw” laugh and looking utterly deranged. I also wanted to strangle her through the screen when she turned passive aggressive with the X Factor issue. And Eddie….my God he just rambles and makes little or no sense.

  • nomorerimes

    Heard that his co-star in the upcoming Hallmark movie that SleazeAnn got for “ho”husband is a beautiful blonde. That means SleazeAnn won’t have to dye her hair like she did a few weeks ago to look like Scheana. Hope EDDIE has a GOOD TIME with this woman! He is so used to the teen-ager he married. But then SleazeAnn will just pay the woman and the mags to ignore the affair like she has done in the past. More money out of the coffers. EC is getting really expensive, isn’t he, Sleaze??

  • nomorerimes

    Call me odd or something but I wouldn’t put up with my husband cheating on me with another woman. I know marriage vows mean nothing to these two but to live with a guy knowing he is having fun with someone else at the same time is sick! Maybe SleazeAnn, having lived with the infidelity thing with her family, thinks that it is normal. But really–except maybe in Hollywood, it’s NOT! You should be honest and able to trust your spouse completely. I couldn’t live like SleazeAnn as I would be sick wondering who he was with this time and what they were doing. Wondering if this one is the one he would leave me for. I would put him out to the curb before I would let him not only drag me through all that but before he made a laughing stock out of me–like EC is doing to Sleaze. And people are LAUGHING at you, Sleaze!! Get help and kick him out now. Happy people do not twitter about it all the time and do not have to let people know it. It shows on their faces and the look on Eddie’s face in this article does not show HAPPY!! Get real, Sleaze!