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Lindsay Lohan: Leopard-Print Swimsuit for 'Liz & Dick'

Lindsay Lohan: Leopard-Print Swimsuit for 'Liz & Dick'

Lindsay Lohan wears a leopard-print one-piece while filming Liz & Dick aboard a yacht on Monday (June 4) in Marina del Rey, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress stars as Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s upcoming film, while Grant Bowler takes on the role of her love interest, Richard Burton.

“She is more than ready. All her clothes are made. All her jewelry is made,” executive producer Larry Thompson told E! News.

“This is really happening. This isn’t like making an appearance on Glee or spending a week on SNL. She is number one on the call sheet. She is the star,” he added.

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36 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan: Leopard-Print Swimsuit for 'Liz & Dick'”

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  1. 1
    Delphic Says:

    Haha, this chick thinks she’s going to get respect for playing an icon in a cheap Lifetime movie. If anything, it’s just a reminder of how terrible her career is at this point. GO AWAY.

  2. 2
    John Says:

    Ok, really? She does not look like Elizabeth Taylor in the least. Liz was gorgeously curved and had soft, dewy skin. LIndsay looks like a sickly, thin chick with a plastic face.

  3. 3
    Alaia Says:

    The girl you posted before her, Elizabeth Olsen…yeah, she’s more talented. Not only that, she’s more focused on her career and it shows because guess what? She’s the one that’s working with Jessica Lange on a REAL film.

  4. 4
    jen Says:

    Do people ever get sick of putting this girl down? Does it make you feel better about yourself or something? I honestly don’t get it. She’s at least attempting to get her life and career back on track.

  5. 5
    SERENA Says:

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  6. 6
    dobbi Says:

    What a mess.

  7. 7
    okay Says:

    I just have one word……”NO!”

  8. 8
    GGGive Says:


  9. 9
    Sophie Says:

    Just watched Lindsays movie “I know who killed me” and it really wasnt that bad…. i think she can act, but she needs to get better movies under her belt, like this lifetime movie she shouldnt have even agreed to do and she should have focused on getting better roles!

    I think she deserves another chance and who are you other people to judge her? I mean nobody knows what some people go through in their lives. Everything happens for a reason. Trust me. I can say from personal experience when your childhood has been fcked up… it’s not just something that you forget; in my case abuse, money issues, alcoholic mom etc those things scar you for life and unfortunately the simple fact is that not all of us have great parents. Not all of us get the chance to have a normal life. And in Lindsay’s case I can relate because seems like she never had a normal balanced childhood. I hope the best for her :)

  10. 10
    believe Says:

    I am sorry but this girl playing Liz Taylor??? Liz was and always will be a Hollywood icon. Liz had the looks, the talent, the charisma and the brains to carry out her story book career and life. This choice is just insulting to Ms. Taylor’s memory.

  11. 11
    serena_ Says:

    Everyone could be turned into another one by make up/ lightening etc. But to really look like the great Elizabeth it really takes beauty and talent. Sorry, but Lindsay looks wasted, like 45. Her attitude is awful. And she has no talent. And it looks like someone took her awful Marilyn Monroe wannabe pictures and changed the hair colour.
    She won’t come even close to just a bit of the class, the beauty, the presence, the talent, the strenght, the charm and love those women had. As much as she wants to think it, it’s bs, sorry Linds.

  12. 12
    hah Says:

    Such bad casting…she looks nothing like Liz and the age difference between Liz and Richard was only 7 years. Not 20 years!

  13. 13
    Pat Says:

    What a joke and an insult to Elizabeth Taylor. How dare they choose this bimbo to play her. Will not watch it.

  14. 14
    Hekku Says:

    Lindsay can’t be Liz
    Although she is an addict
    La Liz is rolling

  15. 15
    W Says:

    I think CAMILLA BELLE looks very much like a young Liz Taylor…

  16. 16
    John Says:

    To the people who are saying that she deserves one more chance, NO she doesn’t. She’s had hundreds of chances in the last few years to get her crap together and prove herself and she shat over all of them. She’s still not recovered from partying, drugs and alcohol and it’s only a matter of time before the next scandal begins. She’s had more chances than anyone has ever had in Hollywood and I am done with her. I don’t want to see her or hear about her and I cannot believe Lifetime would have the unmitigated gall to cast her as the magnificent Elizabeth Taylor, a part I’m sure she’ll mangle. Shame on Lifetime!

  17. 17
    Lohanbest Says:

    Linds is an incredible actress and a beautiful woman!!! I love this girl and i hope the best for her <3 GO LINDS GO!!!

  18. 18
    Lola Says:

    She looks nothing like her! Her acting skills might be questionable, but Megan Fox would’ve been a better choice.

  19. 19
    Dave Franco Says:

    Lindsey’s PR team hard at work getting her this gig. Pathetic! Hollywood is filled with scum agents and people who will do anything to support trash.

  20. 20
    darren Says:

    So many people rooting for you Lindsay…go girl!

    For the people saying Liz Taylor was an icon, GET REAL, google her, she was an alcoholic, pill popping cheating home wrecker. She did some good later in life but in her younger days she was trash as an actress. Go watch Cleopatra, The Sandpiper, Butterfield 8, she was a poor actress, average at best.

  21. 21
    sj Says:

    thank god… liz isn’t here to see that!

  22. 22
    Lola Says:

    @****/comment-page-1/#comment-22898427" rel="nofollow">darren: If Liz was all that, then what the heck is Lindsay?

  23. 23
    uh Says:

    ironic that people forgive Robert downy? for his alcoholic/drug abusing days (along with nicole richie, brittney, christina aguilera etcetcetc) but this girl is a piece of sh*t??? im surprised shes still standing when she has to deal with her insane family. I really feel for her and hope she gets it together.

  24. 24
    Serendipity Says:

    I don’t see ELIZABETH TAYLOR here in Lindsay Lohan. What I see is Lindsay Lohan herself period!!!!.

    She can act as good as the next starlet but let’s not get carried away…she’ll never have the acting talent that Liz Taylor had..

    What St___ __d director even chose this woman to depict Taylor must be clueless and out of their freaking mind.

    What a waste of money.

  25. 25
    Serendipity Says:

    @****/comment-page-1/#comment-22898427" rel="nofollow">darren:

    Unfortunately, a group of white middle aged men who comprise the Academy don’t agree with you. Hahaha

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