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Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor: 'Liz & Dick' Official Pic!

Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor: 'Liz & Dick' Official Pic!

Check out this official picture of Lindsay Lohan in full Elizabeth Taylor costume and makeup for her upcoming film Liz & Dick!

The 25-year-old actress is starring as the iconic legend in the flick opposite Grant Bowler. She will wear approximately sixty-six outfits throughout the film.

“You’d swear it was Elizabeth…there was an audible gasp,” the movie’s costume designer, Salvador Pérez, told People.

“Part of the magic is the wardrobe,” Salvador added. “And Lindsay said she wants to bring magic to the movie.”

Also pictured inside: Lindsay filming scenes on Tuesday (June 5) in Marina Del Rey, Calif.

25+ pictures inside of Lindsay Lohan on the set of Liz & Dick

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lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 00
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 01
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 02
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 03
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 04
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 05
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 06
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 07
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 08
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 09
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 10
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 11
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 12
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 13
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 14
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 15
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 16
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 17
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 18
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 19
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 20
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 21
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 22
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 23
lindsay lohan liz dick costume changes 24

Credit: Lifetime; Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Hekku

    Should have cast Jolie!
    She wins Oscars and likes drugs
    Home wrecker like Liz

  • Lodfs

    um, no.

  • ha ha

    this movie already s ucks hard…………..
    lindsey needs to call it a career and just stick to her other one, being a celebutard, just hanging all over other celebs, being a fixture at the Charmont, posing naked, and crashing events she wasnt invited to, she’s great at that! I see the next useless janice dickensen in her future when/if she’s 60, already looks older than Dina.

  • bibi

    just no.

  • amy

    Why hasn’t Liz’s family spoken out against this? Elizabeth Taylor was an ACTRESS. This really is offensive. Who the he-ll thought this idea up? DISGUSTING.

  • Demi

    @Hekku: It is a LIFETIME movie. Omg I don’t get what is so hard for certain people to grasp about that. SMH

  • pup

    Not even close!! Whoever cast her was as high on crack as Lindsay is daily.

  • bahha black sheep


  • Bella

    All of you hating on here ante just going to make it more painful or yourselves when she proves you wrong.

  • Bella


  • Yikes

    are some of you that upset over a made-for-TV movie? lol

  • Bella

    All of you hating on here are just going to make it more painful for yourselves when she proves you wrong.

  • Yikes

    @Bella: That’s gonna be the funniest part of this whole situation. Watching her prove EVERYONE wrong.

  • Prestamos Personales

    Great, She’s the one!! we love you Lindsay!!

  • susan

    the idea of casting Lindsay in the role of Elizabeth Taylor was and still is a real surprise. not one that i was have done. however, i will give the makers of the film the benefit of the doubt and wait for it to be shown. then i’ll decide if it’s good or bad.

  • CLu

    Frankly, this is an insult to Elizabeth Taylor’s memory.


    stop judging untill you’ve seen the movie.

  • Dress like Elizabeth Taylor

    Perhaps Megan Fox would have made a better choice. I am just not sure.
    Could they have at least hired a better hairstylist? The most awful hair was on Michelle Williams trying to play Marilyn Monroe. That girl was the gross mistake for that movie. At least Lindsay will make a better Elizabeth Taylor.

  • Pooty

    she does not even resemble Liz. Don’t get it why they cast her of all people.

    Seems they did not even try hard.

  • Rick


    Oh please! Elizabeth, bless her soul, was an drug addict and alcoholic known for her loose morals. Married eight times to seven different men. A failure as a mother. She’d be the first to say she had her problems.

    Read up on your history honey.

  • Sonia

    she looks lovely
    Not really like Liz but she looks great here

  • halli

    What a disgrace to Elizabeth. Good thing this is a dumb movie.

  • Nat

    Didn’t Elizabeth say no movies?

  • ComfortKingz

    OMG…this should be fun..

  • mentolly giri
  • jubj

    Poor Liz :/

  • Lou

    Casting this girl to play Elizabeth Taylor? Tasteless joke and an insult to an epic actress.

  • Dee

    I’m a Lindsay supporter when she’s not being a moron and I don’t mean to rain on her parade here now that she’s getting her life straight but I really don’t see her as Liz. That picture looks like shes just dressed up for Halloween.

  • J

    What an insult the great lady herself…No one can play her NOBODY…lindsay lohan is a has been nobody total insult to Elizabeth …

  • lola

    I’m sorry not sure why everyone thinks Liz Tyler was some kind of saint at one point in her life she became a drunk and addicted to pills and became worse than Lindsay but she picked herself back up just like Lindsay is doing now…..So people who are commenting as if Liz was some perfect angel please do some research i bet most of you have never even seena Liz Tyler movie so please get the stick out of your a s s

  • blsh

    im honestly terrified that so many women have no problem attacking her but if this was a man we’d all be supporting the ‘come back’. but meh?! i hope she gets her sh*t together because as we all know fan girls are as fickle as gay guys.

  • mya

    You can have good actors and make a flop of a movie. You can have bad actors and make a total success for the same movie. So does it depends only of the acotrs choice to be good one? I doubt it. If she is directed correctly, Lindsay should make a great interpretation of Liz. It doesn’t depend only on her.
    By the way, this offical picture looks great.

  • Sabrina

    Everybody just says nope, no, not at all blabla just because it is Lindsay. Forget just a minute her private life even if it’s a HUGE thing to do. Let’s just say it’s a normal actress, pretty talented. Give a chance to that movie people.

  • ppfds

    Why do you care? Liz Taylor was not a classy woman,.. just because she came from the “golden era” of acting,

  • buyebc

    What a disgrace to Elizabeth Taylor, hire a D list actress. Is this a sick joke? No respect at all.

  • Nicole

    You guys do know that no matter how much you hate on her, this movie is gonna probably break a record of the lifetime-tv-movies of how many people are gonna watch,right? and not because she maybe gonna be good but because people want to channel in to see how bad she is and make fun of her and hate on her, but what you guys actually are doing is benefiting her! if you guys really wanna boycot her movie just stop writing about her and stop watching her movies, but what you guys are doing, hating on her, just makes her more famous!

  • chillpill

    She shouldn’t have ever hit puberty. She ruined herself!

  • W

    She looks nothing like her…what a joke. She wont pull this off no matter how much publicity it gets.

    I still think Camilla Belle looks like Liz…

  • Jro

    Yeah, the gasped allright, they gasped in HORROR. I can’t imagine watching this movie or any movie and not thinking of her as LL the lying, spoilt, party addict. She can no longer make us forget who she really is when acting. This will not be the comeback she craves. I mean it’s LIFETIME people, not exactly a prime channel. She is one step away from reality TV or Dancing with the D-List.

  • monica

    her personal life has nothing to do with her acting.. give the girl a chance to prove you wrong. besides everybody deserves a second chance

  • Teri

    I will see this movie, I really liked Elizabeth Taylor.

  • Frenchy

    It’s a good photo but it doesn’t make you think “ooh Liz Taylor” so it doesn’t work.

  • eden

    isn’t this only a lifetime film anyways? they’ll take anyone to portray icons. the family of elizabeth taylor should be up in arms at such disresepect.

  • ash

    lily collins is laughing now.

  • Barbara

    I’m sorry, but REALLY?! She doesn’t look anything like Liz. I’m looking at Lindsay Lohan in a wig, that’s what I see.

    And the person commenting on Michelle Williams, really? Do you have to put down a great actress, who managed 3 Oscar nominations by the age of 30 because you want to claim Lindsay is better? Just grow up! Michelle was fantastic as Marilyn! Many thought so.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    Ney, Not even close to!

  • Dave Franco

    Just Jared is Lindsey Lohan’s Gossip central. PR must be paying you, huh jared? This movie will blow and I can tell just by looking at it.

  • Sarah.

    Even photoshop can’t help this.. She looks mean in that photo somehow.. But good for the producers and what not for getting Lindsay Lohan, to get attention for the film. You can’t convince me that she got that role because of her acting skills!!

  • Reality Check

    The first picture … the miracles that make-up works!

  • jennifer

    This is such a slap to Liz. I can’t believe Hollywood would do this. It is truly embarrassing.