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Alexander Skarsgard: Calvin Klein Fragrance's New Face?

Alexander Skarsgard: Calvin Klein Fragrance's New Face?

Alexander Skarsgard has reportedly landed a new modeling gig – for Calvin Klein‘s men’s fragrance!

The 35-year-old True Blood star will be featured in the brand’s upcoming campaign, which was shot a few months ago and will soon be released, according to E! Online.

Alexander follows in the footsteps of other actors who’ve also starred in fragrance ads – Matthew McConaughey for Dolce&Gabbana, Ryan Reynolds for Boss, James Franco for Gucci, and Justin Timberlake for Givenchy.

Brad Pitt also recently signed on as the new face of Chanel‘s signature No. 5 scent.

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Credit: Nikki Nelson; Photos: WENN
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  • Jeess

    Alexander Skarsgård half naked, who can say no to that!

  • danielik25

    I´m so impatient see him!

  • Lilla

    Congrats Alex!!!

  • Whycantipost

    I say: YES PLEASE!


    <3 Yeah!

  • another model

    So skarsgard== is dating russian 26 year old model annie she dated moroon five front man I knew it another tall blonde model how dissapointing gone all HWoood.
    The relationship got confirmed in us weekly
    waiting for 1st pictures of the couple
    and also that’s how he got the modelling contract
    through his model girlfriend .
    No surprise there

  • Strange

    Cingrats to Alex !!!! No stripping down though it ‘s for a men’s fragrance .

  • oh

    yeah good for him !

  • Whycantipost

    @another model:

    *yawn* Oh hey, you again! Awesome they are in a commited relationship, especially because according to ‘the source’ they only texted eachother but are not meeting eachother. Would love a relationship like that, very serious and all!

  • connie

    Anna V kinda looks like Kate B…..

  • For the love of

    @another model:
    Really what is your problem did you get dropped a lot as a baby, teenager and adult. Do you live via Alex’s love life. Is your life so dull that you use magic glue to paste him to someone anyone just to feel happy about yourself. Goodness GET THE OVER IT!!!

    OH congrats and well deserve for Alex. He is a very attractive handsome man and he should be the face of everything. When is he going to model suits because he looks amazing in them.

  • Yum

    I like his smile =) and when I heard his voice not long ago, I was quite surprised, I was excepting a very deep voice lol but it’s sweet

  • You again

    @another model:

    Are you so stupid

    Read this and then tell me where are they having a relationship and it’s all confirmed, and note they use INSIDERS does that not tell you nothing.

    “But the betrayed Russian beauty (Anne V), 26, has soothed her wounds with a new man: A source said she’s been ‘flirting and texting’ with True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard, 35. “Anne’s been traveling, so they haven’t been able to see each other,” says the insider. “But she’s his type!”.

  • Sarah.

    Oh I can’t wait for the campaign! That’s gonna look hot.

  • Whycantipost

    @You again:

    This person is in every Alex-thread talking about him and his ‘gf’ (whoever the rumors are about at that moment). Or that person is a serious troll with too much time on their hands or someone who seriously believes every snippet of gossip. If all the rumors of past flirts are true the man must have at least 2 gf’s for every day of the week.

  • LAPerfect

    Congratulations to Alex, you sexy thang! So does this mean we get to smell him now? Scratch and sniff? ;)

  • Texas Swede

    @another model: Since the ads were done months ago and the model has not seen Alex but is only texting and flirting with him that kind of blows your attempt to start something out of the water.

    She was someone else’s girlfriend at the time he got the job. He needs no ones help getting work.

  • Texas Swede

    @Whycantipost: I think this person is probably the “source” and is trying to keep things stirred up to increase their credibility so they can sell more lies to ‘US”.

  • connie

    @Texas Swede:
    or getting action:)

  • List

    So now we have
    Elizabeth Olsen
    Charlize Theron
    Lucy griffiths
    Italian sky diving lady
    Blonde lady from chateau marmont
    Anna v
    Any chicks in Sweden
    And anyone else out there who walks his way or even looks at him

    Wow this list is getting really long he sure gets around no time to work on TB or films or sleep. Lol

  • Lila

    Congratulations my baby!

  • Macy

    Great news for him. He’s no stranger to modelling he’s certainly got the smoldering looks to sell products.

  • Tanter

    Yay for him and yay for us :D

    I really hope he gets the movie too *crosses fingers*

  • kyle

    Hope he takes his shirt off for the ads!!!

  • SoSad

    At one time I was a huge fan of this person. I had heard and seen firsthand a kind, generous, genuine human being who seemed to be intelligent and have depth which can be the biggest rarity in this industry. However in recent years I’ve seen another side. He’s extremely superficial, his taste in women reflects not only that but a certain vapidness as well. He seems like one of those boys who refuse to grow up. Every spare moment he gets he’s drinking with the buddies he’s had for years or jamming at some live music event. I mean the man will be 36 in a couple months isn’t it time he started acting like it? I’m not saying he shouldn’t enjoy his fame and it’s perks, but I don’t think he takes life or people seriously enough. In the media he’s very focused on portraying a certain personality, he’s very poised and guarded and has a crafted a very specific image that I believe he knows will keep women and men interested. But in reality again he’s just another secretive, phony, shallow, immature, superficial, and somewhat dull-headed partyboy manchild with a certain sense of entitlement and a temper to boot (albeit a very suppressed one). It’s sad that he’s not the exception to the rule in showbiz but who is these days?

  • Tanter

    @SoSad: Don’t you think it’s partly because he’s living in LA far away from his family and most of his friends? I feel like it’s a bit of transit-phase for him. He really, really wants the jobs he can get being in LA but the rest of him (if that makes sense) wants to live on back home. He can’t do both at the same time, I think, and thus he’s a bit stuck in the middle. I don’t think he wants to settle for the rest of his life in LA (or the US) but at the same time, he doesn’t want to go home and turn his back on the chances he gets living there. That’s what it looks like to me. He’s a smart guy though, he’ll figure it out.

  • Marmont girl

    Isn’t annie v the girl from the marmont video getting in to the car with alex she was at the party The video is dark but it looks a bit like her she was tall and blonde and u can look different without the makeup on she was a smoker ,does Annie smoke?
    that would explain the texting wanting 2 c alex again ?there must be some grain of truth to the article it doesn’t get made up from no where.

  • ladybug

    @Marmont girl: “there must be some grain of truth to the article it doesn’t get made up from no where.”
    Oh, it most certainly can be made up.
    Anne V’s well known enough that it if were her in that video we’d have known that by now.

  • It’s not miss v

    No it is not miss v in the video she was fairly tall but not 5ft 9 tall she had some huge heels on, and her hair was darker more like a light brown dirty blonde.
    Obviously someone is trying to get there names connected
    Do I think they have met possible very brief passed by each other
    miss v noticed him who wouldn’t, possibly got his number and started texting I’ll give her props for trying it on, that doesn’t mean Alex is always interested.Note the grainy peace stated she was texting him and not the other way round
    And to be fair Alex has been filming and been in Sweden with his buds
    alex is the most wanted single hot guy in HW i would think most women
    are wanting to be the next girlfriend Or hookup.

  • Whycantipost

    @Marmont girl:

    We know you are the same person as ‘another model’, same blablablabla-BS, unhinged language-use and rumorstirring. Bleh go away

  • Disney Villainess

    Why am I not surprised? Oh yeah that’s right, ’cause his fineness knows no bounds.:)

    @another model:*eyerolls*Child please, you can go somewhere else with that tired ass mess.

    @SoSad: Meh, if I wanted to see a ‘King’s Speech’, I would much rather look at the Colin Firth variety. You could’ve saved that post for a Dear Diary or something………….Unless you really know of him on a deeply personal level, you will forever see him in a superficial way.

  • early cuyler

    Joe Manganiello’s kicking himself in the ass right about now.

  • ladybug

    @Texas Swede: (puts on faux analytical hat) Let’s look at this not from the Alex angle, but from the AV angle. Who just got dumped? Who’s ex just showed up with her supposed best friend? And so who’s got an axe to grind and and ex to make jealous? Or a need to look like she’s moved on to bigger and better things?

    Of course, US weekly could also be making up the whole thing.

    @Disney Villianess: “I would much rather look at the Colin Firth variety” I read that as Colin Filth and promptly got the lake scene from Pride and Prejudice going through my warped mind.

  • SoSad

    @Disney Villainess: It’s interesting to me that you feel the need to put others down in order to try and make a point. You call yourself a Disney Villainess, is this supposed to be your way of acknowledging your cruel disposition or are you as self-loathing as I imagine? Anyway back to more important topics. But I do think Walt Disney would’ve created a much more intelligent character than you, I’ll give him that. And you’re not going to get me to discuss how well I know this person, so I hope this wasn’t a lame attempt to do so. And if you finished reading this whole thing than I guess you just made a pretty argument for a King’s Speech 2? Or maybe you need your own Dear Diary to exorcise your demons?

  • Pop

    This just shows how popular alexander is .he is the—- go to Alexander skarsgard if you want to put your name out there.
    I really hope it isn’t true him and AV. And just some made up shit from us weekly as always

  • ladybug

    I want the Alex and Chris Meloni covers:

  • ladybug
  • Disney Villainess

    @SoSad: LOL. Girl Bye. Project any harder, and you’ll summon Batman. You must think you’re some type of factor here, when your ass is not even in the damn calculation block. Clearly you need to stay in your lane or you can keep talkin’ to your damn self. Whatever makes you happy……………

    @ladybug: Thanks. Just in time.:)

  • Cafélady

    @SoSad: #26 All I can say is he isn’t superficial. Definitely NOT.

    It seems to me that you are the one who should may be to grow up once – because you sound a bit like a disappointed, lovesick teenage girl, who were been ignored by the personal (secretly) heartthrob.

    And 35 or not, who are you to judge about it how he has to live his own life? That is and has to be his own decision.

    I would say, he lives his life how he thinks it has to be – and you should do the same for yourself.

  • Texas Swede
  • Texas Swede

    @ladybug: While borrowing your cap: It would not be the first time some woman had her PR people drop a dime to US to link themselves with him. It is pathetic how easy it is to use someone without them even knowing it. And so wrong.

    @SoSad: I am sorry you have had such a change of heart where Alex is concerned. He is after all human. His choices are his to make. The persona he put forth publicly are as close to himself as his PR people allow. And his privacy means a lot to him. We his fans do not need to know every little detail of what he thinks, desires, does, or believes in.

    If you look at anyone in your life with rose colored glasses you will eventually be disappointed. Learn to accept the good and the bad or forget about them. When someone you care about lets you down either forgive and accept or forget and move on. But when someone you don’t know or care about hurts you or someone you care about, then give em hell.

  • ladybug

    @Texas Swede: I love Pam.
    I’m glad that more of the supporting cast is getting covers.

  • Pop

    Personally it’s not fair to Alex that these shitty pathetic women in HW feel it is ok to use some ones name without permission to either further there own name or career or to make some ex jealous.

    I really do hope for his sake he can see straight through these . Types of women and detect whether there intrested in him or his fame. Because sometimes he is to trusting to give out his cell phone number to a women whom he probably hardly knows.

  • Cafélady

    @Texas Swede: #41 Nice pic. :) I like her (KBvS) in general. I mean, she is such a inspiring person – at least that is how she comes across to me since I read a few interviews of her and so on. And since I’ve read a bit on this (apparently) official website of her. Should this site be really her own -official- site, then I’m really impressed. She seems to be a nice person and obviously the opposite of superficial.
    I like it always to see them together in pictures (alex and her).

    And of course I also love these two together; ;)

  • Texas Swede

    From that link you can see all 11 covers. Lala’s is great too. Really captures Nelsan in character.

    It is nice to see the PR being spread around. I will always like the Alex and Kristen stuff the most but I am glad to see the others getting their due. I have absolutely nothing against any cast member. I just do not consider myself a real fan of them.

  • Whycantipost


    It’s her real website:D She is really awesome, I love that woman, she seems like such a sweetheart, but one with a sarcastic sense of humor xD

    *okok ill go back to Alex-talk:P*

  • Whycantipost

    @Texas Swede:

    I love Nelsan’s eyes:o Really nice shots of all of the cast!

  • Tanter

    @Pop: Judging by recent interveiws I’d say he’s quite aware of how people want to know him because of the fame. Also he’s got his little crew of friends around him (Björne!) I’m not entirely certain he’s aware of how much gossip there is about him online (I believe him when he says he doesn’t read about himself) but I do hope he’s got people who advice him reg. all the shit that is written about him. With all the rumours about him and women ever since he and Kate broke up, I think it’s safe to say that he gets around – quite natural IMO – but I also think there are so many stories that they can’t all be true. I bet pr-people are feeding his name to the press because it gets attention, so if/when he meets up with friends (Skydiverchick) or talks to someone at a party (Elizabeth Olsen) or meets in town (Charlize) – BOOM, then he’s dating. It’s getting old but I doubt it’ll stop soon sadly :(

  • ladybug

    @Pop: I suspect he’s not really giving out his personal cell number to everyone he meets, not even cute models.

    @Whycantipost, I love Pam, but I love Kristin more. She really does seem like this genuinely empathetic, funny woman.

    @Tanter, as already mentioned, it’s an interesting measure of his growing fame that he is mentioned to be linked to all these women (with some presumed help by their PR people). Not probably the attention he really wants, but a type he’ll have to deal with for now.
    And I do suspect that his PR/Management/friends/family do keep him updated on his most current ‘girlfriend’, if only to tease him about it.