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Gisele Bundchen: Pregnant with Second Child!

Gisele Bundchen: Pregnant with Second Child!

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady are about to expand their family!

“Yes, she is pregnant,” a source told Us Weekly about the 31-year-old Brazilian supermodel, adding that she’s three months along. “They are really happy!”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gisele Bundchen

The baby will join big brother Benjamin, 2, and Tom‘s older son, Jack, with ex Bridget Moynahan.

The baby rumors started last month when Gisele was reportedly overheard telling friends and Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci that she was expecting her second child.

Congrats to Gisele and Tom!!!

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Credit: Larry Busacca; Photos: Getty
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  • leslie

    it was beyond obvious in her latest photos. baggy shirts,glowing,shinier hair,fuller face,bump etc..Congrats!

  • Piaf


  • John

    I love this family! Congrats

  • Lauren

    Your “official” news is from “a source”? Can’t get any PR reps to return your calls, eh?

    How very official, this unnamed source.

  • amy

    Gorgeous couple!

  • mi

    @ lauren sorry you are stupid

  • BEAN

    Giselle is pretty but jeez Tom really is not a looker like people make out. Look at that head!
    Anyway congrats.

  • Lola

    Their babies are going to be such beautiful people.

  • FUO

    So it’s not enough to jinx his career and losing to Manning.
    She has to emasculate him with that Gay Hair Style knowing he has a “Special” looking face.

  • PP

    The Dumb should not breed …Where is Margaret Sanger when you need her.

  • Amber

    Congrats to the gorgeous couple!
    Why are all the models getting pregnant at the same time? lol

  • Nika

    @Amber: I think it’s because they are getting old to be just models and they already have big career so why not get married and have babies?

  • Gossipgirl

    Awww! Congrats! Hope it’s a girl this time around!

  • 666



  • 666

    READY BILL C!!!!!!!????? HAHAHAHA


  • Losa

    Gisele Bündchen is absolutely not beautiful, she is one of the ugliest model I have ever seenl. If I meet her in the street I don’t notice her. There are so many prettier woman than her.

  • ew

    damn, she looks more masculine than he does lol

  • ivy

    Bean…are you blind? The guy is handsome…really handsome. I have seen the two of them at the park in Boston near their home. They are a striking couple…can’t mistake them when they walk in.They are totally unpretentious and just hang and play with Benjamin and other kids who are around. Oh, and PP…who are you calling dumb? Just because Gisele has strong opinions, it doesn’t make her dumb. I think someone who makes well over 30 million dollars a year and runs more than one successful business is far from dumb.
    So, if Gisele is three months along, that means the baby will be born around the same time as Benjamin…not great timing as far as the football season is concerned but nonetheless I wish them the very best.

  • STOP


  • Uh


    Um, yeah, Gisele may own the businesses, but I highly doubt she is the CEO handling the day to day business. She doesn’t even have a high school education! She would have no idea how to manage a business. That’s what she pays others for. It would be impossible to manage her businesses. CEOs work 12-15 hours a day, easily, and on location. Gisele is in the US and traveling for UN committments 75% of the time. There is NO WAY she is running her businesses. She is the money. And She is a brand icon. Its her face and body that sells. But there is no brain there.

  • sillyme

    She looks like a dude in that picture.

  • ingrid

    congrats to both !

    let’s see if now she has a baby girl.. ;D

  • yeah

    Congratulations to the happy family!!!

  • Sayer

    They look like twins. They better pray it’s not a female child. It will not be pretty and it will be gigantic.

  • A

    That rat stole my future husband!!!!!

  • ageabas66

    @Sayer: Duda Bundchen. her neice is a very pretty little girl with very apparent Gisele genes. get a life and quit wishing ill will on this POWERFUL,SUCCESSFUL,RICH,BEAUTIFUL couple. You seem out of work maybe you can apply for their maid position in their MEGA mansion.

  • ivy

    Uh, you have no clue how she does or does not run her businesses. Oh course she is not sitting at a desk all day signing checks and overseeing budgets but she can’t be too dumb if she has hired managers who are making her all that money. A high school diploma does not signify intellegence.There are ways to becme quite educated that don’t involve sitting in a high school classroom. She had an opportunity , at a very young age, and was smart enough to take it and make herself very sucessful career . There is no way a person who is just being a “face” could make the money and have the success she has. Yes, she is the brand but she is also the brains.

  • Tammy

    Congrats to the happy couple!!!
    It’s true that they look like twins. Awesome!

  • Um

    @ivy: Yeah, okay. First off for someone who is a fan, I am surprised that you don’t know Gisele DID NOT graduate high school. Secondly, the hotel business was already established long before she came along. She just bought the business. Her sandals and her lingerie companies – again she is just the face. There are plenty of “brains” in the business, but she is not one of them. She probably didn’t even initiate the idea for the business. Someone probably came to her and suggested that she have her own line. She puts her name/body to the clothes and bingo, she has a business. The only thing she is good at is modeling. And it just so happened, she got a lot of money for posing nearly naked in front of the cameras, and she trusted her advisors to do right by her. And it worked. NO BRAINS!

  • mally

    @Um: same can be said for Tyra Banks,Heiid Klum,Cindy Crawford,Kathy Ireland and other modeling empires, lol. Im sorry you dont just get a modeling empire from being clueless. and only her clothing and lingerie lines are from other companies. Her Sandals and skin care lines are 100%%% hers. No other company owns them. 100% of the proceeds are to her. Unlike her clothing line with C&A Brazil department store or lingerie line with HOPE. but Ipanema Gsiele Bundchen Sandals are, the brand shes had since 2001, is 100% hers., and some of her quotes prove how bored she gets with just modeling. She really likes to keep busy,its beyond evident.

    “And I love business. I’d like to work on the licensing I have in Brazil. I just do not want to be one of those people who are 30 years old and suddenly say, ‘Oh my God, all I know how to do is modeling.’
    “I think it’s important to live a part of your life, then close a chapter and say, ‘Okay, I’ve done that and learned from this experience. Now I’m going on to other things.’”

    “Some people start modeling because they want to be models and they want the parties and the recognition, and then there are people like me. I come from a simple family, and for me getting into modeling was a chance to make money and create a business,”

    Those quotes i just wrote, are all before she was even 25 yrs old. theyre very old. Seems like she had a plan; and it worked.

  • havaianas

    @mally: just a little correction: Ipanema Gisele Bündchen is a line from brazilian company Grendene (competitor of brazilian company São Paulo Alpargatas, the manufacturer of Havaianas). Grendene has a lot of lines, inluding Ipanema and Ipanema Gisele Bündchen

  • Lauren

    @mally: sounds like her business manager told her what to say, just as he/she told her what to do! And fyi, every CEO only runs one company, because it would be impossible to run more than one company effectively at any given time. So, it would be extremely unlikely that she is involved in running any of her companies, even if she was smart enough to do so, which she is clearly not! And why is she modeling her own brands?? Because it is her body that sells. Get over it!

  • Tara S

    Beautiful couple ,congrats !

  • Tara S

    @Um:For you info I have heard she IS THE BRAIN’s behind all she does. She is a genius . Please don’t be jealous .

  • Um

    @Tara S: LOL! That is too funny! What is there to be jealous of? She has a brain of an eight year old. There is no genius behind flaunting your body. You are so far off base, you are out of the ball park. She doesn’t do anything for these companies except provide her body and her name.

  • Victoria

    Um – Im sorry but if she were so dumb she could have easily blown that money or just settled but she invests it. A quote from Gisele herself and Katie Grand, a fashion magazine editor.

    “My hobby is to buy homes. Modeling is 40 percent of what I do. The rest is contracting.” Vitals magazine 2005.

    -”When it comes to money, Gisele really knows her stuff.” – Katie Grand

    -”I thought she was the most perfect girl I’ve ever seen,” she says. “She’s exceptionally savvy – you really feel that she’s in control of her career. I’m sure she owed a lot to her agency in the beginning, but you do get the feeling that ultimately it’s Gisele’s decision what she does and, probably, how much she gets.” – Katie Grand

    yes I know people look down upon those who are not college educated but shes had more life experience in 10 years than most get their whole lives which cant be bought; from traveling,meeting different people and cultures which is also just important for knowledge and growing IMO.



  • ivy

    @Um: Who said I was a fan? Her husband plays for a team I support in a area of the country in which I live.There is often information about the couple in the local news/papers.The fact that I read that information doesn’t make me a fan. If you were able to read what I posted, you would know that I do know Gisele did not attend high school…it is common knowledge. Once again, you , as many others sound totally ignorant. You can only make uninformed assumptions about her businesses. You have no clue to what exrtent she is or is not involved. The woman is not a puppet.She is a business woman as well as a model. Clearly you do not like her, for whatever reason ,and are entitled to that but don’t speak as if you know how she lives her life or manages for businesses.

  • ivy

    @HEINZ: Tom is of Irish descent…look it up.

  • Um



    You are both very ignorant if you think she runs these businesses. Ive been in the business world for a long time, and there is no way she could manage these businesses. Not even close. But I guess for you, ignorance is bliss. Good night!

  • Mila

    Congrats!… I have a felling that she wont sell the first baby’s pictures for magazines…

  • ivy

    @Um: I too am in the business world and far from ignorant. It is very possible for her to have a hand inthe operation of all her endevors. Of course she has people who work for her but she is far from a ” dumb face” who has no input or oversight.

  • Deb

    @Losa : I met Gisele in Boston before and she is probably the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. And she wasn’t even wearing any makeup! She is not that beautiful in pictures, you have to see her in person, she is absolutely stunning.

  • Paula

    @Um: You sound are just so jealous of her that you get blind . She is an amazing business woman. That is what everyone in the business always say about her. And unlike you they actually know her

  • Amazing business woman


    Profession for really desperate people…It seems to me they will sell everything to see the money…Poor women.

  • mimi

    @Amazing business woman: google Cindy Crawford….Naomi Campbell….Kathy Ireland….yes they made their living showing their bodies. um that doesnt mean they didnt turn their careers into fantastic empires. and Gisele doesnt post fully nude her whole career unlike most mega top models like Natasha Poly,Daria Werbowy,Lara Stone,and SO many more. Heck Cindy Crawford posed for Playboy. you girls will pull out on all stops. she can never win. and guess what? she aint trying to please none of you stalkers anyways.

    No one is calling her some Harvard educated CEO and maybe she isn’t “book smart”, but she is dam* well street smart and has traveled the world,knows over 4 languages and her businesses are thriving and shes obviously good with her money and investing and choosing the right people to guide her career. What
    ‘s the quote: “behind every successful woman is a team of more successful women”….In fact I just read an article on Forbes saying some of the smartest most successful people were not college educated and they are CEOS now because of other factors that shouldnt be undermined; hard work,determination,assertiveness and many other important traits it takes to succeed more than just knowing Algebra equations. Besides shes also at the BEST modeling agency in the world her whole career, IMG models. Has the same agent her whole career Anne Nelson, and her sisters work with her as her lawyer,public relations,accountant and web designer. Sounds just like she had a clear plan and its all worked for her.