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Gisele Bundchen Rejected 42 Times at Start of Career

Gisele Bundchen Rejected 42 Times at Start of Career

Gisele Bundchen catches a flight at the airport on Wednesday (June 6) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The 31-year-old supermodel, reportedly pregnant with her second child, was in her home country for Green Nation Fest and the Top Cufa Contest, which searches for new modeling talent in Brazil’s shantytowns.

“I feel privileged to be the sponsor of this project,” Gisele said, adding that she was rejected by 42 agents at the start of her career when she was 17. “I was finally taken [in] on the 43rd try.”

“You have to know your good side for photos,” she advised the aspiring models and contestant, “to feel comfortable in your own skin to be beautiful and to have a lot of perseverance.”

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen at the airport in Rio…

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  • mally

    thats why I like her more because she never listened to detractors. If she did; she surely wouldnt be where shes at today. which is more than “just a model” ,shes an empire. snark and cattiness aside, its a good life lesson to persevere and not give up.

  • gt

    I reject her for the 43rd time. She isn’t pretty to look at.

  • Jas

    Gisele is great person. Really hope she has a little girl this time.. And I think her sister pati (in white next to Gi) should have a baby too:)

  • Cassie

    Looks like Gisele’s words are being messed up in English sites. GIsele said she got rejected 42 times in castings for fashion shows in Europe in the beginning of her career. It’s not the first time she talks about rejection. If I did my account right Gisele have being through it over 100 times when she was a beginner.

  • me II

    she’s just not pretty…

  • LOL

    OLD NEWS> anyone who has ever read a Gisele interview knows this story…

    Its even on her wikipedia page, lol. She was trying out for fashion shows in 1997/1998 and as you know modeling is a cut throat world, they all get rejected at some point or another… She was cast in Alexander McQueens rain show in 1998 after his only stipulation was to be able to walk in his crazy high heel shoes down the slippery catwalk. She could handle them and voila, the rest is history.

    the exact quote from her voguepedia page:

    “In 1997 Gisele was working odd jobs in Brazil and overseas, trying to make it as a model. In 1998 Alexander McQueen was casting models who could walk in very high heels for his runway show that year, Gisele auditioned and was cast for the show. Immediately after the show Gisele was dubbed “the body” and everyone wanted to meet her. She went on to book 80 shows that year and also shot 7 international fashion campaigns her first season. Including; Versace,Ralph Lauren,Dolce&Gabbana,Missoni,Chloe,Valentino and Gianfranco Ferre.”

  • Roman

    She must have refused to sleep with the casting directors so they kicked her to the curb. go ahead and thumbs down me, but you know its true.

  • Tara S

    She is so beautiful even without make up

  • Marina

    I understand why she was rejected so many times. She has harsh features and her body lacks curves. She was hired when the “hanger model” boom started, and designers didn’t want models to compete with the clothes they designed. They wanted shapeless models to show off their designs. Models are curvier now. They have hips and boobs, and they have beautiful feminine faces. Trends come and go in the fashion industry, and her type is becoming dated.

  • folks

    @Marina: youre quite wrong.

    Vogue editor Anna Wintour crowned her the “model of the millennium,” that same year Vogue called her “The return of the sexy model”.

    In 1997 Bündchen traveled to London, where she auditioned for 42 shows. She got her big break when chosen for her ability to walk in towering heels—on a slippery runway—for Alexander McQueen’s memorable spring 1998 “rain” ready-to-wear show. Echoing similar accolades for Elle Macpherson a decade earlier, McQueen dubbed Bündchen “the Body”, immediately boosting her bookings.

    An article on Vogue magazine’s on-line encyclopedia of models stated “As the year 2000 approached, Gisele Bündchen was the world’s hottest model, opening up a new category in the popular imagination: the Brazilian bombshell.”[19] By the year 2000, her going rate was reportedly already up to $7,000 an hour.[19]

    She is the fourth model in history to grace the cover of Rolling Stone, in which she was named “the most beautiful girl in the world”, in 2000.[21] Also that year “Time magazine said she was “one of the few runway models whom straight men can name.

    actually the models pre gisele looked like stella tennant. the healthy models today actually have Gisele to thank for letting se* appeal become popular again…you seem to know nothing about modeling pop culture/fashion.

  • fantasy

    I thought she was discovered eating a hamburger in McDonald’s

  • bari

    @fantasy: *sigh* she was discovered that way that was in 1994. She traveled the fashion capitals from 1995-1997 doing jobs but didnt make a “splash” until 97/98. When I say make a splash I mean didnt’ start booking the very prestigious jobs with the big photographers,designers,magazines etc yet. Mario Testino,Anna Wintour,Alexander McQueen,Dolce&Gabbana and Donatella versace really loved her in those early years, and it doesnt get much better (for a model) to have those big wigs support. Many popular models who have modeled for 10 years still dont have their support, lol.

  • mshell

    I think the {Portuguese to English translations are not perfect but here is what she said from interviews I found on Brazilian gossip sites yesterday.

    Supermodel Gisele Bundchen had a day of teacher in Rio de Janeiro. She gave tips to aspiring models, and revealed that she has even received 42 negative followed when applying for jobs abroad. Gisele confessed that he came to wonder if really should be a model.,

    “What was remarkable was that I received both nos. You start to get a little discouraged. They said that it was hopeless, ” she said.

    “I was doing 42 castings in London and did not take no. I turned and asked myself Am I model? “Added the model, when speaking of 17 years working in the fashion world.

    To achieve success in the fashion it is necessary competence, perseverance and a little luck, decreed the top model in a speech of about 20 minutes.

    “When no one listened, I knew that was not personal. Each person has an idea in mind of what they expect from each. Has much to be in the right place at the right time,” she noted.

    Gisele said that despite the extensive experience, and being one of the main models of the world, still feels a “goose bumps” every time you enter the walkway. For her, this happens because of the constant will to always do better.

    Guest of Pantene hair care products, Gisele Bundchen spoke to his experience in the career of Rio de Janeiro candidates in the contest “Top Kufa Brazil,” beauty contest whose participants are derived exclusively from the slums of Brazil. The competition is open to youth aged 18 to 22 years, and will be divided into four stages. The winner will win a one-year contract with a modeling agency. The name will be chosen on September 14.

    - In my 17 years of occupation, was not very striking. Customers never chose to work. They employ some found fault with me – Gisele begins, which continues. – I remember in my first season I did 42 castings in London and was not adopted at all. The forty-third was in the studio of Alexander McQueen. He asked me to walk with an impossible shoe and I did. It was my great opportunity.

    The Gaucho commented that their high rate of failure is a justification: her little rapport with the camera at the beginning of career.

    - I could not shoot. Over time, I learned to use the machine, I learned about light and angle. As I have very angular face, it does not work in all lighting. It is important to interpret different roles too. Having this power of transformation. And understand that each photographer has his way of clicking – commented on the model.

    Today the scenario is completely different. Gisele has been the muse of campaigns brands Dior, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, and Isabel Marant, and cover hundreds of relevant publications such as Elle, Vogue and Numéro. However, she makes a point of stressing that her strong point was always the catwalk – in spite of fear.

    - I was always nervous. My tactic to overcome fear was to imagine a light at the end of the runway and focus to reach the end no matter what happens, and ask God’s protection. The jump may break, but I’ll get there. But after all this time I still get butterflies in my stomach. But it has to do with the desire to give my best. When I work I give 110% of me – gave Gisele.

  • Hekku

    Gis: Aniston called
    Kindly give her man chin back
    The Loons will love you

  • Angel

    @me II: Are you crazy?you might be an ugly and fat woman

  • Heinz

    She is the twin of German tennis star Steffi Graf!! They are both beautiful athletic German women.

  • ha ha


    well if that’s true, props to her!

  • cal

    so tiresome to see her in so many ads. she is rather plain looking.


    @Heinz: :-O ……
    find a German model to call yours!!!!

  • Boris

    If not for the Germans, Italians, Poles and other Europeans who immigrated to Brazil that country would still be a backwards, mosquitoe driven, toilet. The Europeans civilized that cesspool country which is why they are the dominate class in business, politics and every other aspect of Brazilian society.

  • Tara S

    @Marina: Jealous much Marina?

  • MArita

    I LOVE her bag, does anyone know what brand it is? please.
    thank you.

  • Tara S

    @mshell: M shell , thank you for trying to clarify the english translation.

  • hahA

    ew she still needs to be rejected yucko

  • Paula

    @hahA: She is obviously not being rejected because she is the richest model ever! do keep your jealousy to yourself and get a life

  • angélica

    @Boris: same words as Heinz in a previous post….. Same person? I think so!!!!!! What is your problem? Your words only prove that racism is ignorance in its highest form!!!! I, as a Brazilian with German heritage, am disgusted with your words!!!!!!! You have NO knowledge or competence to write anything true about Brazil!!!!

  • Angel

    the haters; she is being humble,down to earth and honest saying she was rejected. She was mentoring new young models, letting them know “hey you will get rejected in this business, I was 42 times, but never give up!” Shes not like one of those 3rd rate SI models who constantly ADMIT they are perfect yet she gets so much flack STILL. she really cannot please everyone, just as she said in that translation. Don’t you know you’re not supposed to take no for an answer in life? Oprah and women CEOS of big corporations, didn’t either. Good thing she didnt sit around trying to please the nay sayers, because she certainty wouldnt be the richest and most in demand supermodel, pretty much of all time, if she did.

  • Eve

    Urgh, never liked that woman. So annoying. All she does, is humiliate her husband with embarrassing comments. No wonder, VS kicked her off the Angel’s squad. She was the only Angel asking for more money. Rude!

  • justone

    @Eve: oh please that was a rumor. She’s got her own lingerie line now that is doing extremely well and putting her toward the billion dollar mark because of its success. She is no companies minion now, shes her own brand. That company has became tacky as can be and caters to tweens it seems now days so I cant see someone as regal looking as Gisele with them now anyways. I would have felt bad for her career being so stagnant if she were in her 30s still blowing air kisses and flinging bras around her head. At least her brand doesnt require such antics and its still doing well. Again Its more impressive her being her own empire than just a “VS angel”, that was for her teens and 20s, shes grown in her career at least.

  • Alli

    I keep seeing comments everywhere on how Gisele “isn’t even pretty” and i am just shocked. People always say that the Victoria secret model Adriana lima is gorgeous. I saw lima in person and she honestly isnt that pretty. Gisele on the other hand! I was backstage for a fashion show with Gisele and she is RIDICULOUSLY beautiful. Her face is so beautiful and her body is incredible. So to everyone that says she “isn’t pretty”, YES, she is. She is a lot more gorgeous in person than she is in pictures!

  • Rich

    @Alli: people online like those round faces, and maybe they photograph nice in candids, but they are very un striking faces in real life and they sure gotta watch their salt intake.. People with high cheekbones and stream lined bone structure are so rare, and they stand out more when you see those types of faces in real life. I see almost daily someone on twitter saying how much prettier Gisele was in person, lol. or even if they dont say shes prettier in person they go on and on about how gorgeous she was…and seeing her success and her track record with men….it can only be true. I will believe someone who meets her anyday over gossipers who only see beauty in cabbage patch faces.

  • MK

    @Eve: Eve please get over your hate. VS didn’t fire her. She left to do bigger and better things .

  • YUCKS!?!?!

    hahaaaa disgusting horse face man is trying to act like he’s so pitiful. .. .awwwwwwww

  • Katia

    @Heinz: Heinz?? (Ketchup??) Hello, are you german?