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Halle Berry: Custody Evaluation Clears Paris Move?

Halle Berry: Custody Evaluation Clears Paris Move?

Halle Berry catches a flight at JFK Airport on Tuesday (June 6) in New York City.

The 45-year-old actress may soon get permission to move to Paris with daughter Nahla after a custody evaluation showed she’s a better fit to take care of the 4-year-old rather than ex Gabriel Aubry.

“The evaluator did not question Gabriel‘s love for his daughter or her love for him, but the report does cast doubt on his ability to assume responsibility for the custody and care for the little girl,” according to TMZ.

If Halle‘s allowed to move to Europe, something Gabriel opposes, it’s “almost certain” he’d still be given visitation rights.

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  • mlllllllllllle

    Crazy how she looks so much younger.

  • WootenChristy

    Crazy how she looks so much younger. my buddy’s ex-wife makes $86/hour on the internet. She has been fired for 7 months but last month her paycheck was $12766 just working on the internet for a few hours. Read more on this web site CashLazy.*com
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  • BEAN

    I don’t understand people given her a bad time about this. Why should she halt her life just because the childs father will be staying in the US or Canada, whichever? As if ‘normal’ people don’t do this all the time……. These people actually have money!!! Gabriel should have no problems getting on a plane every week if he had the time to see Nahla or moving closer to Paris. I mean sorry but she’s been getting death threats since she was pregnant with Nahla. If she feels she will be happier elsewhere, and it will be safer for her and her child why not. I just hope hope hope very much things don’t fall flat with her and the French guy.

  • Toodles

    Gabe isn’t American anyway he’s French Canadian and all of his family are in Quebec so it’s not like a hardship for him to move to France and he already speaks the language.

  • Anon

    That’s terrible to take that little girl away from the only home she’s even known — and away from her father.

  • Pierre

    Her father is French and works there often and will probably move there to boot. Who wouldn’t want to move to Paris?

  • PP

    She’s gonna regret all her hateful antics.

  • @


    First off like these “death threats” are going to stop if she moves to Paris anyone can get on a and go to Paris many stockers have fallowed celebrities to different countries. If she was so waited about her safety why has she never hired bodyguard? or move from her very public and paparazzi friendly Malibu home? As for this story it came right from Halle Berry PR people she been running to TMZ with info from day one.

  • alw

    is she pregnant?

  • pam

    Gabriel might be a drug addict. Read between the lines. I wouldn’t want my kid to be around a druggie, no matter how much the druggie loves her.

  • LoveMeDo

    If he was a drug addict, Berry would have used that in court. No way the media wouldn’t find out about it. I think this has more to do with his anger issues, which probably has to do with this custody battle. I feel bad for Nahla. She loves her father, anyone can see that. I think it would be emotional damaging for Halle to move to another country. But just watch. If she is permitted to leave, I don’t give her and Olivier more than another year together.

  • TheRealMe


    What lines? There has never been an allegation of drug use made against him so I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from.



  • Kim

    We all knew that was it all along, she used him.

  • Shrugs!

    Gabe is French Olivier is French Nahla is half French so what is the friggin problem? There is a large American ex-patriate community in France. I would sell a kidney to be able to move and study in France!

  • Garner

    #13, yeah just like JLO tried to use Ben for his white skin to have a kid but he got her out of his life just in time.

  • Halli

    WTF? Okay, my job is to literally supervise visitation between children and TRULY unfit parents – usually the father. I don’t know anything about Gabriel but he is one of the highest – if not the highest- paid male models and I can’t believe I even know this, but there is no evidence in their public court battles that suggest he is unfit to parent as a person.

    The American judicial system never ceases to disappoint me. The rich and famous can buy all the ‘justice’ they want. Halle is very selfish cause it looks like she just picked him as a baby daddy so she can have a gorgeous child in Nahla,

  • Seventeen Is A Liar

    Right liar. you have no job HALLI but to troll and cause mayhem and nasty discourse on this blog.

  • suki

    I loathe Halle Berry. Any mother who would keep a loving father from being in his daughter’s life is a selfish, narcissistic jerk.

  • Dayanara Torres

    Yeah suki/Halli whatever you say troll. How is JLO doing these days? Still ignoring her children in favor of her teenage boyfriend. I loathe women like that who are selfish, narcisstic jerks.

  • Anna

    She needs to take that poodle of her head. I never liked her but now after all this baby daddy drama i really hate her, what and ugly women. When her looks fade (and one day they will) all she will be left with is her personality, and god help her when that day comes.

  • Dayanara Torres

    #21 Ditto for JLO. One day when her looks fade she will regret abandoning her twins in favor of a paid for boyfriend young enough to be her son. Bad enough that she broke up my marriage and forbid marc to see his children.

  • Todd

    she looks better than any of you ever will so cut it out

  • Kaley

    @Todd: Lol ur @HHHHHHHHAAAAAA: Oh you know her or….

  • Let’s Get Real

    This is the type of a woman who gives woman a bad name. Gabriel CLEARLY loves his daughter so if she was a good mom she would have stayed closer by so they could maintain a regular father/daughter relationship. I’ve never sensed Halle really likes men and has major issues which she is projecting on her child. Money/celebrity is clearly the factor here in her winning this. It’s outrageous. What the hell is wrong with this judge? $$$$$

  • Helen

    She won’t return back to LA for doing movies. Because it’s dangerous?!?!?!

  • Jokers wife

    It amazes me how everyone has judged Halle. Why is she a bad mother because she wants to move to Paris… I hate to say this but I doubt there would be this much discussion if Halle weren’t half black. Racism is a sin. Most of you ugly fat commenters are jealous- but know Gabriel wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire.

  • jennifer

    There is a name for women like her!!
    I find it very difficult to tolerate her being in the news.
    She really need help, as well as her child will someday need help too.
    Hope her dad keeps tabs on her to make sure he can run interference if necessary.

  • chocolate cookie

    all of her relationships have failed. failed marriages too.

    her and frenchie will be over soon enough.

    there is obviously something terribly wrong with her since she cant keep a man for an extended period of time.

  • The Real Emma

    Halle seems to be a bit of a nutter but probably a good mom. I think it’s okay that she moves if it means a safer and more peaceful day-to-day life for her and the child. Many families are broken up like this all the time. The child will suffer a great loss for it however, no mistake about that. She will be missing out on having her real dad on the regular. Unfortunately it’s always the children who get hurt when the parents divorce/separate. I don’t think I could move my child away from it’s dad, no way, I wouldn’t make them pay the cost for my mistakes.

  • Alice

    Does she have ANYTHING in her closet other than oversized frumpy clothes? An oversized tee once in awhile is cool. But every day???

  • shi

    Well, her move to Paris may be a necessity since us Americans have become disgusted by her and won’t bother to see any movie she’s in. I guess she’s trying her luck in France. That is until her current relationship fails and if the French don’t give her the reception she’s expecting. She’s hoping they’re not aware of her despicable behavior. Newsflash: we’re in the internet age!

  • frisbee

    Glad to see not all the commentators here are brainwashed housewives (no offence to sane housewives). Go Halle!

  • Sihaam

    Sorry to all Gabriel fans, a loving father does not ask for money to watch after his only child. I grew up with one and I know for sure, my mother didn’t have to pay my father’s way to have him around. In short Halle Berry is a better fit because she loves her child and can financially support her adequately. That is what you call a wonderful mother!!! Gabriel can start looking for another sugar mama or a job whichever one he prefers :)

  • Kilem

    NOTE ACCORDING TO TMZ. Her publicist and unofficial legal and pr representation.
    She is likely using the “I am getting married again, two parents are superior to one” theory or the “Gabriel grew up in foster care is not emotionally equipped” slant.
    She really is fit for anything and is clearly using that other French dumba$s to her end, which is to viciously get back at her ex and take the one thing in this life that he loves away.

  • not so fast
  • Todd

    Halle’s problem always was that Gabriel never WAS IN LOVE WITH HER!!

  • huggy bear

    if the shoe was on the other foot aubry had the money will halle still be a good mother?