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Olivia Munn & Joel Kinnaman: 'Lola Versus' Screening!

Olivia Munn & Joel Kinnaman: 'Lola Versus' Screening!

Olivia Munn comes out to support boyfriend Joel Kinnaman at a screening of his new movie, Lola Versus, on Tuesday (June 5) at NYC’s SVA Theater.

The 31-year-old actress paired an Asos dress with Christian Louboutin heels, a vintage clutch and Bulgari, and Montblanc rings, while Joel suited up in Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière.

After the screening, which was hosted by The Cinema Society and Brooks Brothers, the couple joined guests, including Zachary Quinto, at the film’s after party held at The Top of the Standard.

Lola Versus stars Greta Gerwig as the title character who is dumped by her boyfriend just three weeks before their wedding.

She enlists her close friends for a series of adventures she hopes will help her come to terms with approaching 30 as a single woman.

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Credit: Stephen Lovekin, Nicholas Hunt; Photos: Getty, PatrickMcMullan
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  • jen

    Ewwww the Munnster

  • Gossipgirl

    Munn is a professional fame ho

  • Carrie

    because they’re together?? good for them

    (i have no ideo about who they’re)

  • Julia

    Olivia Who?

  • yeah

    Where’s your boyfriend Zach?

  • NotAGirl

    Isn’t he too good for her?

  • lold

    Could do much better, Joel.

  • Hekku

    Serial killer
    And she looks like someone’s mom
    big old yawn for me

  • desiree

    The Brunette Bosworth only with a Brain.


    He is a creepy loser in Sweden who likes sk$nks and she is a sk$nky user famehoe who will just be a incubator. He gets baby and she gets attention PERFECT COUPLE

  • Laura

    He will wise up to her like the rest did. She is never a keeper, unless he is as stupid and high as he looks. He likes trash and status so might keep her around thinking he looks cool. Just like the little men dating strippers and playboy bunnies.

  • HOW OLD IS SHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She looks totally old!!!! Like a mom!!!! Ewwwwww I get why they call her butterface now and talk about bags over head so you just see the tatas.
    She is an actress? Thot she was a maxim wannabe.

  • katebos part 2 only cheaper

    heartbroken about her stepmom but still party it up,,,, PHOTO TIME. Liv New Munny needing the fame. Who is the sucker dude?

  • who cares really

    Who cares about these two wannabes? Surprised she doesnt trawl JJ since she works the net for good PR to try look more than she is. His show is on its way down the pan no wonder he talks about knocking up a tacky wannabe t%ts out fame seeker it will be all he has to do with his time. Dont think the girls will cry over this guy, his exes were happy to get rid of the dirt. Now hes with dirt they get karma on him.

  • kat

    He is UGLY and his gf too

  • awalker

    She looks lovely. He’s a lucky man. So happy all these amazing things are happening in her life. We deserved.

  • S.

    OMG he’s dating HER??? Well, she seems to be real dirty in bed so I guess he’ll like that. Read what she wrote to ex-bf Chris Pine:

  • S.

    “Finger me in the doorway” “Lick my tight a/s/s/hole”. Seriously? She’s just too much.

  • yeah 2

    What, no boyfriend ZQ? I’m shocked! LOL

  • Marieme


    What. The. Hell??

  • pinkydoo

    well, they both look uber sleezy so they are well suited I guess. Doesn’t he look like her pimp? lol

  • Jan


    I’ve always wondered why someone would go all the way back to 2009 to hack pics she sent Chris Pine. Didn’t she have recent pics? recent boyfriends? something is totally off…..

  • RFG

    wtf?! what is with all these hateful comments? i’m not too sure what she does but she seems nice enough. i enjoy his work as holder in the killing. what did they do exactly to warrant such negativity? who are u people (or is it one person)???!!
    they make a cute couple, imo.

  • Jordan

    He is too good for her
    she is trash. Hahaha no one dressed her but he got a designer suit. Gutter skank

  • tvcon


    She’s a famewhore who deserves everything negative said about her.

  • KatJo

    I like the show The Killing, his character Holder and Joel Kinnaman ( at least what he talks about when interviewed). Hope the show doesn’t get canceled. As for her, well he’s been with her for a couple of months now and she doesn’t seem to be famewh***** the relationship. You only see them together on the red carpet so maybe she is trying to act like an adult in this particular relationship. Maybe she has matured a little bit. He looks happy with her. I guess only time will tell. I wish them well and hope the movie gets good reviews. We need for him to get more work.

  • Sean

    So this is who she’s opening her legs for this month? Cool…

  • eska

    He is amazing in The Killing! You guys should watch “Snabba Cash”, he nailed it. I am pretty sure his career will develop. Well, I have no idea who she is…

  • tvcon


    I’ve seen pics of her at this screening and she was hamming it up. She’ll do until he finds someone better and he will. Actually to be honest they do have alot in common in respects to their past.

  • nancy

    These two are a joke amongst the hollywood set. First of all, there is absolutely no comparison between Pine and Kinnaman. I have met both and Pine is by far and away an amazing person. Intelligent, genuine, talented, and not attracted to acting for the fame part. Kinnaman on the other hand is not dumb but he is a complete sh8tbag in all ways. He is totally a fame seeker and will do anything and everything to get it. He is not a good person in any way. Very insecure, has an identity crisis every other week(i mean what guy from stockholm walks around talking like Lil Wayne), cheater, rude, and a bit of a bitter pill. He very much resents those actors who he feels were born into this world while he has had to work for it. And he only started recently bringing up his Jewish heritage to give him a leg up in hollywood.
    And he has only dated two women in his life that were worth anything, Morberg and a beautiful bi-racial(black and white) Swedish “actress” who he completely screwed over. They went to school at the same time and dated for some years. She went on and got married and I believe now has a kid. She is the one that got away for him and that is why he keeps bringing up having kids. Which is just hilarious to anyone that knows him. Total eff up!
    Munn is and will always be a joke. She has repeatedly proven again and again that she is a famewhore to the men she has dated and the actors around her. Most will not own up to dating her if there is no photo evidence! Hence her comment about being willing to stay home on dates. She has been around hollywood’s bedrooms more than once so to speak. Most feel she has zero talent and rips off her “comedic style” from skits already done by others. She is not genuine and a totally condescending, mean spirited person. It was no shocker that these two got together though because they both are ridiculously stupid and want fame so bad they will do anything to get it. A to C listers who know anything about her will not date her so she had to go for someone new to the scene. Joel does want a beautiful, nice women but he wants the fameseeking, sleaze more and Olivia provides that. I honestly don’t think the truly talented, nice, and beautiful women would put up with him for long because he is a d*uche. But some have expressed interest but now that Olivia is trying to get her hooks in her “taint” is rubbing off on him and making his less appealing. Olivia will put up with anything and everything as long as she gets to be on “the list”. But his friends think she is a total hooker especially after those pictures that were released (ahem were hacked) from her phone to Chris in a desperate attempt to win him back/embarrass him in front of Dominique(his new gf)/make his new gf insecure and ruin their relaysh. I mean who does that? Total joke behind Joel’s back. No one would dare say it to his face but they think the situation is funny and sad. Why get yourself attached to someone like her right when your career is taking off? But they are not shocked because that is par for the course with him. He always screws up. I do know they are shocked about her recent comments about race at the Airtime launch. That is not going over well with his friends, many who are black and disgusted that he would be seen with her right after she said that. That is not cool in any way you put it. She doesn’t know when to shut her mouth and thinks every single thing she does is cute and funny no matter what. Everyone is waiting for her to get herself knocked up because that is also a rumour. She is planning a baby whammy on him so she can secure herself even more in hwood. She knows her “looks” are starting to fade and her cute has worn off with most. The roles are not coming in for her “dreams to fulfill” so she has to go the gf/wife route to stay relevant. Wake up Joel!!! Stop self medicating while your at it btw because it is obvious to photogs like myself that your red rimmed eyes are not just jet lag. And on the red carpet while working is just unprofesssional!

  • fruitcake

    O.M.G!! and she’s a Chris Pine fan! heeeeeeeeee!

  • Sandra

    Omg you guys act like her. Why do you have to be so mean, when you dont know any of them!

  • treytrey


    I can testify to most what you said but cuz is pot really medicating?
    The cell pics to Pine were same ones sent to that hockey playa?
    Still think shes cheaper than him and more intellectual cuz she knows how to play both the sexes. They be a match and two straight they check the net

  • Laronda

    She spoke about them having kids before news broke they were dating. She will be trying to get knocked up I betcha, sister is more devious and streetwise than Kate Bos. The Kinna met his match and gon end up Skarsgard situ part 2. She was never pretty but she got someone now she can work finally and will hold on for life. Even grief don’t matter when you bag yourself the new upcomer with movies and a production dream under his belt you undo. She want fame that much.

  • Stop

    They might be one in same but Kate Bosworth had more classyness than Liv Munny, she just wasn’t streetwise enough to play her deck.



  • hello

    she will be reading this I guarantee it

  • lafamepoma

    actually they look good, although she’s famous for doing nothing

  • eww

    they both uglies

  • kat

    She’s just another famewh8re and he is just another wannabe star trying his luck, doing all the classic things newbs do. Nothing new so don’t get the big deal about it. Just a pity the movie is cringeworthy bad, altho not as bad as anything Munn has been in which isn’t a lot.

  • lisa

    Isnt he recycling a suit? She will be hoping the freebies come through tho now shes with him and a LA couple.

  • jewish bs!

    Jewish my ass. If he was surrounded by strong Jewish women like he claims, he would not be dating that and he also would have more smarts when it came to his naughty behavior.

    He would treat his good women better too but is rumored to be nothing but a dirtbag, even his friends speak of it. His Jewish talk is a disgrace and insult to us women and our sons. His mama spoiled him and it is obvious with way he behaves with women he goes for. He hurts good girls and is open with the dirty ones all for image.

  • Boring

    C-lister with C-lister
    well, even she has more career than him.


    Swedish actors are dumb.

  • Jasmine

    DAMN! He cleans up nicely. He already looks good on The Killing even though he talks and dresses all ghetto but wow, this is way better!

  • Laronda

    good actor on and off screen, he play it better than Askars. hes suited to that famew£$re

  • All over again

    Omg we have another Alexander skarsgard and Kate bosworth

  • wait, what?

    Using the jewish stuff is pathetic. He never said that in Sweden, but in “Hollywood” sure is useful…

  • V

    You guys suck! She is one the most entertaining on the scene right now.She always seems sweet,loving,really funny.I mean we all have other sides to us,but she is good at what she does.Plus she has chosen to be HONEST.

    Ya’ll need to chill

    no comment on her relationship

  • jane

    she’s not good good at what she does and she ain’t honest either!