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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Django Unchained' Trailer!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Django Unchained' Trailer!

Check out the newly released trailer for Leonardo DiCaprio‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

The Quentin Tarantino western flick also stars Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz, and is set to be released on December 25 of this year!

Here’s a synopsis: With the help of his mentor (Waltz), a slave-turned-bounty hunter (Foxx) sets out to rescue his wife (Kerry Washington) from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner (DiCaprio).

In case you missed them, check out Leo, Christoph, and Jamie in these first look pictures from the flick.

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195 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Django Unchained' Trailer!”

  1. 1
    Moon' Says:

    Cant’ wait !!! I love Tarantino and all the cast but I LOVE Christoph Waltz, he’s a brillant actor.

  2. 2
    Til Says:

    puffy and old

  3. 3
    LinNa Says:

    Christoph Waltz + Leonardo DiCaprio + Quentin Tarantino =

  4. 4
    kiki Says:

    it will be great

  5. 5
    Billy Says:

    He looks like Ennis del Mar.

  6. 6
    rachee Says:

    wow anticipate Leo playing the bad guy finally!!

  7. 7
    kerri Says:

    we miss leo and bar dont we girls.?

  8. 8
    Ugly Says:

    Boy, he looks ugly! In a couple of years he won’t be much to look at!

  9. 9
    Message Says:

    Well, they did a sufficient job of making Leo look creepy. And, from the looks of it, he did a good job of acting crazy and sadistic. Looking forward to this one, even more than Gatsby.

  10. 10
    sayuri Says:

    Leonardo is AMAZING! Can´t wait. ,)

  11. 11
    Jevie Says:

    I LOVE Christoph Waltz!!!!

  12. 12
    Dave From Canada Says:

    Another slave movie. What would Hollywood do without the Nazis’, slavery, etc. They have made so many movies about these subjects, to the point where is is becoming extremely redundant. It might be time to move on to some new issues……..

  13. 13
    gunna Says:

    Leo is so versatile and talented he can play any character if he wants to.

  14. 14
    kris Says:

    leo dicaprio posts on justjared are ridic. So many crazy fangirls whining about his love life.

  15. 15
    @kris Says:

    Yet it’s you who brought up the topic here!

  16. 16
    stanssck Says:

    @kris: its very much known he has some of the craziest fangirls ever. Poor Leo, he probably would not appreciate to know how nasty and hateful some of his fans can be…

  17. 17
    ms_levitt Says:

    I LOVE QUENTIN!!!!! Seeing Leo DiCaprio, who is just one of the best actors in his age in my opinion, in a Tarantino Movie, who is one of the best Directors of our time, is BRILLIANT!!!! :D

  18. 18
    ?? Says:

    Nobody is talking about his love life yet people are here whining and complaining about it even though it has nothing to do with this thread. Priceless!

  19. 19
    Ethiopianchick Says:

    @LinNa: @Dave From Canada: Who cares as long as they are good movies

  20. 20
    Mrs Reynolds Says:

    I can’t wait to see this, he’s so hot and handsome.

    Btw, Leo should dump that fugly model, he’s too good for her. He deserves someone like Gisele or Kate Winslet. He deserves a real woman, not some cheap ****** ”model”. Gisele is the true supermodel and has class and Kate is the epitome of beauty and class.

  21. 21
    sexy leo Says:

    leo is mine, ******* back off

  22. 22
    @Kerri Says:


    Why would anyone miss LDC with BRAT when it is highly speculated that this quote came from someone on her team? Posted under the name “Cookie” in Yeeeah!:

    “Leonardo dicaprio and females he loves have the i dont like to see the face ever during sex.which includes yelling bossing around dominating and large amounts of narcotics.”

    I thought Irmelins nicname was Cookie?? Someone posting under her nic?

  23. 23
    LeoLuv Says:

    barfs mom follows JJ on her twitter (LOL) she is definitely an avid poster here and leo basher.

  24. 24
    darro Says:

    @LeoLuv: Since she follow justjared on her twitter, i don’t count out too.

  25. 25
    sexy leo Says:

    Leo IS MINE, *******!


  26. 26
    Anti-Barf Says:

    Barf needs to stop defending herself and dissing Leo on here, we all know that she reads these comments and replies to them. She’s just pissed that her ”career” is a flop and Leo has moved on to a hotter and smarter girl. I can’t wait to see Leo and Erin get married.

  27. 27
    @26 Says:

    @Anti-Barf: Erin isnt hotter than Bar…keep on waiting for that marriage! lol I know you’re trying to be funny and rile people up with that comment. Leo and Erin will break up this year!

  28. 28
    @26 Says:

    If you hate her so much and you think Leo is so awesome why are you talking about Bar on his thread ruining it? Making dumb statements like now he has a hotter and smarter girl and he will marry her? Are you for real? He is going to marry Erin just as much as he married Bar. Erin is not hotter or smarter than Bar? He has a type and Erin fits the profile just like Bar did.

  29. 29
    Anti-Barf Says:

    @@26: No they won’t, mark my words. Erin and Leo will probably date for years to come.

  30. 30
    @29 Says:

    Sure. Years like 2 years until she turns 25. But I doubt it`s gonna last that long. Why do you think Erin is so much better than Bar? He picks them for a reason and that doesn`t make any of them any better than the other.

  31. 31
    django Says:

    WOW!! What a fantastic movie-trailer and what a fabulous role for Leo!! Oh, and I didn’t see any girls. Who are you talking about? LOL

  32. 32
    Hmmmmmm Says:

    @@29: I wanna know more,tell us more about the break up!!!! Please….

  33. 33
    I can't see Says:

    …the chemistry between Leo and Erin,they are a fake couple,for sure!I can’t see happines in Leo’s face,and He seems worried with something.Erin has a sarcastic face,I don’t buy this girls..not at all,cause she has a ironic-mocking-sarcastic face and I don’t trust her,she seems to be a very smart girl and the face she has all the time like she was thinking: “MY PLANS ARE WORKING!CAN YOU GET A CLOSE UP OF MY FACE? ARE YOU SURE PPL CAN SEE IT’S ME?” I bet Leo is in NYC for another reason,not because of her,and ppl keep fantasizing things….I’m sure this day it’s totally fabricated!!! Sorry the bad english…

  34. 34
    @33 Says:

    @I can’t see:

    Poor, poor Bar. Jealous of her long legs and natural beauty? Yep, you should be.

    Put away your Mrs. Dicaprio T-shirt. She literally has one. humph.

  35. 35
    Sarah Jessica Says:

    I wonder if Bar is not even relevant on JJ anymore? If you type in Refaeli, her picture is like the 4th one down. Sarah Jessica comes up with refaeli…..LMAO….perfect.

  36. 36
    Poor poor Bar obsessed people Says:

    I just laugh at people who post on these threads claiming how much they hate Bar yet they won’t shut up about her! Everything posted here is related to Bar one way or another according to them. She is so irrelevant that they just keep talking about her giving the irrelevant and horrible person attention. You don’t lime Erin? That means you are either Bar herself, Bar’s friend or mother or dog or …. whatever! I bet #34 couldn’t care less about Erin in general but as long as she can be used to bash on Bar she is a ‘ long legged natural beauty’.

  37. 37
    I can't see Says:

    @@33: You are soooooooo wrong,you have no idea who I am hohoho,sorry,wrong answer!

  38. 38
    WOW Says:

    How gorgeous is this girl Leo is kissing hand in the trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is beautiful wow

  39. 39
    @33 Says:

    I think YOU are the one fantasising things not Erin

  40. 40
    I can't see Says:

    the sarcastic face I was talking about

  41. 41
    I can't see Says:

    the sarcastic face I was talking about #2

  42. 42
    I love her Says:

    @WOW: yup she’s def stunning

  43. 43
    Maria Says:

    Erin is in Turkey does that mean Leo is in turkey too.

  44. 44
    @Maria Says:

    Why would that mean he is there, too?

  45. 45
    @40 , 41 Says:

    She does not look sarcastic to me. She looks pleasant and breezey.

  46. 46
    bz Says:

    Our genius friends over at bellazon figured out that she doesn`t tweet when she is around Leo to `protect his privacy`. She tweeted about Turkey so based on their logic he is not there.

  47. 47
    Patricia Says:

    I don’t believe it. How can He have had so fun with Erin at the showcase and in the other day look so bored riding a bike?
    Whenever someone says Leo had fun with Erin or was seen acting lovey dovey with her there is no pic,and when He is bored we can clearly see.Where is the pics of the date night in March when “DiCaprio kept his arms around Heatherton’s waist while chatting with Gerber and his wife Cindy Crawford and sipping on Cali Caliche cocktails…” ???? In the mobli’s party??? Watching a fight or a game,whatever…Why people would lose the oportunity to pic them acting so adorable???


  48. 48
    bz Says:

    The thing that I find weird about the media frenzy around them yesterday is the media frenzy. I know NOLA is not NYC but acting the way they did in the club would have drawn attention to them wherever they are. For long weeks there was nothing about them and people ( not just here ) were wondering if they are still together. Then all this. The tons of pap photos and this lovey-dovey thing at a NYC hotspot… Maybe there were off for a while and now they are back on?
    But it`s true that we never got photos of the lovey-dovey part. It was similar with Bar actually. They always looked miserable but you got sightings about being affectionate always without photos.

  49. 49
    Patricia Says:

    @bz: Exactly.I was about to post what you said…
    His behavior with Gisele,Bar even with Blake.Idk if it was a REAL relationship with this girls,like people say it was fake,it was PR or something but it is what it is,if He was acting,it was a good acting.Never sooooo in love,but we saw some kissing pics,some holding hands… He was veryyyy cold,and ppl was saying he hates Bar,he hates Blake IDK I don’t think He ever loved them,but I’m not Leo,so I can’t say this

  50. 50
    bz Says:

    I think it was real with Gisele. With Bar there was no chemistry but there were moments of holding hands, kissing, hugging, touching. I hate to admit but I think there was chemistry between him and Lively and there were lots of tweets saying they were kissing, touching…etc. With Erin – just like with Bar – I don`t see any chemistry at all. I believe there was a tweet photo of them holding hands at some bball game ( no affection at all ) and the two make-out reports but other than that they couldn`t look more distant next to each other. It seems like his ability to control his feelings in public is developing with age and he can hide it when he wants it.

  51. 51
    @bz Says:

    I agree with you. Its a fling no matter what his publicist feed the Post but I don’t understand the attacks on Erin here, merely for dating him

  52. 52
    Why? Says:

    is it so weird? Leo has been carousing in nightclubs for years and years, how many pics have you seen of that? Of course if there WAS a pic you will start ranting on how its fake and Erin looks smug. Crazy

  53. 53
    Patricia Says:

    @bz: I saw the pic on the bball game,and it was a mess here n JJ and in the Bellazon cause some ppl said “they’re holding hands” and some said “They’re not holding hands it’s the arm of the chair…IDK
    Only thing I know is : HE WASN’T RECIPROCATING
    The body language,she was talking to Him and He wasn’t even looking to her,she was stuck on Him and he seemed uncomfortable.
    So awkward.The less respected girlfriend so far…she is fighting for some tiny portion.Humiliating.

  54. 54
    Patricia Says:

    @Why?: Yes,you’re right! Cause we’re talking about a aspiring model with no self respect hungry for publicity.Bye

  55. 55
    bb Says:

    you’re wrong. Patricia is right.

  56. 56
    bz Says:

    @51: I honestly don`t care about Erin. To me she is very boring and not interesting at all. One in the line. By now the regulars should know that it`s all about Leo. If someone is ready to play his game for publicity it`s her business. She won`t get respect for it but it`s not about the girl.
    @Patricia: They were holding hands but as you said the body language was obvious.
    @why?: It`s not just about clubbing. In Erin`s case both lovey-dovey sightings were at parties but with the others that wasn`t the case. You saw affection at the beach, bball games, on the street. Also at first there were plenty tweets about Leo at the concert – no mention of Erin. Then one tweet about Erin and then all these reports from the dance floor.
    Anyway to me yesterday was a little weird.

  57. 57
    No Turkey fer Leo Says:


    @bz: he’s not controling his feelings when he doesnt have them for Borington to begin with. Its natural…He showed the most emotion with Gisele and little more with Lively…he was actually being a little goofy with lively too.. Erin probably doesnt bring that side of his personality out..

    As soon as Leo gets a new ho the freaks at bellazon will change their avatars and she will be the most beautifullest girl in the world who can do no wrong! lol FREEAAAAKKKS!!!!

  58. 58
    WOLF Says:

    When does the filming for Wolf begin in NYC?!?!

  59. 59
    bz Says:

    @Wolf: I think the movie is already in pre-production and they start filming in August through the beginning of Dec. At least this is what was posted on his bz thread. Those girls are annoying but they provide the best info about him. They deserve credit for that!

  60. 60
    Patricia Says:

    @No Turkey fer Leo: LMAO!

  61. 61
    i will never understand Says:

    …….what an intelligent, bright 37 year old man has in common with a 23 year old girl. period.

  62. 62
    Patricia Says:

    @bz: lol That’s the only motive I go there,for the information,we have to close our eyes to their personal opinions and go ahead,cause it’s really,really,really annoying!

  63. 63
    yeah Says:

    @bz: they call us stalkers but we’re not stalkers, we’re commentors…they’re the TRUE stalkers!!! lol

  64. 64
    Patricia Says:

    @No Turkey fer Leo: I doubt if it was in the Kidada Jones era she will be on their avatars…a black girl???Never! Let’s see who’s the next…

  65. 65
    @#63 Says:

    Stalkers tend to be discombobulated and unhinged. Your non stop ramblings, rantings and cussing at Leo and girlfriend on all his threads while getting info from and then attacking the bz brigaide make you guys deffo stalker material. And no I’m not from that forum I’m just a weary Leo fan who has eyes.
    And you meant ‘commentators’ not ‘commentors’ right. Your rage is making you even more confused and hysterical.

  66. 66
    lol Says:

    @No Turkey fer Leo: The funny part is the avatar of the Bar Refaeli fan is on the Bellafreaks-zone waiting for sightings of Leo and Erin together WTF???? LOL

  67. 67
    bz Says:

    Getting info from them and disliking them at the same time is stalking? Or posting opinion online is also stalking? Good to know! Are you a moderator here or something? Keeping an eye on everything and being a smarta** most of the time.

  68. 68
    yeah Says:

    @@#63: shut up freak. Your mother is confused! And if you’re so weary get the fck outta here betch! : )

  69. 69
    weakling Says:

    people who prove their points online by saying someone spelt something wrong are so weak. Like you’ve never spelt something wrong in your whole life… I guess when your agrument is weak you scream YOUR HAIR IS BLUE!!!! Youre talking about your age is showing?!? And what is Leo age showing?!?! That he’s 12!!! Or acts like it!! lol

  70. 70
    raven Says:

    Love that they added James Brown to the trailer. I love that song :)

  71. 71
    So sad ! Says:

    Leo never seemed so bored and sad in his whole love life.
    I think He is tired to play this PR/Dating-blonde-models thing,but ONLY LEO can put and END to this pathetic type of life! I wish I could know some good source only to know how much they win to play this game.It worth it Leo? Time flies and the REAL happines is slipping through your fingers dude…
    If only you could take a good look at yourself and see how sad and unhappy you seem to be,as a grown man you are,you should fix your life.God Bless you darling.

  72. 72
    see Says:

    jesus freaking christ.. he is not showing LESS affection. People keep saying that he was the most open with Gisele but do you guys remember his relationships in the 90s?

    do you see those?? he held hands with them. he took them to premieres and events. He isn’t “bored’ with Erin, Bar, Blake etc. The only difference is that he’s become more private as he’s grown older. Gisele dated him when he was still relatively “open” with stuff like this.

    Some of the people who post here are freaking idiots who bash his girlfriends for no reason.

  73. 73
    Tigerseye Says:

    I think pre production is under way for wolf of wall street in NY. I used to analyse the revolving “model“door, but honestly who cares? real or fake this is what it is and of no consequence to anyone but those involved, not involved, pretending to be involved, wish they were involved,friends of friends that are involved …seriously! Ugh!!!. Wealth attracts superficialty but it is the possessor of such extravagance that should measure the worth of such belongings, trinkets of all kinds and that includes people, shes one of many that he will never be short of. He doesnt seem happy in his life, hes exhausted by everything it seems, but im beginning to think he might just like this image,stuck in the early 90s, when it was all about whats hot now and supermodels were considered supreme symbols of wealth and class, crazy stupid it is. i dont know anymore? But he aint losing sleep on what i think. He’ll learn what he wants to know not neccessarily what he needs to know. in my opinion the girl has an ayre of opportunism, but shes young and has no experience other that immediate rewards and that says it all, i have no feelings either way about whether shes wrong or right for him, his type is so generic whats it matter? Either way hes a grown man that will do whatever he wants, im done discussing him and his endless array of “americas next top…whatever.“ tigerseye signing out, no more gossip for me blah! Only art im interested in now, love you quentin, kick ass!!!

  74. 74
    Wait...what? Says:

    Brazil Loves Erin ‏@BrazilLovesErin
    @BarRefaeli @angelcandice Queremos fotos de vocês duas!!! Lindas ;)
    Ver conversa
    Responder Retweetar Favorito

    They’re asking for a pic of Bar and Candice together,and calling them ‘beautiful’,an account to support Erin,seriously? Damn!

    wtf these kids have in their minds???

  75. 75
    Ok Says:

    @see: Ok bellafreak!Got it!Now come back to your zone and be aware 2 change your avatar!

  76. 76
    @#yeah Says:

    F**k you bee yoo tch

  77. 77
    ??? Says:

    @kris: You’r the first one to mention it…just saying!

  78. 78
    ??? Says:

    @Mrs Reynolds: Go away, we dont want to hear that rubbish!

  79. 79
    ??? Says:

    @???: I have just scrolled through so much inane, idiotic rubbish, why do Leo threads get taken over by freaks who are obsessed with his girl friends, previous and current, I just dont understand! and before you predictably suggest I dont come here, don’t bother, I’m gone!

  80. 80
    Trust me. I am a doctor. Says:


    hahaha!model with no experience, the symbol of wealth and class. Are you talking about her?

  81. 81
    Joanne Says:

    Does he only notice models with kind of modeling careers?

  82. 82
    hmm Says:

    All of a sudden not sighting of Leo/them again…

  83. 83
    bolly Says:

    @Joanne: Leo has dated anywhere from A list models (Gisele,Helena Christensen,Bridget Hall to C/D lists models such as Bar and Erin to F list such as that Madelina chick) Its funny he went from dating extremely in demand models to virtually un-knowns now.

  84. 84
    Trust me. I am a doctor. Says:


    This danish one is also the symbol of class and wealth?

  85. 85
    Trust me. I am a doctor. Says:


    Or this one from Brazil?

  86. 86
    @@#yeah Says:

    @@#yeah: My, you’re all class aren’t you ;)

  87. 87
    love it Says:

    @@#63: love what you said and so agree!

  88. 88
    :)) Says:

    It seems like the bella-squad is here… lol

  89. 89
    @88 Says:

    Of course, anyone who does not cuss 24/7 at Leo and Erin on Leo posts MUST be from bz land. *sarcasm off*

  90. 90
    :)) Says:

    Also the person who likes to check out the thread from time to time is also here ( all the time ) to be a wisea**. The day is complete.
    BTW Leo is in NYC. There were twitter sightings yesterday.

  91. 91
    @90 Says:

    You’re right. With you camped here as usual Leda it IS complete.

  92. 92
    OMG Says:

    Why here are so obsessed to talk about everyone except Leo????

  93. 93
    :)) Says:

    That`s right! Camped out here because you said so… lol Aren`t you just a wisea** who knows everything based on comments? Good for you! lol

  94. 94
    Tigerseye Says:

    Trust me im a doctor i was being ironic, but wasnt necessarily talking about her i was talking about the misconception of status that celebrity brings, once upon a time in the 90s it was all about the models, cindy, naomi, claudia, christie,linda. These were symbols of success for a time. Im just saying celebrity perception still believes in this image to an extent, even if the public dont. I personally think that industry promotes unrealistic and ridiculously vaccuous lifestyles again…blah!

  95. 95
    to :)) Says:

    @:)): thank you for the info that Leo is in New York and didnt follow Borington to turkey! Goes to show he doesnt care! LOL! Play thing…

  96. 96
    grandma Says:

    @to :)): maybe I’ll see him tomorrow midtownish….I dont want to meet him, but a sighting in real life would be interesting/funny.

  97. 97
    tinkerbell Says:

    Oh, btw, I am not going to do this, because I am NOT a stalker, but if you were a young hot thing he’s alone in NYC and you could follow the twitters tonight and if you went to Lavo, Avenue, or 1oak, you might see him.

    The difference between some of us “stans” and real stalkers is the following, for arguments sake:

    1. we know he is not god or jesus
    2. we know we are not carrying his baby
    3. we’d like to see him with someone we respect but we KNOW its not gonna be us
    4. with all the truly exciting and beautiful women in the world, we’d like to see him with one. Doesnt have to be me, I have someone.

    Painting anybody on who disagrees with you as “stalkers” doesnt ring true. There is a difference. Some of us stans like watching but we wish no real contact with him and know that is unrealistic and we like our guy (some of the time) we dont want to bother or annoy him–its live and let live, go in peace leonardo.

    I comment on Leo as a symbol of a certain type of guy or hollywood archetype, you dont have to like it but I’m not trying to get up in him.

  98. 98
    tinkerbell Says:

    oh, and stop asking for my facebook/picture. Even if I looked like Raquel Welch (much prettier than any of leo’s d-bags) you’d use it to ridicule meand get in my face. I dont need that, and some of team barf has other things in mind which they are not going to get a chance to do.

    First Amendment uber alles! No you cant change it ! :)

    I dont have an internet presence guys, it_bores_me.

  99. 99
    Anonymous Says:

    Erin is not in Turkey!! Did you not read her twitter correctly?!! She was giving her new Turkish fan club a shout out. Duh!

  100. 100
    vagabond Says:

    lol she was in Turkey for a fashion show you can see pictures of it on her bz thread.It was the Dosso Dossi Fashion Show in Antalya Turkey June 8, 2012
    Anyway,I can’t wait to see this.Top of my Christmas list a ticket for this and Gatsby.

  101. 101
    to :)) Says:

    @Anonymous: yes she is in turkey idiot….check again fool

  102. 102
    @99 Says:

    Her tweet says she is excited to be in Turkey. To me it reads she is there and I read somewhere a couple of days ago that she was going there!

  103. 103
    raven Says:

    Well said Tigerseye!! Love to you girl :)

  104. 104
    @104 Says:

    Oh, let`s be honest it`s not just the Leo fans who are aggressive… Name calling is coming from both sides

  105. 105
    Patricia Says:

    @Trust me. I am a doctor.: Where’s the hotnesssssss??? All I can see is a huge bag of bones!

  106. 106
    Patricia Says:

    @So sad !: Totally agree,He is so sad! Just like you said dancing like MJ??? and twirling Erin around??? Yeah,right! Gimme a break…

  107. 107
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Patricia: he likes that hat though. I see guys wear hats like that shows they are into retro stuff, swing, jive, jazz, the fifties, the forties, etc—I think he is. Looks great in historic clothes from the Teddy Daniels era…yum yum yum mummmmpf

    a lot of “hep cats” in Williamsburg wear those porkpies at the feast of the giglio to show they are down with the sopranos …

  108. 108
    special thanks Says:

    Blake Lively’s Savages trailer uses the EXACT same music. SO AWKWARD!

  109. 109
    Tigerseye Says:

    Right back at you raven girl, thanks gorgeous ***

  110. 110
    reba Says:

    i love Quinton! His rewrites of ‘history’ are so ridiculous but you still want to believe it could’ve happened! Can’t wait to see this++

  111. 111
    Interstingly.... Says:

    quite a few posts have dissappeared. Typical Leo posts

  112. 112
    Fieldy Says:

    I hate to say it, but Leonardo looks like the weak link. He’s turned into a hammy scenery chewing hack. Christoph Waltz can act circles around him.

  113. 113
    Super trailor Leo! Says:

    I guess Bar does not like America? She wants to scream with the flag on? She looks really mad and disgusted:
    From her twitter: “make we wanna scream” picture below.

  114. 114
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Interstingly….: which ones???? what did they say?

  115. 115
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Super trailor Leo!: what is this supposed to mean…I dont get it….is she saying she is “psyched” to be “american” (which she isnt at all) or doesnt like the US but does like using the stars and stripes as a tank top??? HUNHHHH????

  116. 116
    tinkerbell Says:

    matthew and camilla look so wonderful…why cant leo find someone classy and exotic like her…they look so great together…

    mateo isnt leo’s caliber of actor but he takes care of himself and can handle having a family….

  117. 117
    Huh? Says:

    How is she classy? She was also a no name model that hooked up with a rich American, got jobs and pregnant within the blink of an eye.
    Is it cos she’s brunette you’re talking crap about her being classy?

  118. 118
    lol Says:

    @tinkerbell: Why are you so obsessed with leo’s love life?

  119. 119
    idiot tink Says:

    @tinkerbell: saying you hope leo finds someone exotic is just as prejudice as saying u hope leo finds someone white. Lets hope leo finds someone that he likes regardless of what they look like.

  120. 120
    @lol Says:

    jj, bz, et. are full of obsessed little girls. they’re groupies or haters for whomever his latest plaything and trash his exs. real leo fans don’t care.

  121. 121
    tinkerbell Says:

    @idiot tink: I think blondes are overrated, and to me Camila looks great there.

    Bottom line, he married her. He sees something in her he likes. HE likes her exotic, dark beauty, and he’s as all-american blonde as they come.

    Sorry, I want an interesting woman for leo, not the stereotype that all these girls try to make themselves (every single one) dye their hair, implants, nose job. Do you see Camila doing that?

  122. 122
    Enough... Says:

    …. of this `how did she do it?` cr*p. Lainey should stop with this already!’t-come-out-of-trailer-when-Blake-Lively-broke-up-with-him

  123. 123
    idiot tink Says:

    @tinkerbell: of course you missed my point…lol Not surprised. Ok here we go. It doesnt matter what someone looks like on the outside its what’s on the inside that counts. Leo could be with the most exotic looking woman on the plannet and it could still be a very shallow and unfulfilling relationship. Yes, I don’t think blonde people are extra special but I don’t think “exotic” people are extra special either. We are all the same. It’s not a prize for an “exotical” to be married to a rich white American man. That is a slavery mentality way of thinking. Shame on you.
    Interesting comes in many forms and as long as she’s interesting to Leo that is all that is important. If Leo does settle down with someone there will be something about her that you wont like. Maybe she did plastic surgery, maybe she took nude pics, maybe she doesnt have 10000 PhDs, maybe she made a stupid comment at one point, maybe she has a job, maybe she has no job, maybe she’s not perfect, and maybe just maybe she’s human . There is a perfect woman FOR Leo but there ISNT a perfect woman for Leo FOR his fans.
    Sorry its his life you don’t get to decided and thank god for that. But you do get to decide to be a hater or lover and hate kills…eventually…slowly… like a cancer.

  124. 124
    Huh? Says:

    And I think ‘exoticals’ are waaaay over rated.
    Matthew married her after knocking her up x 2 and dragging his feet for 6 years.
    Only you gives a s**t what you want for Leo, and what YOU crazily beleive is right/worthy for someone you don’t even know from Adam. Thankfully Leo will make HIS own choices no matter what race obsessed nut jobs like you Tinkertwat think is right for him.

  125. 125
    who knows?!? Says:

    @Enough…: I don’t know if what lainey is saying is true but I do believe that Blake called it off first. Why would Leo jump from Blake to Borrington. Its obvious she left Leo for Ryan. And then Leo went to find Borrington.

  126. 126
    Enough... Says:

    @125: I also think that Lively left him. I can`t stand her but I do give her credit for that. It was smart not to play along and go after a `normal` ( compared to Leo ) boyfriend. But this `how did she do it?` part is getting on my nerves. I just don`t think Lively `played` Leo as Lainey still says it.
    After Gisele he went to Bar. After Lively he got Borrington ( I love that name! ) From challenge to easy. From somewhat normal to being in control.

  127. 127
    Philly Says:

    I like Lively and I think Lainey is full of **it.
    No one knows what went down and Lainey has formed her own narrative and goes with it. She also will do anything to make Canadians look good ( Ryan G, Nina Dobrev, Rachel McAdams, Cory whatever) hence her crap narrative insisting Ryan R was a first choice.
    Also of course the story brings major hits to her websites. Simple as.

  128. 128
    Why?... Says:

    is everyone so damn worked up about Lainey all of a sudden.
    Is it due to a lack of Leo news?
    Just ignore her. BFD

  129. 129
    Enough... Says:

    @128: I wouldn`t say `all of a sudden`. This is the opinion about her for a while. She has a new post about Leo so why is it such a big deal that it was posted here and people comment on it? If these threads frustrate you so much why are you pushing it picking on everything possible?

  130. 130
    @129 Says:

    You’re clearly the frustrated one. The story has been there since Friday, it’s not the first time shes said this and its now you’ve decided to vent on it in 3 posts 3 days later.
    And you’re not the thread police to complain if people do not react to the story the way you had hoped them to with your typical BS Leda.

  131. 131
    Kattin Says:


    Leo is overrated, not blondes.
    Blonde gene is really rare and recessive gene,btw,what are talking about?
    ‘Classy’ woman will be unhappy and miserable with someone like leo, that’s for sure.

  132. 132
    Kattin Says:

    @idiot tink:

    ‘Interesting comes in many forms and as long as she’s interesting to Leo that is all that is important. ‘

    That’s even sounds disgusting. Women aren’t interesting things to play with, especially as long as someone spoiled like aging leo the brat, with 5-7 years of High School and 20 years of modelizing finds it funny

  133. 133
    Why? Says:

    @130 Here we go again…
    I think if one day I visited this Leo forum, and I don’t read anything about Leda or Bar or Bellafreaks, it’s most likely that I entered the wrong forum.

  134. 134
    Patricia Says:

    Hi everyone….where is Leo today?

  135. 135
    tinkerbell Says:

    Regarding Lainey- there have now been a lot of reports that LWD is a bit of a diva on the set—been hearing that since Cameron—but many time creative people are like that—and he’s a BIG starr and a real actor—its easy to have creative differences too. Gatsby got filmed and will blitz the box office, that is all that matters. Leo has a better chance at an Oscar for this one than Django because with the “edgy” actors they often reward a more middle of the road role (nicholson for prizzis honor, pacino for scent of a woman not dog day afternoon)

    I dont think Blake dumped him. I just dont, but supposedly Blake is in love with someone besides Ryan anyway. I dont know–she is young, but SHADY. I think he gave her her papers. Its an interesting rumor though

    Dont know where our boy is and I have some things to attend to so I will not be posting as much (dont have a party, I have an opp to make some serious freelance cash and wont be sleeping much) but it will be interesting to see.

    Sorry, I think Leo’s blondes are all boring and phony and semi-fug in the face. I think he doesnt want anyone prettier than him in the picture or wants to date his mother. I would rather look like Adriana Lima than anyone else in the world, but I would rather have an athletes’s body….oh well.

  136. 136
    thats crap @135 Says:

    Your non stop obsession with focusing on and denigrating blondes suggest you have deep racial issues which you project with anger, bitterness and frustration onto Leos choices. And please spare me the crap that you are an irish redhead or some nonsense we both know thats crap.
    And I think Camilla looks like a tranny and she has a moustache but Matthew loves her so who gives a c**p.

  137. 137
    Enough... Says:

    @130&133: Oh, so many drama queens here. Again if these threads are so horrible why are you keep checking them out? Nobody forces you I guess. So why not checking out a thread that you like? Do you think it`s so much fun reading your complaints about everything? Also putting words and thoughts into my comments I never said or meant. Things that only exist in your head. People don`t react to things that way I want to… How stupid is that? And of course you are so much better… The only opinion you have is about people posting here and of course you have them all figured out and you think you are all above that.

  138. 138
    tinkerbell Says:

    @thats crap @135: To quote Everlast:

    You know I’m Irish, but I’m not a leprechaun,
    Ya wanna fight alright we’ll get it on….

    Yep, freckly Irish brunette. I’m also scotch and that’s nowt crap captain.

    Camilla looks like the Portuguese girls I grew up, to some extent, looks very Portuguese with a hint of indian somewhere. Very pretty/exotic. And Matthew did the right thing by her. I like him, I like her. I like Brangelina too. I dont even mind LaBundchen with Brady, they are a little obnoxious, as was his leaving Bridget when she was pregnant….but whatev.

    Ya know what I dont like? Leo’s only dating one hair color for his entire dating life since 21 with what’s her name….its like nothing else matters and he’s sooooo superficial.

    I’m not perfect but I am EEOC when it comes to the coloring, racial, or intra-racial, whatev. I even like viking looking white guys like The Edge or Lee Tergesen, (look it up) I just dont think being blonde, dyed or otherwise is more attractive or in any way superior.

  139. 139
    tinkerbell Says:

    Camila knows how to dress/style herself too…she is not the MOST beautiful woman I’ve ever seen but she puts it all together for herself well…she looks like a grown woman there, classy, and not some broad in daisy dukes and flip flops and and off the rack fashion disaster like a certain past Leo lulu.

  140. 140
    Patricia Says:

    @tinkerbell: I am Brazilian (and very proud of it) and also Camila :) thanks for the nice comments about Brazilian girls ;)

  141. 141


    LOVE the Brazilian girls and their high moral standards (minus Carnival). But they are as beautiful on the inside as outside.
    God Bless Brazilian grls, their GOOD mamas and grandmothers, and their culture too!


  142. 142
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Patricia: you are welcome, where I grew up in the US the biggest immigrant group was
    Portuguese, from Portugal, (New England) and my best friend was a really hot, funny, witty Portuguese girl named Anabella. I guess that is why I like Brazilian chicks….and like Camila. She looks just a little like my friend, who was the hottest chick in the town I grew up in….grown men were offering her cars and jewelry when she was 16 but she just laughed at them ! She liked flirting but never gave in. I always thought she was the coolest.

    There is a Portuguese kind of look, Camila has it….its sort of close to Sicilian or North African, or Italian. Mediterranean. Very dark, but with its own cachet. I had a big crush on her brother Apaulo.

    I am a Carmen Miranda fan too….I just think she was a great performer, even if a little stereotypical for US movies she was just a great dancer. So I like the dark Rio type Brazilians–the Bahians,
    I read a lot of Jorge Amado when I was in college too.

    If I could choose whom to look like it would be Adriana Lima but I am not a devout Catholic like her…

    we all have our life experiences. I dont hate blondes but worshipping them is stupid….

  143. 143
    tinkerbell Says:

    there is nothing really wrong with Gisele, Alessandra, Amber Valletta (early Leo conquest) or Vendela—all more European Brazilians, but I like Sonia Braga types too, Sonia’s niece is hot and a good actress.

    Amber and Vendela were, in my opinion way more beautiful blondes than Gisele but Gisele has a twin sister to do the business side—she always had that ace in the hole.

  144. 144
    @Lainey? Says:

    Requested a different hotel? They were in different towns so there was no choice but to stay in different hotels. What are you talking about? Not giving in? Like she has a choice… Also Leo picks girlfriends who `gave in` immediately and has no `requests`. That`s why it didn`t work with Lively. That Mexico thing is evident. Different cities so they had to stay in different hotels. Why do you have to complicate something that is so simple?

  145. 145
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Lainey?: Erin I think does not need Leo to model (which always annoyed me about the unmentionable) but I think she sells herself too short. Someone said here she was waiting until after Django so she could get a couple of months with him…yes I understand he is special, but why settle for a guy who’s a somatime man–some of the time. I guess when you are young will settle for this but when you get older you dont want to waste time, which is why he likes em young, they dont hear their clock ticking.

    If I didnt see a guy for two months and then all of a sudden for one day…I’d be like…this isnt a relationship and I’m not waiting around…yeah we can hook up I guess but I dont promise YOU anything either if something better comes around…a real guy who is 24/7. Erin will find some nice guy in NYC who’s a jock or musician I bet….or maybe down with the stone cold cash like Uma and Arpad.

  146. 146
    tinkerbell Says:

    My feeling is that Leo used the four months in Australia to let Blake down easy. He coulda flown her in for weeks at a time if he wanted…he just didnt. We’ll never know….but I kind of like the idea of him being devastated by her…I just wonder who she is into now…its not Ryan apparently. I also read somewhere they had the typical leo relationship—
    “we’re going too fast” and they broke up twice before the final…run run run away as fast as you can if it seems like the girl really likes you…classic committment phobe, which is just too bad. But part of his cachet as well.

  147. 147
    @146 Says:

    Leo wants a girl who is young and wants to have fun. Someone who profits from their relationship career-wise. Erin fits that. Both Erin and Bar modeled before they started dating but none of them was uber successful. Dating him boosts their career and they are fine with that. Dating a rich guy, gifts, trips and attention. It was said Erin wanted a famous boyfriend just like the other VS girls. She is more low key than Bar but not much different than her ( when it comes to being Leo`s girl and enjoying the benefits ). This is how Leo likes it. No commitment, just fun. I bet the girls know this and they are fine with it. At least for a while. Nobody is holding a gun to Erin`s head to be with a guy like Leo. It`s her choice. By now she should know that Leo doesn`t wanna settle down just to have fun. If it`s Ok with her and she is up for it for the benefits it`s her business.

  148. 148
    Patricia Says:

    @LEO LOVES BRAZIL: sorry I didn’t get your point…you think WE are MORE beautiful on the inside as outside or both??? lol

    I’ll just put my modesty aside but I love being Brazilian,besides good ppl Brazilians are sexy as hell and have swaggerrrrrrr haha lol

  149. 149
    Patricia Says:

    @tinkerbell: awww *-* thankssssss a lot! Glad you guys like our culture and our character @ Tinkerbell and @ LEO LOVES BRAZIL

    PS: and of course my name is not Patricia lol

  150. 150
    LOL Says:

    @who knows?!?:
    Of course Lively left him for Reynolds, and so will Heatherton when she finds someone.. He is their CHAPERON!! And really waiting for one of you fans to come and rescue him… LOLLL

  151. 151
    Maya Angelou Says:

    Most people don’t grow up. Most people age. They find parking spaces, honor their credit cards, get married, have children, and call that maturity. What that is, is aging.

  152. 152
    Lel Says:

    @thats crap @135:

    Camila looks very ordinary and boring, her dress and eyes just speak:”I am a grown model to sleep and have kids with. Be sure.”I just can’t imagine an aging model like Camila with someone young at heart as Leo!

  153. 153
    idiot tink Says:

    To Kattin
    LOL, you see what you want to see. I didnt say interesting things to “play with” I said interesting period. When you’re dating someone you should be interested in them in some way preferably something on the inside of a person… Duh…

    @thats crap @135: it doesnt matter if she’s an irish red head whatever there is such a thing as self hate….you’re not exluded from hating because you belong to a certain group. Hate is hate no matter what form it takes…white people can hate white people…I don’t see how she rooting for one team is any different from Leo sticking to one team. But thank god we don’t get to decide Leo’s life!!

  154. 154
    idiot tink Says:

    @tinkerbell: No man is going to offer a woman a car and jewelry without you doing “favors” for them. You’re friend isnt special, it happens quite a bit but you have to do something in return if you know what I mean. Especially if its a poor a** man and he’s gonna be paying car payments…yeah right….get ready to lay on your back if you accept those kinds of “gifts” . You always give the best examples for women…NOT….

  155. 155
    @ the stinkers Says:

    Take your trash to another page!!! All of you!! This is Leo’s thread. Should you care to discuss him or people around him or his films, please DO!!

  156. 156
    Patty Says:


    It was meant as the height of compliments! Sorry if I offended you.

  157. 157
    Patricia Says:

    @Patty: Oh,thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No you didn’t,I was just…confused lol But thank you so much,now I get it and loved! ;)

  158. 158
    tinkerbell Says:

    @idiot tink: she didnt, we were besties, but I dont expect you to understand at all. Some women dont have to.

  159. 159
    157 Says:


    :)…….. ;) ;)

    unless this is the EX non-Brazilian trading on a beautiful name with a darling family of sisters ;)

  160. 160
    idiot tink Says:

    @tinkerbell: of course she didnt, bet you she didnt get that car though!! : ) Nobody is giving you something for nothing especially a guy that is looking at the superficial. Get real chick.

    Oh you’re beeeesstiiiesss! Oh my god that means you tell each other evverrythaaang!! goody goody goody!!

  161. 161
    Why? Says:

    I am confused why 22 has been thumbed down. If she did say those things its pretty awful.

  162. 162
    idiot YOU Says:

    @idiot tink: that’s right, I knew everything and she just flirted and threw men for a loop and laughed at em. You dont have to believe me but to this day I still like women like her–unapologetic and ON TOP. She made me laugh. You dont, you’re just silly.

    Why you gotta argue over
    a. whether I’m Irish or not (family left Belfast circa 1870)
    b. or what my best friend is/was like whom you never met is like
    c. why you have to down Camila who is just having her family and going about her business not telling everyone she is a supermodel, etc.

    I just dont know. Are you frustrated you are a blonde that got left back? Or that having dyed hair doesnt get you everything you thought you wanted?

    “Are you a lady or are you a *****-a
    Is Erika oh yeah
    Or Marsha Brady
    Top of the Morning to ya!”
    -House of Pain

  163. 163
    idiot YOU Says:

    @idiot tink: maybe you didnt get offered cars and jewelry, but my friend did, she never took them but she laughed at the guys. And yeah she looked a bit like Camila, maybe a bit darker. She got over, men did what she wanted, not the other way around. I liked that about her.

  164. 164
    idiot YOU Says:

    Anyway, speaking of beyotches who get cars…remember the unmentionable got a Mini Cooper from Teddy Sagi? And her Mom got a Porsche jeep? yah she did nothing for that. And Leo gave her a condo as a “Go away and dont make trouble for me” present.

  165. 165
    lol Says:

    @idiot tink: hahahahaha, fab comments!

  166. 166
    NYC dinner Says:

    There are some new photos of them having dinner last night in the East Village. Just like at that concert the tweets were only about Leo then of course the paparazzi shows up to see that Erin was there. She was even smiling at the photographers….

  167. 167
    NYC dinner Says:

    On one photo Borington is touching Leo’s head staring at him! How cute! Too bad Leo doesn’t even make an attempt to touch her… His hand is next to her but no touching! How affectionate! Just like that tweet photo from a basketball game. Holding hands but turning away from her!

  168. 168
    @NYC dinner Says:

    LOL! You mad???????????????????????????
    If of course he kissed/groped her in full view it would be a ‘PR stunt’
    Keep analysing the pics and telling yourself he can’t stand her.

  169. 169
    NYC dinner Says:

    @168: no, I’m not mad. I’m not bothered by the photos because I don’t see affection coming from Leo at all. If I wanna keep analyzing the obvious I will. When did I say that he can’t stand her? Please, post a link or a quote to remind me! Thanks! :)

  170. 170
    leofan Says:

    @NYC dinner: Bingo. The affection never comes from leo.

  171. 171
    NYC dinner Says:

    I definitely think Erin is into him. It’s not just about getting attention for dating him but I bet she enjoys it ( it’s all over her face on their pap photos ). But I don’t think it’s mutual at all. If it’s there even a good actor can’t hide it!

  172. 172
    poor guy Says:

    @NYC dinner:

    Eh is into his fame, not him. Poor guy, does he understand it?

  173. 173
    awwww...... Says:

    his finger appears to be stroking her arm. just that one finger. erotic.

  174. 174
    Poor guy Says:

    why her finger isn’t on his ***** like she really likes?

  175. 175
    Poor guy Says:

    why her finger isn’t on his ***** like she really likes?

  176. 176
    Huh? Says:

    Honest question – how come pop s***r gets most Leo/Erin pics.. This phenomna is not exclusive to them at all its just there are only 2 Leo/Erin pics here and those are from last year.

  177. 177
    lol Says:

    ‘appears to be stroking her arm’ … Well, I don’t think he is touching her at all. Not even with one finger. Thats the funny part about these photos! lol But of course the ‘way they look at each other’ is so cute even though you can’t see Leo’s face, his eyes and his basball cap is covering his face.

  178. 178
    Poor guy Says:

    @Trust me. I am a doctor.:

    Bellafreaks must change their avatars…This collection is really freaky. Hope he or she will post some of these pics on, twitter, mobli.Sorry guys but Leo is such a *****!!

  179. 179
    Poor guy Says:

    Leo doesnt deserve someone better than her to touch, so i guess he will touch her anyway even it is really disgusting. At least she is a cheap girl so leo can save some money.

  180. 180
    Poor guy = Bar freak Says:

    Dont want to bring Barf up. Its just so you guys know. Twas the same person claiming crap about Leo on an Spanish/Argentinian facebook page. Detests Leo but can’t stop coming here to cuss at him because the Barf has lost her meal ticket and they are still bitter.

  181. 181
    Lol Says:

    @Poor guy … get a life!

  182. 182
    katchitup Says:

    I do think she is into him ( not just for fame ) but it’s definitely not mutual. No chemistry and no affection on Leo’s part. I don’t think money and fame are the only reasons why anyone would wanna date Leo. He is not a horrible person but certainly one with issues. Being in control, dating barbies at his age just to name a few. He wants a girlfriend who helps him feel comfortable and safe. And clearly it doesn’t mean love or chemistry ( see the new photos ).
    I gotta go to get a new avi…

  183. 183
    LOL Lainey Says:

    A tender Leo
    Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton are still together. They had lunch in New York yesterday and she was seen caressing his face while he, um, patted her on the shoulder…? It’s not quite as demonstrative as when he was on his knees for Blake Lively… but for him, in public, it’s a declaration of some affection reserved for those lucky enough to be the model hot enough to be his bonafide.
    hahaha patted her on the shoulder…?

  184. 184
    lol Says:

    Is it horrible that I find it funny what Lainey said? I mean pointing out the obvious? It’s funny and sad at the same time…

  185. 185
    Chace Says:

    So you have not stopped co-opting the names of the bz folk and pretending to be them posting here like you did last summer Leda?
    You are truly as cray cray as Tinkerbell.

  186. 186
    Lainey Says:

    Lainey is the reason these pics exist. Nice try, Leo. Next time show a little more affection. I know Erin is embarrassing, but you’re an actor. You can do it!

  187. 187
    bz and jj cray cray Says:

    bz and jj
    they’re all cray cray
    but leda is the cray crayist of all

  188. 188
    @Chase Says:

    Oh, come on, drama queen. No sense of humor? Don’t be so dramatic and don’t act like it’s something usual! You come ‘once in a while’ because you liked a thread months ago yet you are the first one to complain and exaggerate. Sorry but it’s impossible not to make fun of the avi-factory!

  189. 189
    LOL Says:

    He seem more affectionate and interested here

    than here

    Oh,wait…it’s a movie and He is a devil who hates black people! Damn!Sorry Erin the thing it’s ugly ugh!So sorry… lol

  190. 190
    Nessa Says:

    @Lainey: This does sort of look like a photo op. How do you know Lainey was involved?

  191. 191
    @Huh? Says:


    Because PS buys them. These are staged. WENN is a pr pap agency.

  192. 192
    Huh? Says:

    I don’t get it. Leo is doing this for Lainey?
    Then again didn’t someone in another post say we need to be wary of people claiming to know whats going on with Leo as they are almost always wrong re: Cannes for example?

  193. 193
    ???? Says:

    `Lainey is the reason these pics exist.` Can you explain? What does Lainey have to do with this? I don`t get it…
    I don`t think they are staged otherwise you would see some affection coming from Leo. I mean at least he smiled at her on the LA photos and those had the staged flavor.

  194. 194
    Rebecca Says:


    If she was in ‘love’ with him – she would rather avoid him, understanding that she is a great downhill and shame even for leo.

  195. 195
    Rebecca = Poor Guy Says:

    Name change again bitter Barf freak
    Again as you hate Leo so much wtf are you here?

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