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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Django Unchained' Trailer!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Django Unchained' Trailer!

Check out the newly released trailer for Leonardo DiCaprio‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

The Quentin Tarantino western flick also stars Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz, and is set to be released on December 25 of this year!

Here’s a synopsis: With the help of his mentor (Waltz), a slave-turned-bounty hunter (Foxx) sets out to rescue his wife (Kerry Washington) from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner (DiCaprio).

In case you missed them, check out Leo, Christoph, and Jamie in these first look pictures from the flick.

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195 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Django Unchained' Trailer!”

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  1. 101
    to :)) Says:

    @Anonymous: yes she is in turkey idiot….check again fool

  2. 102
    @99 Says:

    Her tweet says she is excited to be in Turkey. To me it reads she is there and I read somewhere a couple of days ago that she was going there!

  3. 103
    raven Says:

    Well said Tigerseye!! Love to you girl :)

  4. 104
    @104 Says:

    Oh, let`s be honest it`s not just the Leo fans who are aggressive… Name calling is coming from both sides

  5. 105
    Patricia Says:

    @Trust me. I am a doctor.: Where’s the hotnesssssss??? All I can see is a huge bag of bones!

  6. 106
    Patricia Says:

    @So sad !: Totally agree,He is so sad! Just like you said dancing like MJ??? and twirling Erin around??? Yeah,right! Gimme a break…

  7. 107
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Patricia: he likes that hat though. I see guys wear hats like that shows they are into retro stuff, swing, jive, jazz, the fifties, the forties, etc—I think he is. Looks great in historic clothes from the Teddy Daniels era…yum yum yum mummmmpf

    a lot of “hep cats” in Williamsburg wear those porkpies at the feast of the giglio to show they are down with the sopranos …

  8. 108
    special thanks Says:

    Blake Lively’s Savages trailer uses the EXACT same music. SO AWKWARD!

  9. 109
    Tigerseye Says:

    Right back at you raven girl, thanks gorgeous ***

  10. 110
    reba Says:

    i love Quinton! His rewrites of ‘history’ are so ridiculous but you still want to believe it could’ve happened! Can’t wait to see this++

  11. 111
    Interstingly.... Says:

    quite a few posts have dissappeared. Typical Leo posts

  12. 112
    Fieldy Says:

    I hate to say it, but Leonardo looks like the weak link. He’s turned into a hammy scenery chewing hack. Christoph Waltz can act circles around him.

  13. 113
    Super trailor Leo! Says:

    I guess Bar does not like America? She wants to scream with the flag on? She looks really mad and disgusted:
    From her twitter: “make we wanna scream” picture below.

  14. 114
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Interstingly….: which ones???? what did they say?

  15. 115
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Super trailor Leo!: what is this supposed to mean…I dont get it….is she saying she is “psyched” to be “american” (which she isnt at all) or doesnt like the US but does like using the stars and stripes as a tank top??? HUNHHHH????

  16. 116
    tinkerbell Says:

    matthew and camilla look so wonderful…why cant leo find someone classy and exotic like her…they look so great together…

    mateo isnt leo’s caliber of actor but he takes care of himself and can handle having a family….

  17. 117
    Huh? Says:

    How is she classy? She was also a no name model that hooked up with a rich American, got jobs and pregnant within the blink of an eye.
    Is it cos she’s brunette you’re talking crap about her being classy?

  18. 118
    lol Says:

    @tinkerbell: Why are you so obsessed with leo’s love life?

  19. 119
    idiot tink Says:

    @tinkerbell: saying you hope leo finds someone exotic is just as prejudice as saying u hope leo finds someone white. Lets hope leo finds someone that he likes regardless of what they look like.

  20. 120
    @lol Says:

    jj, bz, et. are full of obsessed little girls. they’re groupies or haters for whomever his latest plaything and trash his exs. real leo fans don’t care.

  21. 121
    tinkerbell Says:

    @idiot tink: I think blondes are overrated, and to me Camila looks great there.

    Bottom line, he married her. He sees something in her he likes. HE likes her exotic, dark beauty, and he’s as all-american blonde as they come.

    Sorry, I want an interesting woman for leo, not the stereotype that all these girls try to make themselves (every single one) dye their hair, implants, nose job. Do you see Camila doing that?

  22. 122
    Enough... Says:

    …. of this `how did she do it?` cr*p. Lainey should stop with this already!’t-come-out-of-trailer-when-Blake-Lively-broke-up-with-him

  23. 123
    idiot tink Says:

    @tinkerbell: of course you missed my point…lol Not surprised. Ok here we go. It doesnt matter what someone looks like on the outside its what’s on the inside that counts. Leo could be with the most exotic looking woman on the plannet and it could still be a very shallow and unfulfilling relationship. Yes, I don’t think blonde people are extra special but I don’t think “exotic” people are extra special either. We are all the same. It’s not a prize for an “exotical” to be married to a rich white American man. That is a slavery mentality way of thinking. Shame on you.
    Interesting comes in many forms and as long as she’s interesting to Leo that is all that is important. If Leo does settle down with someone there will be something about her that you wont like. Maybe she did plastic surgery, maybe she took nude pics, maybe she doesnt have 10000 PhDs, maybe she made a stupid comment at one point, maybe she has a job, maybe she has no job, maybe she’s not perfect, and maybe just maybe she’s human . There is a perfect woman FOR Leo but there ISNT a perfect woman for Leo FOR his fans.
    Sorry its his life you don’t get to decided and thank god for that. But you do get to decide to be a hater or lover and hate kills…eventually…slowly… like a cancer.

  24. 124
    Huh? Says:

    And I think ‘exoticals’ are waaaay over rated.
    Matthew married her after knocking her up x 2 and dragging his feet for 6 years.
    Only you gives a s**t what you want for Leo, and what YOU crazily beleive is right/worthy for someone you don’t even know from Adam. Thankfully Leo will make HIS own choices no matter what race obsessed nut jobs like you Tinkertwat think is right for him.

  25. 125
    who knows?!? Says:

    @Enough…: I don’t know if what lainey is saying is true but I do believe that Blake called it off first. Why would Leo jump from Blake to Borrington. Its obvious she left Leo for Ryan. And then Leo went to find Borrington.

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