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Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Niagara Falls Lovers!

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Niagara Falls Lovers!

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are all smiles as they visit Niagara Falls on Wednesday (June 6) in Ontario, Canada.

The 31-year-old Canadian actor and his 38-year-old girlfriend took a ride on the SkyWheel to enjoy the best view of the falls.

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Ryan is currently working on a movie called Lawless. It’s a drama about intersecting love triangles and also features Christian Bale and Natalie Portman. The movie is set to released next year.

FYI: Eva is wearing an Ivana Helsinki “Rhea” dress.

10+ pictures inside of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes visiting Niagara Falls…

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ryan gosling eva mendes niagra falls 01
ryan gosling eva mendes niagra falls 02
ryan gosling eva mendes niagra falls 03
ryan gosling eva mendes niagra falls 04
ryan gosling eva mendes niagra falls 05
ryan gosling eva mendes niagra falls 06
ryan gosling eva mendes niagra falls 07
ryan gosling eva mendes niagra falls 08
ryan gosling eva mendes niagra falls 09
ryan gosling eva mendes niagra falls 10
ryan gosling eva mendes niagra falls 11
ryan gosling eva mendes niagra falls 12
ryan gosling eva mendes niagra falls 13
ryan gosling eva mendes niagra falls 14

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • lauren

    still perfect

  • Rebekkah

    maybe she is his choice..

  • Helen

    Good luck to them ,at least she is not using him for fame or money

  • tara

    I’m not sure about them together but I do love the fact that Ryan always seems to date slightly older women.

    It’s so sexy! It shows he cares about a woman’s intelligence and maturity.

  • Morsey

    Intelligence and Eva Mendes does not really go together that well, honestly.

  • Chiara

    @tara: Since when does age equal intelligence?

  • tara

    @Chiara: since forever… everybody learns and grows as they get older…some more than others though

  • Mannie

    Worst choice he ever made but I guess he has to take second choice after the gorgeous Rachel.

  • Vgyuhb

    I wish I could find it in me to hate her… but I don’t she’s pretty much perfect and therefore ended up with the perfect man. HOW IS SHE SO FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL!

  • Michelle Rodriguez

    She is using him for his sperm because Cubans love white skin, blond hair and blue eyes.

  • Biker

    He really downgraded when he went from the Beautiful young McAdams to this old Cuban lady with zero personality.

  • Chiara

    @Michelle Rodriguez: lol wtf?

  • ONTD

    Ryan and Rachel have been done for years. Even if things don’t work out with Eva, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him with someone who looks like her. She is beautiful BTW, I have seen her…them up close.

  • Tea Party

    She has an old manly looking face she is not feminine and will end up obese and weighing 300 pounds like most Cubans. Her sister weighs in at 500 pounds and look what happened to Andy Garcia.

  • ew

    I even liked him better with Sandra Bullock even she was an improvement over Evan Mendes @ least she is a woman.

  • Melissa B

    Hm. Is she preggers?

  • o’connell

    Why does she look kind of pregnant in this photo? This isn’t her usual style. I think Eva is the type to hang on a guy and do whatever she can to keep him. Maybe Ryan likes it this way, but I think he will eventually get tired of this whole scene.

  • Jamie

    Oh my….she is SOOO pregnant.

  • lauren

    um how does that prove eva is preggors? her dress is just al little to big.

  • sorella

    She has such a moody bitch face. She looks so miserable all the time. And Ryan is looking like a crusty dude now too, so think it’s rubbing off on him. I know think less of Ryan for being with a rumoured bitch like EM. Yes she is pretty, but her personality seems awful. Plus she is SO BORING in interviews. If she is pregnant, that will be one sourpuss baby!!

  • jes

    i think they look great together eva is awesome wtf is wrong with you people??

  • Helen

    Getting knocked up to keep him.

  • Helen

    @Michelle Rodriguez: And maybe white people like Latina,lood at Kimberly Stewart and benicio

  • LOL OK.

    If she’s pregnant than I’m truly done with him. He really didn’t need to play this PR game. Every time they’re photographed, it looks staged and they both look miserable. I’ll probably get thumbed down, but it’s my opinion. Lost SO much respect for him.

  • anna

    Why do they never embrace or hold hands? No chemistry at all. I won’t believe they are more than just a showmance until they give evidence they are happy and in love.

  • marie

    I don’t think she’s pregnant. Her stomach was flat in those airport photos, like someone mentioned in the last post. The dress is just awful.

  • lara

    Finally I see Eva smiling. Still nothing from Ryan.

  • veraz

    He has more chemistry walking with his mother than he does with his “girlfriend.”

  • binta

    ryan n’a jamais embrasser eva avec passion comme il etait avec rachel

  • OMG!

    @Mannie: Please. MCgosling has been done for years now. Rachel is dating that really unattractive English actor…good actor but really hard on the eyes.

  • 8888

    she looks like his mother, old and overweight. Maybe this is why his mother likes her, she doesn’t feel threatened.

  • blake

    I read a tweet from a guy who used the urinal next to Ryan Gosling at the university yesterday. He said he didn’t wash his hands after. EW!

  • mia

    she’s 38, she can’t get pregnant! Too old..She hasn’t had any children in the past and it’s highly unlikely to naturally get pregnant for the first time if you are past 35 years old. So don’t worry, she’s doing it for attention.

  • wasser

    She looks like my cleaning lady. Why would someone like him stoop so low to date my cleaning lady lookalike?

  • exGoslingFan

    He should date Sandra Bullock. She’s better looking, more intelligent, has a career, isn’t an attention hore, etc.

  • nina

    I don’t even like her but the racist remarks on this thread are disgusting. It’s great to see her smile for once. She’s beautiful. Ryan looks miserable as usual.

  • hahaaaaaaaaaaa

    WOW the downgrade of all downgrades. Rachel McAdams is one of the most beautiful famous women, and Eva one of the ugliest LOL

  • truth

    she doesn’t look cute all dressed up and with makeup on, but imagine waking up next to this hag? Omg…but sounds like Ryan has low self-esteem (he thinks his face is unattractive) so I can see why he chose this hag.

  • stacy

    @mia: True..38 is way too old to have your first child.

  • marcie

    @mia: She’s actually 41. She supposedly lied about her age on imdb. I know women can have babies at that age, but it’s very risky. She’s better off to adopt.

  • katty

    @blake: What a sordid dirtiness! He holding hands with Eva then? ewwwww

  • Lena

    I actually get physically sick every time I read McAdams’ name mentioned to his STILL, so many years after. You people are worse than Twilight kids. Ryan has been with many women since that boring zero talented actress. Granted all of his chicks seem to be boring zero talented actresses. OK except possibly Sandra. And Kirsten, but for all her talent she’s still boring.

  • jubjube

    @katty: I wonder if he’s one of those people who doesn’t wash their hands after they take a dump too. That’s just nasty!

  • Ethiopianchick

    @Michelle Rodriguez: Why would you say that idk any Cuban people but from what I’ve heard from mendes she is a proud hispanic, dont make their love into something UGLY

  • becca

    @8888: You need glasses or a lobotomy. She does not look old and she is very thin. Even if you don’t like her, you can’t say this chick is not hot! I’ll lmao if these two go the distance and get married and or have a child together. The Twitterverse will blow up.

  • ha ha

    @wasser: The only thing that Mendes is cleaning is Gosling’s ****. The only one cleaning your house is your fat, homely, double chinned mother…the one you live with in your doubewide right?

  • ha ha

    Love this guy but some of his bitchy, delusional fans are the worst! On behalf of Gosling I say “suck it” losers! Don’t blame Mendes cause she has him. and you never will!

  • sloan

    Who cares about race. it’s the fact that she’s a known b*tch and Ryan has dated her for a long time now. What does that say about him? Just my 2 cents worth.

  • at least be honest

    It is pretty obvious by the comments here that people don’t like her because she is latina.
    You call her fat, old and ugly. You think Ryan should get back with Rachel or Sandy.
    Sandy is older than Eva, so it’s clearly not her age you are really upset about.
    Eva is a stunning woman and it’s just laughable to say she’s not. She’s been on as many if not more “Hot” lists as Rachel.
    So if you don’t like her with Ryan at least be honest about why. You don’t like him with a latina girl.. you want him to be with a nice white girl.

  • http://@kalpj Jen

    I don’t hate her, in fact before she got with RG I liked her a lot.. Now I don’t but the real reason isn’t her looks or anything, it’s just that I’m jealous of her for getting to have this guy!!!! lucky her..