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Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Toronto Take Off!

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Toronto Take Off!

Ryan Gosling and girlfriend Eva Mendes make their entrance into the airport to catch a departing flight on Thursday (June 7) in Toronto, Canada.

The 31-year-old Canadian actor and his 38-year-old girlfriend received a send off at the airport by Ryan‘s mom.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Eva Mendes

Ryan and Eva were spotted spending time at Niagara Falls the day before taking in the sites at the historic location and riding on the SkyWheel.

25+ pictures inside of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes at the airport…

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ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 01
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 02
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 03
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 04
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 05
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 06
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 07
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 08
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 09
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 10
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 11
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 12
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 13
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 14
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 15
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 16
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 17
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 18
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 19
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 20
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 21
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 22
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 23
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 24
ryan gosling eva mendes canada airport 25

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Hamed

    what a hopeless couple!

  • SG

    How much longer do we have to endure this charade?

  • sj

    you know what i see. Ryan never smiles while he with Eva. yeah mamybe he smiles when they’re alone. but when you’re in love and happy and so on, its just impossible not to smile. so i dont believe in this romance. i dont know why and for what Ryan needs its, but. i guess we’ll see it sooner or later

  • Rachel

    So now we know Mitt Romney hates gays – he scalped a fellow student with a pair of scissors because he was angered by the student’s “gay haircut.” Now we find out Romney secretly spent his college years posing as a police officer with a fake uniform and pulling people over – for what purpose? Sexual assault? This guy is a major creep and probably dangerous.

  • barf

    I will not look at Ryan Gosling the same way again after dating this fug?
    He just went from 10 to 3 in my hot dude ‘hotness meter’. ughhh,

  • Nano

    I can’t help thinking she might very well be pregnant..

  • Glen

    She looks like a frump and Ryan looks miserable that she’s with him.

  • loli

    Nobody cares but i live her pants !! :)

  • at least be honest

    It is pretty obvious by the comments here that people don’t like her because she is latina.
    You call her fat, old and ugly. You think Ryan should get back with Rachel or Sandy.
    Sandy is older than Eva, so it’s clearly not her age you are really upset about.
    Eva is a stunning woman and it’s just laughable to say she’s not. She’s been on as many if not more “Hot” lists as Rachel.
    So if you don’t like her with Ryan at least be honest about why. You don’t like him with a latina girl.. you want him to be with a nice white girl.

  • sharon

    I’m a huge Ryan’s fan. I think he is an amazing actor. And when I read comments like these, I get really sad. I mean, you guys don’t know anything about Eva, ok? So why be so mean? Maybe she’s a nice girl who really likes him. So stop judging. He is old enough to know what is the best for him… and maybe, Eva is the best. So just give the girl a chance.

  • sharon

    @at least be honest: Totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aurora

    Why does everyone hate them being together so much? I’m honestly really curious about this. I’ve seen nothing but negative comments about them since they started going out in public together and I’ve never really understood why.. Can someone please not give me some smart*ss comment and explain it to me?

  • I am Honest

    @at least be honest: Srsly? I am a Latina! And he deserves better than her. She is a nobody actress who has been struggling with cocaine/drug abuse for years & is not a good match for him. He’s too good to be with the likes of her. His personality with the public has faded ever since he has been with her. If you are a Ryan fan you see it. Stop playing that Latina card already its way too old.

  • Anne

    Whatever, haters. I think they look cute :)

  • Lou

    I think it’s funny when people say “he deserves better than her”. I mean, How you guys would know that? Maybe she is an awesome person and he is an asshole. You guys don’t know anything about them. What we see is just some stupid pictures that doesn’t mean anything. Let them be happy.

  • may

    @Nano: I don’t think she’s pregnant. She’s thin and her stomach is flat. I think she just likes wearing maternity dresses for some reason.

  • Weed

    if you don’t iike them, go away. Nobody need haters.

  • Jon

    Just because he’s not smiling, doesn’t mean he’s not happy. If I were followed by paparazzi everywhere, I wouldn’t look happy too.

  • Stu

    I wonder how gorgeous must be all these girls that says that Eva is ugly. Wake up, She is HOOOOOOT.

  • SorosHacks

    @ are a paid troll.
    Now Go read Obama’s book where in his own words he bullies Little Coretta.

  • Ken

    Jealous people! Let them be happy.

  • Creamy

    Getting preganant to trap him is the only way she can hold on to him. Ryan is not as into her as she is into him.

  • sarah

    I don’t care about these two. They could be very much in love for all I know and just don’t smile when the paps show up. What I do find suspect is that we know every detail of this trip. Clearly they are playing the game.

  • kara

    Is it just me, or does it look like Eva’s giving Ryan’s mom the cold shoulder? LOL

  • The Real Emma

    Why do some celebs have to look so miserable when the papz get them at airports. For frick sake, you are famous and you are in a public place, you might as well accept it or get out of the business.

  • s

    even if i’m sure they’re together for publicity i still think they’re a cute couple.

  • rach

    One of these two looks reallly rough and it isn’t Ryan

  • Tammy

    She looks pregnant. They would make beautiful babies!!!

  • stacy

    @Tammy: she’s too old to get pregnant

  • dandelion

    dont care for either of them, but she does have a masculine face..

  • rob

    People are hating on Mendes because they think he should be with a girl next door type mind you whether he wants that or not. Ryan is hot but he is also an actor and somewhat quirky and eccentric. So do ya really think a guy like that is going to be with the girl next door?

  • You are a smelly wh*re

    @psycho gosling stans: hey wh*re, your husband is supposed to take your virginity, not your boyfriend..wh*re!

  • Maggie

    She’s eating to many chips and salsa, or she’s preggo. Definetely bigger.

  • lemonliz

    How does she look pregnant? She doesn’t have a big tummy at all.
    Who do people keep saying that?

  • Tess

    @sharon: Yes! I completely agree. Give me the woman a chance! These mean comments are so ridiculous and sad (especially for the people who write them). This man is one of the finest actors at the moment… and that’s what really matters.

  • mel

    @lemonliz: I don’t see a bump there either. I think it’s because she wore that loose fitting dress yesterday.

  • Dean

    I love how she has security and an airport escort who she gets to roll her tiny little suitcase for her because she’s just too big a star to do it herself , lol who does she think is? There’s actors who have much bigger star power then her and they don’t do this, I couldn’t imagine anyone one even getting all fan crazy over her, for Ryan yes, but not for her. She’s never even had a staring part in a movie or even been in a big box office success or a critically acclaimed film , and she’s always just been supporting cast at best, so why the diva movie star antics when she’s not even a movie star?

  • Morsey

    Take away the high heels, nail polish, make up, big sun glasses and Mendes is very much an ordinary girl-next-door. Don’t get what’s so special about her. Go to your local mall and you find girls 10 times more interesting looking than her. She isn’t intelligent or sophisticated. The only thing she has going on is her constant cheap sex appeal.

  • Jo

    Ryan and Eva never look happy together. Even George Clooney fakes his relationship with the Keibler elf better then this. Ryan needs to take a page out of George’s book and rarely be seen with his “girlfriend”. George at least holds hands although he looks about at happy with her as Ryan does with Eva. Let’s hope this movie comes out soon so he can dump her. Eva looks awful I can’t believe anyone thinks she is hot and the word I read everywhere to describe her is “bi**h not everyone who meets her can be wrong.

  • HG

    I hope Terrence Malick starts filming his next movie with Gosling and all that amazing cast soon so that some pictures of Gosling and Rooney Mara together on set show up instead of this Eva thing. That sounds a really promising movie.

  • chris

    Someone mentioned not too long ago Eva reminded them of a song by Outkast called “Roses.”
    “I know you like to think yo sh*t don’t stank, but lean a little bit closer, cuz roses really smell like poo poo.”

  • jane

    @Dean, couldn’t agree with you more. What a diva indeed.Some people think that she might be a good person,come on people open your eyes.What you see is what you get. I couldn’t unnoticed her cold face in the car while Ryan speaks with his Mum. She doesn’t even bother to look at her.jeeez

  • ben

    the funniest hater comment is that he never smiles in pap pictures with her. if you really were a ryan gosling fan you would know, that he rarely smiles in paparazzi pictures. and its obious because he dont like them. not because he is unhappy. if he would be unhappy he wouldnt be with her. its soooo funny that you guys are sooo pressed that he should live the way you want him to live and have a relationship with the person you decided for him and because he refuse to do so you dont like him anymore. sorry guys but you haters need some help.

  • jane

    @Ben,sorry Ben,but you probably haven’t seen a lot of pics of him When he’s alone!!! check them out!!!

  • Yeah…

    @jane: He actually smiled and even seemed pleased when the paparazzi took some pictures of him alone in NYC when he had just arrived from Thailand… I just hope that whatever is happening in his personal life won’t interfere with his professional one. The movies he has been in were almost all really great.

  • daisy

    @Yeah…: Word! I totally agree. I’ve seen enough of his personal life. I miss seeing his professional life. I can’t wait to see him on the big screen again!

  • Jasmine

    I am Latina too!! I think Ryan is not attractive and looks like a jerk..Eva is also not attractive and has a stinky attitude so I think they make the perfect stinky couple lol…

  • blue_bird

    It’s obvious Ryan has sold his soul. That is all.

  • AndreaP

    and you are too stupid to be real….
    btw, all of you who keep saying this or that about someone who does not even state your pathetic existence, get a life!