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Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber Is a 'Hopeless Romantic'

Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber Is a 'Hopeless Romantic'

Selena Gomez rocks a Dolce&Gabbana corset on the cover of Elle‘s July 2012 issue.

Here’s what the 19-year-old singer and actress had to share:

On beau Justin Bieber renting out L.A.’s Staples Center for a private Titanic screening: “If I’ll share anything with you, it’s that he really is a hopeless romantic. I had just mentioned it in the car – all I said is that I really want to see Titanic again, and then …”

On growing up poor: “I can remember about seven times when our car got stuck on the highway because we’d run out of gas money … [but my mom still] saved up to take me to concerts. She took me to museums, aquariums, to teach me about the world, about what’s real.”

On working with Disney: “[It] is a machine, so people automatically assume that you can’t work for the channel unless you act and sing and dance and sign up for all that. That’s absolutely not true. I always did everything the way I wanted to do it.”

On choosing roles: “I get offered the teenybopper movies, and I’ve done that. I haven’t done a mega-hundred-billion-dollar Transformers movie, but that’s not what I want to do either.”

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Credit: Carter Smith; Photos: Elle
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38 Responses to “Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber Is a 'Hopeless Romantic'”

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  1. 1
    GYL Says:

    Gorgeous young latina. Does she speak spanish?

  2. 2
    alejandra Says:

    I admire her. great role model…. especially for the young ones

  3. 3
    YouSawNothing Says:

    Yikes, she shoukd not wear red lipstick

  4. 4
    lou Says:

    i can’t believe. i just can’t believe. he’s not male. is she a gay?

  5. 5
    A Says:

    @YouSawNothing: why not? At least she has enough lips for it. I think it looks horrible when you have thin lips and wear red lipstick.

  6. 6
    lou Says:

    barf another no talent ho, zzzzzzzzzzzz…

  7. 7
    david b conway Says:

    dear jard jr web site , hi my name is david conway and the only comment i have to say just about mis , selena gomez may be she is out grown justin bieber and her boy friend may be they do,nt have any comin interest each other , love david b conway

  8. 8
    Emma Says:

    She’s absolutely stunning on this cover but she would not be so famous without her boyfriend.

  9. 9
    someone Says:

    she is just beautiful. didn’t Justin bieber also grow up very poor? and now they are the elite rich and beautiful- billionaires! american dream

  10. 10
    rikki Says:

    wow! she looks hot there : ) the only thing is… i don’t like Bieber for her. she can do way better.

  11. 11
    samsam Says:

    gosh she is stunning and her lips are PERFECT for the red lipstick especially cuz she has full lips and not thin lips

  12. 12
    anon Says:

    @GYL: No, she has said in an interview before she doesn’t speak Spanish. And she isn’t just Latina – she’s Caucasian too. Her mom is white.

  13. 13
    midz92 Says:


    Are you that dumb! She was famous before him and he hasn’t made her any more famous then she already is! If anything the only thing he has done is make his fans angry and jealous by sending death threats to her.

    People need to stop saying Bieber made her famous, what she wasn’t famous before him!

  14. 14
    Christine Says:

    She is dating Beiber for the fame. You can tell she looks irritated whenever they are together.

  15. 15
    Christine Says:


    Tweens might have known who she was before Beiber, but not your average person. Her songs and albums didn’t do well at all compared to other pop stars before Beibs.

  16. 16
    Hello Says:

    @GYL: Half Mexican her mom is WHITE!!!

  17. 17
    mel Says:

    The article should be called the prostitution process of Selena Gomez. Please, she’s dating Bieber so she can get rid of her image. The only people that would watch anything she’s in are 13 year old girls and she’s posing like a ho.

  18. 18
    lila Says:

    @mel – agreed, ten hundred percent. Not to mention the fact that calling someone, namely your boyfriend, a hopeless romantic is not necessarily a very nice thing….just saying.

  19. 19
    Zileuton Says:

    you’re only offered teeny movies because that’s all you can get with your limited talent! no director will cast u as the lead in an A-lister movie, people with actual talent can get there! plus you’re just cute..and cuteness is tolerated in teenage movies, NOT IN MEGA-MILLION DOLLAR MOVIES OR SERIOUS MOVIES!!! ‘I’M NOT DOING THAT EITHER’ LOL..she’ll pounce on an opportunity like that, only if she gets there..just hold on to ur tweens, cuz u know it deep down that they’re the only reason why ur famous with their tween heartthrob’s arm candy! don’ talk big, cuz your ‘BIG’ has a limited lifespan! lindsay was a good actor so people thought she’d go further before she turned into a train-wreck, whereas the majority of disney stars don’t have it in them to make it really big, i’m talking about the selena gomez generation. what does miley do these days?? just talk about gay issues and tweet engagement ring, that’s coz she can’t be considered a serious actor with her limited talents, and so is the case with selena. Demi, i think, is the only one, whose got some vocals to make her singing career a little longer than the others!

  20. 20
    Dana Says:

    That is a great magazine cover.
    She looks absolutly beautiful.

  21. 21
    Zileuton Says:

    selena has sucha bad voice that her vocals can’t even be auto-tuned to make the songs sound like those of katy perry and kesha’s…it’s like she’s reading in them!!! i think those who download or buy her albums, are literally DEAF!

  22. 22
    Zileuton Says:

    she has sucha bad voice that it can’t even be auto-tuned to make it sound like that of katy perry or kesha’s.., in other words, make it sound pop-like!!! it’s pathetic really! it’s like she’s reading in her songs. people who listen to her are definitely deaf!

  23. 23
    Guest Says:

    Bless Selena’s mother for introducing her to the arts. IMO, that was the motivating factor in this girl’s success. Good mom, and whether she was Latino or not was of no importance.

  24. 24
    guest Says:

    She looks like she has hypothermia with that lipstick.

  25. 25
    bebe Says:

    She looks great, however something about her personality turns me off….I also don’t think she’s a great talent :(

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