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Angelina Jolie Not in Talks to Direct 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Angelina Jolie Not in Talks to Direct 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Will Angelina Jolie helm the big screen adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey“?

Don’t believe the rumors just yet – reps for the 37-year-old actress “say there haven’t been any talks with [the] studio,” according to THR. EW adds “there is nothing to these reports but bogus speculation.”

The buzz began after Deadline reported there was a possibility Angelina had “a conversation” about directing the flick based on E.L. James‘s best-selling novel.

The studio said there were no such discussions but “if she was interested, that [they] would be also.”

WOULD YOU WATCH a “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie directed by Angelina Jolie?

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  • de Cosmos

    Perhaps… But what about ‘Fifty Shades of Poop’?

  • Becca


  • andu
  • mv

    She’s not.

  • sullivan

    AJ wouldn’t be remotely interested in this project.

  • tish

    The lovely Angelina could direct any film . ITLOBAH has proven that. Would like to see Angie dirct this film . Go Angie!!

  • andu

    vanity fair said it first , so put the Article

  • Well?

    @de Cosmos: Are you directing that ?

  • Well?

    Interesting that she’s being talked about to direct and not just star these days.

  • believe

    Angelina excels at anything she does. Am sure she would do well with this but am thinking, I read the book, that this would not be a project she would be interested in.

  • Tamsin

    I still laugh at the Brand’s pathetic attempt to stay relevant by making this story up. Who in their right minds would give this woman money to direct another box office bomb?

    No one would watch it unless she pulled a Heath Ledger on herself.

    Congrats loons, you have a new thread to spread the same lunatic rants all over.

  • tish

    yes i can spell *direct.

    LOL How many rumors get started and spiral all the while Angie has no clue. Her and Brad just enjoying their sweet but busy life oblivious to the blah.

    I liked when Angie asked Clint Eastwood to get involved with her next film after he watched INTLOBAH.
    CE was overwhelmed at how great Angie’s ITLOBAH had turned out. . Angie has the pick of the crop as far as what she wants to do next . She seemed to have her heart set on another film geared towards the war in Afganistan. We shall see.

  • Well?

    @Tamsin: Why do you leave yourself out of the loon category? You are more obsessed with Angelina than anyone here.

  • vickifromtexas

    any project that can attach angelina’s name for publicity will do so.

  • fleh

    uhm .. has anyone read the book? and the connection between the piece of shit fanfiction shitflick and angelina jolie was found .. where?

  • Rose

    ” The studio said there were no such discussions but if she was interested then they would be also”. The power of the Jolie. I guess the trolls were wrong when whey said the Jolie Pitt’s were not relevant in Hollywood. Keep talking nonsense trolls. The powers will take the Jolie, she just has to say yes.

  • bizzy bee

    Didn’t Angie say her next movie will be something about Afghanistan? I think she can set her mind to anything and be terrific at it.


    Interesting that you’re an idiot who’s too brain dead to know Angelina is currently STARRING in a big budget film, and getting paid 20 mil plus back end….while old-MANNY is getting her Joan Rivers overhaul, and is unemployed. Next stop: Hollywood Squares! lmao
    …unbelievable how 48 yr old Maniston is getting more and more plastic surgery, and has wound up looking like Melanie Griffiths uglier twin sister, now she’s showing up at these has been old people ‘events,’ and not even presenting….can you say saaaad, and pathetic???


    @jen is a beauty:
    Oh wow – look ‘Jen is FUG’….FACTS!! (see below)!
    Aniston worst skin on HDTV
    Aniston Heads Swanni’s ‘Bad Skin’ List
    By Phillip Swann
    Washington, D.C. — Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are no longer together, but they still have something in common:
    Bad skin.
    Phillip Swann, aka ‘Swanni,’ and the president of, has just named the 10 celebrities who have the worst skin as seen in crystal-clear High-Definition TV.
    Number one and two on the list?
    Former lovebirds Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Here’s what Swanni has to say about they look in high-def:
    “If there were ever two people in Hollywood made for each other, it’s Jen and Brad. Like her ex-husband, Ms. Aniston’s cheeks are filled with pockmarks, large pores and lines. They say married people start to look like each other after several years.
    Swann says. “Jolie’s skin is beautiful except for a beauty mark over her right eyebrow.
    To see the entire list of celebrities whose skin looks bad in HDTV, click Bad Skin
    .List of bad skin-
    List of good skin seen on HDTV-
    #1 Jessica Alba
    #10 Angelina Jolie: “Another repeat from the 2004 ‘Best’ list. In high-def, it’s easy to see why Brad Pitt left Jennifer for Jolie.

    BAWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Try looking up facts, everyone knows Aniston is a fried dyed piece of orange leather – why do you think she’s admitted to her ‘laser p.orn’ addiction – BY THE WAY, all her little chatter she let leak to the press about lasers, that was a FAKEOUT — she knew she was gonna be scheduled for some MAJOR Joan Rivers style cosmetic REHAULING in a few short weeks, and so she decided to *talk about it* (lasers, wink wink) in the press – THAT WAY, if she was CAUGHT (like she famously was during her 4th NOSE JOB exiting Dr Kanoodia’s office, king of the big schnoz Rhinoplasty in Bev Hills, muahahah) – she could always claim she was JUST getting only her admitted ‘laser’ treatment (in her mind, lasers aren’t really cosmetic surgery)….but the truth is she’s a LIAR, as we all know
    See, the laser treatment, is Aniston’s CATCH-ALL for MAJOR PLASTIC SURGERY & COSMETIC TREATMENT – from these latest pics, but also at the MTV rigged awards I could tell she’s had her nose TWEAKED again, more resurfacing, more fillers and more shots of restylane, botox and juvaderm. The sad part is, she still looks like Bab Streisand’s unattractive sister…or worse yet – this guy…seriously, it’s his face (OMG!!) lololol:
    Oh, and I’m seriously inclined to believe McMidget Ted Bund-oux is history. At first I thought she’d be sticking around long enough to show up at his premiere, but with Rock of Lames tracking incredibly poor (seriously what guy is gonna see that? What person with taste is gonna see that? lol) – she won’t be able to take two huge failures with this guy…she already got the message that the public was severely disappointed with her rent-a-date, it was SAD: no one cared about when they met, when they started fcking, what he dances like, or how much hair is left on his bald head – as usual, they stayed away from her crap movies. That mortified her.
    Ipso facto — He is on his way out, if he’s not out already. Any guy that has your cat lady fan base yearning for Vince Vaughn & sport fck days, just can’t get the job done. lolololol

  • tamara

    Funny that they have her name attached to a freaky porno like movie. Says alot about her, her brother, Billy Bob that chick she was banging.

  • Rose

    #1, you should know the answer to that one because you are full of it. Get a life.

  • Vile Bitch

    Awww.. That’s too bad. Filth like that would be right up Jolie’s alley.


    1000s shades FJWP now
    huge number – jolie busy vvhoring
    superstinky FJWP
    vile rotting horrible stench
    jolie biggest vvhore ever
    FJWP thick on ground
    all over heathrow
    all over richmond
    all over pinewood studio
    use thickest rubber
    use gaz mask
    use hazmat
    use long pole
    use tong
    disease 4 uk
    warned now

  • Well?

    @CLINIQUA: what did I say that was so offensive? I think it’s cool that she’s being looked at to direct since that is what she wants to do. @CLINIQUA: okay, that was funny.

  • anon2

    Get real deadline and stop name dropping. It used to be in this country that the media would check facts before they would print something. Now they make up crap and ask later when they get called on it after they make enough money off the name-dropping and innuendos.

  • BW

    I want to see Angie direct this film and Brad plays Christian Grey.

  • tish

    BWHAHAHA Clini you have me in stitches here. I would love to be able to write like you ..ohh well…. Can always count on you for making the truth funny.

  • busy

    She has to take good care of her cool family.

  • 7 weeks of reshoots

    Screenwriter Damon Lindelof has been brought in to save Paramount’s troubled zombie movie World War Z. 
    The big-budget movie, in which Brad Pitt stars and is serving as one of the producers, has been troubled, and its release has been pushed from a December, 2012 release to June, 21 2013. It is now awaiting signficant reshoots. Lindelof, the Lost co-creator and co-author of Ridley Scott and Fox’s Prometheus, is said to be focusing on the movie’s third act. The production hopes to begin reshoots in September or October.

    I’m telling you this is a repeat of Troy where bradpitt proves he’s nothing without an extremely talented director. The directors are great at hiding his shortcomings as a mediocre actor.

  • wrong

    @busy: She can afford nannies. Nowadays women work too.

  • Alba

    Beautiful as always. She’s my inspiration.

  • Eva

    It doesn’t sound like the film she would be interested in these days.

  • Dc

    Just like I thought, didn’t think this was true when I read it. I don’t think Angelina would be interested in directing it.

    Love Ya angie and brad!

  • Jane Austen

    I don’t know what Shades of Grey is all about but If its pornographic, I don”t think AJ would be interested. Her children come first. Did she not say that her kids love Maleficent?

  • fyi12

    Poor idiotic troll/loonifer.. Troy was stalled for 2 reasons, Brad hurt his foot and was on crutches for 6 weeks, then the wall of Troy collapsed therefor they had to rebuild it.

    Stop your LIES! Post facts! The FACT IS TROY made 500Million WW that is half a BILLION incase you need help with math! Which does NOT include the DVD and TV sales!. Now stfu & stfd OK!

  • Tamsin

    It’s no coincidence that just last week she was in her last attempt to peddle her movie failure and now these rumors come up about her being approached for another directing gig.

    These are all lies planted by the Brand’s paid PR strategists, in hopes of making her relevant.As I said before no one in their right mind would hire St. Angie Ho to direct a movie again after she left the studio in the red numbers with her last bomb.

  • so it goes

    Troy is a bad example to use for a “failure” it made $ 500M WW and A TON of money on DVD. It also gets played a lot on TV- remember- every time you see it on, it’s money in Brad’s pocket- yea!!!

  • 7 weeks of reshoots

    It doesn’t matter why the movie was stalled. He showed absolutely terrible acting in Troy. He did not have the comfort of having fincher, dominque, the moneyball director or any of the talented directors hiding his bad acting.

  • can can

    Yeah… Not a good movie she’d be interested in.

  • nani

    I wish she could direct it. She is like Midas, things become gold whenever she touchs them with her fingers.
    Love and miss her.

  • 7 weeks of reshoots

    So it goes, I wasn’t using it as an example of a box office failure although it bombed in the us. I used it as an example of Brad Pitts shitty acting when he doesn’t have a top notch director there to hide is lack of talent.

  • Tamsin

    @7 weeks of reshoots: @foolish yammerin idiot 12:

    People need to be patient with Pothead, he’s “slow” or rather “special” and that is even when he’s not high, on top of that he’s practically illiterate so someone needs to go over the lines with him over and over.

    Do loons get angry that the biggest hit of Pothead’s career was when he was still married to Jen? Not only that, but since Jen was also part of Plan B back then, it surely helped the movie get some attention. :D

  • truth

    i don’t think she has enough experience to direct a big production. she can try her hand at small time stuff. she is not ready for a big production. no one would let her direct a big movie. just saying. she has to start at the bottom and get experience like everyone else did. that’s just the way it is.

  • fyi12

    poor delusional loonifer! . Keep on LYING & JP fans will prove you wrong everytime. With FACTS not FICTION!. LMAO!

  • ha!!

    Yes, MORE money Brad’s pocket- and what does he like to do with his money- buy things for his beloved Angie & their children!! Oiiiii- trolls in MORE pain- ha!!
    so it goes @ 06/08/2012 at 3:34 pm

    Troy is a bad example to use for a “failure” it made $ 500M WW and A TON of money on DVD. It also gets played a lot on TV- remember- every time you see it on, it’s money in Brad’s pocket- yea!!!

  • Tamsin


    Actually paying nannies to do her dirty work is what Mommie Dearest does best. She only lets the rainbow kids out when she needs to pimp them to promote something.

  • Tamsin


    Her directorial debut cost around $12M and it only grossed $300K. Is that what you mean by “midas touch”? More like Midas’ OUCH!


    Just curious, do you think if you self fellate yourself til your blue in the face, saying the same dumb azz shite over and over and over again, that eventually you will grunt it into being. You won’t. ITLOBAH was a critically acclaimed film that was not a wide releasing feature film – it’s kind of like attacking Kate Winslet & Leo DiCaprio for Revolutionary Road not making money – who does that? Only dumb fcks who know nothing of the film industry. Wide releasing movies that earned DCKsquat at the box office include Maniston’s wandersuck, which earned 27 cents opening weekend – sealing her fate as a middleaged loser has been. On the other hand, ITLOBH, has earned Angelina the respect of her peers and other prominent directors, garnered her the esteemed Stanley Kramer award, and was behind her getting the ‘heart of Sarajevo,’ award and becoming an honorary citizen in yet another country – in case you need a refresher, check Forbes, and see how she’s the highest paid movie star in the universe.
    Good luck w/ Maniston’s next phase of life – GRANDMOTHER roles. Beverly Hills Grandmas – reality show, about laser pr.n and other cosmetic procedures for ‘olds.’ hahahaha

  • wrong?

    @Tamsin: Wow! are you Jennifer Aniston or you just feel identified with her fakeness?

  • So

    WWZ reshoot will be in UK, read a tweet says that Brad will film in UK in September.