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President Obama Meets with Young Hollywood

President Obama Meets with Young Hollywood

President Obama took time out of his busy schedule to meet with 25 of Hollywood’s young talent on Thursday (June 7) at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The lucky attendees included Dianna Agron, Jeremy Renner, Ian Somerhalder, Brandon Routh, Ben McKenzie, Zachary Quinto, Anna Kendrick, Alexis Bledel, Sophia Bush, Jessica Alba, Josh Radnor, Adam Rodriguez, Tatyana Ali, Bryan Greenberg, Kal Penn, Zach Braff, Rachael Leigh Cook and Jared Leto.

“Maybe the only man I truly get nervous around. Worth the early wakeup call. @BarackObama,” Dianna tweeted.

“Got up bright & early to hear @BarackObama speak w an awesome group #YoungAmerChat,” Jessica wrote on her Twitter account.

“Totally surreal morning.Met up with some friends, had coffee with President Obama now tweeting.The 21st century… Let’s do this,” Ian tweeted.

10+ pictures inside of President Obama meeting with Young Hollywood…

Just Jared on Facebook
president obama meets with young hollywood 01
president obama meets with young hollywood 02
president obama meets with young hollywood 03
president obama meets with young hollywood 04
president obama meets with young hollywood 05
president obama meets with young hollywood 06
president obama meets with young hollywood 07
president obama meets with young hollywood 08
president obama meets with young hollywood 09
president obama meets with young hollywood 10

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  • Brazilian

    I love Obama! He has fans even here in Brazil! That’s amazing! Well, Obama is amazing… He came to Brazil last year and I remember everyone was going crazy!! He and Michelle and the kids were so nice :)

  • N

    Julia Roberts has huge nostrils!


    Obama is a puppet…god riddance

  • Half French half Portuguese

    @Brazilian: We love him too here in Europe :).

  • Mika


  • sillyme

    Ugh, I hate that fake smile of his.

  • somali girl

    I agree he wants the votes of celebrity fans. Pathetic

  • ggfan

    No picture of Obama w/ Alexis Bledel?!

  • shaolou

    These latest meet & greet w/ the Pres were most if not all: TV stars minus Jeremy Renner; he’s already an acclaimed actor w/ box-office movieS already plus the incoming hit. The Bourne Legacy.

  • FUO

    While Real Presidents honor our Veterans on D-Day…the dog eating Kenyan with the fake BC and SS is partying with Hollywood and flying BonJovi on Air Force One on our effin dime.

  • ANGela

    Of course Brazil loves aStealth Communist, that hands them a check of TWO Billion of our hard earned money to drill for oil, so that we can be their “best customers” , but won’t drill here.

  • ugh

    what is the point in this? Shouldn’t he be more focused on the war/economy/health care than having a photo op with celebrities?

  • somewhere in europe

    Obama is the best thing that happened to the US in a very long time. Unfortunately, US citizens are not going to acknowledge this fact until some dumb republican reclaims the white house and maybe starts a homosexual genocide.
    Obama is good, he’s not a miracle worker. Once people start accepting that they might actually lead a happy life.

  • Jennay

    Jared, it is called “Ian Somerhalder” not “Somerholder”

  • Lia

    ian should thank vampire diaries … 4 yrs ago he was completely left out . And young talent ? that is balls

  • Zoe2

    I live in the South, I am white and in my 40′s. Nobody polls me and my friends and we all love our president!

  • Fran

    Seriously guys, why all the hate? He took time off his BUSY schedule to meet those actors. So there are 364 days letft to care about health care/ economy/war. Wether he is trying to get votes or not – that’s politics. The point is he shows interest in the country’s young talents which is imho also an important part of his work. What’s the point of being the president without knowing the cultural situation? They all look happy to get the chance of shaking hands. So chill, please?!

  • Dave Franco

    Ron Paul 2012. You people don’t know what you’re missing. Obama is too hollywood.


    @FUO: What you said.


    Interesting,..if you check a negative comment, it does not register. If you check a positive comment, it registers – efficiently skewing public perception of the percentage of detractors versus suppoorters.

    I didn’t realize this was MSNBC – and I’m writing in Ron Paul, ftr.

  • mrd2

    Shouldn’t he be like saving the United States of America instead of hobnobbing with so-called celebrities?

  • Black-Dahlia

    I wouldn’t necessarily consider Jeremy Renner or Ian Somerhalder or Jared Leto as ‘young Hollywood’.

  • nepenthes

    So THIS is YOUNG Hollywood????
    Jeremy Renner, Ian Somerhalder, Josh Radnor, Jared Leto??
    Obama’s a famewhore.

  • he’s a con man

    there is little difference between any Republican president and BO

  • aha

    @WICKED WENCH: you do understand this is just a celebrity blog right? loll

  • aimee

    key phrase “took time out of his busy schedule.” what a nice gesture of obama!

  • Iffy Miffy

    There were two fundraisers the night before too, lots of talent, of all ages, there and bigger names too, and good for them. Obama is worth supporting.

  • Alaia

    I’m so lucky I’m not American so I don’t have vote for either. It’s like trying to pick the lesser of two evils.

    Then again, we have David Cameron as a Prime Minister.

  • correct

    “I believe that voting for the lesser of two evils will always leads to more evil,”
    - Penn Jillette

  • ankh

    @LINDSAY LOHAN WILL WIN OSCAR: @LINDSAY LOHAN WILL WIN OSCAR: i think your name alone shows how much of a joke you are….

  • I was actually a fan of some of the celebs on the list, but this is just sad. How can you willing interact with someone that’s responsible for the continued deaths of innocent civilians and children with drone attacks? The land of hypocrisy and home of the greedy.

  • Seth

    These are not the talented open-minded artists of decades ago. Obama is talking to little obedient ladder climbing corporate HOs.

  • Jane Patton

    @Brazilian: #1

    Thank you Brazil for loving our President. We love him here in America too.

  • Jane Patton

    @Half French half Portuguese: #4

    Thank you too, Europe, for loving our President. As I said to Brazil, we love him too.

  • Jane Patton

    @Zoe2: #16

    5^, high five to you, girl!

  • Jane Loves Evil

    Bush-bots, Obama-bots, no different
    “he can do no wrong”
    dead innocents curse you hag

  • Braindead

    we loves him

  • Jane Patton

    @mrd2: #12

    The country is in better shape than is has been in a LONG time. Thanks to our President Obama, who has done a far more than could be expected considering the mess he inherited from Bush. But we all knew from the jump it would take some time to clean up Bushes mess. AND he has pulled out of Iraq, and is pulling out of Afghanistan.

  • Denise L

    @WICKED WENCH: #20

    Interesting,..if you check a negative comment, it does not register. If you check a positive comment, it registers – efficiently skewing public perception of the percentage of detractors versus suppoorters.
    No, you are wrong. The thing is, those who love our President far exceeds those who don’t. This is why he gets all the approval of the blog and others. Face it. People love this man, our President Obama.

  • suck it up with a sillystraw

    “pulled out of Iraq”-150 thousand highly paid contracors and private military (our tax dollars)remain in the largest embassy (small city,built with our tax dollars) in the world to protect the oil fields at taxpayer expense while we pay $4.00/gal. good job Obummer

  • FOREWARD – off a cliff

    We Love Obama!

  • @Jane Patton: I don’t know what you country you live in but I’m sure its not America. Bush mesh? wow people are still holding on to that excuse. Why don’t you look at Obamas mess first and then decide who to vote for, because the country is going to need a strong president to right Obamas mistakes.

  • TheRealMe


    Obama has had 3 years to correct what took Bush 8 years to destroy. I believe Jane & many others, including myself, have looked at the facts & decided who we trust to fix this country.

  • Bob

    And this has what to do with doing your job! Poser

  • Go Ask Alice

    TO the the people here who do not know, want to slam him for running afgter Hollywood, you have no case.
    Any Pres. Democrat runs after Hollywood fo0r funding.
    Any Pres GOP runs after the Coungtry Music entertainers. Hollywood supports the Dems. CM supports the GOP. Your commnet about BonJovi…well, Presidents Bus, both of them, have ahd Reb McIntire at their beck and call. Didn’t Romney show up last night at the CMT Awards?

  • Sandra

    @somewhere in europe:

    Serioulsy? A homosexual genocide?

  • matt

    Dianna Agron <3

  • @TheRealMe: If you honestly think that Obama has been trying to fix Bush’s mistakes I think your looking into the wrong facts. Hypothetically speaking the sad thing is that as bad of a president Bush was, America would be in a better position today if Bush had stayed in office another three years instead of Obama. I’m sure Obama will offer more empty promises to keep himself in office. But that’s okay considering most of his “political supporters” are actually “fans” of his personality/celebrity and could care less what he does politically.

  • groan….

    There are still people who support Bush? Unbelievable!

  • Nash Doubt

    Was he out here to go on yet another talk show as well? The prez has denegrated the office more than any other in recent history. And he has concrete feet, when it comes to honoring those that died for Our country. Me thinks His country is the USS of A. How many more things will be banned in the guise that government knows best. How many more governors and states rights will he and his surrogates go after? How many times will he go around congress and how many more bills will he sign on a Friday evening at midnight?

    Are you better off now then you were three years ago???????

    Stop using class warfare and social re-engineering as your Demonic campaign strategy Barry, it’s so 1939 of you and you weren’t even born yet. Well, the guy whose social security number you have was, but you weren’t.

    I wonder when he will start the next war?