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Rachel McAdams Listens to Tunes in Toronto

Rachel McAdams Listens to Tunes in Toronto

Rachel McAdams wears earbuds while riding a bike on Thursday (June 7) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The 33-year-old actress was up for Best Kiss with her The Vow co-star Channing Tatum at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards – but the two lost out to Breaking Dawn‘s Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

“The Twilight kids always sweep it,” Channing told MTV News.

Rachel previously won the Best Kiss award for her memorable makeout with Ryan Gosling in The Notebook.

“Aww, that’s not fair; they have rain,” Channing said. “Everything’s better in the rain. I definitely will take a second backseat to Ryan.”

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# 2

Love Rachel, but that’s dangerous.

# 3

awful outfit

# 5

She should burn that hat.

# 6

She is an amazing bike rider. She can even ride with her eyes close in the last photo.

# 7

That skirt is atrocious.

# 8

@tom: it’s called blinking

# 9
AnnaScott @ 06/08/2012 at 8:26 am

WTF is that outfit Rachel?

Boring and plain looking. And she doesnt dress herself well.

i like that she doesn’t give a fvck

WTF is wrong with you negative people, she is way above your talent and beauty level you jealous vile people. How can you talk about another human being like that, makes me sick to be human. She is beautiful and has a sense of fashion, she dressed like she wanted to hide from publicity. Grow up people.

Yikes – didn’t know there were paps lurking about in Toronto and on a residential street, no less. Better pack some bear spray & mace.

I don’t care how boring, plain, vanilla she is to some people, it only makes me like her more because she’s not fake. She’s as real, genuine as they come. I met her and she’s very sweet, kind, humble and down to earth. There’s a lack of that in the industry. As for how she dresses, I didn’t realize she was walking down the red carpet, is she supposed to be wearing designer dresses when she’s running everyday errands? Do you?

LOVE HER!!! Sooo beautiful!!!!

Now this is the beuatiful young woman that Ryan is still pining for. He has downgraded with that old lady he is stuck with now.

@John: How amazing that you personally know Ryan and his innermost feelings.

Nick Naylor @ 06/08/2012 at 1:19 pm


You and four others who gave thumbs up are brutally deep in the closet. Come out, homo.

Nick Naylor @ 06/08/2012 at 1:20 pm


You know how I know you’re gay?

i never got rachel m.’s talent, tbh. i don’t buy any of her roles. I really don’t think she’s a good actress.

Beautiful, I love her.

I think Joshua, Paul, etc are jealous girl/s. Just my observation.

Why the mean comments? She’s as humble as they come and also seems like a nice person.

Remember when she was hot?
Yeah me neither.

@LOL: your comment cracks me up! :)

Who cares what the keyboard warriors on Just Jared think? Everyone I know, man or woman, absolutely loves this woman and thinks she’s beautiful. Even my Latin friend who’s only into exotic looking girls says he would marry Rachel McAdams. She is a natural, classic beauty who is intelligent and well-spoken, and a fantastic actress. Above all, she’s so sweet and humble! I know some (tacky) people love a girl who’s sexed up, stretching her backside in a bikini and kitten heels for a photoshoot…but those of us with class will always appreciate beauty and class like Rachel’s.

Also, it doesn’t make sense how there are no negative comments about Rachel on Youtube videos or even IMDB, and yet that’s all there is on JJ? Looks like Eva Mendes’ PR team is getting paid overtime tonight!!

What the hell? @ 06/08/2012 at 9:28 pm

@Dee: Why are people being negative about this woman and why does your comment have so many negative ratings? Rachel should have chosen more relevant roles in her career (she still has time ahead to do it). But, besides that… is there anything to dislike about this woman? She’s adorable and down to earth. And… she is biking in Toronto. Are people expecting her to do it in Channel? This gossip site is full of frustrated women who write comments here as one of their scapegoats to their frustrations. I even read comments saying that Marion Cottilard and Gisele Bündchen were ugly women. Get mirrors in your houses women!!!!!!

Wow! I don’t understand all the thumbs down for Rachel. Why the hate?
She’s a beautiful and natural woman, and seems sweet and caring as well. She doesn’t deserve this!

My god, what did Rachel ever do to you people? This is disgusting!

Eva’s Mendes’ PR team needs to take a flying leap!

Rachel is a class act. I love that she remained in Toronto and never relocated to LA. Beautiful and humble canadian gal!

It’s painfully obvious that Mendes’s pr team or fans orrrrr whomever are either trying to make a point or take the negative pr that is currently happening with EM aaaaand…take it out on some chick who’s in no way involved with the situation currently going on? She’s happy, she’s moved on…yet some clearly unintelligent individuals have come up with this as their grand scheme of…..what exactly? Revenge because people like her? Because she has more fans? A better career? Makes Mendes look even worse now that this is going on. No comment section of Just Jared has 43 likes and 43 dislikes consistently down the board on a total of 34 comments. A least try to make it look believable. Because at this point it’s completely and utterly transparent. Some people may comment that they wish they were back together but it’s not her fault. Choose your battles wisely because your battle is not with her. It’s with Goslings fans, and…well, Eva’s non-fans…not Mcadams.

Oh and also..Mcadams consistently has maybe 10 or at the most, 15 comments per post, so at 34 you already kind of made it obvious what’s going on…next time if you think really hard, which will be difficult because I can see that you’re not that good with numbers and strategy and the like, do a smaller number of the five word sentence negative comments clearly posted by the same person with different names that even sound fake, and less likes and dislikes total on every other post. That I believe will make your charade a bit more believable. Or just go back onto Mendes and Gosling posts and feel free to exercise your grade school mentality there.

@PR: Exactly! Don’t take what’s going on with Mendes and Gosling out on Rachel. She has nothing to do with this situation. Leave her alone!

Yeah, just because people in general like Rachel more than Eva is not a reason to trash Rachel. It’s irrelevant. Rachel has moved on and seems very happy. She has nothing to do with Ryan anymore. Grow up people!

Pathetic. This is either Eva’s PR team or Eva herself. Grow up.

@kate: Why the heck did I get thumbed down for that comment? There was nothing wrong with what I said.

Rachel eres la más hermosa y talentosa pero eso es muy peligroso.

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