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George Clooney: 'The Yankee Comandante' Director?

George Clooney: 'The Yankee Comandante' Director?

George Clooney leaves the London Hotel after having lunch on Saturday (June 9) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 51-year-old actor is attached to direct and produce the upcoming flick The Yankee Comandante, according to THR.

The film is “based on a New Yorker article about an American who assisted Fidel Castro and other Cuban rebels overthrow the reigning dictator Fulgencio Batista in Cuba.”

It “details the saga of William Alexander Morgan, who became the only foreigner other than Che Guevara to reach the title of Comandante in Cuba.”

FYI: George is wearing Levi’s jeans.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney out for lunch…

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george clooney yankee comandate director 01
george clooney yankee comandate director 02
george clooney yankee comandate director 03
george clooney yankee comandate director 04
george clooney yankee comandate director 05
george clooney yankee comandate director 06
george clooney yankee comandate director 07
george clooney yankee comandate director 08
george clooney yankee comandate director 09
george clooney yankee comandate director 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • snake

    he lost his looks

  • Karen

    your kidding right ?
    he gets hotter every single day

  • Really?

    @snake: My comment is actually that he is looking great in these pictures. He seems to have lost weight and be fit. I think he looks hot, like good wine… the older the better.

  • Peter Noble

    It is like his other movie Argo when they try and get 6 americans out
    Of the country in Iran! The Americans do it again is great!

  • Sophia

    Ring Ring

    Yes, George.. I will

  • Cat Map

    So hot

  • Snappin’ Harriet

    Better with age

  • Henshaw

    Hotter than Pitt

  • Henshaw

    I like that shirt AND the glasses on him

  • hmh1108

    to all the 2-digit IQ moronic PR gnomes who post above (probably just one on duty seeming creative *eyeroll*

    Clooney is a corrupt moron. An assshole who pretends to date who*res like ugly Stacy Keibler (because yes, she is an aesthetically unattractive woman over-processed despite a massive bank budget to style and adorn her). She is TOO UGLY TO MAKE IT AS A MODEL. Too old, untalented & ugly to be an actress. Just a filthy overgrown butch bi*tch.
    And as for Canalis, another freak who albeit smaller in size, is clearly no beauty. Photoshopped to oblivion to create an asss on her.
    The stench of avarice & corruption is all over Clooney.

  • Curious or Versatile

    Is Yankee Commandante an homage to Waldo Sanchez his GAY CUBAN HAIRDRESSER, LONG TIME COMPANION.
    I mean, homoerotic / platonic friend, hairstylist, basketball playing buddy, personal trainer, live-in companion—> Waldo Sanchez.
    Disclaimer: George Clooney is not gay.

  • me

    he is incredibly wrinkly and aged for someone who is only 51 y.o.
    still he looks better than jude law, who also lets himself go old and ugly
    soon the world will wonder where all the older women are, because women don’t give up their looks like jude law and clooney does
    -hair dye anyone?
    -keep your face out of the ageing sun anyone?
    -those guys are the age of madonna, age of jenny lopez, but aged far beyond their years

    Oh, but he likes the real thing….
    What’s this??!!! Waldo is concealing his identity by hiding from the camera??

  • hmh1108

    So, Clooney from Kentucky corrupt mongrel who peddles Cabo for Randy Gerbil’s mafia syndicate is airborne with his rent-a-who*re hideous freak Stacy Keibler ( a woman with whom he doesn’t have sexxx because she repulses him physically). He’s a joke!
    Off to his Italian mafia connections now!
    What a legend! A la Sinatra.
    In the stench of a murky deep filthy depressing lake.
    Amidst his moldy old villa. The Kentucky uneducated bumpkin is off to play refined sophisticated celebrity in Europe. With a hideous ugly freak that Europeans mock.
    Is Waldo on the plane with them too? A Hawker 800 XP seats 8, right?

  • Bent

    decisions.. decisions… decisions… and the pusssy chewed his nails off for 3 weeks…
    Then he decided to honor his contract and take Keibler to Europe.
    Because he’s an insecure corrupt loser.

  • Luisa R.

    George Clooney has criminal associations. And he’s a member of the Bohemian Grove.
    The relationship with Keibler is fake.
    Bus so was Canalis fake 2 year relationship.
    How can people like a phony celebrity like him.
    No one, except for Tom Cruise does this shit anymore…
    Oh, yeah, Travolta too and maybe Hugh Jackman. Harvey Weinstein the walrus too.

  • LoL
  • just passin’ thru

    @Luisa R.: hey, Stacy Keibler on her twitter page posted a walrus video. was that for harvey weinstein because he yelled at her with the mess she made in Paris?? The titty tape faux pas the the French media ridiculed?

  • Grant’s Rant

    @just passin’ thru: She is the walrus. Or Giant Rodent. George calls her that. Fluckin’ huge woman. And like a dude. Not sexy. George calls Stacy Keibler fat behind her back. Got she drinks so much beer. And eats & shitts a lot because she’s bulimic.
    Clooney calls Canalis & Keibler hoookers. That’s the fact.
    But he is allowing the bulllshit. It’s killing him but she’s guaranteed that the contract will happen for at least a year. Whether he likes it or not. That’s why she’s lying stating that she lives with him etc.
    His assistant Angel can’t stand her nor Canalis. That last psycho wanted to trick him so desperately. George Clooney really hates Canalis. But Clooney can’t stand Stacy Keibler either. Doesn’t even have sex with her.
    But he’s really too scared to change his strategy. He’s an elitist unfortunately. Really stuck up.

  • hmh1108

    OH, such platonic love….
    Btw, Waldo is a bottom.

  • Daisy Dukes

    @hmh1108: no Waldo is versatile with a preference for bottom.

  • ebony

    @MENAGE A TROIS??: hehe. in that 2nd photo of George Clooney walking with hunchback Stacy Keibler hand in hand, it looks like he’s turning around searchingly looking for Waldo.
    + at the bar, Meanwhile, Hoooker Keibler still is thinking about her money in the bank. Man, she’s got an ugly face.
    This relationship is SO FAKE.

    Clooney is like pouting sexily to Waldo. hehe

  • Wise Owl

    Clooney’s a member of the Bohemian Grove.
    Guy would sell his soul to the devil for a buck.
    And is involved with money laundering.
    One of the most corrupt actors in hollywood.

  • abc

    he’s greyed a lot in the past year. still looking good though!

  • Nexttime

    Clooney the Loser has to pretend he has girlfriends.
    Stacy Keibler is such guttertrash, Baltimore factory refuse.
    She’s donning the floppy hat, all black attire to copy Angelina Jolie in these photos. This way she thinks she’s class & style.
    To cover from her big ugly egghead….

  • alcoholic impotence

    crocodile leather-skinned, gray, and old. About time he moved behind the camera.
    And the alcoholic basturd has to fake date uglier than himself hookers at his ripe old age.
    Can’t pull off the rugged handsome look anymore.

  • 90291

    Even Robert Redford looks younger and hotter than Clooney.
    Helll, so does Clint Eastwood.

  • Control Freak!

    deranged & unstable insecure buffoon!
    Lives in his Batcave with his Level 5 surveillance gadgets and satellite access. SPYING….


    Awwwww…… Georgy Porgy and Stacy the Giant Keibler walking mano-a-mano pretending to be boyfriend & girlfriend “Let’s play make believe everybody!!”
    Acting for Idiots in practice!!
    Has the man got no decorum???
    Not only is he not sleeping with the overgrown Pen*is Veined Egghead who*re, he CAN’T STAND HER!!!
    So why pretend?? Cowardly loser!!!


    oh, yes of course.
    For profit.
    Corrupt insatiable scum Clooney is in too deep.
    And Rande Gerbil with his Janice Dickinson cloned wife Cindy, are forever there to …. lend their support.
    Poor poor George the alcoholic.
    Forever living a life on a guilt trip.

  • No Kidding!

    maybe he struggles with his sexuality. Prefers pusssy, but learnt to appreciate waldo’s an*us cubanos over the years?
    Old Joel Schumacher likes his side benefits b4 he casts his boys on the big screen… Georgie…. had to be versatile to adapt….maybe.
    So he makes excuses for himself that he feels ….. conflicted.

    Just hits the skins and runs… back for more an*us cubanos…
    Can’t find true love. So he tells the gnome cun*ts who work for him.
    “well, ladies, george (yes, the mutharucker refers to himself in 3rd person) can’t find true love.”
    And PR alibi solace in the comfort of the runts of hookerdom a la Keibler & Canalis. Only the latter was feigning real $$cough cough$$ amore….
    he he

  • marco

    stacy è un mostro invece la canalis è bella come una sirena, non capisco clooney che cosa ha in mente???

  • Daisy Dukes

    @marco: dunno what you’re writing, wop. This is an English speaking site.
    so va funculo back to your greasy motherland.
    Clooney referred to Canalis as a Horse often.
    Because of her ugly butch face. She knows it. Said she stinks of maggot cheese too.
    She’s so photoshopped coz if you see her in reality she’s an ugly skan*k.
    Flat tranny asss and crooked legz. Hideous face too.
    Yeah, he boned her when they took coke or he was drunk but he fcuks anything. Not discerning.
    Probably fcuks Waldo Sanchez coz he thinks he looks like him (only taller coz he’s got a complex about his height and wears lifts). So by fcuking Waldo, he thinks he’s making love to himself.

  • Scott @ DLA Piper

    @Daisy Dukes: OR maybe he keeps his Cuban Gay Hair sTyLiSt BFF soulbrother around to let the skan*ks think that he’s in a homoerotic relationship with a man, to avoid sleeping with them. Stacy Keibler the hideous w*h*o*r*e couldn’t care less. Pen*is Botox Vein Forehead just wants MONEY.
    Baltimore working class memories still haunting her. Had her spurt growth a cornflakes & spam diet.
    THE 7 RETAR*DED GNOME B*ITCHES WHO WORK BEHIND THE PR IMAGE and base themselves on KatieKunt.Dot’s site know that George Clooney despises Canalis and Stacy Keibler. He called Keibler homely & the GIANT RODENT & Stacy Kyborg to them. Even old cross-eyed corrupt bit*ch Kirstie Alley knows it. Sure she torments him, but she claims she has executive controlling rights to impose rules about his public profile…..*sigh*
    Keibler & Canalis are both delusional. Keibler has complex and no matter how she diets, she’s still built ike a linebacker. Just growing broader with age. And Canalis is major defective. They’ve done so much photoshop on her lately to make her look sexy & mute out the cellulite, add curves.
    Both w*h*o*r*e*s have ugly faces and won’t land any contracts for “beauty.” LOL…..
    Sickly thin hair. Hardened butch craniums. Defective bodies.
    Clooney’s choice….lol
    and the dumb PR gnome c*u*n*t*s who delegate.
    They don’t give a shi*t if he’s happy… or not. He’s just a dumbasss to them. A weak, insecure pusssy!

  • Sane

    Most of you above need to GET A LIFE!!! you jealous twits!!!

  • Chouchou

    Siamo stanchi di vedere Clooney con la sua guardia del corpo bionda ossigenata, con un centimetro di ricrescita nera. Ma dove sono i suoi amici che dispensano buoni consigli sulle sue compagne (specialmente sulla Canalis) ? Dov’è il suo staff lautamente pagato per curare la sua immagine? Dov’è la sua famiglia? E’ possibile che nessuno si accorga che George si sta distruggendo?. Nelle immagini dell’ultimo anno solo lei sorride sempre, perchè è l’unica che ci ha guadagnato veramente in termini di immagine , di pubblicità, di dignità, George appare sempre più avvilito e depresso. Fortunatamente la Canalis da quando si è staccata da lui ha riacquistato lo splendore di sempre, e non appare più musona e triste come quando era con lui. Comunque George non dovrebbe perdere quella gioia di vivere, quel sorriso ammaliante che lo hanno reso famoso, anche se per come ha trattato finora le donne, si meriterebbe di restare definitivamente con una come Stacy