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LeAnn Rimes: 'Red Beans and Rice - Yum!'

LeAnn Rimes: 'Red Beans and Rice - Yum!'

LeAnn Rimes is all smiles as she gets ready to depart from LAX Airport on Friday (June 8) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old singer showed off her long legs in Rebecca Minkoff shorts.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn is spending some time with family – “Got brother’s red beans and rice w/ cornbread as soon as we got out of the airport. Yum,” she tweeted.

Earlier in the week, LeAnn attended the grand opening of the LA Fitness Club with her hubby, Eddie Cibrian.

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  • Peg

    I always look to Ms. Rimes when it comes to fashion, as well as when I need a good laugh.

  • -

    lol, hideous.

    Like dressing a dwarf or gnome in stylish garments.

  • dobbi

    Then she tweeted “Now I got gas ‘Scuse the smell”.

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    this creature is so tragic and dreadful.

  • Cam S

    Gosh she looks like an impish, evil, monkey

  • Sweetheart32

    she has such a sense of style, love her outfits!

  • gwen

    Courney Stodden 2 strikes again. Courty Stoddenism: When a celeb who is desperate for attention, appears at a public place wearing someting very ridiculous to give the impression that she is sexy. For example-Leann Rimes wearing a bikini to a grocery store. And now, Leann Rimes wearing a miniskirt to an airport. What do we call this look? Because on the top she is dressed for winter and on the bottom she is dressed for summer.

    So while her peers in country mustic are gearing up for CMA fest, Leann is reduced to famewhoring at LAX just to keep her name and face in the press. We know that she could have went to LAX without being spotted by the paps because she was able to do concerts in NH and New York withou DM, JJ, GG, or x17 posting staged photo-ops and fluffpieces about it. Of course Leann is “all smiles”, she did afterall call the paps. A major indication of this is how she is dressed. A miniskirt? If she is so cold, as evidenced by the fact that she has on a scarf , jacket, and sweater, why did she put on a miniskirt? Other celebs go to LAX prepared for a flight, but not Leann. She goes there to famewhore.

    She tweeted that she visited Eddie on the set of his movie, so then did she go the set dressed like that? Eddie’s co-stars have got to be laughing and making fun of him behind his back. She went to his set dressed like this? And to prove what? That Eddie isn’t cheating on her because she has “sexy” legs? Leann also looks like she has been crying.

    These photos make her look like a galloping horse. She is just so unfortunate looking. There is no way that Eddie is telling her that she is beautiful everyday or even waking up next to her each and every morning. She is just so caricaturish. When she smiles you think, Grinch, Howdy Doody, or Gremlin. She really needs to stop messing with her face.

    Leann must be running short of money because normally JJ would have posted this when GG and DM wrote their fluffpiece.

  • gwen

    Leann doesn’t have long legs. Wearing a super short skirt doesn’t mean that one has long legs. And paying the paps to use an angle of the camera to make it look like her legs are long, doesn’t mean that Leann has long legs. Paying the media to say that her legs are long, isn’t going to make Leann have long legs. So is this “Leann has long legs” thing because of Brandi or the female lead that Eddie is working with on the Hallmark movie?

    How come there was no mention of Lizzy, who was also at the opening of the fitness club with Leann and Eddie? Lizzy goes just about everywhere with Leann and Eddie, the media might as well acknowledge her, right? Or were they give instructions by Leann not to make any more references to Lizzy because of what happend in Mammoth between Leann and Lizzy while Eddie watched?

  • DeeDee

    Why is everybody hating so much on her? Is that because she cheated on her husband? I’m pretty sure she’s not the first one and definitely not the last, it happens and it’s not up to us to judge. Maybe it’ because she is not super pretty? Well, that’s not her fault. And I bet half of you here are not beauty queens either. She lost weight and you can’t? Get over it and stop being so mean and jealous. Cause this is the worst thing – women hating on each other because some of us are prettier, richer or thinner and some aren’t and all the latter are left with is spite.

  • Frozoid

    She’s put on a few pounds. Good for her.

  • gwen


    You know precisely why everyone dislikes Leann because you ask this very same question in every thread. Leann is disliked because of HER actions which go far beyond the cheating, it has nothing to do with her money(which she doesn’t even have considering that she had to sell her house to a firm that specilizes in bankruptcies), her weight, or her because she isn’t super pretty. People are not being mean or jealous of Leann. Leann is wrong. Out of all the divorced couples in HW, how come she is the ONLY one who is so publicly disrespectful and inappropriate all the time?

    As evidenced by her tweets, album about her affair with a married man, and staged photo-ops with Brandi’s kids, Leann is a woman who hates on women, so what is your point? That Leann is a woman left with spite. She sits on twitter bragging about an album which is about her affair with a married man and then her fans want to keep telling everyone to move on and get over it? Or can’t understand why she is so disliked?

    Due remember that no one would even be commenting on Leann’s body/looks if she hadn’t bothered to make it an issue by paying GG, DM, and JJ to make it a focus of their article. Don’t you find it odd that Leann is going off to do a concert and rather than make that the topic of their articles, it turns into yet another article about Leann’s personal life? Your lecure should be directed at Leann. Would it have killed Leann to just go to her scheduled concert without making it into some type of media circus? Did she not learn anything from the staged grocery store bikini staged photo-op? Wait, Leann did learn one thing. She used a different agency this time.

    Why keep setting up the staged photo-ops only to whine when she doesn’t get the desired reaction?

  • nomorerimes

    Hope Eddie has fun while his bloodsucker wife is out of town. Wonder if the Sagebrush Cantina is on his schedule or maybe Lizzie! Or maybe a session of getting to know his new co-star better without SleazeAnn hanging all over him to make sure he doesn’t cheat! GO EDDIE–ENJOY YOURSELF EVEN IF IT’S FOR JUST A COUPLE DAYS!!

  • nomorerimes

    @dobbi She is a pig! Who the hell wants to know that. What a “good” example of what a lady she is not!

  • Texas

    Ugly face.

  • Katherine

    @DeeDee– we all hate on these stories because that is what they are, just stories. leann feeds stories to her mouthpieces like JJ to convince everyone that she is still relevant. its not the affair or where she lands on the pretty scale that is getting people so heated these days. and i have these comments, not because i’m jealous, (i live near the beach, have a healthy figure and a happy marriage) but because leann begs us to comment on her every waking move cause she throws it in our faces. she tweets every thought that passes through her head, retweets passive aggressive quotes or comments, posts twit pics with hidden meanings which are also passive aggressive.
    @Gwen– you have such a valid point…why the hell could leann go to NH and other states for ‘concerts’ and not get photographed at the airport??
    obviously she called them. the fact that everything is so obvious and yet media outlets like JJ, the daily mail and celeb gather still post articles on this girl, calling her outfits fabulous and her legs long just shows you that she pays them. too bad she can’t pay them to jazz up the story a bit, red beans and rice yuuumm —definitely something so important it needed to be tweeted to the masses.

  • Jen

    I thinks it “Mothers” in New Orleans, not “brothers”. If she is in New Orleans. Maybe i’m wrong. Whatever. Her outfit sucks.

  • feliz

    as if she ate…

  • Deanne

    Short shorts and high heels don’t make your legs longer. She has short legs and tries desperately to look taller by teetering around on high heels. Please, please JJ, have some dignity and stop with the LeAnn Rimes “stories”. The public hate her so the boards are always oozing negativity (for very good reason) and the banality and obvious PR attempts are ridiculous. She is a has been who is trying way to hard to pretend she is relevant despite all the glaring evidence to the contrary. Don’t encourage her by being onw of her paid for mouthpieces. It’s like you made a deal with the devil.

  • Deanne

    “one of her paid for mouthpieces” not onw

  • nomorerimes

    Common sense?? This stupid broad wears long pants to a gym opening and super short skirt to wear on a plane with layered look and jacket because she will be cold on the plane? Just proves this twit is psycho. Her twit about excusing the smell from her is sooo childish and very unladylike! Will she ever grow up? Bet momma is just sooo proud of her adulterer, stalking brat!

  • Piper

    @nomorerimes: The thing is, her mother IS proud. Her marriage was broken up by adultery and yet she supports her own daughter breaking up another family. She is on LeAnn’s payroll. She raised this malignant personality disordered mess of a person and has allowed and fostered all of the bad behavior since the beginning. She eve goes on to the comments boards and makes posts defending her entitled, brat of a daughter as well. i am sure that LeAnn gets a lot more than just her slit like eyes from her mommy.

  • Jane

    @DeeDee: Honey, there is no way in h*** I can be jealous or a narcissistic, rude, disgusting, egotistical, fake, fame whoring, husband stealing, train wreck, loser with no more talent! She sets herself up every single time she comes out in public by doing ridiculous, stupid, infantile, ludicrous, immature and self-serving ways. She thinks she is the most precious thing on earth, but we normal, logical-thinking and STABLE people know otherwise.

  • Betts

    Brandi guested on the Eric Andre show? Who is THAT? She so famous hahahahahaaa

  • Sam

    was leann at the CMT awards? i though she was a famous country singer? hmmmmm. aren’t the awards voted by fans??

  • Madison

    Le guested on Chelsea Handler and all the top programmes. She has more stature then Brandi so SAD Brand!

  • gwen

    @Betts: @Madison:

    Hi Teresa/Brandisucks!

    So why are you using two more different names, we all know it’s you? So you are back? Where have you been BTW. Interesting how the negative posts about Brandi start up when you return to posting.

    Why does post 23 sound so familiar? Because you made the same comment on x17 when you were posting as Teresa about how Brandi was on the John Kerwin show. Seriously, isn’t Leann giving radio interviews? Leann is giving RADIO interviews, and it’s not even big time radio stations either. So before you use the very same “Who is that” line that you used in your post about Brandi being on John Kerwin on x17, you might want to think about how Leann isn’t so famous.

    Leann doesn’t have stature than Brandi, what Leann does is BULLY people into doing what she wants. Sometimes she uses threats from lawyers to keep people in line, other times she just uses the person she is blackmailing over at NBC Universal to get whatever she wants.

    Leann was only on Chelsea because she BEGGED to be on the show, not because she was invited. Poor Leann, she was on the top program and what good did it get her? Did the sales for Ladies and Gentlemen increase as result of that interview? No. Did people finally fall in love with Leann? No. Based on that interview, Leann admitted to calling the paps and setting up staged photo-ops and people saw just how obsessed she was with Brandi.

    Leann wasn’t even invited to CMA fest, Cannes, MTV Awards, or CMT Awards, so what is your point? Even Paris Hilton was invited to Cannes. So then by your logic, Leann is so SAD.

  • Kelly

    @gwen: The thing I find so funny about the stupid posts trying to insult Brandi is that they totally prove the opposite point. LeAnn is a performer who’s success and glory days are all way in the past and who’s pathological need for attention, even negative attention, is obvious to anyone who reads the stupid little stories about her on here, E and DM. She certainly still has a name the public recognizes but she’s now more well known for her unfortunate behavior in her personal life rather than the hit records she had so long ago. Brandi on the other hand, was a former model turned stay at home mother, who’s husband chose to have an affair with a stalker who seems to have a serious personality disorder and a fat wallet. She has made lemonade out of the lemons she was given. She is on a popular reality show, writes a column and has a book deal. All right now and all relevant successes. She is thriving despite the public antics and both private and public attacks from LeAnn and her little band of paid for cronies and strangely devoted Twitter friends. Everyone else knows LeAnn is a has been. Her last album flopped badly and she wasn’t invited to any of the recent awards shows. Making fun of someone who is currently having success by comparing them to someone’s former success just makes LeAnn look even more pathetic.

  • nomorerimes

    Just read on another site that Sleaze’s last concert had room for 1300 people and they only had just under 600. Wow! That yodeler is really going places. Was even worth the plane ticket to go to Louisiann and Sleaze was soooo homesick. Wonder if they had to sell tickets 2-for-1 like they did at other concerts she has done recently. Pretty pathetic! Get ready for the toilet flush, Sleaze! Then your money AND Eddie will disappear!

  • nomorerimes

    Correction on above comment–meant to say WASN’T even worth the plane ticket to go to La. But SleazeAnn and her momma are both pathetic. Eddie too of course. And I certainly don’t condone cheating but I hope Eddie has a GOOD TIME on the set of his movie with a beautiful co-star! Josie is fantastic. Closer to Eddie’s age as opposed to childish SleazeAnn. She has never grown up.

  • canshegetanycrazier?

    I don’t normally follow Lele’s twitter and have never read the ex’s but today I checked them both out and people are telling the truth. LeAnn is a copycat when it comes to the ex’s sense of fashion. How friggin hilarious and also scary. Brandi tweeted earlier today that she bought a Stella McCartney Dress and now, Leann is gushingly tweeting Stella McCartney. She really does have malignant personality disorder like someone mentioned before. It is like she doesn’t have an original idea in her head. She is so SWFing her husband’s ex. What a mess that girl is. She needs a psychiatric intervention ASAP. Unfortunately for her, the ex’s great sense of style doesn’t translate well when LeAnn tries to play twinsies. She doesn’t wear her clothes. They wear her.

  • Sam

    @canshegetanycrazier– just another example, with tweets for proof, that leann is SWFing again. she just doesn’t know when to stop. brandi tweets about buying a Stella McCartney dress, 2 hours later leann is complimenting Stella on a twit pic that was posted an hour earlier(after brandi’s tweet) “love that print” –its animal print. your basic run of the mill animal print. is this crazy bat serious?? can you say desperate and insecure and most of all stalker??

  • Sam

    so now leann says she’s worn stella for YEARS –all caps meaning it has to be the truth. (sarcasm) ..only thing i recall her in is that horrible repeat offender one shoulder red net dress that EVERYONE wore before her. but to be fair, that dress is a fashion disaster on everyone. even miranda kerr couldn’t pull it off, but at least her dress was all back. not like the white volleyball net pannels on leann’s version.

    funny how she calls the public stalkers, yet she stalks herself online and checks these blog comments. sad.

  • Ava

    little tidbit–i saw these shorts in an E!news fashion segment earlier in the week, before leann wore them. monday i believe, and the model wore the matching top. do you think she takes style advice from E!news?

  • T

    @Sam: She likes to pretend she’s been dressing this way her whole life, when everyone knows she only started dressing the way she does recently, in the last couple of years, when she started trying to morph into her husband’s ex.
    She does follow SM on twitter and she did wear that awful dress, but what I suspect happened is that she stalked BG’s twitter, as usual, went to go look at SM’s twitter, and then either A) saw something she liked while there or B) wanted to establish some sort of territory over the designer. Because this is how her twisted mind seems to work. Sorry. But it’s tooooo coincidental that she constantly will tweet similar things that Brandi has tweeted within hours, on such a regular basis. And yes, she does stalk her name and Eddie’s name. She tweets people that mention Eddie, who aren’t even talking to her, or don’t even use the @ symbol when referencing him. She’s lying when she always says she doesn’t read stuff about her. She gives proof on that daily. Just like when she lied and said today that the show that sold so poorly was “private.” It wasn’t private. The venue was email blasting people selling tickets 2 for 1, the listing was on her website, the listing was on the venue website. The event was advertised in the local paper, etc. She’s crazy.

  • nomorerimes

    Pretty pathetic when you only draw a little over 500 people in a venue set for 1300! And if they were 2-for-1 that means probably only 250 tickets sold on average. Gosh it wasn’t even worth her time to fly to Louisiana and then she certainly wouldn’t have had to be homesick for those 3 days! Gotta keep up to date on her future shows–maybe they will have to go 2-for-one! Or maybe just cancer her sorry butt to begin with!

  • nomorerimes

    Correction in above comment–Meant to say the future shows may have to go 3-for-1! Or maybe just cancel (not cancer) her sorry butt to begin with! And I wonder how many other possible venues will see the results of her last few shows and decide not to have her at all!! HA!

  • Carrie-Anne

    Good god, she is such a deluded mess. Eddie’s playing her for a fool and she’s too much of a mental case to figure out that nobody buys her “I am so happy” act. She’s sure getting what she paid/is paying for. An untrustworthy,man with no integrity and an aging actor with a career on the skids She wants people to envy her so badly and no matter how hard she tries, she can’t get public approval of her relationship. The thing she doesn’t seem to get is that dimples don’t cancel out being a lying scum and that she can say she is content until she is blue in the face, but everyone knows, “she doth protest too much”. She is going to end up with a body covered in tattoos just to show everyone how in love she is. Just the fact she felt the need to tattoo the word trust on herself tells everyone that lack of trust is in fact a major issue for her.

  • gwen

    After all the tweeting Leann did about missing her flight because she was worried about getting home to her cheating gigolo before his mistress pulled a Leann and talked to US Weekly about her affair with Eddie, I thought Leann was for sure going to release a staged airport photo-op to her mouthpieces. So once again Leann confirms that these photos of her at LAX are the result of her tipping off the paps. The paps are not waiting at LAX for her like she wants us all to believe.

    I also think that Leann tweeted to Stella M after Brandi’s tweet because Leann was once again acting like a dog marking it’s territory, just like she hangs all over Eddie at his son’s soccer games or whenever he is around other women. But this is why her tweets to Stella M are so funny: Did anyone notice that Stella M had another event and once again Leann Rimes wasn’t invited to it? That is 3 events that Stella M has had already and no Leann. That should tell Leann something. What is the point in Leann acting all territorial with Stella M or even bothering to tweet to her, when Stella M isn’t even inviting Leann to any of her events?


    You are an ugly half woman, gwen. perhaps you should try to get some sex? might help with all that jealousy that eats you up so bad you have to post on all the leann and angelina posts.
    I would so love to hear you have passed away.

  • gwen

    @mUNCH bUNCH:

    Hi Teresa/Brandisucks(aka AMEJEAN)

    And this is what Rob Thomas wants associated with his name? To be known as the man who supports Leann Rimes who supports her fans as they use derogatory comments about women? Do you seriously think that your comments are a good idea since Leann is on twitter talking about how she is doing a concert with the GMC? Seriously, what would they think about the comment you just wrote?

    I don’t post in the angelina posts. So that means one of two things, either you are stalking someone in the angelina threads because you think that they she is me or you are in the angelina threads using my name to make posts. So which is it?

    So Leann sent you here to write what Eddie told her during his verbally abusive rant against her last night? No wonder Leann was tweeting like a mad woman last night. So she didn’t have sexy times with Eddie at all and was once again lying on twitter to save face because even her own hubby finds her repulsive.

    So Eddie thinks that Leann is an ugly half woman who should try to get some sex, but not from him because he is getting it from someone else. Eddie thinks that if Leann got some sex(not from him of course because he is learning how to play the trumpet= hooking up with someone from the set) that it might help with all that jealousy that eats her up so bad she has to post on all the leann and angelina posts. Eddie would love to hear that Leann has passed away? Why? Is he really that repulsed by Leann?

  • IGottaSay

    Does anyone else think that LeAnn is trying get endorsements and freebies by mentioning companies?

    To me, she’s trying desparately not to fall lower on the relevency scale than Brandi. It probabl PISSES her off that Brandi is doing so well after she stole her husband.

    “I’M THE STAR!!! MEEEEEEEE!!!” *stomps hoof*

  • gwen

    No wonder someone is flipping out this morning. Did you see the cover of People magazine? Poor Leann. Matthew M wedding has made the main cover of People magazine. Leann is going to have a major meltdown today. How come People mag didn’t give Leann and Eddie the main cover for their wedding?

    Well at least People mag included Leann in their 88 summer’s hottest bodies list, right?

  • Lisa

    @mUNCH bUNCH: I don’t get the need for Gwen’s long winded posts most of the time but for you to say that you’d be happy to hear that someone died makes you look like you are the one who’s in need of help and a new outlet for your anger, not her. That is a really malicious thing to say and only gives credence to the people who say that LeAnn’s fans are psycho.

  • gwen


    I don’t get the need for people like Lisa who whine about people’s posts being long winded when there are several other posters who make long posts. It’s silly to whine about my posts being long, when I see at least 4 posts in this thread already that are longer or just about as long as my posts.

  • betty

    @Lisa I say Amen to that. They are such hypocrites and can’t stand facts or people telling it like it is instead living in that deluded world L eann and her cronies live in.

  • betty

    @Lisa I say Amen to that. They are such hypocrites and can’t stand facts or people telling it like it is instead living in that deluded world Leann and her cronies live in.


    Well, it is only how I feel. I am sure her family feels the same way, like it or not we are all entitled to our opinion and mine is that I wish she would drop off the face of the earth, painfully. Just like Casey Anthony. Gwen/betty is a liar and a jilted woman. She will stop at nothing to get at women she doesn’t like, like a retarded pig.
    Truth is certainly something that eludes you, betty/gwen. You post pure lies.

  • Lisa

    @gwen: Gwen, If all you could glean from my post was that it was “whining” about your posts being long winded (i wrote long, not long winded) then you need to reexamine your priorities. The poster did not insult the other people with long posts or say they wished them dead, just you, so you were who I choose to defend. Don’t worry, I won’t do that again. My comment was ALL about the others poster making LeAnn fans look like psychos by wishing you were dead and you are offended that I said some of your posts are long. Whatever.

  • AAA

    @Lisa: gwen always misses the point and attacks what she perceives to be even the smallest slight. so what if you defended her against a looney wishing her death, you dared to call some of her posts long. don’t ya know that’s against the law according to gwen. don’t wast your time defending her or responding to her. she thinks she is in charge and is really just a bully on these boards.


    @AAA: HAHA!!!
    It is true, I wouldn’t care if she disappeared!