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Alexander Skarsgard: 'True Blood' Tonight!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'True Blood' Tonight!

Alexander Skarsgard wears a baby blue t-shirt as he leaves Lemonade after having lunch on Friday afternoon (June 8) in West Hollywood, Calif.

A new ad campaign featuring the 35-year-old actor for Calvin Klein‘s new men’s fragrance, Encounter, was recently unveiled. Make sure to check it out!

The fifth season premiere of Alex‘s hit series True Blood premieres TONIGHT (June 10).

“Turn! Turn! Turn!”, the first episode of the season premieres at 9/8c on HBO! If you are behind on the show, catch up now on HBO Go.

More pics at X17!

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  • jen

    Way late Jared, should’ve waited for the pictures of him in NYC today

  • maria

    yes, alex is in new york now, answer why, are finished the recording of true blood?

  • LAPerfect

    Blue is so his color! Does he ever not look perfect? Incredible.

  • ladybug

    @maria: He’s doing promo interviews for CK, which I’m presuming will be published later in the summer, when the ad campaign starts
    TB won’t be done filming until the end this month, or very early in July.

    @jen the only photo I’ve seen of him in NYC is from an agency that JJ may not buy from. But even so, JJ will probably do another new post tomorrow, related to tonight’s return of TB.

  • Lilla

    Oy boy, we’re in the same city!!

  • Carla

    Very tall

  • Where is his GF anna v?


  • CK the Alex fragrance

    Who the F is Anna, and what are you talking about.? girlfriend? . What have I missed ?

  • Stacie

    Can wait to see Eric tonight . I love True Blood . So happy it’s back !!!

  • hmm

    he is so tall he looks like a oof

  • Bo

    Alex is a beautiful man. The dude can wear anything and still look hot!!

  • Bo

    @Carla, Alex is 6’4″ tall, that’s tall… I’m 6’2″ and I consider myself tall. I hope to meet him someday.. face-to-face.

  • ladybug

    @CK the Alex fragrance: Nothing, you’ve missed nothing. This is just the relationship troll.

  • Macy

    He looks great! He should wear blue more often. Can’t wait for the first TB episode tonight.

  • maria

    i see true blood tonight, really good episode, and alex┬┤s body is good than ever, the time in the gym really works, and like the mess hair too.

  • ladybug

    Concerning Eric’s alias:

    So, is it like Ike Applebaum = Ike A. = IKEA?

  • ladybug
  • Macy

    LOL! Like his realty company AIK? Clever references. Looks like a steamy scene in a shipping container between Eric and Nora. I wonder how long it will take for the boneheaded dating theories to kick in.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: The writers must have fun doing that, putting in the Swedish references. Can’t be accidental.

    Very steamy (and kind of dirty, literally) and enthusiastic reunion between Eric and Nora. And yes, I’m sure someone will post a comment that that scene means that Alex and Lucy are secretly dating.

  • Macy

    I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see it. I’ve seen a screen cap of it though.

  • Strange

    Love it already . Excellent start for the season. Eric body is banging .

  • maria

    i see the episode again and i admire the alex new body, i hasnt the thinner soft body anymore, he is really bulk now, i like it.

  • marant

    omg to eric and nora scenes. lucy you’re not shy at all.

  • POGO

    Fantastic first episode of 5th season of True Blood.

    Alex’s body is banging.

    I did not realize he put that much muscle on.

    Pam is my other favorite character and she was on the money as usual. I just love the Pam character.

  • Wow lucy

    What a fantastic episode with Lucy Alex and Stephen. But Lucy was great, you bang the hell out of Alex on screen best part of the episode.

    Will Lucy be in season 6 or is it just season 5 only

  • blah

    i found the sex scene between eric and nora disgusting

  • blah

    and i hope she die very soon

  • ladybug

    @Wow lucy: Considering this is only the first episode of Season 5, who the heck knows? The writers certainly aren’t going to reveal that now.

  • ladybug

    @blah: Sadly, for you, that’s not going to happen, as she in at least episode 10 (or 11), the one shot in NO a few weeks ago.
    I was hoping Tara would die, I didn’t get my wish either.

  • ladybug

    (waves to thumb troll)

  • LOL

    i think it was a real fuc-king between nora and eric because WOW it was really intense. When eric fuc-ked yvetta it wasn’t so hot and real

  • ladybug

    @LOL: Uh, no, it’s called acting.

  • LOL

    @ladybug: why with yvetta wasn’t so real? it looks like his pen!s come in nora’s vag!na and we know he doesn’t wear anything

  • @lol

    Alex has stated a few back he would not do real sex on screen,
    And as actors they have to make it believable so if you believed they really had sex then they both did a good job on there part to convince the audience :)

  • Camille

    I wish I had HBO, but it’s so expensive here. I’ll have to get the episode by other means, but it sounds pretty interesting so far.

  • ladybug

    @LOL: Not sure why I’m responding to a troll but-he wears a sock now- has since last season.

    He’s got a history, emotional and physical with Nora, he didn’t with Yvetta.

    And this was very choreographed and lit and edited in such a way as to make it look ‘real’. That’s the way acting works.

    And I’m pretty sure Anna and Stephen weren’t having actual sex as Bill and Sookie, even they were (and are) in real life.

  • ladybug

    @Camille: Yeah, it looked good. But there’s freaking out/confusion over the whole Nora/Eric relationship. You’ve got people who really don’t seem to understand that Eric and Nora aren’t related in any way. And this is from people who are paid to review the series, you’d think they’d do their research, since that info has been out there since last year.
    Of course some of the reaction to it is also the fact that Eric moved on very, very quickly from Sookie. .

  • Camille

    @ladybug: I didn’t know he doesn’t wear a sock anymore. I wonder what changed his opinion about that because he was pretty adamant that he thought it was silly. I really don’t understand why people don’t get they’re not actually related! It’s not that hard of a concept to understand. I mean I could see they might wonder why he moved on so quickly from Sookie, but if you know anything about Eric then you know he doesn’t sit around and wallow like Bill would.

  • LOL

    @ladybug: I’m not a troll. He wear sock now…??? he change his mind, why now he wears sock and before not? where is the interview when he says he wear a sock now and why….have you a link?

  • ladybug

    @Camille: My understanding, from something that I read last year, is that it’s for hygiene reasons, and it’s something that he may have been asked to do.

    There may have been something about State of California work regulations, but the only ones that I know about specifically concern the porn industry, not regular movie/film. I’m not that interested to go trolling through the site to find them. :)

    As for Eric, you’re correct, Eric’s going to cut his romantic losses, and move on. Perhaps he wasn’t intending for it to be so soon, but hey, it’s someone you’ve been with before, you’re angry/scared, etc, rebound sex happens!

  • maria

    @LOL: i think that isnt real sex, but yes, you can see something between eric and nora in slowmotion scene.

  • LOL

    @maria: i see “something” when eric take nora from the back…..

  • karl


    ofcourse it was real, they are a real couple…

  • Strange

    Rebound sex it looks like to me . It did look like a sock or something was definitely there , I didn’t like the I mss you brother , i miss you sister talk . don’t get that though ..

  • ladybug

    @Strange: That’d be the TB writers having fun tweaking the viewers with the brother/sister angle.

    “Joe Manganiello was on a talk show yesterday and he said that for health code reasons the men have to wear a sock now. (When applicable of course!) Interesting, right?”

  • Camille

    @ladybug: Interesting. I would think that would have been thought of before, but oh well. I know if I was filming something I’d not want someone’s genitals right against me for hygiene reasons too, and not just being “shy” or what have you. It would definitely be for health reasons.

  • Texas Swede

    @ladybug: We knew this was gonna happen. I just didn’t know how ridiculous it could get. And I am afraid it has only just begun.

    Do you people who think you saw something really believe that with all the people watching (the crew), the cold temps, that nasty corrugated steel up against her back(and it must have been freezing as well), and in that position(she had to be standing on a crate or two) that either one of them enjoyed as many takes as it took to get that scene right? That scene is the end product of excellent acting, directing, and editing.

  • Whycantipost

    Waitttt what? People think the sexscene was real? I actually just came here to say you could see a bit of Skars-peen in that scene (yay pathetic fangirl me), and for the people who don’t know how sex works; a peen has to be in a certain state to enter ladyparts. It wasn’t in that state.

    What did make me LOLLL was the fact Nora kept her bra on. During most TB-sexy scenes people are buttnaked, (and if they don’t want to be seen naked on screen, they cover parts, with hair/sheets something else) but still, completely nude. Found it pretty funny she kept her bra on. Maybe she put that in her contract or something.

    *waits for Skars/Lucy relationshiptrolls, entering in 3,2,1*

  • Whycantipost

    For me the best parts of the episode were Eric saying ‘Fck Sookie (FINALLY, the guys stop obsessing over whining girl) and Pam complaining. I love that b,tch!
    Also liked the fact Sookie didn’t complain that much this episode. Loved her the first season, but later on only complaining and whining. She was a bit more kickass this episode, hope it sticks.
    Lala did great, Nelsan is a good actor. Bill was funny, waiting outside while Eric got his freak on. And of course Skars being nude and smexy.

  • Whycantipost

    *hits submit too fast* Jessica is getting mean, first screwing over her bf and now Jason (not that he’s innocent, but still). The scene between the rev and Jason was hysterical, rev confessing hahaha (no won’t say too much, will spoil it for people who haven’t seen it yet).

    Ok, done ranting now xD