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Alexander Skarsgard: 'True Blood' Tonight!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'True Blood' Tonight!

Alexander Skarsgard wears a baby blue t-shirt as he leaves Lemonade after having lunch on Friday afternoon (June 8) in West Hollywood, Calif.

A new ad campaign featuring the 35-year-old actor for Calvin Klein‘s new men’s fragrance, Encounter, was recently unveiled. Make sure to check it out!

The fifth season premiere of Alex‘s hit series True Blood premieres TONIGHT (June 10).

“Turn! Turn! Turn!”, the first episode of the season premieres at 9/8c on HBO! If you are behind on the show, catch up now on HBO Go.

More pics at X17!

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84 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: 'True Blood' Tonight!”

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  1. 51
    Camille Says:

    @Whycantipost: Thanks for not giving out too much info. I am one of those who haven’t seen it yet and won’t until I can download it tonight.

  2. 52
    just reading Says:

    Haha, I actually read: ”The sex scene between the rev and Jason was hysterical…” Just wanted to share that :D

  3. 53
    ladybug Says:

    @Whycantipost: Bill’s expressions during some of the Nora/Eric scenes were priceless. I also enjoyed the trunk scene, apparently so did Stephen and Alex,

    And Pam’s sweatsuit outfit.

  4. 54
    ladybug Says:

    Here’s a good take on the reaction to Eric/Nora:

  5. 55
    Ick Says:

    Okay, last nights episode of True Blood was disgusting. You can try to validate it by saying that Eric and Nora aren’t really related so it isn’t incest, but that’s the same as saying it’s okay to have sex with a step-sibling, isn’t it? They aren’t related at all, just through the marriage of their parents.

    This sends a truly screwed up message. It turns my stomach that Alex would think that a scene like that was worth doing. SMH I love the big goof but d*mn, this turn of story events is sickening. Alan Ball has left the show so I can even blame it on his twisted mind anymore. Won’t be watching anymore of True Blood. Sorry Alex.

  6. 56
    Macy Says:

    *eyeroll* And here we go with the whole goofy incest/poor morals stuff. Ugh! I agree with that article. How come nobody ever got pissed off about Eric having sex with Pam, which we know he did. Or Bill having sex with Lorena. Good lord, they are two consenting adults who AREN’T related in any way, shape or form. Ah puritanism, hooray! Pfffff!

  7. 57
    Macy Says:

    BTW it’s not as if Eric and Nora are children who grew up together and bonded as family that way, and lived together as brother and sister growing up. They knew each other as two full grown adults, who had years living with real families before being turned probably hundreds of years apart. It’s not that hard to figure out.

  8. 58
    HD Says:

    People need to relax, they just call it “brother/sister” because they were made by same vampire. So what ?! Big deal.
    Also its kinda hypocritical that nobody ever made a fuss about Twilight ; all those kids where adopted by the same parents and all dating each other, and have just as much biologically in common as the Nora/Alex relationship. Yet no one ever freaked out.

  9. 59
    ladybug Says:

    @Ick: A:please read the link in the comment above your.
    B: AB hasn’t left the show yet.
    C: This is True Blood-having two consenting adults not related to each other, nor, as Macy pointed out, even raised together, having sex is hardly the most squeamish thing TB has done.

  10. 60
    Strange Says:

    @Whycantipost: Don’t forget the gloves on her hands .

  11. 61
    ladybug Says:

    @Strange: I did notice she never took them off. But then I don’t think Eric bothered to completely remove his pants either.

  12. 62
    Whycantipost Says:

    @just reading:

    Hahaha I almost thought that was actually gonna happen, since vamps can glamour and all.. that would have been hilarious, I’m imagining afterwards dumbass Jason questioning his sexual preferences, since he had sex with a man, eventhough not giving permission for it, but still.

    @Strange; haha didn’t even notice the gloves, was too busy looking at someone’s butt xD

  13. 63
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    Man it’s True Blood. The show loves to push it. It is incest but it’s vampire incest. You watch go ahhhhh don’t know that’s his sister? Then either go with it or don’t after rewinding over and over again. hehe.

    Trueblood best part for me was Lafayette and Sookie and their love for Tara. Second was Jason and Jessica. Then of course my own vampire Tango&Cash duo- Eric and Bill.

    Hello Mr. these were once darker grey pants. Looking good.:)

  14. 64
    dump alex Says:

    if alexander has a girlfriend after that scene she probably dump him

  15. 65
    for the love of Says:

    @dump alex:
    Stephen had “sex” on season 4 with the bird spy lady and loreena it was pretty intense sex scenes and Anna still stay and is now having his baby. Stop sniffing the glue man.

  16. 66
    dump alex Says:

    @for the love of: damn! you can see alex **** in and out from nora i never see steve **** moving like this

  17. 67
    lafamepoma Says:

    today Sweden plays football sure he’s watching it

  18. 68
    dump alex Says:

    it’s so damn obvious that alex and lucy had actual sex during this scene

  19. 69
    Alexander Skarsgard is a douch Says:

    Yeah, Skarsgard likes having sex with his sister. I hope he shares the same attention towards his brothers. Nothings worse than favoritism. They probably feel so left out.

  20. 70
    Alexander Skarsgard is a douch Says:


    Hehee, Sweden plays Ukarian. You know who will be cheering for Sweden when they lose? :p

    Hey, easy with the hating on Skarsgard. It’s okay that he likes to humpkin.

  21. 71
    ladybug Says:

    @lafamepoma: Probably, he looks dressed for the occasion:

    Sadly, Sweden lost.

    @dump alex, so, how many times have you rewatched (in slo mo) the TB sex scenes to determine this?

    @for the love of: No, Lorena was S3, S4 was the wiccan spy lady and his great-great-great-great (lost count) granddaughter Portia. Please, keep it straight :)

    Really, the reaction to this is hysterical. I’m sure some of it is probably fake, and people are just trolling, but really, of all the things for people to get the panties in a twist about, two fictional characters who are not human and not related have consensual sex really shouldn’t be the thing to tick you off.

  22. 72
    . Says:

    Spotted on his cell phone
    arranging a date with Girlfriend Anna v He is sooooo dating her were gonna get a sighting ……………..

  23. 73
    Disney Villainess Says:

    Loved the season premiere, thought it was way more entertaining than last season’s. Still to many f*ckin storylines, but whatever. Pam was the HBIC as expected, liked the bromance, Eric/Nora was hot; Alex/Lucy had amazing chemistry. Everyone was on point, IMO, even Alcide with his chest thrusts(but he better back off Laffy Taffy). Plus, it was nice to see that the hard work had paid off somewhat for Chris Bauer, looks like I could see some semblance of abs there, LOL. Hope everybody enjoyed it as much as I did.:)

    Wow, somethings wrong, my post sounds a little too sweet here, LOL.:)

  24. 74
    Tulip Says:

    I’m confused. Are Eric & Nora brother and sister? I missed Season 1 when a lot was probably explained. Are vampires created rather than born of two vampires? I loved the show but I thought the brother/sister thing was kind of creepy.

  25. 75
    Texas Swede Says:

    @Ick: Alan Ball is still in charge or was at time of filming Ep 1 of this season. And I think he wrote pt of Ep 1 so he could have well been the force behind this idea.

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