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Dianna Agron & Henry Joost: Bar Marmont Mates!

Dianna Agron & Henry Joost: Bar Marmont Mates!

Dianna Agron and her new boyfriend, director Henry Joost, leave Bar Marmont after having drinks with friends on Friday night (June 8) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 26-year-old actress (wearing a plenty by Tracy Reese dress) held her arm around Henry as they waited at the valet for her car to pull up.

Do you recognize Dianna‘s dress? It’s the same one she wore on Glee‘s second season finale episode in New York City!

The next day, Dianna did some solo shopping at the Anthropologie store in Beverly Hills.

10+ pictures inside of Dianna Agron and Henry Joost on a night out…

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dianna agron henry joost bar marmont mates 01
dianna agron henry joost bar marmont mates 02
dianna agron henry joost bar marmont mates 03
dianna agron henry joost bar marmont mates 04
dianna agron henry joost bar marmont mates 05
dianna agron henry joost bar marmont mates 06
dianna agron henry joost bar marmont mates 07
dianna agron henry joost bar marmont mates 08
dianna agron henry joost bar marmont mates 09
dianna agron henry joost bar marmont mates 10
dianna agron henry joost bar marmont mates 11
dianna agron henry joost bar marmont mates 12
dianna agron henry joost bar marmont mates 13

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • megan

    cute couple!

  • WOW!!!

    the guy’s really cute. i like that he’s not an actor and not really that famous

  • LC

    Why does that guy look like he hasn’t showered in days? o_O

  • Tom

    I see that now Agron’s off Glee she’s resorting to banging directors to further her career. Sad but when you’re relying on your looks rather than talent to make it, sometimes you’ve gotta sleep your way to the top.

  • Jaylene

    @Tom: Hey, mate, she’s not off Glee yet. She’s sign up for season 4, but just not a regular. And don’t you think Dianna would ‘bang’ a more well-known director since she’s depending so much on her looks? and btw, I think Dianna is a classy lady and rather be on the bottom of the pyramid and make her way up the hard way rather than taking the short-cut and ‘banging’ her way to the top.

  • acml

    @Jaylene: PREACH!

  • matt

    Dianna is beautiful !

  • Kay

    Why do Glee fans keep saying she’s gay??? She’s had boyfriends, and look like she has another one.

  • Michelle

    I find it awkward when girls jump from one boyfriend to another without any breaks. She seems like on of the girls who cannot live on their own for a little while. I am sorry but she is no good actress, although she’s a really pretty girl.

  • bh

    @Michelle: She hasn’t jumped from boyfriend to boyfriend. She’s been single for a quite some time now.

    Last week it was reported that they were friends, casually dating and taking things slow, now they’re seen together again he’s her boyfriend, next week they’ll be telling us they’re moving in together and getting engaged. It’s all hype to generate hits and make money.

  • Michelle

    @bh: The first news I read about her was due to the guy she was dating, Today, same thing happens. Her dates are her news not her acting jobs. Sad but true. If you want to keep your life private you definitely can, as you said it’s all business.

  • cindy

    She is so beautiful and good actress !

  • amoeba

    the queen of PRomance attacks again! I wonder how long will this one last for

  • amoeba

    @Michelle: it’s called publicity stunt or bearding in her case

  • bh

    @Michelle: Do a search of Dianna Agron on JJ and the first 3 things are this article, her meeting Obama and her hosting the GLAAD awards, they’re not all about her dating some guy.
    That to me shows all you care about celebrities is who they are dating, never interested in the other aspects of their careers.

  • Neve

    Yeaaahhh… She’s not really a good actress.

  • sito

    Yes, she is a good actress.

  • nicolas

    Dianna Agron <3

  • true

    Pretty girl but awful actress

  • juju

    LOL hater ! She is beautiful and talented. Deal with this!

  • um

    not trying to be a hater here but this is the second article i’ve seen of her with a bunch of pics with this guy and she’s not smiling in like any of them. neither does he. it looks uncomfortable and more like just driving a friend home or something. are they just not the smiling type?

  • KissThis

    They are cute together, but he really doesn’t seem to be the type she goes for. I don’t think it’ll last very long.

  • I dont want to give up on you!

    Oh please!!! I doubt she will ever read this comment but here goes my two cents (for the first and last time). I just wonder why?? A girl who seems so sweet and kind and defends so many important causes can’t embrace her truly self and instead keep on the most ridiculous PR stuff ever..! (c’mon Pettyfer and Stan stuff was just ughh). And please if you are indeed “so straight” and keep switching boyfriends (curiously everytime some gayer talking comes near you) can you at least switch also those damn rings and that dress that should be called by now “bearding dress&rings” maybe?? Everybody who is a trully fan of you knows what those stuff means! C’mon I guess u got a lot of dresses and rings why you have to keep trolling your own fans, thats just so sad, sooooo sad, cause I’d really like to keep liking you (such a sweet girl!) but is sooo hard right know. This is just getting ridiculous and somehow even offensive for LGBT people, and I’m NOT EVEN GAY for god sake!!! Please, you are charming, charismatic, great dancer, with such a sweet voice, a good actress (I wont lie saying oscar worthly but maybe someday…). Just stop the game, just stop this ugly noticeable PR stuff, you dont need that, just remain single if you dont want your private life to be known but stop doing this! I hate see people laughing of you, really….! if you keep on this I’m just giving up on you, i know it doesnt matter at all for a hollyweird actress but the sad truth is im not going to be the only one (I know a few die hard fans of you are already gone). You deserve better, please stop playing this game! Your fans will always love you, no matter what, but please stop teasing them!! Sorry for my bad english, (havent sleep cause having seriously familar problems here, still those hurtful comments made me mad) and No, i cant even imagine her sleeping with directors or people to climb that ladder, PR is hurtful and ridiculous but I couldnt never see her going further than that. Anyway: sorry for the long rant, i just HATE how people is laughing of you right know, hope you’ll ever get the message and if not at least I felt the relief of expressing my feelings about this, cause I really care about you sweet lady! Other people: feel free to criticize my opinion cause thats what a forum is for right?? anyway… tomorrow will be a new day, and with any luck a free PR day!!

  • Jasmine

    …They went out to drink and here’s evidence of them now driving after said drinks?
    Something is wrong here.

  • j

    how do you know she’s hiding her personal life with “bearding” ? not to say that it there arent people in hollywood who do that, but so far there has been NO evidence of Dianna pretending to date guys. PR is totally different from what you are suggesting.

    Yes everyone is entitled to their own oppinions on a forum and I respect that, but this ridiculous notion of the same dress and ring as some sort of subliminal message to fans (mainly GLEE ones) who like to pretend that she has something to hide is getting to be ridiculous. Girl cant even breath without some people making assumptions over every little thing.

    Dianna is such a supporter of being who you are, love and accepting of other no matter what, that I cant see her hiding herself- even if it is Hollywood and the pressure to do so is there.

    Maybe im wrong, but i choose to trust she’s being honest in who she says she is and who she’s dating right now and support her.