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James Franco Crowns Kristen Stewart 'Warrior Queen'

James Franco Crowns Kristen Stewart 'Warrior Queen'

James Franco reviews Snow White and the Huntsman in his latest Huffington Post article called, “Kristen Stewart the Queen.”

The 34-year-old actor praises the fairy tale flick, saying, “The actors are fabulous. The film gives us everything that it should: beauty, danger, romance, action, fantasy and a rewarding ending.”

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James goes on to write, “To me, then, the images of Snow White as a leader of immense strength, charging on horseback across the beach at the head of an army, has less to do with her character and more to do with the actress who plays her. Stewart has braved more scrutiny of her private life than most presidents. She has taken big career risks by doing films like Welcome to the Rileys, The Runaways and On the Road (nudity, I hear). She has worked her ass off. Whatever Snow White may be, Kristen is a warrior queen. Give her the crown.”

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  • sam

    Yeah the film did give us everything, except a decent plot.

  • luke

    james franco is such a dumbass

  • Liz

    I concur with James

  • vodka

    Seriously though, Kristen Stewart was the weakest in the film. Critics thought so too.

  • candy

    Kristen should stick to modeling because she’s pretty but she can’t act. She’s very overhyped and overrated. Emma Stone, Carey Mulligan, Jennifer Lawrence are far better and talented actresses.

  • kingkasyski

    You tell them James!!

  • OP

    Kristen has become some sort of publicity machine but yeah. She’s just not a good actress. Should stick to showing up at fashion events and doing fashion covers only. And that Balenciaga gig


    Sorry James but still an awful actress.

  • josie

    Kristen can’t carry a movie like this. She underacted. Supporting roles would help her better and staying out of the spotlight too for some time. She’s just way too overexposed and annoying, I don’t know…

  • lol

    How nice of James to defend Kristen but when she can finally act, let me know and I’ll be up there with James.

  • pup

    They hardly gave her 5 lines in the movie because they know she can’t act if her life depended on it. Charlize & Chris did all the work. Heck, even the dwarfs had more lines than her.

  • candice

    I honestly don’t care about her personal life or image. I keep hearing she’s like the next Meryl Streep and it’s insulting to Meryl. I’ve seen Adventureland and Snow White. Worst acting. I’ve seen better acting on tv. She exhales excessively and leaves her mouth hanging open throughout the films. She doesn’t know how to deliver dialogues with grace or anything. What an horrible actress.

  • Good luck

    Lucky Kstew has the Twilight machine to make sure she will always have opportunities to redeem herself.

  • polo

    Can’t believe she’s the same age as Jennifer Lawrence. No really, it’s astounding. Compare Jennifer Lawrence’s acting in a young adult adapation movie, The Hunger Games to any of Kristen’s acting in all her films and she makes Kristen look like a amateur. At 15 she won the Young Artist Award for best actress, then the Venice Film Festival Award for best acress at age 17 and then the Los Angeles Film Festival Award for best actress at age 19. See? Kristen Stewart is all hype but no talent or charisma.

  • ICUP

    Please giving this loser attention. That’s what she wants. I bet she’s going to show up to some new fashion event some time soon to get some more attention and promote Snow White.. again.

  • Karen

    I feel bad. She seems like a nice gal but she’s just not a great actor though. Still love you Kristen.

  • Dear Hollywood

    Please stop shoving her down our throats.

    The World

  • Anna

    I don’t hate Kristen Stewart but she should close her mouth and emote. Snow White and the Huntsman just wasn’t well written.

  • LaCroix

    K-Stew the next Meryl Streep who said that? A Twihard blogger? get real ppl. This poser will never be good. She might have a fan base but talent is needed for real respect.

  • terez

    I think Kristen’s a great actress. Obviously, she’s making money in the industry and you all are not.

  • LaCroix

    @Dear Hollywood: LMAO! You totally rock!

  • S

    Wow i totally disagree. I thought she was so un-commanding. Maybe it was the slight britsh accents they made them do. She was not the star of the film and very un-inspiring as Snow White. You want to like Snow White and root for her but I didnt care of her. Charlize was the superstar.

  • Waldo

    She’s not really as big or talented in Hollywood as her stans make her out to be. She’s not getting work with Martin Scorsese, Steven Soderbergh, Christopher Nolan, Tim Burton, Clint Eastwood, Oliver Stone, Tom Hooper, Alexander Payne, etc.

  • nikky

    Yes so she is working and making lots of movies now but it doesnt mean that she is good at them, she was terrible at Snow White, I am sorry but it is truth. It was partly a fault of the script but that doesnt change a thing about the fact that she cant act. Her final speech at Snow White was terribly written but even more terribly played.

  • lacroix

    I had no idea James can be so lame. I am giving her the crown for being the queen of ostaring with mouth open and exaggerated exhaling. She can now go and kiss herself.

  • keka

    @terez: so is kim kardashian and all other trashy reality stars, and you call them talented?

  • jaymes lover



    WELL —– gGIVE HER THE CROWN HA!!!!!!!!

  • rikki

    I wouldn’t disagree that she works hard. She does. But her acting is still awful. She just keeps getting lucky. For some unknown reason, directors seem to like her. She should study acting seriously… she needs the help.

  • jurassicparkgal

    being an actor/director/writer/poet/professor/student/artist really makes you dumber…

  • hmmmm

    James France who starred in Planet of the Apes one of the worst movies this decade..and was an abysmal failure as an Oscar host deems Kristen Stewart a Queen…is he on drugs?! Or desperate for media attention?!

  • Sabrina

    @ Dear Hollywood: Speak/write for yourself! I like Kristen and IMO she’s a great actress!

  • Jan

    I’ve just lost all respect for James.. Say what you will but Kristen is an AWFUL actress. The only reason she’s still getting jobs is not because of her acting skills but because of her ability to bring the twihards in to theaters. As soon as all this Twilight nonsense dies down she’s gonna be deemed inconsequential and she’ll be hoping for the days when she was significant. Stop hating your life, Kristen, be grateful for the stardom you’ve got right now because this is the most you’ll ever have from your career.

  • kekwd

    @josie: she didn’t thank god. I think producers knew she couldn’t carry a movie as big as this. If you look at the promo pictures and commercial they try to put her as discreetly and little as possible.


    And this is coming from a egotistical douche! Wow the credibility is the same as Bradley winning Pac.

  • Babi

    Kristen is amazing girl e she will be the big star de Hollywood

  • sphincter

    hes on drugs

  • aquarius64

    The real proof of Stewart’s star power (and that of Pattinson’s and Lautner’s) is when the Twilight saga ends this year. Starting in 2013 all three are going to have to prove they can put butts in the seats and bring profits to a studio without the crutch of the franchise. One way or another they are getting jobs now because Twilight is still on people’s minds; but the question is: will studios call them up for roles once Breaking Dawn leaves the theaters and fades from the collective memory of the public? Twilight will still get MTV and other teen show nominations next year, but that’s starting to fade. People are making room for the Hunger Games and other movies. What happens then? The three need to stop making themselves tabloid fodder and hone their craft to be successful. (Sorry for almost 4 years the “Trinity” has been in the news for the wrong reasons quite a bit, which I think is a factor of their being dismissed as hack actors.) Commanding 25 million dollars and a percentage of the profits for BD1 & 2-when they haven’t done a non-Twilight movie that brought in a profit- doesn’t help. (The jury is still out with Snow White; it still has to make back its budget, marketing and distributing costs and then some.) Despite their quick monetary success in Twilight, they still have a ways to go.

  • Mari

    Does he want to get in her pants? That’ll be the only reason to praise her poor perfomance in that awful movie.

  • joak

    well.. at least she has a slightly more active role in this movie. better than being all lame off to the side as bella in twilight. HAHA

  • anon

    The nonsense people spew about Kristen. I have watched her act and she isn’t “awful” as some of you would say. She is okay, just like the majority of actors working. There are only a handful that are truly exceptional. She has screen presence and her acting is ok. Like it or not those TWO things are what makes an actor a star and stars sell films. If she had no acting ability she wouldn’t be a star. Sorry to disappoint you all.

  • Lee

    I have never seen so many losers commenting in my life!! Kristen is just better in life than they will ever be!!

  • Lydia

    Snow White has done very well and Kristen Stewart is a very good actress. Bitter fools need to get over their misguided hatred!!

  • Matt

    A lot of top critics, top directors and top actors have nothing but high praise for Kristen Stewart both as a person and as an actor!!! They know real talent and she certainly has it!

  • Helene

    Thank you James for speaking the truth!!

  • Becca

    I am so happy for Kristen!! I have seen so many people who used to hate her as actress admit that they were wrong after seeing SWATH and they like her now!!! I am so happy for all the cast and crew of SWATH as well after its success at the box office! Nice job guys!

  • Millie

    Do not know why people are so rude and nasty towards Kristen! She does a good job as an actress and seems like a sweet girl too! People seem to think it is ok to be so mean and hateful….it is not ok!

  • jennifer

    FACTS…SWATH was amazing.

  • V

    I love Kristen Stewart. She is strong and amazing.

  • Lzz

    James speaks the truth! SWATH and Kristen were awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  • Macy

    She’s getting really good reviews for her role in On the Road…

    In 2004, filmmaker Walter Salles brought to life the extraordinary travels of a young medical student named Ernesto Guevara in his stunning The Motorcycle Diaries. Flash forward eight years and Salles is doing the same again, taking the physical and philosophical journey of a young Jack Kerouac across North America and fashioning it for the screen in On The Road. An adaptation of Kerouac’s autobiographical novel, Salles could not have been a more perfect fit for the material, and the finished product is a stirring tale of a society changed forever; an amazingly crafted coming of age story which will no doubt remain as one of my favourite films of the year.

    On the Road is the story of Sal Paradise (Sam Riley), a young man coping with the death of his father, a severe case of writer’s block and a burning desire to live with the mad and the crazy. He and his friend Carlos (Tom Sturridge) soon become intertwined with the life of a charming and beautiful ‘jailkid’ named Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund), who, along with his teenage wife Marylou ( Kristen Stewart), have made their way to New York. The troupe spend some months balancing the pressures of their banal days with the always eventful and often frantic nights on the town; Sal stands by in a haze of marijuana, Benzedrine, alcohol and sex, keeping a watchful eye over the others, always there but never becoming too involved. Yet these accomplices, especially Dean, will change his life forever. Soon the streets of New York become too familiar, and Carlos, Dean and Marylou leave Sal behind as they begin their journey to the west. His life without inspiration, Sal resolves to follow his friends, and so begins his journey on the road.

    An ode to a time not so long passed, On the Road is excellence on all levels. As one could only expect from Salles, the road becomes so much more than simply the setting of this story, and the way he builds this journey in a cinematic sense illuminates Sal’s journey well. The hedonistic lives of Kerouac’s characters become so brilliantly alluring thanks to Salles, plotting each character’s step along the expedition faultlessly. Reuniting with cinematographer Eric Gautier, the film illustrates the American road as a path of ferocious delight. Aurally, the film sends you back to another world, and it’s incredible to note the impact this has on the way one experiences the film; once again, Gustavo Santaolalla can be hailed as enhancing the impact of Salles’ film, the same way he did it for Salles’ Diaries. Jose Rivera’s screenplay also provides a failproof map upon which these character’s lives meticulously wander in and out of each other’s way, and he adapts the source material superbly.

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    Though at times becoming slightly uneven and perhaps a tad long, On the Road is a tremendous cinematic achievement. Salles turns the character-driven novel into a visual spectacle, without ever compromising the journey (both externally and internally) of his characters. With mixed reviews at Cannes, one has to wonder whether the audience was exposed to the same whirlwind of psychedelic drugs that this story’s characters were, because, quite simply, the film is a marvel.