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Celine Dion Covers Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep'

Celine Dion Covers Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep'

Check out this amazing cover of Adele‘s hit song “Rolling in the Deep” by the one and only Celine Dion!

The 44-year-old chanteuse performed the song during her concert in Las Vegas over the weekend. The show marked Celine‘s return to Caesars Palace for a 36-show run continuing through August 19. Get your tickets now!

“I love Adele so much. She’s amazing,” Celine told the crowd before moving right into the song.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Celine Dion’s version of “Rolling in the Deep”?

Celine Dion Covers Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”
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Credit: Jason Merritt; Ethan Miller; Photos: Getty
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  • Juliana

    Amazing Cover! I just love Celine and Adele! Wonderful singers! Incredible voices!

  • NYC


  • Mr. Big

    There is only ONE Adele.
    Keep dreaming Celine Dion.

  • keka

    @Mr. Big: lol are you really saying this about CELINE DION? You’re funny. She’s so out of your league you don’t even understand lollllll

  • stacy k

    beautiful cover

  • Lynn

    here is the news: Celine sings better than Adele because she has a more powerful voice

  • seeaaaa

    flipp’n i got a lil goosebumps …celine c’est magnifique

  • lizz

    i watched her in vegas some years ago because people kept saying it’s a must-see show. paid a lot for really good seats. i was not impressed.
    celine dion had ONE good song and only ONE. she’s good at hitting the high notes, it’s true, but it can get shouty sometimes. and she sings without feelings. odd for her to sing an adele song because she’s the complete opposite of her. adele’s voice is all emotion.

  • Char

    When I first read this post about Celine covering Adele I was thinking I don’t know but I got to say this is by far the most amazing cover of “Rolling in the Deep” I’ve heard.

  • juno

    Whoaa, hate to say this, but Celine rocks this song better than Adele!! they’re both great singers

  • Geep

    I can’t think of anyone else, better than Celine Dion, who can cover an Adele song and do it just as much justice.

  • Tribal Queen

    @Mr. Big: PLEASE, this is Celine freaking Dion you’re talking about. As much as I like Adele (she is indeed amazing), Celine is a diva belonging to another level. Another league as keka said. Known way before Adele (this only makes her more original) and jeez, you should just acknowledge the fact that Celine is better than Adele anyway unless you’re verrrrrry young (under 18 since most kids are all over Gaga and Katy Perry and Rihanna shit, Adele is a kind of improvement in taste since she can actually sing but kids still have some growing up to do and learn about what real talent is). Now, if you’re a grown up and you think that? ….There’s nothing I can do for you

  • speaktruth

    You know you really did something incredible when a legend like Celine Dion covers your song.

  • hm

    celine dion is deff’ in another league and i’m sure adele would be flattered. (I would have loved it if amy winehouse was around to do the same.)

  • @Tribal Queen

    Just because Celine is older, it makes her more original than Adele???? Who is singing whose song? Do you see Adele singing My Heart Will Go On? Celine Dion may have an amazing voice but she’s no original.

  • Andamentothat

    Celine did a great cover! These two should duet.

  • Disgusted

    @lizz: Celine does not have the same soul and vibe as Adele. Adele is miles ahead of Celine. Saw her in Vegas only because as employees at harrahs, her show was not a sell out and we got tickets for practically nothing. Walked out half way through – terrible show – screeching voice and condescending to the audience as if we were dirt and oh so lucky and priviledged to see her.

  • jimmini

    That would be freaking amazing!

    Celine Dion is undboutedly a queen and should be treated as such. One of the best vocalists of all time! Great cover by a great singer.

  • sam

    Celine Dion proves, once again, why she is a VOCAL LEGEND. For anyone who has not yet experienced her live, you’re missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

    People will look back one day and wish they lived during the era of this legendary, humble, out-of-this world Diva. Very excited for her new English and French records coming out this Fall.

    Adele would be proud.

  • UGH

    As someone who has a degree in vocal performance I can tell you that the older your get the stronger your voice gets…a female singer doesn’t reach her full voice until she is over 28 and even then you still have to work on it…voice lessons and a diet with no dairy, soda, smoke or alcohol…Celine has a power house voice but so does Adele
    I can’t wait to hear how Adele sounds in a couple of year that’s if she takes care of her voice and doesn’t belt all the time. There both good singers in their own right one is just a little bit more seasoned than the other.

  • Peapo

    First let me say I’m a grown up if TRIBAL QUEEN is wondering and I must say Celine Dion can’t hold a candle to Adele. Celine is a one trick pony. She can shriek her way through a song. Sure she has talent but she is a niche, she can only sing particular songs in a particular way.
    Adele brings true soul, not over the top Vegas style theater to a song. She doesn’t have to take over the song. She becomes one with it. Her lyrics show an intellectual and true emotional depth, whereas Celine goes for the schmaltz.
    They are two very different types of performers. Adele is an artist. Celine is a show off.
    Suffice to say, I like Adele’s version much better. It has the one the Celine’s lacks. Truth.

  • Quake

    For everyone who’s criticizing Celine Dion as only being vocally talented but not a true artist, take the time to research her French career. Go to YouTube, right now, and look at her perform songs such as “S’il suffisait d’aimer”. There’s this incredibly ignorant view of Celine Dion from English speaking audiences — and it’s always frustrating to see these people comment about her as though they’re above her, or more intelligent than her when they have no real understanding of the foundation of her career. Do your homework.

    Adele has voiced her obsession with Celine Dion many times in the past. And has listed Celine as a tremendous inspiration. So, without Celine Dion, there may have never been an Adele in the music industry.

  • Tamrind

    This was just someone with a recorder at one of her shows. The song would have been incredible had there been a proper way to hear it on here. I think both artists sing it equally as well.

  • Tamrind

    Adele is a smoker. How long do you think her voice is going to last? She’s already had major problems with her voice.

  • jake

    Spent years fighting against Celine Dion… then I got over myself. She’s effing dynamite. With Whitney gone, you’ve really gotta hold onto and respect singers like Celine & Adele. Celine’s vocals are still this powerful after decades in the industry? Unbelievable.

  • http://@ashtonelijah Ashton


    Except you’re lying. Never once since she’s been in Vegas starting in 2003 has Celine had a show that wasn’t sold out. Never. So that right there is false. Also, if there is one thing Celine isn’t, it’s condescending. She is one of the most humble and down to the earth superstars you’ll ever meet. You’re not being truthful and I doubt you went to her show.

  • Ziggy

    Perfect cover

  • jamie

    if someones going to cover adele… it should a great genius like celine.

  • Lisa

    They’re both phenomenal singers.

  • John

    @Disgusted: super hater haha obvious!

  • Me

    This absolutely cannot beat the Linkin Park cover. The LP cover was even better then the original in my eyes!

    But I must admit, it does sound good. But it is not the best cover I ever heard.

  • Bruna

    To Celine is the best singer in the world and she can sing any song that would be better than the original one and she did it again!

  • Fernando

    No surprise at all. If there’s a voice who can cover Adele, that’s Celine Dion. This version sounds as good as in Adele’s voice. Five stars!

  • kate

    @Mr. Big: Just like there is only ONE Celine yet people cover her songs 24/7 on singing contests (absolutely butchering them half the time). Celine is a vocal legend.

  • Hm

    Well, this was more KARAOKE than a cover but ok. Sure Celine has a “better” voice but here it’s like she’s trying to sound like Adele. Seemed a bit strange to me but whatever.

  • HappyTimes

    I think a singer is talented when they great strong and controlled vocal and can sing any song, any genre. With that said, I think Celine has very strong and well trained vocals, but she can only sing songs specific to her voice and tone. Adele’s vocals are not as strong as Celine’s, however she’s very soulful which makes listening to her a pleasure. They each have their own style. Comparing the two singing this particular song, Adele sings it better hands-down.

  • Tania

    Yes Celine can sing, but this version lacks the emotion that makes Adele’s greater. I’m gonna stick with Adele, I’m a bigger fan of hers than Celines anyway!

  • geocyn48c

    I like Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ bitter.

  • Morg

    Do I smell Grammy colab! Freakin amazing, this is a huge honor for Celine Dion to cover someone’s song. Both amazing!!!!

  • crazyneely

    I like Adele voice but Celine Dion is so much better than her.. I love Celine Dion performance of this song

  • R. Yates

    Celine is so full of herself…zero soul and comes accross as a complete screaming…I mean screaming fake!

  • Adriana

    Never like Celine’s voice and never will.

  • Paul

    This is the strangest post on Celine Dion that I have ever seen, the concept that she is of any interest is comical…. Keep this moron in Vegas…..

  • O_Jinny

    Celine Dion is thee legend.stop with the jealousy and just admit that Adele and Celine make a perfect combination big ups 2 em both they r the best i love them!

  • Christina

    I have to totally disagree with this comment. Celine’s cover is awesome, for one thing. Second, it is totally false that she sings without emotion. I saw her this weekend in Vegas and she sang a French song that brought her to tears–it was incredible. Maybe it was different when you saw her. I’m not one to ever comment on things like this, but having just seen her, I couldn’t resist.

  • http://@LightOnParadise Katia

    Both versions are amazing. Céline’s cover is perfect & I love it ♥