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Freida Pinto: 'Flaunt' Feature for Denim Issue!

Freida Pinto: 'Flaunt' Feature for Denim Issue!

Freida Pinto shows off her toned tummy and gorgeous gams in a Versace bustier and high-waisted shorts in this feature from Flaunt‘s Denim Issue.

Here’s what the 27-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On changes in the film industry: “Now, it seems to me, even taking Indian cinema in consideration, I feel like this year we’ve kind of experienced a shift in humanity. In India, actually, there has been a large disparity in how much a female and male actor gets paid, but this year, one actress changed all that [Kareena Kapoor].”

On rumors: “When I was promoting this big-budget film, some Indian media reported that I was being a diva on set, and that’s the reason I did not want to come to India to promote the film. I’m like, ‘What? I’m in f—— America. That’s why I can’t promote the film in India.’ It’s not easy to be in two places at once. It’s just not true.”

FYI: Freida accessorized with Heather Gardner‘s Swarovski rosary necklaces. She’s wearing G-Star jeans in the black/white photos below!

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freida pinto flaunt 01
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freida pinto flaunt 05
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Credit: Yu Tsai; Photos: Flaunt
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  • jez7

    Freida is right, the Indian media always write such drivel.

    And JJ seriously sort out these spam posts, they’re everywhere

  • lola

    The India media dislike Frieda because she is making it big in Hollywood and in Bollywood that’s a big deal

  • s

    You go girl!

  • ami

    Whoa ! Foxy lady. She looks amazing!

  • Louanne

    Amazing photos! She looks great!

  • Cho

    I like her she seems down to earth and I find her extremely attractive.

  • Love The Shoes

    Beautiful. A couple of pic’s really made me think about Amy Winehouse who i miss much.

  • Get real

    I like what she says. She’s stunning. I just don’t liek the hair!!! What did they do to her beautiful locks? This hairstyle is awful even on such a gorgeous creature as her

  • Comical

    This woman is flawless!!!!! Love her!

  • matt

    oh my my my…..I love you Sexy!!

  • G

    @lola: Excuse me? No one in India cares for Freida Pinto. And she is big in Hollywood? HA! She has beeen criticized for every singe performence in every movie she has acted in . Its mostly the american/british journist who are calling her a talentless actress, which she is. And please stop writing so many comments about indians being racists,haters. Its quite sill how you like to belive every word she says. Freida like to play the pity card to gain sympathy from people, I don’t remeber indian media ever writng things like that about her. She is lying.

  • G

    And another thing I would like to add is I find it very hypocritcal of Freida to constanly attack Bollywood just because they don’t pay much attention to her. Hollywood also does not pay much attention to her either but does she ever question or attack them? Especially when they call her a bad actress? I don’t see Freida being given the same oppertunties as say Angelina Jolie or Kate Winselt in Hollywood. Why is that? Please tell me why.

  • David

    Indian haters of freida aka racist Spammers are everywhere on Internet making Multiple comments using diff names and many even pretending to be whites.

  • Indian Trolls Alert

    Lol aren’t u the same troll who post very similar comments abt freida not being popular in west esp in Pinkvilla and Justjared under Many names?? Pathetic loser!

  • javid

    @G: Ignore david and the indian trolls alret, same person behind all the Freida Loving comments. Even I have noticed it. What is with the name calling? And what the hell is pinkvilla? You seem to be the troll here with you name calling and vicious comments.

  • G

    @David: @Indian Trolls Alert: Excuse me? Are you retarded? I have not even heard of one of the websites you have mentioned. I am the patheitc loser? Look at what you wrote. I am not spreading “hate” and putting down Freida by calling her names or making racist remarks at her. What I said was true, she has not proved herself to be a good actress as many of the journalists have pointed out. I don’t see the indian media writing awful stuff on her like she says. Nor she is that popular in Hollywood like you claim her to be. Where did you get that idea from? You need to learn to respect others views on her. You are like a child, crying and calling names at people just because they have a diffrent view on her. You are full of shit,hate,anger and you need to cool off. Theres a place for people like you, it’s called a mental ward.

  • Raj Kappor

    OMG you ppl need to stfu. I am indian and don’t like Freida, mainly because she can’t act and keeps dissing indians in the west to make herself look good. She looks very unprofessional saying those things.Yes it does look like there is one person writing all the “only racist indians hate freida because she is dark” type comments.Fuking idiot. Do you work for Freida Pinto or something? Sure looks like it.

  • Eva

    She’s quite pretty but compared to those Bollywood superstars, she’s not that amazing in looks. Her acting is average too, bit awkward in Planet of the Apes. But liked her in Slumdog.

  • Liam

    In Bollywood they like their actors to look Persian and Afghani with light skin and eyes. India is the skin bleaching capitol of the world and have no right to talk about the Brits.

  • Sonia

    nice photoshoot,very chic. I’m not digging her hair
    I don’t understand why she keeps picking at the Indian Media. I personally follow Bollywood closely and they don’t boast about her alot but they also don’t bash her. She doesn’t have much fans there but to be fair she hasn’t done any Bollywood movie nor any major Hollywood in which she shined
    She also made some rude comments on India and in Indian interviews she does come off very rude compared to American interviews where shes seems so sweet.I mean you get what you give. just my observation

  • Sonia

    Not true, Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu, Rekha, Kokoana Sen Sharma,Konkona Sen Sharma, Chitrangada Singh are very dusky tan beauties. Bollywood has a nice variety of beauties, I highly doubt you seen any Bollywood movies so please don’t comment by just going by what the American media shows or stereotypes
    no one made any comments on brits what are you talking about?

  • Anil

    In Indian newspapers parents advertise for brides wanting “fair skinned” only. They practice color apartheid against their own people which helps to explain why so many darker skinned South east Asians immigrate to other countires.

  • SY

    OKAY, shes very pretty but its so true that all her interviews, whether asked about it or not seem to be about the indian media and like bollywood. its like she purposefully reminds everyone that shes indian and shes getting sympathy from everyone by saying “oh the bad indian media said this”, she just needs to act more mature from now on, and realise that not every question is centred around india. the indian media also say good things about her, and im not pro anything, but just saying shes obviously using every possible interview to get sympathy.

  • Manish

    Anil,Indian Trolls Alert,David,jez7,lola,Liam are all one person people. You my friend are the pathetic loser here lol….get a boyfriend or something. You must be some indian girl who no one wants to date I bet. Loser. The question I have is what is this obession with Freida Pinto you have? It look odd and creepy.

  • Shah Joshi

    Eww… she is fugly and can’t act. Bipasha Basu is wayy hotter and can act too. She is dark skinned and many indian men find her hot, wft is this whole fight about dark/light skin about? Bispasha and many other dark skinned beauties are proof that indian likes all skin tones. So enough of this. Aishwarya Rai is light skinned yes but she is very beautiful. She is called the most beautiful woman in the world for a reason, and it’s not her skin tone, its her features that are striking Freida features are not striking, even for Hollywood. So stop this at once!

  • ha ha

    looks desperate………..

  • laly

    @Raj Kappor: im sure you find deepikaand katrina talented… anyway indian movies are joke

  • Raj Kappor

    @laly: You fuking idiot when was I talking about the bollywood actresses? I actaully follow Hollywood more then Bollywood. I can tell you that Freida Pinto compared to the Holylwood actors/actresses does not know shit about acting. And I suggest you stop writing so many racist comments about indians and all. You are not fooling anyone with your comments.Go **** yourself!

  • Raj Kappor

    Oh and why do you also keep thumbing down any non-positve comments about Pinto? Fuking idiot. How much is Freida paying you to defend her? How much is she paying to make seem like she has all these fans when she really doesn’t?

  • Gerbil

    @Raj Kappor: That what I thought too when I was looking at all the comments! Who is writing all of this? May I ask why you are doing this? And It’s obvious it’s an indian writing all of this. When it comes to Freida, most of the commentors on JJ are indian anyway. Wheather it be her fans or haters its mostly indians .

  • javithan salu

    she looks like a kaam wali bai from india…how on earth do people find her hot? she looks like someone who will clean my dishes and was my ugly.

  • Sofia

    wow, I can’t believe you said that. Comments like this makes me think India must be a bad place to live in. Househelps shouldn’t be looked down and treated with so much contempt. They are all trying to make a living. I have noticed a lot of comments like these from Indians on Freida. It’s quite appalling. So much hatred and contempt for the underprivileged. Slumdog Millionaire film did reflect Indian society correctly. I thought it was just a movie but when I see comments like this and there’s so much when it comes to Freida it made me realize India is really a racist and classist country.

  • G

    India is not a racist country, how can 1.2 billion people all be racist? You sound so uneducated and lacking facts in your theory. Just like Freida with the whole dark skin/indian media issue. I have to agree that it’s not right to put down people who works as waiters or maids though, not very right.

  • Diya

    @Indian Trolls Alert: LOl..aren’t you the one person who goes by many identies and attack anyone who doesn’t like Freida? You piece of shit, you are what you are accusing the other person of being! I have seen you on pinkvilla,rediff and many other sites you little shit! Don’t try to run the tables! BTW Freida is ugly and a bad actress. She runied Planet of the Apes! Wost actress on the surface of the earth!

  • Ivy

    I googled all those names you mentioned and I find Freida more beautiful than them. Those girls have huge hooked noses, no high cheekbones, big round oblong faces and severe strong features. They would look better as guys. I prefer Freida’s delicate symmetrical face, straight nose, defined jawline, full mouth and expressive eyes. I guess she’s not beautiful for Indians but she conforms to the Western standards of beauty. Maybe that’s why she made it in Hollywood and not Bollywood.

  • Sam9

    @Ivy: LOL…you are an indian pretending to be white. Stop it. Those women are so much hotter then Freida Pinto and have talent. Freida Pinto it to Hollywood due to Slumdog hype. She has been panned for her acting in every single movie she has been after that. Hollywood prefers those with talent, not so much on looks. And nearly every other actress in Hollywood beats Freida in both acting and beauty. She does not fit the bill in Hollywood,Hollywood wants women with big breast and great figure and are tall, which she does not have. So you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Sam9

    Angelina Jolie has high cheekbones and great jawlines people drool over her and not so much for Freida? Why is that? Aishwarya Rai has them, Kareena has the jawlines and cheekobon s.What is wrong with a hooked nose? Uma Thruman has one, Penelope Cruzare they ugly? No. Keep your ugly Freida. There are many hot women in both industries alone then her. Freida looks like a man compared to some of the women, what are you talking about?

  • Amir Khan

    Bipasha Basu is a friggin goddess! She is not man-like! Atleast she can act. Freida can’t act if her life depended on it. Priyanka was Miss World 2000, look at her lips! MMM dem lips! And what is Freida claim to fame? That 5 min role in Slumdog Millionare? Is that it? Loser. HAHA..a loser who boasts about another loser how funny. You must be the same loser who keeps dissing indians calling them racists and haters! No one cares for Freida! Not in the US, not in India, and not on Mars!

  • Zero Talent Girl

    Zero talent. All she does is do magazine covers and run around in expensive designer outfits. Not to mention does whines and cries about indian this, that. First go learn how to act, then come back to demand respect. Even Hollywood does not respect you as an actress. They think you are a joke. You are not Natalie Portman in terms of acting or Michelle Williams. Also get rid of your fake brit accent, it’s not doing anything for you.

  • Jay Sean

    my maid is 1000x hotter then her! yuck this women is the ugliest one i have ever seen. aishwarya rai is ture indian beauty, not this creepy no boobs,no ass woman. totally flat in both areas.

  • Troy Declaire

    @Ivy: you’re the same f**king idiot who thought i was indian lol…go f**k yourself….why do you try to act like an indian and then try to look like a white guy later on……retard…she is ugly….and you are dysfucntional…

  • Troy Declaire


  • Troy Declaire

    @Ivy: oh you call your indian women manly and unattractive so it must mean you hate your skin tone right?….you must not look any better then them…you must be ugly like this girl…

  • claire

    sexy?No bust no boobs no height no Lips.LOL

  • tomiya


    Do you have any idea how much variation Indian movie has?India has 18 different language and each language has its own movie industry.Deepika padukone was a successful model unlike freida pinto who is just same katrina kaif faking it using exoticness.

  • Henry Rick

    Who is this girl? And why do ppl keep saying she is stunning? She is not stunning, really ugly. Jessica Alba is so much hotter. Bad actress yes, but hot. This girl is as ugly as fcuk. Like some else said she has no curves or boobs. Her face look messed up.

  • tomiya

    This Ivy little piece of shit is all over internet creating fight justifying freida is hated because of her skin color.Check out youtube this person is in every post spreading lies defending freida.How lame and pathetic is this looser.Nobody would dedicate with such enthusiasm unless paid well or somehow emotionally connected with freida.Its weird she sound with same immaturity dishing indian as freida.Pathetic looser!!

  • Rondi

    @Ivy: Your quite ignorant. I am indian and many indian ave high cheekbones, defnied jawlines. And you are indian too. Why try to mke it look like you are not? And what do you mena by she conforms to westnern beauty? Uhh no she doesn’t lol. Many of the women in Holywood are tall and have great body. Not all of the have high cheekbones,whatever and are far more beauitful the Freida Pinto. Freida is not in competion with someone like Catherine Zeta Jones, Angelina, Charlize, Megan,Natalie,Scarjo,etc. Sorry buts that the truth. Also, she is kinda a shitty actress. Her career is in a bit of trouble now.
    You are not from US, and you are not non-indian either. You are def an indian or asian.