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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Lake Como Cruise!

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Lake Como Cruise!

George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler board a boat on Lake Como on Monday (June 11) in Lombardy, Italy.

Last week, the 51-year-old actor and Stacy, 32, enjoyed a double date with pals Cindy Crawford and her husband, Rande Gerber.

“I’m not really attracted to guys that are like, too big and muscular. I just like someone that takes cares of themselves from the inside out and is healthy,” Stacy recently told Access Hollywood.

As for how she keeps in tip-top shape, “I get bored very easily so I will go to Barry’s Boot camp. I’ll go to Soul Cycle. I will work out with my trainer, I will go hiking, running – I will do yoga. I do a little bit of everything because I think that muscle confusion is great.”

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  • Scott @ DLA Piper

    Oh, looky looky. Kirstie Alley & the PR network FORCE George Clooney to fake-date a woman he despises. All for profit. For Brand Clooney media exposure.
    Ugly Stacy Keibler who Clooney refers to as the Giant Rodent and a hoooker to all his closest buddies and his companion Waldo Sanchez.

  • Lauren

    What a lucky girl :(

  • Billy

    George marry her already.

  • annie

    The muscles aren’t the only ones confused…

  • Callie

    Hasn’t her 2 year contract as his beard expired yet?

  • just passin’ thru

    @Luisa R
    George Clooney HATES Stacy Keibler. He has never slept with her.
    This is a fact.
    He has the option to refuse, but they coerce him through that it will be detrimental to Brand Clooney. He’s too risk averse to decide.
    But he finds Stacy ugly. That’s true.


    Stacy Keibler really is ugly. You’re all so right.
    I knew this was fake. There’s no chemistry between guttertrash and what people perceive as class. As in classic Hollywood…

  • Swattibex

    Lake Como is absolutely stunning! I miss the gorgeous scenery.

  • Beauty & the Beast(stacy)

    ewwww…..what an ugly dame, if you can call it that.
    Muscular and bigger than George with an awfully unattractive face.
    No wonder no cosmetic company will give her beauty contracts.

  • cheyenne

    @SHAME: so Kelly Preston/ John Travolta & Kirstie Alley are involved with this PR s.h.i.t?
    Like blackmailing him? Didn’t Clooney date Travolta’s beard wife? She gave him the pig… long ago.

  • tiffany

    She is soooo pretty!

  • Stacy K

    Is George going thru his mid life crisis? He always looks so miserable around her. He never looks at her. I think whoever suggested this relationship needs to be fired. George Clooney deserves better than an uneducated wrestler who is probably not even registered to vote.

  • Laughable

    And you people know all this to be a fact because?

  • Gossipgirl

    Wow! Kibbles has mad game……she lasted until the Italy annual summer vacay. She may last after all. Her body is crazy fit!!

  • Diane

    Lake Como must be paradise. He takes all his girls there.

  • Charlotte

    Her body is a mess. She’s so ridiculous.
    Wouldn’t it be great, if all hookers he took there would met up and party at his house?

  • Charlotte


  • Me

    Ya ya ya….all bull*dung. Everyone truly cannot be so blind as to not see what is really going on here? Of course they are sleeping together, silly. This whole defunct PR strategy is FLAWED, FLAWED, FLAWED. They are sleeping together and where better than on a boat. How romantic.
    This is FACT.

  • Tiziana

    Thank you so much for detailed information, looking at her past “work”, we would have supposed they were playing chess all the time.





  • Douche

    Titz: I agree, no proof from that loser they call ‘Me’. Carry on.

  • GC Forevs

    Georgie! Love you bro, keep up the good work! ;-)

  • jilly

    I hate it that she’s taller than Geroge. George is a tall man, how tall is this amazon woman? He prefers low lives usually.

  • St. Elsewhere

    She seems fine to me. attractive, comfortable with who she is, and appear to keep his attention. I doubt is anyone can make someone of clooney’s statue do anything he doesnt want to do. I think these women and clooney make an agreement thats not unlike the ones made over a dinner tables, only he is famous. I think its wishful thinking to hope its for publicity, on the part of the die hard fans that wont accept the fact that Clooney likes her and wants her there, and no blackmail or threat could make him do anything out of his comfort zone. JMO

  • Nika

    I go to Lake Como a lot during the summer since my family’s house is not that far away and it’s so beautiful!!! I’ve seen George couple times but only from far away and I tried to spy once but nothing:-) anyways they look cute together!

  • somali girl

    Yuk look at those manly looking arms. She looks too old to be just 32.

  • justsayin’too

    What a put down for Clooney. He looks muscular and big if he weren’t next to an amazon. LOL She must think he is puny to make such a comment. How tacky to say something like that, shows she’s not very classy. What if George had said ” I really don’t like petite, feminine looking women” she would be offended.

  • Kikicohen
  • Jo

    What lovely pictures looks like two people deeply in love look at those loving looks and they can’t keep their hands off each other. Oh wait that isn’t in any of those shot’s. George looks mad she is even there. Stacy looks pleased but in the end we all know she will soon be on the very long list that is ex girlfriend off George Clooney. George or his team need to find a girl he can actually look at or be prepared for all the contract they aren’t really a couple snipes. These two have never looked like they are in to each other and if they sleep together which I doubt I will eat my new hat.

  • here we are

    well, they’re still together. i don’t know whether to send George a sympathy card or not. for what ever reason, he has decided to keep the girl around for awhile longer. maybe he’s holding out for a newer, younger model to come along.

  • Marco

    non ce la faccio proprio a vedere george con questa donna che assomiglia tanto a una patata gigante!! Tu che ne pensi???? Non era favoloso accanto a elisabetta???? george sembrava anche più bello? Attendo un tuo parere….ma che sia sincero per favore!.


    Above all if you can not see Clooney in From Stacy Keibler company no longer look the photos where she is with him in general it is cited in the titles,
    however I do not think it looks like a giant potato just like I do not think that Elisabetta Canalis looks like a horse as claimed by some crazy fans I’ve seen them all two very closely to a London in 2009 and one in Paris last fall. I Clooney for some number of years I have always seen with attractive women Anyway Clooney is the master of his emotional life and it has nothing to do with the opinion of some fans discussing, in some cases so anonymously and defamatory, that most of its links to his films
    As for Clooney I’m still very² Magnifico² on the pictures when I have the opportunity to be in his presence at festivals where in the first film, whatever the person who is with him or her, because my attention is just for him


    I see this was deleted. Well I will just have to repost now won’t I? Well, well, well! Perfect timing Clooney Ol’ Boy eh???? Staff posting niceties and Stacy having a case of diahrrea eh?? Someone in your camp celebrating because a “problem” you think is finally gotten rid of eh? One word Georgie and company—- KARMA!

  • Maria


    caro george, io ti amo sempre tanto, però stai diventando un pò noioso…stessi posti, stesse donne (insignificanti)… e magari anche questa storia finirà alla vigilia della scadenza del contratto con una mega litigata dopo una cena romantica al ristorante il gatto nero di laglio (o giù fi lì)?!… ma dai…

  • Chouchou

    Siamo stanchi di vedere Clooney con la sua guardia del corpo bionda ossigenata, con un centimetro di ricrescita nera. Ma dove sono i suoi amici che dispensano buoni consigli sulle sue compagne (specialmente sulla Canalis) ? Dov’è il suo staff lautamente pagato per curare la sua immagine? Dov’è la sua famiglia? E’ possibile che nessuno si accorga che George si sta distruggendo?. Nelle immagini dell’ultimo anno solo lei sorride sempre, perchè è l’unica che ci ha guadagnato veramente in termini di immagine , di pubblicità, di dignità, George appare sempre più avvilito e depresso. Fortunatamente la Canalis da quando si è staccata da lui ha riacquistato lo splendore di sempre, e non appare più musona e triste come quando era con lui. Comunque George non dovrebbe perdere quella gioia di vivere, quel sorriso ammaliante che lo hanno reso famoso, anche se per come ha trattato finora le donne, si meriterebbe di restare definitivamente con una come Stacy


    What’s the matter? Too cowardly to write in English? So you go to a online translator and post to make it look like it is actually someone that speaks the language? DUMB!!!!!!! I am sure people read on Just Jared a few weeks ago that IF George did not “fix” something then his his loved ones would be in danger. You idiots now created a F*UC*K*I*N*G* TIDAL WAVE OF THROUBLE THAT WILL AFFECT THE ELECTION IN NOVEMBER!!!!! Don’t you fools not think you have already done enough damage? Of course not!!! Karma, karma, karma!!! You think that using a “friend” to watch your problem is the solution? You B*A*S*T*A*R*D*S*!!! Sick, sick,sick! May God have mercy on ALL of your miserable ill -fated souls!




    TYPEN- Go sit and spin. At least dozens know what you have done and now the entire world will now know exactly what has happened. You idiots felt so damm threatened that you created this damm long drawn out game. Move your own damm bus with your damm mafia, money laundering properties!

  • AA

    And the alcoholic idiot is also posting in Italian to show off his Italian skills.
    Muthertrucker, you called Canalis A Horse and Stevie as in Steven Tyler many times.
    Deranged assssswipe. and Stacy zkeibler the Giant Rodent and
    not fans imbecile pusssy coward.

  • Lily

    Loser can’t wven win a best ACTOR OSCAR. Made a fool of himself so many years in a row. DESPERATE MONGREL.
    What a way to live.
    At 51, having to LIE that he’s dating a woman he loathes. A big ugly freak whose helium highnotes have aged him as much as Clint Eastwood in a year.

  • Hmh1108

    Fcuk offf mental old bag Kirstie Alley. Always trying to deflect and create conspiracy crappola. Who framed travolta’s busted sphincter????? Yeah, we know he’s a faggggot but who paid off the masseurs??? Hmmmm? What will his child think?

  • moldy Villa/ murky deep lake

    @Chouchou: Awww does George want Canalis back?
    He loves banging cokehead skinny skan’k. never mind the horse face! He can’t see close up anyway. but dirty bisexxxual sexxx id the gray- pubed shrivellled dick’s thang! Stacy IS LIKE THE LEANING TOWER OF PISA NEXT TO THE COMPLEX STRICKEN LOSER.
    Salopete, Marco., Chouchou all fcuked up drunk George posting away at the despair when he hears bigfoot Stacy on approach.
    maybe Canalis knew there’ll be a reconciliation & she’s hanging around
    LA like a rotted stench.

  • LILY

    And that ahould be plural skinny cokehead sk’anks. The ones he pays off for a quick session of no strings attached hit the skins and run. Though he did say that Canalis ‘s pusssy stunk of dead fish on a dock and she was super super looose. but he does’n't fcuk Stacy. too big & his ego can’t take it. shrivelled gray pubed pen’is Little George’s ego is tooo fcuked up.
    yep, calls them all hoookers. The conteact wh’ores that is!

  • LILY

    What’s the matter, assshole? Can’t block me can u? jiust my home IP addresss? Start deleting away!!! contol freak. assshole humiliates people all the time cos he thinks he’s an ubermensch, an allmighty divinity.
    can gert away with it.
    deranged alcoholic.

  • Lily

    Oh, yeah he posts on as It’s Me. What else???

    And agrees he needs to have thick skin to last in this industry. and do his victims have to tolerate privacy intrusion? And humiation??
    FCuking deranged basturd.
    has a corny YouTube channel too.
    Sure this is going to be denied or deleted. Who am
    I to take him on? Just another person he humiliated. a nobody he said.

  • Alwara

    Lily, you are not alone:))
    Are you an inferior person, too? I was called an inferior person.


    Lily so if I go by what you are saying, then what I am posting about was all about humiliation correct? Why that sneaky b*a*s*t*a*r*d*!!!!!!!! Yeah karma is coming for sure!