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Gerard Butler: Amber Heard Exits 'Motor City'

Gerard Butler: Amber Heard Exits 'Motor City'

Gerard Butler drops his car off at the valet before heading inside the SLS Hotel on Sunday (June 10) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 42-year-old actor has a handful of movies in the works, including Motor City.

The Albert Hughes-directed drama centers around a recently released felon who seeks revenge against those who framed him and put him in jail.

Amber Heard and Gary Oldman were reportedly set to co-star with Gerard in the flick, but Variety reports both actors are no longer attached to the project.

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler sls hotel 01
gerard butler sls hotel 02
gerard butler sls hotel 03
gerard butler sls hotel 04
gerard butler sls hotel 05
gerard butler sls hotel 06

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Itsanewday

    Take in the scruffy look. Soon it will gone! He was suppose to do an ad for a razor blade product this month too! Good excuse to get clean shaven.

  • Curious?

    He looks good in blue.

  • !!!!!

    Absolutely delicious!

  • soccer business

    LOL -not so much a business meeting as; off to see the soccer with his personal trainer – looks like is trainer is becoming the least private or secure of his personal crowd and tweets on GBs coming and goings. Carry on tweeting Mr Trainer.

  • what?

    @soccer business:

    you were in the lobby to confirm where he was going? or the famous valet?

  • K

    Looks calm, clean and confident… And that he might smell good.
    Hope the meeting went well. Who is Amber Heard?

  • FYI


    Exhibit #1 Trainer tweets that he was hanging out with some English football/soccer players at SLS hotel yesterday along with Gerard.

    Exhibit#2 Trainer promises photo of Gerry with one of those soccer players. from Chelsea FC

    Exhibit #3 Just Jared posts photos of Mr. Butler leaving his car with the Valet at SLS hotel yesterday.

    Exhibit #4 Butler has frequented the poolside of this hotel before.

  • what?


    that doesn’t mean there wasn’t also a business meeting there…don’t be so bookishly literal

  • Itsanewday

    I thought the meeting was today? Since when do they do business on Sunday unless it’s an emergency meeting? Just sayin!

  • what?


    it’s Hollywood baby

  • FYI

    @what?: why not everyone else is here

    Celebrity Gossip perhaps got it wrong because why are you showing photos from Sunday afternoon and claiming it’s a breakfast meeting in Beverly Hills, most people have breakfast before noon

  • fwb’s

    He’s frequenting hotels again. We all know he likes to meet his LA hookups in hotels. He’s probably been staying here for the last couple of days. I bet he had some explaining to do! “What, darlin’? Madalina who?” lol

  • HawkinsTonii

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  • itys


    right, with english players and Nicky too… can’t you forget mg for a minute? he can it seems…

  • fwb’s

    If he had breakfast there, he probably slept there.
    Yup, I think he’s back to hiding his fwb’s from each other.

  • itys


    englandand france played their match LA breakfast time….

  • fwb’s

    Nicky didn’t say a word about Madalina in Europe or Scotland. As a matter of fact he deliberately tried to help GB hide her from his fans. If GB had a LA fwb staying with him at this hotel, Nicky would make sure to keep it quiet, just like he did with wee Maddie.

  • Curious?

    Dosen’t he usually stay at Chateau Marmount? Do you think MG is in town and staying at the SLS? Just asking.

  • Deja Vu

    LOL! This reminds me of the “Summer of Laurie 2010″. No matter what GB did, people tried to spin it for signs and clues about his relationship with LC. Ah, well.

  • yummy


  • Curious?

    The game was at breakfast so he told people he was having a meeting which would have been having breakfast with friends to watch the game.

  • carrie

    i like his hair

  • cupccake

    Hello everyone we got a new thread yahoo!!!!!!!!

  • K

    I knew a pic would hit before Nic’s!
    Everytime I hear or see that hotel’s name I think of the movie that mirrors his like a great deal, Somewhere with hope his turns out similar!

  • Hi there

    I see all of the fantasists and fiction writers are back. @Grey paid the last thread a visit…I was waiting for Fox and the Fawn part 2….LOL.
    The majority of things people have posted from her facebook today have been written by her fan club not by her.
    He was watching the match…nothing more nothing less.

  • K

    Soccer and eggs Benedict! A winning combo! He looks like he’s staying out of the sun this year. What a difference a year makes!

  • True!!!

    “I’ve just went through a few of MG’s interviews and she talks more about not really wanting a film career….that it was sort of the next step more than an ambition…..she said something about wanting to do maybe two films and then starting a family.
    I don’t know…..I think Gerry is ready for a new phase in his life and a new challenge – and of course and more importantly, a change of image.
    My prediction (which admittedly, is worth naught) is that this will play out steadily.
    She’ll begin working more in the US (landing modelling contracts here will take zero effort, judging by some of the current ‘talent’ out there).
    I think, it’ll go the traditional route…..they’ll be engaged for a while and then marry, with kids to follow quickly.
    I know she said that she’s worked hard for ten years……etc….but that does’t mean she’ll choose her career over becoming a wife and mother. Not to mention she could theoretically do both. Sometimes, you don’t know what you want until it’s right in front of you.
    BUT my disclaimer is that deep down, Gerry isn’t a fool. ****** and a bit of a dope? Sure. But he is smart when it comes to knowing what he wants, and I doubt he would ever compromise his desire to start a family unless the girl was right (for him).
    And only time will tell if Ms MG is it”

  • K

    He knows it is time to turn serious now, about work, him, life. Time to invest in himself.

  • Hot Has Left The Building

    His tits are bigger than Madalina’s…..

  • is that a love scratch

    on his left bicep? hahahah

    who inflicted it?………..lolita or gerbalina?

  • Manny

    Gary Oldman & Amber Heard Exit Albert Hughes’ ‘Motor City’

    NEWS BY SIMON DANG | JUNE 11, 2012 9:43 AM
    “Most notable, though, is that the protagonist played by Butler apparently only has one line of dialogue throughout the whole film.”
    Now this is a project Butler can’t screw up the accent on…

  • Sense

    @True!!!: Hit it on the nail. GB is superficial enough to make his ideal physical type his wife. It will teach him compromise and patience to keep her. Whatever it takes to have a healthy relationship. He has a lot of ego. They are similar and compatible.

  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

    I think the pic above proves he was there yesterday (last night) as well as today. No mention of MG being there.

  • cupccake

    @true @sense they both have big egos. We will have to see what happens.I saw the interview og mg on you tube very smart and beautifuli can’t help to think she is abit of a player.both there dating history speak for themselves.a player dating another player they have to be very carefully. If her career takes off and he supports her then it’s for real hopefully he can handle her being in the spot light.

  • Gossip Cop


    Very intelligent men who could see through the act of some opportunistic nobody before have fallen for those when vulnerable for some addiction.

    It’s too soon for him to get into any type of relationship as he’s still vulnerable. 3 weeks into rehab does not make you strong enough not to fall for the honeyed word of somebody with an agenda and she has one.

    On her FB, the one she has one of his friends on she has taken out of hiding some pics of hers with boyfriends. One of htem seems to have been in her life on and off for quite sometime. She has been careful though on the FB where she has fans on to cultivate the “pseudo romance” with Gerry.

    Whoever heard of a man in love allowing his girlfriend to look cheap at some big party where everybody could notice that she went from having her hair tied very nicely and her dress fitting well on her to return from some corner with her hair messed up and her dress falling off her shoulders from having been tugged at in a hurry to get it off her back.

    Nothing screams I ,love you more than that, lol!

    Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the girl or is jealous of her but I’d never fall in love with a woman who would allow me to take her into some dark corner at a party.

  • Gossip Cop


    If you haven’t noticed this and I guess you haven’t, all the interviews in which she is featured about having said something actually all come out at the time she needs the most to hide what she really is, a very calculating ambitious model.

    She had the interview saying he’s only a friend to hide the fact that he only wanted to f…ck her. On her FB with the friend of his on, she’s very careful what she posts there and there is no mention of GB being the man she’s in love with on that one. But on the FB where she has 3 fans on it, that mention is on it.

    Now if she has nothing to hide and she’s truly madly deeply in love with the guy, why play the scared shy virgin when a fan wants a picture of them together? We’re not talking some young innocent model here afraid of the camera but this is a woman who lives for the camera being on her in all the events of her life. She took out pictures she had hidden for a while and put them on her FB on which is friend is like if somehow she wanted to dispel any rumors she is with him.

    She had a chance in Loch Lomond of rejoicing into his being in love with her and she blew it. He does something he has never done before allowing somebody to take a pic of his with his GF and what does she do? She hides from the camera! Talk about loving somebody! If somebody did that for me and they were conveying the message they loved me, I’d pose with a big smile looking at them.

    That picture of her on the bridge in Comrie, why is there no smile, why is she posing like a photoshoot if it’s the man she loves who is taking that picture? She should be smiling at this is a big step he taking her to meet his family there. Has her pretense finally caught up with her and all she wanted was the notoriety of being the GF of one of the most commitment phobic guy ever?

    It’s odd that those pictures she has taken out of hiding which are mostly not photoshoot pictures make it onto her actual FB account and they didn’t make it into the one she uses for the fans. She cannot even be honest in either of those 2 accounts and I’m not talking about a fan club account here as it is her own posting and the comment about being in love is on both FB accounts except in the one with his friend on it, she has not allowed any comment about GB being the one.

    I think some actor might be going back to Rehab pretty soon when he realizes that since she couldn’t get Leo, Adrian, Paul and probably even Sean Penn (who’s a bigger fish than GB, also who is an A-lister with several movies being hits and yet who had no interest in her), she went after him so she would be made into the one so perfect that he would fall for her. I feel sorry for all the really nice ones he dated before her and whom he didn’t see them fit enough to be the one for him to settle down with. I guess it’s karma for having played nice ladies and getting played by some very opportunistic ambitious young model who a year ago before Leo nobody knew who she was. Leo seems to have found out something about her that made him dump her quite fast as usually Leo dates his ladies for some months before breaking up with them.

    If it’s the real deal, she should clean up the skeletons in her closet as she has many as they will come back to haunt her one day and he may not love her as much but grow to hate her if he gives up important aspects of his life for her. He’s a Scorpio and Scorpios do not like being played and they can bear deep and long-lasting grudges.

    Sorry but I don’t see your hypothesis becoming true as she couldn’t even pose happily with him without hiding her face and she cannot even smile at him when he’s taking a picture of her on the Bridge at Comrie. She looks like she’s posing for a photoshoot in that one.

  • True!!!

    Don’t be silly. Just because MG wasn’t with him watching the game means nothing. We know she is in Milan now. And despite that she isn’t with him presently, he’s not in nightclubs and bars. He hung out with buddies watching the game and Nicky, a fellow Brit, a good friend and family man. GB always does this when he watches his soccer matches from Europe. He always watches those at hotels. The key here he isn’t in bars and clubs speaking to strange. Man, not even Ronnie Madra was able to lure him to Vegas this time and we know how much he likes to party. This change in him is definitely MG related.

  • True!!!

    They are so right for each other on so many levels. Too bad peeps can’t see that or accept it. We got negged to death because they don’t like hearing this. The phannies are still holding on to dear life hoping it ain’t true.

  • ?

    …..Do hotels not have bars???
    He stayed over in said hotel last night,he was wearing the same clothes.
    I think you are still reading too much into the MG thing.

  • True!!!

    @Gossip Cop:
    Do you think i bother reading your long drivel? WTF are you ranting about? Step away from the computer and take a breather. You’re having a meltdown.

  • The trashing

    of Madalina continues…why should I be surprised? From thread to thread to thread until…until when, the end of time?? It’s getting old peeps, really, really OLD. And what the F are some of you on?? Thinking she owes “fans” to post photos of her with Gerard? PLEASE, some of you really need help, she owes you nothing and neither does Gerard Butler. If you hate him or you hate his girlfriend(s) or you hate his career or his looks or his behavior ***STOP SUPPORTING HIM*** , it’s really that ffuuccking simple. Don’t pay to see his movies, don’t buy his dvds, posters, magazines, memorabilia etc…AND for the love of all that is holy…stop writing long winded BS analysis of what’s inside her head, her heart and her knickers and how it’s going to affect him.

  • opinion

    I’m not so sure Gerry and Mads are exclusive, only because I’m not sure Gerard has ever been in an exclusive relationship. LOL! But I do think at the very least Madalina is officially on Gerry’s FWB roster, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she shows up for a set visit or a trip to LA or NY to see him. I’m just not sure how serious it is, as Gerry seems to view women more as play-things and recreation. He doesn’t seem to take women seriously, ever. He’s a lot like Leonardo DiCaprio that way. Leo also introduces his model flings to his mother, which doesn’t stop him from jumping from one model to the next like he’s changing a pair of shoes.
    Remember Lunch Girl? Gerry took a beautiful model for lunch in NYC with his parents. It ended up meaning nothing. We’ve never seen the girl before or since. I think some people don’t understand the mentality of a playboy and that’s why they’re jumping to marriage and baby scenarios, while Gerry may be just going about his playboy lifestyle as usual. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Madalina again, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if we hear about some skirt-chasing on Gerry’s part between her visits. I think Gerry is into whatever woman happens to be right in front of his face at the time.
    Gerry did some very public snogging with Brandi while surrounded by a whole party of people watching and that meant nothing to him. He even had the temerity to deny he knew her once the press got wind of it. This guy doesn’t care what people see and tweet about, he only seems to care when something becomes a media story. If Mads becomes a media story, let’s see what he does. Until then, this whole thing may be just business as usual for Gerry – just one model hookup among many.

  • Heads Up


    Gossip Cop=Met Him
    Just thought you might like to know that.
    Carry on.

  • oy vey!

    @True!!!: I think it’s time you were the one who stepped away from the computer. Do you even sleep? You’re on here 24 hours a day posting the same thing over and over again. It’s getting really creepy. Take a break. Go outside and enjoy the summer. Your compulsive posting around the clock isn’t healthy.

  • Hi there

    I can’t believe you peeps are still discussing this.The Madalina thing failed ……it is dead and burried.The press never picked it up even though they could have done so many times.Just get over it ….we are about 3 threads on and the same cr@p is still being said.