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Gerard Butler: Amber Heard Exits 'Motor City'

Gerard Butler: Amber Heard Exits 'Motor City'

Gerard Butler drops his car off at the valet before heading inside the SLS Hotel on Sunday (June 10) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 42-year-old actor has a handful of movies in the works, including Motor City.

The Albert Hughes-directed drama centers around a recently released felon who seeks revenge against those who framed him and put him in jail.

Amber Heard and Gary Oldman were reportedly set to co-star with Gerard in the flick, but Variety reports both actors are no longer attached to the project.

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8,003 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Amber Heard Exits 'Motor City'”

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  1. 6251
    CHOLITA Says:

    …….oops!!! me olvidaba de algo …..penny queria hablar conmigo….que sera lo que desea de mi…….no se………..

  2. 6252
    MARGO Says:

    @CHOLITA: r.i.p– what this?

  3. 6253
    MARGO Says:

    @CHOLITA: I want to talk to you.but not here.

  4. 6254
    CHOLITA Says:

    ………………..bueno…… vas a entablar comunicacion con un pequeño angel mikael…je,je,je……….tienes que darle la cara…………no cambiarte de moniker…………me gusta el cara a cara y sin temores……… gusta estar segura al menos aqui ,de que hablo con alguien que es fiel a si mismo y hasta con su moniker………………no es pedir mucho … honesta amigo….solo eso……………….y si estoy contenta que hayas regresado con tu antiguo moniker……………………..hasta para las peleas……..ja.ja.ja………

  5. 6255
    @MARGO Says:

    @MARGO: Requiescat in pace (рус. «Да упокоится с миром») — латинская фраза, часто встречается в виде аббревиатуры «RIP» или « R.I.P.» на надгробиях, в извещениях о смерти, а также при упоминании о недавно умерших.

  6. 6256
    CHOLITA Says:

    ……..mmmmm……….Вы хотите поговорить с меня, но не пытаемся они сливать вновь …… I Am A Girl недоверием вы заметили ………………

  7. 6257
    MARGO Says:

    не хочешь…я сюда больше не приду и мурррр никогла не вернется…

  8. 6258
    CHOLITA Says:

    Но есть проблема, если мы говорим здесь, что является то, что вы хотите знать … если рассматривается в качестве дополнения к Господу Батлер, просить наилучшим образом моего друга dargabriel, она знает много про него и его душа мате … я лишь сочувствие и считаем, что некоторые вещи, но я могу быть неправильно ….. также …………… говорили многие бессмыслица также ………….. это мой второй язык …………………………… ja .. JA JA .. …………….. потому, что первый является четким испанский …

  9. 6259
    MARGO Says:

    два раза не повторяю.

  10. 6260
    CHOLITA Says:

    …………ok…..ok….que feo caracter. por dios…tengo un email….te lo enviare pero si tienes feas intenciones …dasaparezco.. ya sabes………

  11. 6261
    to jj'ers Says:

    Can’t something be done to stop these people who spam the Butler threads, using an inordinate amount of space to chat among themselves in their native language? Not right imho.

  12. 6262
    Oneborneveryminute! Says:

    @FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Brilliant! Made my otherwise depressing morning a little lighter! Thank you!

  13. 6263
    Whatshedonenow Says:


    Absolutely superb post. Love it. Love it. Love it. So, so spot on in every possible way. Should have as many pluses as the number of posts on this thread. Brilliant.

  14. 6264
    Good point Says:

    @to jj’ers: If we could get rid of the troll and these guys using this space as their private chat forum, it might be a pleasant place to drop in again. And not be 250 pages long.

    Foreigners, do you think you could IM each other or something? Or at the very least speak English.

  15. 6265
    Keep thumbing down Says:

    Keep thumbing down the spammers, including ANY poster that includes LOL in its moniker, the inevitable new monikers, Curious, any poster that baits or responds to bait. If someone DOES NOT JUST IGNORE a troll and discusses the troll, that poster IS a troll. Thumb down. If the trolls were funny or amusing, it would be okay. But this bottom feeder spamming is boring as hell.

  16. 6266
    Hello Says:

    @Keep thumbing down: You may be bored and you do have a good point for sure, but to be honest, I really have a hard time having someone tell me what I shouldn’t and should do. Not that I would reply to those you mentioned, just don’t tell me what I can do without being labeled as a “troll” unless you are the host of this site. Btw, what is a troll? Only one I know of is Grendel.

  17. 6267
    HagsRus! Says:

    @LOL: I agree with much of what you are saying, dearie. I’m an old lady and I know I’m over the hill with one foot in the grave and all that and Butler is a little hottie but I don’t put any designs on him that’s for sure.
    And as far as little sweet Maddy goes, I feel for that poor little chickie. He’s a middle aged man whose been around the block a time or too and I feel he’s just using her for sex. That’s what men do with pretty young chickies. They are just for their own nasty use and then to discard. I’m sure you can relate to this too, honey, as you’ve probably had your own share of men using you and casting you aside. And I bet it even hurt more when the married ones won’t leave their old hag wives for you either, didn’t it?! How dare they! After all, you’re the hottie little chickie with everything going for you. Now you may not be able to relate to then on a “generational” level emotionally or mentally and he may only want to show you off to his guy friends so he looks like some kind of stud or only converse with you to say, “let’s fck” but other then that, I totally get what you are saying. But looking like a stud and being one are two separate things, I’m afraid.
    So dearie, see us older gals do understand where you are coming from and don’t blame you one wit! You hang in there, honey, and don’t let these old hags get to you. Even though they may know more then you and are wiser, your youth and beauty is what counts, for now.
    So having said that, times a wasting! You need to get off this site and go find you a man before you join the ranks of the other old hags here! You’re getting older by the minute and looks and youth are a fleeting thing, my dear! Go , go, go, out in to the world and find that man who just loves you for your youthful good looks. Then when you are old and haggard, you better have a back up plan because the males that want that, will trade YOU in on a newer model. Good luck to you!

  18. 6268
    lame Says:

    Where is that troll that so closely monitors some romanian gossip sites, that she managed to read some messages from a male user (how does she know that) for three hours and translate them, but somehow didn’t make a copy….. some people really have no other things to do in life….

  19. 6269
    Also Says:

    @Keep thumbing down: Thumbs are no only a good way to deal with trolls because they let you hide posts without feeding them, but hiding the posts also makes the pages load faster. So this is a good plan. Obviously someone who gets all indignant about it probably feels personally targetted for a reason.

  20. 6270
    cupccake Says:

    Before I go out for the rest of the day, this is a general question. Why do we have to call each other trolls?

  21. 6271
    Trying to figure it out Says:


    LMAO – Telling her like it is grannie!

  22. 6272
    LOL Says:

    “I have to disagree with you..theres nothing wrong bout fantasizing about a male celebrity(or female for men).Just because some women are older than others doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to dream…”
    Let me explain. If you’re single it’s one thing. Women often engage in dreaming about a hot sexy guy that has his way with them, and I assume many here use Gerry as that man. There is nothing wrong with having a fantasy about the kind of man you’d want to have hot sex with. So I’m not really speaking about the single or divorced women here.
    However, if you are married and worse if you have a BF, and you are thinking about another man while yours is fuucking you, then it’s an indication something is wrong with your desire for him. IT MEANS YOU WISH HE WERE SOMEONE ELSE. Therefore, if you have a BF and you are engaged in thinking about Gerry while BF is fuucking you, then you need to leave that BF, as he isn’t doing it for you. I think he falls short, which is why another man is stealing your mind during sex, and your mind is not on your BF.
    In a marriage when this happens, it’s obvious things aren’t that hot between you, and possibly the marriage has sexual problems. However, I understand if you can’t leave a husband, and also marriage is not just about sex. You might like the companionship. That’s why so many women just stay in those kinds of marriages, but they compensate for their sexual desires by dreaming about another man during sex. Of course i think it’s a pathetic type of existence and it plagues many marriages today, but unfortunately many women are in this boat simply because their men are not doing it for them any longer. They have diminished desires for their husbands, while totally attracted to a fantasy man like Gerry. SORRY, BUT IF YOU DESIRE GERRY MORE THAN YOU DESIRE YOUR HUBBY, SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE MARRIAGE, NO IFS OR BUTS ABOUT IT.
    Hey, but i wouldn’t have criticize anyone for it, except i find it totally hypocritical that these married women are here 24/7 drooling over him while they trash his GF. They want him single so they can continue to dream about being in a relationship with him, while their hubby is fuucking them once a month, if that often, as some of them probably don’t have any martial sex life, just living as roommates. Please…. it’s the trashing of Gerry’s GF and the attacks on Gerry’s character that i find most disturbing. I couldn’t care less if women here are lusting or drooling over him, just stop being hypocrites about it or trash his GF because you want him to remain single for your fantasy needs. How selfish is that? That’s why I say these women are not true fans. They are parasites feeding off of his looks, albeit remotely. True fans would be happy for him iof he found someone to share his life with.

  23. 6273

    Thanks Cholita for the greeting, I hope butler makes all the money that makes his life complete, sometimes people make decissions with there lives, I dont understand, wouldnt catch me doing, money nice but nott everything. I hope Bobby will be good, I protect him. Will Mr butler ever in this lifetime stop thinking money is so important and get real with himself, I guess time will tell and hopefully I will be alive to see it. Peace, darhabriel

  24. 6274
    Oneborneveryminute! Says:

    @cupccake: Troll is just a term used on the Internet for someone who comes on to a public forum and tries to instigate conflict, anger and argument and steer the conversation off from the topic. They contribute nothing of value and I would say the name comes from the old fables of the little, short ugly creatures that live under bridges when people pass over, they jump out and try to “disturb” them to keep them from their journey.
    I can recall before MG that LOL would bring up negative political jabs to upset liberals before switching over to women, particularly the older ones. This is one reason I think SHE is a HE. At that point, she/he changed to “Hags Central”. You can always tell who she/he is no matter what sock he/she hides behind because it’s the same old rants with key words like “jealous” and “old hags” are in every post.
    Trolls generally feel out the subjects that might negatively impact the core posters albeit here it’s mostly middle to older women, or democrats, republicans, GB fans, whatever. They get a kick out of stirring and riling up people and thrive on the negative attention.
    I would say they are generally very disturbed individuals with unfulfilling lives, bored and miserable and would love nothing better then to ruin your day so you feel as bad as they do. Usually they feel like they don’t fit in anywhere in life and most usually are bullies in RL too.
    It’s best to ignore but it’s difficult sometimes when they bombard a site, spamming it with their rants. It’s the main thing that has contributed to this thread being so long I think!
    As has been mentioned, it’s best NOT TO RESPOND, thumb them in to oblivion and move on. Sorry my post got so long.

  25. 6275
    Oneborneveryminute!=EVE Says:

    Really Eve? You remember all these posters? Gee, I don’t remember. How long have you been a troll here in Butler land?
    What happened, you needed to throw away the EVE moniker because Manny and niknoks told you off? Yet you are still here annoying everyone.
    Honey I can smell your stench miles away.

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