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Gerard Butler: Amber Heard Exits 'Motor City'

Gerard Butler: Amber Heard Exits 'Motor City'

Gerard Butler drops his car off at the valet before heading inside the SLS Hotel on Sunday (June 10) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 42-year-old actor has a handful of movies in the works, including Motor City.

The Albert Hughes-directed drama centers around a recently released felon who seeks revenge against those who framed him and put him in jail.

Amber Heard and Gary Oldman were reportedly set to co-star with Gerard in the flick, but Variety reports both actors are no longer attached to the project.

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8,003 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Amber Heard Exits 'Motor City'”

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  1. 951
    CHOLITA Says:

    …….FELIZ DIA DEL PAPA!!!!!!. para todos hoy………un gran beso y fuerte abrazo a mis queridos amigos que tengo aqui y espero que pasen un lindo dia del papa junto a sus seres queridos y si no tienen a su papi con ustedes envienle una dulce plegaria con mucho amor……….son los sinceros deseos de su amiga cholita……….adios.

  2. 952
    Kity Says:

    I think ppl on this thread are delusional they slate every girl gb is linked to calling her all sorts like gold digging this and that! But are have double standards to him! He’s just as bad as them he has an agenda to! I don’t think he’s really been deeply serious about anyone he doesnt seem like the type to invest too much into relationships! He just looks for easy lays & when he gets that easily hel get bored of her and won’t bother exploring her as there won’t be much too! Men like him need boundaries & a strong woman with intelligence & self respect could learn to handle them types!!

  3. 953
    MARGO Says:

    @CHOLITA: неделя моды закончилась?у тебя у самой то есть папа?

  4. 954
    Mysockpuppet Says:

    The fact that any actress, model, etc., or male equivalent for that matter, would allow themselves to be subjected to this type of degrading lifestyle just to make it in the business or marry in to wealth says much about the character of the person to begin with. If I could not make it on the merits of my own talent and skill, I’d high tail it back home and become a writer or bake pies.

  5. 955
    Mysockpuppet Says:

    @Kity: I agree with what you say! Trouble is no self respecting woman with integrity and fortitude will take someone on like that in the first place unless she sees him as a science project. But whether or not GB is as bad as all that, none of us can really say. He may be all of that and he could be totally opposite.

  6. 956
    Reality Bites Says:

    I got asked a question recently that started along the lines of, “If a forty-year-old woman is a 9 and…”
    …and let me stop you right there. There are no forty-year-old-women that are Sex Rank 9. Not a one. Nope not even her, or her, or whoever you think of. Just stop trying.
    Now I will agree that that relative to other forty-year-old women, there are some women that are clearly vastly more attractive than other forty-year-old women. They look really good for forty. Heck I even know a lady in her early fifties that can still wear a bikini and look good in it. But it’s that they look great for forty. She looks amazing for fifty. It’s all relative Sex Rank and not true Sex Rank.
    Confusning the difference between relative Sex Rank and true Sex Rank is something women love to do, because it’s clearly in their interest to do so. But it’s a little like confusing a gold medal from the Special Olympics with one from the actual Olympics. It’s not a level playing field we’re talking about. Yes indeed you may be amazing for a 44-year-old mom, but lets be honest, your 19-year-old daughter just buries you with her hotness. No objective observer is going to be confused over which is hotter.
    Deep down of course, everyone knows the truth, younger women are hotter than older women. This is why Demi Moore looked utterly amazing for her age and she still got taken to the curb. Seriously, why was anyone surprised by this? Oh Ashton Kutcher you bad bad bad bad attractive man you.
    Look don’t get me wrong, being a MILF is great. It’s vastly better than being an unfuuck@ble, over tanned, wrinkled, used up wh/ore who looks and acts like she’s auditioning for the role of co/ckblock lady at the DMV. You can have a really good time with a MILF. The’re fun and good in bed and all kinds of good stuff. Jennifer’s a MILF. She’s good in bed and worth talking to before and after sex. She does stuff… you know, like a grown up.
    So lets talk about true Sex Rank, which is the only kind that really matters when push comes to shove.
    Women in that 20-24 range are just amazingly hot. This is the hottest a women is going to be her whole life. Unsurprisingly, this is when she is most fertile, most likely to cheat and most likely to get a divorce. As she ages further, even if she keeps up a good beauty regime her looks will slowly ebb away. Women can add a ton of Beta skills to compensate and maintain overall relationship value, but this is still just a compensation.
    For men, much of their personal attractiveness stems from their power, and young men aren’t powerful save the physical aspect. So a tiny handful of young men get to ride on the sexual wave of physical power, but most young men remain sexually frustrated to at least some degree. However as men age they gain more and more real world power and they probably peak in the 25-29 age range of the composite between raw physical ability, actual power and potential future power. If a man keeps it all together as he ages, and continues to build his powerbase, he can maintain his high Sex Rank even into his fifties commonly.
    This is why a forty-year-old man divorcing has a reasonable hope of finding a new woman in the 25-40 age range and a forty-year-old woman divorcing is going to have a reasonable hope of finding a new man in the 40-55 age range. Sex Rank is cruel to young men and older women.
    So what does this mean for a man running the MAP on a wife that is holding out on sex?
    Very simply put, it’s enormously powerful to have your wife become aware of the fact that a younger woman expressed sexual interest in you. That cuts right through the nonsense of a fantasy Sex Rank and puts the actual Sex Ranks into play in her head. If your wife is walking around thinking that she is still a 9 because she was a 9 twenty years ago, nothing kicks that thought to the curb faster and harder than having a woman 10-20 years younger than her, express interest in you.
    Look I know it’s a dark tactic to use, but it works. You can’t fake it otherwise she’ll know and despise you for it, but if it’s real, it works. You don’t need to rub her nose in it, just have her become aware of it and let her hamster do the work for you. She can’t suddenly turn 22 again… but she can turn into a MILF. Which is after all, what 99% of the husbands reading MMSL actually want.
    Yeah, Maddie at 23 is judt right for Gerry whose 42. She has the sex drive and he has the power – intoxicating combination which should work if they ares erious about each other.

  7. 957
    Emma Says:


    Integrity and fortitude – two great words indeed…

    Hello, all of you lovelies! Hope your day was good and no so glad to see Autumn back, as well as a few of the other posters… Good to hear y’all are alright. Happy Father’s Day – we don’t celebrate that where I am from and I tell my dad I love him every time I speak to him. Over-achiever… :-))

    I am so glad we could all be civil, given our topic of discussion… or lack thereof… :-))

    As you say so well – we don’t know all the facts.

    Have a wonderful time of day – I am heading off to bed, to get an early start for tomorrow.


  8. 958
    casandra Says:

    I think there are enough good women in this world who would love to settle down with him..younger ones , older ones, from any country or of any shape as Im sure hes got more options than the vast majority of men, but I dont think he wants to do that. He’s living any guy’s dream…Why give up that?I assume he will settle down when hes around 50 when his looks starts to fade and he would think its time to have babies or something

  9. 959
    Emma Says:

    I think I spoke too soon… My bad…

    Have a nice evening, y’all!


  10. 960
    casandra Says:

    @Reality Bites: I assume you’re a guy judging by the way you wrote this…Let me tell you something : a guy is not sexy either after he turns 45-50 at most.I dont think any guy over 50 is truely sexy…I know men want to think about themselves that they are atractive until they are old but its not true. Any woman who says otherwise is lying . If a much younger girl is with an older man, believe me..she is not in love with him, but with his money or power or anything else but him as a person…

  11. 961
    Kity Says:


    I agree with you on that a man at that age Wouldve run up a lotof mileage any young girl would not be truly content with that especially if she’s good looking! And a man at that age with young partner will always be insecure! If they do have kids at that age would be unfair to them
    as doubt they could run around play soccer with them actively like you would in your younger health & by the time the kids 10-15 your already a pensioner lol

  12. 962
    Princess Says:

    “reality bites” is a sadistic,psychological, multipersonality sad-istic, misognynistic woman-hater and bully

    finally showed your true face…huh dumb f-uck
    watching your downfall as you get c-ockblocked into oblivion

    seeing HIM get NEGGED


    ps: You’re not attractive and no one wants you. that is the UGLY TRUTH.

  13. 963
    * Says:

    what is a MAN doing posting on a board about gerard butler that is devoted to being his fan?
    is he GAY for gerard?
    what is HIS agenda for being here?
    is he here to fan the flames of love and ardor by stoking the fires of jealousy and hate amongst the fandom?

    ~how is that love? sounds like hate to me.

    or is he here to make posters feel insecure about themselves in comparison to other women?

  14. 964
    Reality Bites Says:

    I love it when an old witch gets mad. he he he…..The laughs here have not stopped for a while now. Can’t contain it for the life of us. IMDb said this would happen. Fangurls imploding. Old B!tchesssss. he he he he ……

  15. 965
    Princess Says:

    reality bites
    the truth is the c-ockblock is already complete
    yes Im a witch and a very mean one.
    that is what is so beautiful about you getting negged into oblivion. by my fellow hoes witches princesses and queens.

  16. 966
    star light Says:

    @Reality Bites: Some of the stuff posted makes me think of 1960s feminist bs. I bet some of these women burned their bras while listening to joan Baez and believing hairy legs and not plucking eyebrows were it.

  17. 967
    food 4 thought Says:

    I just watched Woody Allan’s “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger”. Anthony Hopkins played an older gent who ditched his long-time wife to pursue a fun new life as a single guy. He bought a convertible, frantically worked out at the gym, got a spray tan, etc. He was beyond pathetic. He met up with a callow, money-hungry call girl, much younger, who wanted him for his money. I didn’t find it funny, just sad. It reminded me of GB. Aging men trying desperately to hang onto their “hotness” are only fooling themselves. There are not enough blue pills anywhere to make them 22 again. The world simply shakes its collective head at that.

  18. 968
    casandra Says:

    @Reality Bites: That is so low …You must be a very frustrated old(or young, it doesnt matter) man to come here and write something like this on a thread about a male celebrity who of course has mostly female fans.No man who has respect for women (including their mother or wife or sister)and healthy relationships with them would post something like this.You should keep it respectful and civilized or just leave . Why would you even come and write here and insult women if youre not even gerrys fan?Dont you have something better to do?

  19. 969
    Reality Bites Says:

    Let’s be honest; you’re no princess. You’re more like an unfuuck@ble, over tanned, wrinkled, used up wh/ore trying to make Gerard wnat you when he can’t stand to look at you.
    “negged into oblivion”, someone else used to say it. Why are you always copying other people’s statements, not just their monikers?
    lol, don’t bother answering that since I know you’re just a copycat and I’m on my way to the beach to play volleyball anyway. But I’ll be back later with some more on why old women in a 100 yaers can’t meet Gerard’s needs.
    Happy mind fuucking!

  20. 970
    Reality Bites Says:

    @star light:
    You’re a woman after my own heart. I bet you look nice and act nice. Not the shrewish, dirty mouthed, unattractive old witches permeating these threads.

  21. 971
    Reality Bites Says:

    @star light:
    “believing hairy legs and not plucking eyebrows were it.” Exactly, and now many of them in their advanced middles-age refuse to color their hair so they look withered away, but they get mad their husbands have no sexual interest in them which is why they hang out over here lusting over GB. Stupidity knows no bounds.

  22. 972
    JAWS Says:

    to reality bites: come to the water, its fine
    we have mermaids
    no one will notice you’re missing.

  23. 973
    casandra Says:

    @Reality Bites: Im pretty sure star light is a man too..but have fun.No woman would talk like that about women in general..

  24. 974
    ??? Says:

    What’s the matter Jaws and Princess? Ugly truth is not usable any longer?
    Stick to 1 moniker already.

  25. 975
    3-2-1 Says:

    you sound mad that reality bites got c-ockblocked
    are you a man?

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