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Gerard Butler: Amber Heard Exits 'Motor City'

Gerard Butler: Amber Heard Exits 'Motor City'

Gerard Butler drops his car off at the valet before heading inside the SLS Hotel on Sunday (June 10) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 42-year-old actor has a handful of movies in the works, including Motor City.

The Albert Hughes-directed drama centers around a recently released felon who seeks revenge against those who framed him and put him in jail.

Amber Heard and Gary Oldman were reportedly set to co-star with Gerard in the flick, but Variety reports both actors are no longer attached to the project.

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I’ve been occasionally coming here for the fun of it but got to say there’s a difference between being a fan & totally delusional why do ppl go to the extent of checking MG status and Facebook and trying to analyse each phrase, movement etc it’s just mad! And even if she does make a comment everything is automatically linked to GB! If it’s serious or not, gold digger, young etc thts his problem and ppl don’t have the right to judge others or make comments that all Europeans are like this & that when he was linked to bollywood actresses it was comments like they’re really strict & this & that! Truth is there’s good/bad women in every race no need to generalise! If he was with a normal non famous girl ppl Wouldve said she’s after his money & won’t understand his field etc: ppl should stop speculating if he’s in LA with her or not if he wants hel be seen with her & trust me he won’t care what fans or paps thinks!

And as for real alpha men GB is far from that! Get real ppl.. He had a very strong foot hold in Hollywood after 300 but he was to busy chasing skirts & became known as a womaniser which he is so u blame ppl for not taking him serious! There’s fresher, talented ppl who are really committed emerging in Hollywood who are all carving there niche GB doesn’t stand a chance against them! The unfortunate things ppl will remember GB more for his personal life than his work! It was like putting a kid in charge of a candy store who wanted to eat all sweets but expects not to get sick! Just coz you can have something doesnt mean you should & too much of everything you will always have to pay the consequences!

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No one else open
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That could love me so

It was your innocence perhaps, playing with my experience
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Chorus: Between earth and sky
and I found your beautiful moments ..

now I’m lying in your body for love

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and by coincidence, so
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and on, the outside world with its course
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Can'tGetEnough @ 06/19/2012 at 9:57 am

Good Morning JJer’s!
They are again referring to the film as “Olympus Has Fallen”. Is this an error or has it been changed back to the original title?
They are looking for ‘extras’:


Марго сэр Доброе утро, сегодня вы, возможно, этот разрыв, Oh! Нееееет! Не нравятся мои песни, мои pensamiento.etc …. ненавидит куриный суп, но, как говорят в моей стране, старый куриный бульон хорошо работает, может быть, вы бессмертны и не дошли до сладкого и мудрый старости, он теряет ….. слава богу, я прихожу к старости моей любимой спутницей и окружении моих детей и моих внуков, мой клан …. Я надеюсь, что в один прекрасный день перестают быть таким сварливым и грубо Дамы, у вас есть большие проблемы, одиночество не является хорошим любовником и зависть даже меньше денег не хватает, ни материальных радостей, возможно, живет в особняке, но не горит не для оплаты счета за месяц, я хранение свои деньги под матрасом, не любит банки, возможно, также идет в супермаркет по соседству с 5 долларов на закупку месяц и попросил отдать, скуп, с другой стороны имеет давнюю любовь, внимание любовь … но это чувство ….. странный, до сих пор она значит для вас …. все ….. любовь, любила его …. Я не думаю, что до сих пор …. Я понимаю, почему вы теряете драгоценное время, обращаясь ко мне, вы говорите, что я сумасшедший, я послал в Сибирь, чтобы увидеть, если я заморозить, но сказать ему, что в Сибири не мириться со мной, потому что мой ум и энергия очень роговой … хе-хе … хе … хе …. таять все там, большие проблемы для экологии ….. нет … нет …. Я думаю, что я неправ, не Сибирь, вы должны послать мне на показах мод, но я очень заинтересован в моде, я живу своей моды, прислал мне член, вы знаете, до сих пор я думаю ………….. петух мммм. нет ….. Я думаю, что есть нечто экзотическое об этом …. га .. ja.ja. … OMG! должен быть вульгарным, ругань, кажется, говорить, как водитель грузовика,,,,,,, так что вы хотите девочку, вы должны быть более вежливыми с дамами, не все так плохо, вы можете быть достаточно удачливы, чтобы быть преодолены в ее судьбе Помимо хорошего человека в России, и я надеюсь, что это сокращение, по любезности не отнять мужество …… У меня такое впечатление, что у вас есть мысли сексистские. в этом форуме, и все эти дамы феминисток к основному Это в невыгодное положение … на моей стороне, я также в невыгодном для вас, не говорите по-английски, я не феминистка, я много говорить о романтической любви и верят в родственные души, но я упрямый и не сдаваться, или вы или с другими ….. я, кто я и все …. теперь я выйду на пенсию

Hi everyone .well some of you have commented tha mg is with gb.that maybe true or not. If it is then I think there going on 2 months that they are together. This is just my opinion. Let’s hope he make it to 3months.



she was in Rome this weekend with friends and returned to Milan Sunday…

Men are visual creatures and dumb most if the times! They want a young sexy woman but not s!utty, has to be innocent but naughty at the sane time! Has to be strong emotionally but passive too! Has to be a good mother but independent too, this list goes on so many of males I know have this unrealistic demand it’s ridiculous! And most decent women want a man who’s aware of his responsibilities and has a good heart & be a good role model for their children!

Most of these men are like silly boys who don’t seem to grow up and take account of there responsibilities they aren’t even real men! No wonder young kids, youth of our society or so messed up

@what thankyou for the info.I stand corrected. @tia I couldn’t agree with you more.

i wanna know which @ 06/19/2012 at 11:47 am

JJer flagged my post, had it removed, and banned me for mentioning that all the trouble we are having on JJ is because someonme here po’d Dianne. grow up WO. just grow up.

and may I add @ 06/19/2012 at 11:52 am

there is a group of them over there that belive everything on JJ comes from them, and you are “stealing” from them and leaking things……….what a paranoid bunch of losers. They are your troll folks and they tried to pin it on IMDb. It is them. I know it is. All because Manny and a few others made some comments.

Just to let you know who you are dealing with and the kind of people they are over there.

Have a great day JJ’ers…keep it real. This will probably get removed so you know.

@CHOLITA: я водитель не грузовика и ты это прекрасно знаешь.и я очень рада что у тебя есть на выбор много куриц-БЛЯДЕЙ.наконец отстанешь от меня.и я не одинока.у меня есть ребенок.мне этого достаточно.и я не хотела бы прожить свою жизнь с такой сволочью как ты…

ahem...... @ 06/19/2012 at 12:00 pm

I was here and saw your post last night. You talked about the WO modrator is mad at Jj and someone was becoming a new member. You also said something about their public box will go private soon.

I find it odd that your post is missing, as is GFW.And yet long posts about ED, sexism, feminism, hating men, hating the military, crude and baldry posts, posts wishing for those to die and name calling are allowed to stay and get thumbed. While others more innocent in nature are removed.

It does make one wonder indeed.

“Brave” premiere was last night. LOTS of Scots around, but there was no evidence (so far) that a certain one was there. Verra sad =(

JJ needs to be fixed with no thumbs and registered IP addresses, so people can be accountable for what they write. I also think that maybe JJ himself is trying to discourage posting on Gerry threads and maybe he got in some trouble from Gerry’s pr team. The things about Madalina, his drug use and rehab, perhaps some of them crossed the line.

It must be very discouraging for Gerry and his team if they do read here. The way his career is going and the lack of any confirmed work. Perhaps people in the business do take note about what fans say. If his fans are down on him he won’t get the work in Hollywood The big guns want stars that are rising, not stumbling. Look at why so many films go to Comic Con now, they want to buy into the fans there. Studios want the blogs and social media spread the buzz of the movie.Cheap Pr.

I don’t know WO or post there but I really don’t think another fan site would say such awful things.The trolls here were definately directed at calling out other posters here. As if some knew which buttons to push on which posters. I think it’s an inside job, maybe a JJ inside one at that.

Another Opinion @ 06/19/2012 at 12:22 pm

“Brave” seems like a great movie, fantastic cast. It seems that the premiere was attended by Scotland’s first minister Alex Salmond (dressed in tartan trousers). It must have been great fun!:)

food 4 thought @ 06/19/2012 at 12:51 pm

@i think: I agree that this site should register comments – it’s the only way to clean out the trolls.
But I have no sympathy for GB if his people are upset at what they read here. He has p!mped himself to JJ for years, and has no one to blame but himself for the career situation, and the partying rep. There is absolutely no news on him, except for what latest bar he was spotted in.

@Bubble bursting:

You’re so angry! Sorry to have to burst YOUR bubble. Feminism is well, alive and here to stay so get used to it.

mystic meg @ 06/19/2012 at 1:05 pm

BTW dianne at WO is calling JJ posters ‘turds’! Well it takes one….
Isn’t it the webmistress’s job to vet and control het boards? Not doing s good job. Do they could be causing trouble here. So possessive about ‘their’ gb, and ‘their’ public news , tweets and Facebook.
But moneys still on a frat boy PR stunt . Mg has damage limited her accounts, now gb is trying to kill the story on the only place openly discussing it. At least jj is open and honest in it’s opinions, however outrageous. Unlike WO , let’s gush, gush, gush over Gerry!

@mystic meg:

JJ became the worst, imdb 2.0. ….just awful

God Bless yoou all! @ 06/19/2012 at 1:19 pm

A scoffer seeks Wisdom in vain [for his very attitude blinds and deafens him to it], but knowledge is easy to him who [being teachable] understands. Proverbs 14:6 AMP

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