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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Paris Pair

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Paris Pair

Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux arrive at Charles de Gaulle Airport on Sunday (June 10) in Paris, France.

Earlier in the week, the 43-year-old actress attended the 2012 AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony to help honor her Rumor Has It… co-star Shirley MacLaine.

Jen wore a white Burberry dress for the event and joined Meryl Streep and Melanie Griffith at their table.

In case you missed it, check out Jennifer in the Ben Stiller-produced web-series Burning Love.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Vivienne Westwood for Lee denim with Superga sneakers.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux at the airport in Paris…

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jennifer aniston justin theroux paris arrival 01
jennifer aniston justin theroux paris arrival 02
jennifer aniston justin theroux paris arrival 03
jennifer aniston justin theroux paris arrival 04
jennifer aniston justin theroux paris arrival 05
jennifer aniston justin theroux paris arrival 06
jennifer aniston justin theroux paris arrival 07
jennifer aniston justin theroux paris arrival 08
jennifer aniston justin theroux paris arrival 09
jennifer aniston justin theroux paris arrival 10
jennifer aniston justin theroux paris arrival 11
jennifer aniston justin theroux paris arrival 12
jennifer aniston justin theroux paris arrival 13
jennifer aniston justin theroux paris arrival 14
jennifer aniston justin theroux paris arrival 15
jennifer aniston justin theroux paris arrival 16
jennifer aniston justin theroux paris arrival 17

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  • Lori

    32? How much were you paid to say that?

  • NYC

    They look so cute together.
    He’s hotter than BP any day.
    Much sexier, imo and not as boring.
    BP is a robot.

  • Vince

    Wonder why he hasn’t dumped her yet when every one else does.

  • Justin Aniston


  • EM

    So dyed black hair, a hooked nose, orange skin and a receding hairline are hot???? Oh my.

    Cute? Not. They look terrible. She is dressing like a teenage boy who can’t keep his pants up. Also her face is like Fabio’s

    Brad is far from boring. Also Brad does not dress like a hipster with tight jeans.

  • Nothing But Love

    Beautiful Couple

  • Wow


    It is so pathetic how Jen’s fans cannot let Brad go. Eight years & six kids later you all are still very obsessed with him.

    Every guy Jen dates is compared to Brad. Every guy she dates is better than Brad, even if she dated Charlie Sheen her fans would think he was God.

    Also calling a 43 year old cute is so junior high.

    Also Justin’s writing for Rock of Ages is not going over well.

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    poor jen has to wear flats again eddie munster is so short!
    47yoa has been still trying to ATTACH herself to projects and A listers.

  • Loosers in Paris

    These two loosers look lost. She can’t afford to let this one slip away or dump her. She will do everything to ‘buy and keep him’ because no other man wants her.

  • li

    Those jeans are so bad. She cannot pull them off. Maybe she thinks these jeans will distract from her plain and manly face?

  • jaliah

    He’s hotter than BP any day….

    ………….in some galaxy far far away where pinocchio look alikes rule the day

  • Pat

    Jen’s reflective sunglasses remind of someone who wore them recently….Oh, I forget his name…Oh wait, Brad Pitt. Jen keeps fueling the fire……

  • Yoc


  • Poor Maniston

    Poor pathetic Maniston, now that she has no legit movie offers she has resorted to getting publicity any way possible. For the 1st time in her life Maniston and Midget are in Paris, and this time she made sure toy boy holds her hand at the airport terminal. See, Maniston will NEVER dump Midget becoz 1. She can never do any better, 2. Not intelligent or intellectural enough to have conversations with Millionaire boyfriends 3. She has been the lonely emblem for so long and i don’t think she would ever want to go to that label again. 4. She downgraded becoz no one else wanted her and to her that is much better than being laughed at for being single. 5. WITH BRAD & ANGIE’S WEDDING LOOMING, THERE IS NO WAY SHE WILL EVER WANT TO BE SINGLE coz that makes her AN OUTRIGHT LOOSER. And that is why 6. She will always pay toy boy and keep him at whatever cost.

  • poppy

    Jen’s reflective sunglasses remind of someone who wore them recently….Oh, wait….a lot of people wear them!!!!

  • Yoco

    All her men are better than BP Vince, Bradley, Gerard, Mayer, Justin until they dump her than her fans accuse them of being gay.

  • an opinion

    Why not say he cuter than VV or Mayer and leave Brad alone. VV and Mayer are the last guys who left her.
    Yoco so funny

  • D J Bart

    To both sides, give it up,! You are both sad.

  • Pat

    @poppy: not her til now.

  • Bum and Bummer

    They both look like bums! I would not doubt that those jeans she is wearing are a pair of one of her old skeleton boyfriends, she’s weird like that. It’s funny how in LA they were so far apart from each other. I guess Huvane called and her and said gurl you have to act like you two still like each other not just hanging with each other.

  • http://Justjarde Mike

    Cute couple

  • http://Justjarde Amanda

    Best wishes for them
    Love them

  • http://Justjarde Angi

    Justin so hot
    Lucky ms aniston

  • Hmm

    Why did they need an escort through the airport??? It’s not like anyone there would recognize who she is, especially him. The one pap that was there is definitely a Huvane/Aniston set up. Such a drama tabloid queen. The paps don’t hang out in the airport in France/Europe unless they get alerted someone big is coming and then you see a bunch of photogs. So this was a definite call to the preferred ratzzi to let them know she was there for no reason but she needs to be photoed to stay relevant for doing nothing.

  • Lisa

    Rest assured that Jen isn’t hiding a paid of veiny chicken legs under those pants. She also doesn’t have a veiny forehead vein popping out.

  • Lisa

    Jen wasn’t dumped by a creepy dude like Billy Bob Thornton like Angie was.

  • Lisa

    Justin looks so sexy!!

    Sure beats droopy eyed, monkey jaw geezer Brad who has a speech disability. The dude cannot speak and make sense.

  • Lisa

    Let’s face it: Angie will never dump Brad, because she lost her hotness the minute she got together with him. Most men are not into bags of bones, with a controlling woman who lives for photo-ops with her kids eating Cheetos.

  • tsquared


    I notice you don’t comment on how Jen was a home wrecker and Justin dumped his girlfriend of 14 years–Heidi. You can’t let go of Brad, but you don’t comment on behavior of Jen and Justin that is negative either.

  • li


    Hi Jen. I see you have time in Paris to comment on pics of yourself you crazy 43 year old dressing like an 18 year old boy.

    Nope. But Jen was dumped by the amazing Brad Pitt who has turned out to be a great dad, partner, producer, actor & humanitarian.

    Angelina has no veins in her legs, I prefer her legs to Jen’s overtvanned thick legs.
    Angelina’s forehead vein is fine, just shows up when she gets really happy or emotional.

  • Lisa

    At least Jen isn’t the pathetic one whose rolling out a Kardashian style engagement. Aren’t engagements a getting to know period? When you have 10,000 kids and have been whacking up for tears, why us a prolonged engagement necessary? Oh right, for the PR shots. Got it.

  • li


    Idiot, just like Jen herself.

    Actually the Jolie- Pitt kids have not been seen for almost 2 months! They have been seen with chips etc. only a handful of times.

    Angelina is not a bag of bones. She has a large bust & hips. Thin & long arms and legs. Jen has thick arms and midsection, plus damaged skin.

  • jaliah

    Still comparing every man to Brad despite a divorce a 100 years ago and six children later…argh but who can blame you..

  • Lisa

    Justin sure looks like he bathes, uses deodorant, washes his hair, unlike …

  • people

    I like them together. They seem into eachother and he looks like he has a back bone, not some whimp. Good for her! Also she is looking really pretty lately. Love will do that to a lady.

  • Lina

    Are they in France to stalk Brad and Angie??

  • http://Justjarde Mike

    Some people need to go away

    I love Jennifer

  • Lina

    Btw, their choice of clothing is silly, unnatractive, and just plain ugly.

  • http://Justjarde Mike

    Angi fan are sucks

    Best wishes Jen

  • http://Justjarde Mike

    Best wishes Jen

  • HawkinsToni

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  • Observer

    I don’t really care about any of this except…….
    Get your hair out of your face JA!
    I don’t understand why she continues with that look.
    Seriously, what could her hair stylist possibly be thinking?

    And I want that LV bag Justin was carrying.

  • lizabeth

    .@Lisa: …orange spray tan black hair dye well at least he got rid the mascara.early reviews of ROA focusing on mediocre script.No worries JA is paying him .

  • http://aol Pat

    Probably was a private yet. I can’t see her using a commercial flight toilet.

  • JenFan

    They look happy leave them alone…bye bye all you haters!

  • lizabeth

    @Lisa: so 7 weeks is prolonged engagement?

  • lol

    maniston is so desperate to look young and is dressing like miley or selena in that white dress. her midget BF also is a wannabe Beiber. he he

  • Cha-Cha

    I think they make a great couple, in some weird kind of way. :-)

    Justin needs to lose the jet black hair and eyebrows though. He would look sooo much better..

    He needs to get unstuck in his style, and ‘mix it up’ a bit. He aspires to be ‘cutting edge’. But. in his 50′s, 60′s, 70′s sporting this hair and outfit,… Yikes! :-)

  • Lexie88

    Such haters! What did she ever do to you? I hope she is happy and I also think she is beautiful. Can’t she dress casual? She is only 43!

  • Cha-Cha

    I don’t understand the bitterness towards Jennifer. Some celebrities out there, yes.

    But what did she ever do to deserve this, is beyond my comprehension.